While the deputy director of the bedroom looked at Zhang Xiu’s eyes like a wolf looking at his mouth, mutton looked like a pig’s head, and suddenly he winked at two female students sitting next to Zhang Xiu.

"Yes, Zhang Xiu, let’s drink before. It’s good to get used to it …" I received a pass from the director and passed a look. A female student wearing heavy makeup and revealing femininity urged another to help quickly. "It’s Zhang Xiu who has not had a drink for the first time …"
"That … then I’ll drink this one …" Looking at the four people in the room, they all looked at themselves and Zhang Xiu was very embarrassed, so they said cautiously with a try attitude.
"Ha ha, that’s right. Students should listen to the teacher and not listen to the teacher. Students are not good students. Drink quickly …" The teacher said with a big smile, but there was a bad meaning in it.
Zhang Xiu frowned and took a bitter sip of the glass of white wine. He felt that his throat was like a blaze, so he quickly put down the glass, picked up a napkin and wiped it. Because it was too spicy, tears came out and he coughed lightly …
Looking at Zhang Xiu’s delicate appearance, the deputy director has been flirting with the other two female students of the teaching master, which seems to mean that he will also take this female student tonight.
"Zhang Xiu, you can’t do this. Why did you take a sip when you agreed on a cup? Hurry up and do it …" The master got a sign from the deputy director and said quickly.
"There is half truth in drinking. Drink it quickly …" Two female students sitting beside Zhang Xiu nodded and said yes.
"I really can’t drink the Lord … I really can’t drink …" Zhang Xiu said with his eyes red and his hands set.
"How can you drink like this so that your two little sisters can accompany you to drink …" The teacher said and gave a wink to the two students who were sitting beside Zhang Xiu.
"good! Then we two sisters will accompany you to drink Zhang Xiulai, and the three of us will drink together … "The two female students are obviously veterans. After receiving the instructions from the teaching Lord, they quickly raised their glasses and said to Zhang Xiu.
"This … this …" Zhang Xiu looked at the two female students and picked up the glass. It’s hard to say what can end up with the bitter and spicy white wine as the two of them drank it.
"Ha ha good generous! Come to Zhang Xiu, I propose a toast to you. I wish you come to the ideal Chinese university in 2008! " The deputy director looked at Zhang Xiu, whose face was red and her eyes were full of color. She raised her glass and said to Zhang Xiu, while two female students around Zhang Xiu quickly filled her with a glass of wine.
"Lord … I really can’t drink it. My head is a little dizzy …" The first time I drank Zhang Xiu, I felt like I was going to blow up. I quickly got up and refused.
"Zhang Xiu is not sensible again, isn’t it? The director personally respects your wine. Can you not drink it? You know, the director has never given me a wine. Don’t know when you are blessed. Drink it quickly!" Teach the Lord said coldly
"Alas ….. you’re wrong to say that. How can Zhang Xiu’s classmates be so ignorant? She didn’t come in vain just now. This is the last drink and I’ll take you home …" It was the deputy director who had experience. Zhang Xiu was not only a fish, but also a novice at drinking. If two glasses of wine were not directly knocked down, he cajoled.
"That … that’s all right …" Sure enough, Zhang Xiu, the deputy director, heard that after drinking this cup, she would send her home and reluctantly agreed to come, then clenched her teeth and closed her eyes and drank the glass of white wine painfully and then plopped down and fainted.
"Ha ha, this wine is almost enough. You two did well today, and you were greatly rewarded late …" The deputy director finally showed his true colors when he saw Zhang Xiu faint. yin smiled and said to the two scantily clad female students, then turned to the instructor and said, "Will you play with me tonight?"
"No … no, director, I have a class …" The master of course knows what fun means, but he dare not touch it. Although he said that two dissolute female students sitting next to Zhang Xiu were introduced by him, he never went to play. What he did was to climb again because the deputy director had promised him that he would be the principal as soon as the old principal retired.
"Ha ha, that’s good. You can go. Don’t worry, it won’t happen …" yin, deputy director, said with a smile that she was obviously satisfied with the performance of the instructor.
He said nothing because he let the girls he was looking for have poor family conditions and are vain. According to the previous two successful experiences, this time he has lost his weight and a little sheep will be delivered to his mouth.
Nuo Nuo, the master of teaching, walked out and rode a motorcycle and went home. He didn’t want to send Zhang Xiu to the wolf’s mouth, because Zhang Xiu was the kind of good student who hoped to sprint to win glory in prestigious schools, but somehow the old * * actually named herself and couldn’t get Zhang Xiu for her.
When the instructor rode a motorcycle to the door of the community, the young teacher quickly pointed to two dog and said, "See, riding a motorcycle is the instructor …"
"Hum this dog day watching drink a lot! You step aside and let me do it! " Two dog said that he came to the middle of the road, and the motorcycle would pass through the place for a while and blocked the way.
"Whose child! ? What are you doing here? " The instructor was riding a motorcycle and saw that the road was blocked by a young man of fifteen or sixteen, cursing and slowing down.
"Who are you fucking scolding? ! Grandpa, I’m in your way today! Give it to me! " Without further ado, two dog took out a dagger in his waist and resisted the teaching master’s neck.
"ah? Robbery … "Teach the Lord to look at this posture and struggle to shout at once, but before he can shout out a word, he was punched by two dog according to his mouth.
"You a dog day shout again! ? Call me to kill you again! " Two dog scold the sharp knife to teach the main neck at a glance at the flashing cold light dagger to teach the main immediately empty honestly dare not pant. 338 Crazy two dog!
"You a dog day drink a lot! Where to drink? " Smelling the teaching master with a mouthful of alcohol two dog disgusting scold a way.
"Little ye forgive little ye forgive … I have all my money here. Take it all you want. Don’t do stupid things …" The master felt that the cold blade was reaching his neck, so he hurriedly took out his wallet from his pocket and handed it to two dog for mercy.
"Bah! Grandma, bear, you are old with your stinking money! I asked you, where the hell are you drinking? " Two dog gave a big scolding and took his wallet. When he saw it, it added up to less than 200 yuan and threw it aside.
"ah? Mr. … You can also ride this motorcycle away from me and buy it … "two dog, the teacher, felt that he had less money and quickly pointed to the motorcycle and said.
“****! Always asking you where are you going to drink tonight? ! Don’t say I’m welcome again! " This teacher really challenged the limit of two dog. two dog scolded him and slapped him a few times!
"Don’t be so violent, young man. It’s illegal for you to do so. Let the master loose quickly …" At this time, I kept watching the young teacher come over and advised him that he had seen what it meant to be cruel. This 15-or 16-year-old boy was a thug. He was really afraid that if his hand trembled, he would kill the master.
"You roll for me! No guy! " Two dog doesn’t even care about birds. The cowardly squad leader also doesn’t look back and shouted at him.
"You … why are you here?" The teacher saw the young teacher by moonlight and pointed at him and asked, or did the young teacher bring someone to get back at him?
"Lord … listen to me, Lord. Things are not what you think …" The young teacher explained quickly, glaring at the teacher.
"You explain a hair you explain! Tell you to leave me alone, or you’ll see what I can do to you later! " Two dog turned to scold the young teacher and then turned to teach the Lord a burst of disorderly play while scold a way "you stare for me again? ! Stare again? !”
Two dog didn’t stop until the Lord took back his glare at the young teacher. "Tell me where you were drinking just now. I’ll tell you that my patience is limited. If you don’t say anything, I can’t guarantee what will happen …" two dog said and lit up the sharp and terrible dagger.
"I said … I said I just … drink at the Grand Hotel …" The master said with a guilty conscience.
"Who else is drinking with you? !”
"Deputy Director of Education Bureau … and … there are three female students …"
"Is there a student named Zhang Xiu? !”

"Three brothers don’t know your name? My name is Mirotos. "Mirotos asked the names of three people.

"My name is Sammul He, and this is Purple Pupil, and this is Brady." Sammul He said faintly.
"The three brothers came to the death field to go to the shadow paradise, right?" Mirotos smile.
"Yeah, it’s going to the cinema."
"Sure enough, but this death field is dangerous. Even we dare not go too far into the deep forest. I’m afraid it’s very difficult for you to cross the death field." Mirotos frowned slightly.
"No matter how hard it is, we will go over." Sammul He’s pupil is indescribably firm
"Don’t worry, then our tribe will try our best to help you." Mirotos smiled lightly.
"Thank you very much. Brother Mirotos has a question that I don’t know when to ask improperly. Please forgive me for taking the liberty."
"If you have any questions, just ask. Our tribe hasn’t met anyone outside for a long time. We know that we will definitely tell you."
"Brother Mirotos, I want to ask how long you have been in the death field?" Sammul He finally asked out the doubts in my heart.
"I knew that if you want to ask this question, do you think that the death field is like an idiotic dream?" Mirotos smiled lightly. "It’s impossible for a willing heart. At the end of ancient times, there were many heroes who wanted to go to the shadow paradise, so many people went to the field of death, but in the end, they almost didn’t go out from the field of death. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who didn’t go out of the field of death died. At that time, there was a great man who tried his best to protect human beings and found this natural cave. There was a waterfall isolated atmosphere here, and even if wild animals couldn’t find everything, a few people came alive, thus forming our small tribe."
"So that’s it." Sammul He nodded. Although Mirotos’s words were very reasonable, he was still dubious. He wouldn’t forget that the wild people entered the waterfall and their bodies suddenly became illusory. In an instant, it seemed that the reflection of running water was really something! Moreover, when savage heard that they were foreigners, their eyes were naked, which was definitely not hospitality! Instead, it looks like a hidden cheetah! All this is suspicious.
Sammul He, except his friends, will not easily believe that this is his character as a beggar, and this is still the field of death.
"Mirotos, I have a question for you, too. Have you been trapped here for thousands of years and never thought about going out?" Brady suddenly asked a little.
"This is natural. We have been trying to get out of the death field for generations, but we didn’t succeed once. Instead, every time we were killed and injured, we failed. I don’t know if you have seen the whole island structure from a distance. The outermost part of this death field is the beach, but the beach is not as calm as it seems. I believe you also have some experience, and I can tell you that you are the weakest when you are attacked. This is your luck. If it were another creature, we would not be able to save you."
"We have an attack? What what? " Brady was so confused that he had no idea what happened.
Mirotos looked at his words and continued, "Behind the beach is the forest of death. There are many wild animals in the forest of death. The closer you get to it, the higher the level of wild animals is. Even a small fish and a butterfly can’t be underestimated. They may have strong power. This forest of death has killed several masters."
"if someone is lucky enough to walk through the forest of death, they will face the nine forbidden areas in a more horrible place!" Mirotos said the nine forbidden areas sounded dignified like fear.
"Nine forbidden areas? What is this? " Three people are all surprised.
"Nine forbidden areas are nine mountains! Do you see the huge towering palace at the end of the island? "
"The Asgard? Have you seen that Fairy Palace is a forbidden area? "
"No, the nine forbidden areas are nine mountains around the death field!"
Brady couldn’t believe it. "Really? The nine mountains don’t look very dangerous and they are not big. "
"The danger is not to see that according to these nine mountains, light and shadow were originally distributed all over the mainland, which is the nine forbidden areas of the mainland, but in the end, I don’t know why, at the end of the flood, people moved here to form a cage and trapped the middle fairy palace."
"What did you say? Is this the nine forbidden places in the mainland? " A flash of divine light in purple pupil’s eyes.
"Purple pupil, have you heard of these nine forbidden areas?" He Tianhe Brady is one leng.
"I’ve heard of ancient books and recorded that there are nine forbidden areas in the original mainland, and each forbidden area grows with a kind of fruit that has great power. Many big people have fought for it, but few people can come out alive. After that, the nine forbidden areas disappeared, but I didn’t expect to be transferred here. Brother Mirotos, don’t tell us that you have to cross a forbidden area if you want to cross the death field?" Purple pupil looks pale, forbidden area is dangerous, and that root is life and death!
"Well, you guessed it. If you want to get out of here, you must go to the top floor of Fairy Palace, where there is a virtual door and then there is a shadow paradise."
Purple pupil wry smile "so dangerous? Is there no other way? "
"yes! But this method is not easy. Once something goes wrong, it is also the first painful crossing of a narrow escape.
The sun is very hot, but the surrounding environment is very dark. Sammul He slowly opened his eyes and actually panicked and shouted "old man!"
But there was an echo from him in the dark corner, and he was so anxious that he looked around. There was no figure around him, and he looked at his body, which was bloody and full of scars. All this was not a dream! But where is this? Where is the old man? I can’t stop crying at the thought of the old man, but now it’s not the time to cry. We must first understand where this is.
Looking around the buildings, I found that the buildings here are very strange. The buildings are very tall, and the buildings are not very closely separated, so that most of the ground will not be exposed to the sun, and there are dark corners everywhere. What is going on?
He tried to get up, but he felt a sharp pain and fell to the ground. A very old chest fell from his arms. There is a very loud name called God.
See this Sammul He can no longer hide panic corners of the mouth kept whispering "old man where are you".
This was given to him by the old man. He was a beggar, of course, that is, he met the old man when he was very young. The two of them have been begging for each other. Up to now, they have experienced too much bitterness. He still remembers the bewitched expression when the old man gave it to him.
"Brother, I came to see you. It’s my destiny. I gave you a secret book! See, my ancestors, ancestors told me that this name is called "God"! That is to say, if you want to practice this face, then you can be omnipotent! "
Children always like to fantasize and dream in a muddled way, so when they were young, He Tian believed in it and took it as a valuable treasure. He also practiced it several times, but he didn’t see that he had strengthened himself until he grew up. He also took it as the only gift that the old man gave him and kept it well.
Thinking of the old man holding back his aching body, he got up from the ground and hobbled out of the corner step by step.
Is this the downtown area? Listen to the hustle and bustle around, Sammul He can’t believe his eyes. It’s not that the downtown is not lively enough, but that the downtown looks very dark, because here, like many places, the light is blocked and the sunlight can’t come in, so everyone here looks very white. The white is not pale, but a jade-like white, even men are no exception, which makes the skin not very dark and makes them black instead.
At first glance, Sammul He found that his dress looked a bit nondescript, but people didn’t care. His cloth was different from theirs, and he didn’t have much cloth. Since he didn’t know where this was, he met a pedestrian and went to ask.
But the pedestrian either evades or says he doesn’t understand.
At last he became white.
This is not his original world! He seems to have come to an unknown world! Because he doesn’t understand the language here, then where is this? At this moment, he misses the old man very much, but he dare not think about it, and he will cry because of it. He took out the one and a big stack of silver tickets from his arms and watched them cry even more.
"The old man …" Roar will hand silver ticket to shreds! How can a beggar get so much money? But this money can’t circulate in the world. He has already tried.
At this moment, after a group of footsteps sounded, several men, teenagers and young people came in the corner.
He Tianzheng wanted to greet each other. Several people had approached him with a bad face. His language was rude and he said something he didn’t understand, but it was obvious that these words must not be good.
Before I thought about it, I hit him with a fist, holding back my body pain. Sammul He panicked and begged for mercy from several people. This is the old man’s life. There is not much to teach him, but it adds up to three points.
A good thing will never be your own need, meaning and pursuit.

"It’s my dad’s code," said Nan Rong’s magic head without dynamic pressure bass

The bodyguard on the other side chased the horse in front and asked, "and the silk-worms of spring will weave until they die!"
"Exquisite people die young!" South glory magic replied
"Don’t laugh when you are drunk in the sand!" Ask again over there
"Play broadsword in public!"
"The apes on both sides of the strait can’t stop crying!"
"One day, husband and wife are grateful for a hundred days!"
"Li Weng is fishing alone in the river!"
"It’s a dog in the manger!"
After saying this, several bodyguards got up and suddenly smiled easily, and said, "It’s really one of our own!"
Yang night, the scorching sun and Muyang are all looking at each other with a dull face. Looking at Nan Rong’s magic eyes, there is appreciation.
"I really overestimated the cultural level of master Nan Rong." Yang Ye murmured a few words, and several people went to meet those bodyguards together with Nan Rong Huan.
Nan Rong Yun Xin and two bodyguards came out from a corner, with red eyes, a frightened face, wet tears, small nose and residual snot.
Yang night took a heavy pat on the forehead, and it was always fragrant! Watermelon and an egg! How could I forget that it’s my own jet lag here? This was ten years ago!
That’s right. Even Xin is still a ten-year-old girl.
"It’s strange for you to wear it." A bodyguard greeted him while holding a gun. "Did Nan Rong’s gentleman send you? The news is really fast! Mom, those policemen are really useless and keep us trapped here! "
Nan Rong smiled and nodded. "Thank you for your hard work. How about we are not injured?"
"Of course not!" The bodyguard stood up and said, "We have a few young ladies to protect. Are those kidnappers or veterans? I have been ambushed several times but I haven’t been able to come!"
That’s true. The five families of Nanrong family are naturally a tough one when they hire bodyguards. They are all dealing with more than a dozen dissidents.
Yang night staring at the uniform xin stunned their world in general, absolutely no one dare to make five big family idea kidnapping? I’m tired of joking! But this time difference may be due to ten years ago? Nan Rong’s family is not strong enough to make the world look up, so someone dares to be so bold to even Xin’s hand.
This Yang night is heard from my father that some Nanrong families can become the second top spot of the five families. The support and photos of the Yang family for many years are not only divided into more than ten years, but the Nanrong family has rapidly risen from the position and hope of the Yang family at the end of the five families.
Nan Rongjun and Nan Ronghuan and others will be grateful to the whole Yang family, including Master Yang Zhenkui. They know very well that Yang Ye, the gentleman of the Yang family, is an idle man, and he is reluctant to let his daughter Yun Xin and Yang Ye get engaged.
Such a thought Yang night is worried.
Yang Ye, who belongs to the world, has changed completely. He has made everyone sit up and take an active part in the gentleman. But this time difference, Yang Ye is only a teenager now, but when he grows up, won’t he become an idle guy who eats, drinks and plays again?
That’s really difficult and wronged even Xin!
Thought of here, Yang Ye suddenly had an idea, that is, to find a chance to find this time difference. Yang Ye’s education may scare him not to develop in that direction. Maybe this Yang Ye’s teenage years can help him form a correct outlook on life, world outlook, values and chastity. super variety show …
Yang night, south glory magic a few people from Ann channel on the 29th floor to fight the AnMen root without gu is careless to take a gun with a cigarette in front of several big fellow near AnMen.
At the moment of stepping into Anmen, Nan Rong’s magic double-arm osteotome has been stretched out straight, and the gray and shiny color makes him look like a perfect match for the mechanical men’s suit, which is a little seamless.
A white light osteotome has been split out sideways, and three big men near Shouanmen have all been cut by osteotome, and a drop of blood has not been splashed out. The three men have disintegrated without approval, and the chest has remained in a just posture, standing on the chest together with the head, and it has fallen to the side like pieces of frozen pork, while a big man is still smoking after landing with a cigarette in his mouth.
Then Yang Ye, the scorching sun and Mu Yang are filing in with the baby behind Nan Rong Magic, and each of them can make a fuss and rush into the crowd who heard of wwpgn’s hands and mercenaries.
It’s nothing special. The kidnappers who came here were angry first, then shot, and then stupidly. Their accomplices behaved differently.
Nan Rong Phantom’s hands and osteotome cut happily, brandishing his arms, and rushed to those kidnappers for several rounds. The bullets were blocked and ejected back in his high-speed rotation, and the kidnappers around Nan Rong Phantom were shot one after another and screamed and fell down.
Those lucky enough not to be hit by stray bullets might as well be hit. Nan Rong’s magic is spinning and waving his arms, and his osteotome is like a meat grinder. The mechanical men’s suit also sends out "Kaka" from time to time. The kidnappers around him stare at white light flashing in front of them one after another, only to find that their waist is sore, their back hurts and their legs don’t cramp-all those pieces are out of their homes.
In this moment, there are several broken arms and legs flying. The kidnappers look up at the dazzling and can’t tell which one is themselves. For one second, they feel that they are sinking and looking down, and they are already sticking to the ground.
The hot sun was dressed as Santa Claus, but the gifts were jealous, and the high-temperature fireballs hit the guns continuously. After being surprised, they screamed and turned and ran away.
The kidnapper’s department that was hit was burned with liver and gallbladder, and instantly became a scorched body. The scorching sun naturally didn’t do anything. Hands with white plush sleeves jumped from the skin as if they were burning. More people were hit by flames, but the kidnapper’s body was not on fire, but the hit part was scorching, and the heat was intact from the wound to their body surface. Nothing was damaged, but the internal organs were burned to ashes, leaving only a body.
Baby long also shows his body * * abuse suit waving whip in his hand, from time to time throwing the spiral stab out and stabbing several kidnappers, and then taking it back to his hand, wearing leather pants, rubbing his face and rubbing it back. It’s Nan Rong’s illusion that he keeps pinching his waist and twisting his head to pose behind him.
Later, she simply didn’t start work. Anyway, no one resisted. It was like a game. She dodged the south glory illusion and blocked the stray bullet. She put away the spiral thorn. She was interested in watching the reality and didn’t need her to start work. There were dozens of kidnappers in the hall on the 29th floor. Isn’t it a blink of an eye to clean them up?
Muyang is continuing to perform a big skeleton-changing trick, dressed as a superman, barking at the deep green sticky thread in his mouth and shooting it out like a fishing net. One by one, the kidnappers have become Bai Sensen skeletons, with guns in their hands, dark eyes and a wide-open mouth, and they still maintain a surprised expression before.
More and more white human skeletons are standing on the ground without changing their posture. Even those kidnappers who wriggled and fled did not fall to the ground or ran on one foot after becoming skeletons.
Those mutilated corpses cut off by Nan Rong’s magic osteotome are better than those instantly turned into skeletons by Mu Yang. Fortunately, these kidnappers are so frightened that blood rushes to their foreheads and drools their pants. How many people can bear the fear of watching their companions turn into bones in the blink of an eye?
Cry dad shouted niang luckily kidnappers turned around and started running without considering the direction, thinking of getting away from these guys who are dressed in perverts and killing more perverts!
During the process of all the kidnappers’ scattered escape, kidnappers were constantly hit by bullets, splashing a mass of blood on their backs to beat their legs. Just as soon as they screamed, the horse made up for it with the second shot and shot them straight in the head.
Who shot? Yang night! Yang Ye has no ability at all, but the red seal has risen to help him aim at the kidnapper. Isn’t there a super DE and a SIGP1 pistol in his hand? At this time, he is holding these two pistols in his hands, shaking his body and fighting fast. M65 trench coat is holding two guns at a steady pace, and while walking forward, he pulls the trigger of the right and left guns, and the shells fall off. He steps on the ground, G desert boots, ringing and ringing, and quickly drowning the continuous shooting noise. If there is no face in the epicenter, M88 helmets and 6 sand helmets, The mask hides the face that I believe everyone will see Yang Ye at this time, which is so intimidating, arrogant, self-conscious and awesome. If you give Yang Ye a set of slow motion at this time, it will be really handsome and cool. It is impossible to compare …
There are a few sharp-eyed, quick-witted people who know that their opponents are too strong. It’s definitely not that people simply risk their mentality to continue to fight back with guns, but they accidentally find this place pretending to be cool! My eyes lit up and I thought there was a normal here! Unlike those nonhuman guys! Can shoot people! Kill him first!
So several kidnappers moved closer to Yang night and took the machine gun in their hands. Without hesitation, they swept these kidnappers fiercely. Naturally, they didn’t say that the rows of bullets deviated from each other and hit Yang night.

No matter how it is, Wang Haidong thinks about one thing himself. Sometimes he thinks it is better to enter the officialdom, but sometimes things are not that he thinks it is that simple. At this time, things may mean that there will be some changes. Sometimes such changes may mean that they will not be controlled by people.

It’s like saying that my grandfather Chen Dalong died. One thing is whether Wang Haidong can control one thing.
Therefore, in such a situation, there are some things that he himself has to choose at this time. If he wants to die and does not choose to become Jubaoge, then Jubaoge will be closed at this time. This is not what Chen Dalong wanted to see before his death. Of course, it is not that Wang Haidong wants to see one thing.
Therefore, at this time, Wang Haidong’s words when he enters the shopping mall are sometimes very resistant to this point. No matter how it is said, he is also very clear in his own heart that there are some things that he must do himself. He can’t give up Jubaoge, which is very clear in his own heart.
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Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Close or not
Three people here when implementing Han felt very sigh with emotion. He didn’t think that Wang Haidong actually had such an idea, such a situation, such a thing, such a thing, which he himself had thought of.
But at such a time, how to do it in order to have a better effect has never occurred to him, and when he first entered the officialdom, he also thought of establishing his own network. At that time, he also knew the importance of the network, and it was very convenient to do some things.
And it is said that in general, some people do these things quite well, and Zhao Sirius does it quite well. Although it is said that Zhao Sirius did not enter the officialdom but went to do business, this time does not prevent Zhao Sirius from establishing the officialdom network.
Shi Han thought at that time that it would be very helpful for him to set up his own officialdom network and have his own people in the shopping mall.
Such a situation is true. No matter how it is told, such a thing will have a strong personal color. If you want to do it yourself, what will be the result after this thing?
However, although this guy Shihan thinks so, this time is no matter what, there will be such a regret, that is to say, once you enter the officialdom, it may not be your time.
Moreover, it is said that there are some things you want to do, and there is no telling whether you have the opportunity to do this one. There are always many things that officialdom does.
And it is said that some things in officialdom are quite a wave.
People who don’t enter the officialdom always think that some people in the officialdom have played like this for a day with a newspaper and a cup of tea. This day is like a fairy, but is this the case? The actual thing is certainly not such a situation.
If you really don’t have any progress, maybe you don’t have the ideal of progress, that is, you don’t want to be promoted until you retire, then you can just muddle along with a newspaper and a cup of tea, which is often the case.
Or it’s no big deal for those who are about to retire. You just muddle along like this.
However, when entering the officialdom, most people are thinking about promoting to a higher position and getting rich, which is beyond doubt, especially when young people like Shi Han come to gild, so at this time, of course, it is not a newspaper and a cup of tea so that things can be played.
Therefore, Shi Hanshi is quite busy at this time, and he has no time to build his own network during this process.
Real such a thing, this thing, no matter how to speak, is not so important for Shihan in officialdom.
Therefore, when he comes to the collection, his whole heart is thinking about how to make a situation and make some achievements by himself. Moreover, it is time for the top leader and the second leader to unite against him, which means that he himself is the third leader. Therefore, there are many things that make him feel annoyed. Some things are just that he, the third leader, can decide.
At this time, he will not only try his best to fight the situation in this strange place, but also such a thing is not an easy thing.
If there are such things in such a situation, it is already said that he is quite annoyed by himself. He feels that he is not enough, and he has to be careful to guard against the calculation of two people, so it is not so important to build his own network at this time.
Without such a situation, Shi Han himself thinks that such a thing is not very important, that is to say, such a situation is really such a thing that Shi Han still wants to build a real embarrassing network, and he thought of it himself at that time
But at this time, he doesn’t have any time. Since there is no time, the matter of building his own network is slowly released. At this time, what kind of idea Shi Han himself is is actually not very important, and it is said that such a thing is full of such a thing, and he has also thought it over.
After all, I have just entered the officialdom. It is necessary to say that the official scene is to establish my own online chat, and this is also quite a wave. Therefore, at this time, he focuses on this face and spends some thoughts.
And it is said that such a situation is actually such a thing, such a thing, no matter how it is, such a thing is what others choose, and people who enter the officialdom usually choose it this way.
In the official scene, you should have your own network, one is your own senior leader, and generally speaking, you can lead for two years, perhaps even more promoted.
At this time, it is still your leadership, which is an important bargaining chip. If the old-level and old leaders often walk around, they will also be of great help if necessary.
The second network means who you belong to, and you don’t know what the development process is after the other party. Maybe people will be promoted, so it is also very important to find a few hardcore hands at this time.
Also, that is to say, some students in the party school are very important.
Generally speaking, entering the party school is a signal to you. Of course, there are exceptions, that is to say, if you are involved in a big case and send you to the party school to study, then such a situation is less important at this time, and it is said that entering the party school to study in such a thing can be said to be a very important resource.
It is a very important network for classmates to cross such a network together, so such a thing is practical. At this time, the key point of Shi Han is to put some of his energy into two aspects.
One is to break the situation, and now he is not very successful in doing such a thing, and he is saying that such a thing is true, and such a thing is really a failure. This time, he, that is to say, will use such an opportunity to break such an embarrassing situation. Is it true that he can really break such a situation? Then it is really hard to say at this time.
Another important thing for himself is that in such a situation, he wants to establish his own official scene. In such a thing, Shi Han is doing quite well. No matter how it is, it is also possible to see that such a guy as Shi Han is the official material, which is suitable for mixing people in officialdom.
The success of such a thing also gives Shihan considerable encouragement, contacts and ability, both of which are very important, although it is said that Shihan also has his own family support at this time, so if it is said that family contacts, it is no big deal
However, it is very important to have family support in officialdom, which can make you grow up in a fair environment, and you won’t be casually overshoed or picked peaches. Generally speaking, the family has played such a general role, which is also very white in such a thing. Family connections can’t always help him.

The kitten played with 3 jungles as she wished, picking up black, white, gray and Karubin pigs …

"Piggy and Karubin sleep in the drawer … black, white, gray and gray sleep under the bed!"
Words …
The kitten looked at nothing angrily. 5 small animals …
"If you ignore me, I will go to Guoguang!"
Picked up the pillow and went out.
"Guoguang … Karubin, they all ignore me!" Xiaomaotui
Tezuka looked at her with some doubts.
"Guoguang hug! Oooo ~ "The kitten continues to play the woman …
Chapter 95 Running in the morning?
(group number 88916556)
The sun father-in-law hit the little cat’s eye and the kitten rubbed its eyes …
The pillow hand mound is missing!
"Meow ~" The kitten gave a confused cry and got dressed!
Ran to the hall!
I saw five boys wearing school necks and hanging towels …
"The kitten is awake …" Xing Cun said softly …
"hmm? Are you going to run? "
"well! Let’s go with the kitten. We’ll buy breakfast by the way. "
"Uh-huh! Eat cake! " The cat and the horse shouted …
"The kitten is so lovely …" Seeing the kitten blushing and red and cute, Xing Cun couldn’t help saying it …
"Meow? Cake … "
"Let’s go! Grandpa takes you to eat cake! " Trace department single-handedly picked up the kitten …
"Meow ~ strawberry flavor this time!"
Several boys ran in front and followed by skateboarding kittens.
Finally arrived at the cake shop.
The kitten chose a small cake and a cup of sweet milk!
Put it in the bag …
"Meow ~ Be sure to eat it before class!"
"Grandpa doesn’t want to see you eat in class!"
"Can’t shield you today! Baby physical education class is good! "
"meow! Don’t! Don’t! Blare ~ ~ ~ "
"Baby … run into my arms if you can’t stand it."
"Is that okay?" The kitten blinked at him.
"Of course" LengLi smiling.
"yeah! Go to the classroom to eat cake! " The kitten skated to school.
Immediately rushed to the classroom …
Only to see … only to see …
In her desk … unexpectedly …
Chapter 96 Spider Love
A love letter?
The kitten picked up the feeling and hit it!

"Don’t talk," Cheng Dongyang glared at her sister. "How much more does it take to let her lose?"

It’s hard for the nurse to say that it needs 4CC at least, but the patient’s condition is urgent. "This lady just lost blood, so it’s better not to let her lose."
"Let me do it!" Tang anjiang walked to the front and said
"Uncle Tang, let her lose. You are not fit!" Cheng Dongyang took Tang Anjiang and saw Meng Yudong’s eyes. Chapter 36 is not her turn.
"I’ll go with you!" Cheng Dongyang’s voice hurt her deeply, and her health was worthless in his mind.
"Why should I let Dongdong die?" Yu Yu was very dissatisfied and rushed over and stopped Meng Yudong. "Dongdong has already lost 4CC of blood. She has done her best to do so with Ke Xin’s sister. Now Xin Jie’s family has come, but it’s not her turn."
"Cheng Yuyang, shut up!" Cheng Dongyang face became extremely difficult to see him mercilessly stare at Meng Yudong.
"Dongyang Yuyu said that Miss Meng has done her best. My daughter must come to save the nurse. I will go with you," Tang Anjiang said.
"Primary and secondary Tang, your physical examination report just came out. You have high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. You can’t transfuse blood." The nurse happened to know Tang Anjiang and couldn’t help saying.
"Give her a smoke!" He turned his head and his eyes were fierce and folded.
"I’m fine, Yuyu." She pulled Yuyu’s hand. No, these people said that if she could do it, she would do it. "Lord Tang, let me do it. Am I young?"
Tang Anjiang looked at this face and a strange feeling welled up in his chest. The child and she were so alike that they made him feel distressed.
Zhanlonghai watching will not say a word.
The nurse gave her a CC this time. As soon as she finished smoking, her eyes turned black. The nurse gave her a glass of sugar water for her to drink.
"You lie down and have a rest first," the nurse said with some sympathy.
"Elder brother, I’m really disappointed in you. Dongdong is not you, and no one here. You are not qualified to do this to her. What do you think of her as a temporary blood bank? I smoked again and again! " Yu Yu said and hurried to the ward to see Meng Yudong.
"Dongdong, I’m sorry my brother did this to you." Yuyu said with regret when she saw her pale face.
She smiled and shook her head. "I’m fine. Did I draw some blood at a young age?"
Tang Kexin finally passed the critical period, and Yu Yu sent her back to the government dormitory.
"Dong Dong, why don’t you come to my place!" It’s really simple to look at her dormitory, a small single bed, a wardrobe, and then a cupboard. Winter and winter things rarely make Yu Yu look a little sad.
"No, it’s late now. You go home! I just want to sleep, "she said to comfort her friends.
"Do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you. "Yu Yu really doesn’t trust her alone in this cold room.
"I really don’t have an appetite now," she smiled. "Go home quickly. I’ll call you if I have something."
Yu Yu nodded "that you want to let go of the phone? Dongdong, my brother is really sorry for doing this to you. "
She smiled weakly, even if she was sorry, it wasn’t her turn to come. Chapter 37 Unless your name.
Meng Yudong didn’t sleep well all night. He had nightmares, and when he woke up, it was less than seven o’clock, and the cell phone rang all the time.
When she touched the words, she heard Meng Xiaodong crying. "Sister, will you come over now?"
"Xiao Dong?" She sat up suddenly. "Where are you now?"
"I’m in a small clinic on Huayu Road. I’m so scared." Meng Xiaodong sobbed heavily and kept sniffing.
"Xiaodong what happened? What are you doing in your small clinic? " Meng Yudong said that he had gone to the wardrobe to find clothes.
"Elder sister, please come here now." Meng Xiaodong just didn’t answer and cried one to one.
Meng Yudong guessed that something must have happened. Last year, that terrible feeling came back again. She changed her clothes and went out to take a taxi to Meng Xiaodong clinic.
"What should I do?" As soon as Meng Xiaodong saw her, she threw herself into her arms. "I don’t want to lose this child again. I’m really scared."
"What did you say?" Her face changed and she sat beside her sister. "You said you had children again? Zhong Siyuan? "
Meng Xiaodong shook his head. "Brother Philip Burkart and I broke up long ago. I don’t like him?"
"What’s the matter with that child?" Meng Yudong is sad when he thinks about it. How old is Xiaodong? She’s only twenty-one years old before she graduated from college, and it’s her second pregnancy. She’ll ruin herself if she miscarries like this.
"I can’t say elder sister, I really can’t say" Meng Xiaodong couldn’t help shaking his head in tears.
"Then why are you here?" Little Winter Coastal Secondary City Jianghai City Jianghai Finance College University is now a junior. A year ago, she was shocked to talk to Zhong Siyuan about her. How can she talk to Zhong Siyuan?
Last year, she left Linghe Zhong Siyuan with injuries and had been in contact with her for more than five years. Xiaodong was her own sister, and they United to give her a knife. She didn’t want to tell anyone that she almost didn’t carry it.
But she knows that if things can be done in Xiaodong, she has to do it, including sacrificing her love to become her love, and she has to commit herself to another man. This is what she owes Xiaodong!
"I, we’re here for an internship in Binhai," Meng Xiaodong replied softly.
"Even if you want to have an operation, you can’t be so bad in this small place, can you? What all want to go to a regular hospital, "she said, pulling her sister up.

Indulging in the jade flute brings people this feeling, but in this feeling, Yan Xin also accidentally heard a kind of melancholy, and Ye Han’s face was always hanging to get a melancholy color.

Through this flute sound, stroke, melancholy feeling and Ye Han’s face, which hides deep melancholy and inflammation, we can know that the experience described by former Ye Han is definitely not as simple as what he said.
Ye Han’s memory of that kind of melancholy has a long history, even though everything has been resolved almost now, but that kind of melancholy color and feelings have become his habit!
From the flute sound, we can know that Ye Han has two virtuous women to accompany him, but the experience in the past ten years has been deeply planted. Although his heart has been slowly hidden, that kind of feeling is erased in a short time.
A little Yan Xin can also hear Ye Han’s feelings. When Ye Rou married someone else, she was doomed to be wiped out for life. Even after a few years, that feeling may still be hidden in his heart.
When Ye Han touched this feeling, his mind could not help but have some addiction, still playing the jade flute as usual, and at the same time, his face was so deep and melancholy that it flashed unnaturally and clearly.
When I was playing the jade flute with one heart and three minds, I accidentally thought of myself watching Lengling’s every move at the same time, which directly led to the fact that the music played by Ye Han was out of tune.
After a song, the melancholy color of Ye Han’s face decreased in time, and soon he sighed lightly and put away his jade flute. He immediately smiled at Lengling and asked, "How does Linger feel?"
"Well," after listening to Ye Han’s words, Lengling shook her head with a wry smile. "There is something wrong with your blowing. I can’t feel it at the moment!"
Listen to LengLing mouth induction word Ye Han suddenly is suddenly busy looked up at the day soon is also a face of nai shook his head and there was a burst of wry smile at the same time.
Listening to Lengling’s awakening Ye Han immediately made it clear that this Lengling is oh, I want to borrow the flute sound to affect my body cold and thus sense the destiny star.
If you want to know the life of the star, you can roughly know your position. To do this, it is much easier to find a way out of the fog with these.
However, Ye Han also knew in his heart that he must have played the jade flute and felt a little uneasy at the same time, which affected the flute sound.
Naiye Han smiled bitterly. "Linger, why don’t you play this song and leave it to me?"
When I heard Ye Hanyan’s cold words, I suddenly burst into a wry smile. "If you can do this, I won’t be so troublesome!"
It’s Leng Lin who has this idea, but now she’s at this point. It’s better to think of other ways than to treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor!
Nai shook his head and Leng Ling gave another wry smile. "In that case, I’ll play this song and you can take my place!"
Say don’t wait for Ye Han to react LengLing stretched out his hand and took the jade flute in Ye Han’s hand, then closed his eyes and put the jade flute on his lips, and the lingering flute sound rang again.
Ye Han’s flute sounds are different. Cold ling’s flute sounds generally contain a cool meaning, which shows that this cold ling must have his mind at the moment.
Being able to distinguish Leng Ling’s mind from Xiao Yin is of course necessary. After all, she doesn’t know Leng Ling very well, so he can know her mind except listening to some cool ideas!
But Ye Han was vaguely aware that Lengling would be so roughly related to himself, the wedding night and the injury at the intersection of the two empires.
Natural Ye Han still knows that this cold ling must be mixed with his meaning in addition to these two pains. After all, there are still some unknown things in the past.
None of these people know that Ye Han didn’t know much about it in the past, but at best, he was injected with a very unusual fire for some reason, which led her to rely on cold companions to relieve her heartache.
Although Ye Han doesn’t know all this, he can also think of something to know. Lengling must have experienced many pains before Ye Han.
It is because of these pains that she has such cool and painful feelings, so the feelings revealed when playing the jade flute are also cool and refreshing.
Shook his head to drive away all these distractions from the heart. Ye Han just meditated and closed his eyes according to Lengling’s meaning to experience the life of the star.
The lingering cold ling put the jade flute quietly looking at a face of primly Ye Han and then did not disturb it. He made a gesture of silence at Yan Xin, who had just slowed down.
Get Leng Ling Xing Yan Xin from also dare not careless, although she still doesn’t know Leng Ling’s idea, but it can also be white. All this has to do with leaving this foggy array!
The lingering sound dissipates Ye Han’s eyes open at the right time, but his eyes look towards the sky at the right time. It’s like he’s already out of his mind at the moment
See Ye Han so LengLing two people are afraid to disturb a lamp tea kung fu in the past Ye Han had a light sigh to look back LengLing two women.
"how about it? Have you found your way out? " See Ye Han huanguo to absolute being LengLing timely inflammation hin looked at each other, immediately rushed Ye Han tentatively asked.
The original Ye Han also wanted to explain it to Lengling, but when Lengling asked him, he hesitated for a long time without words.
Seeing that Ye Han was so cold, he also hesitated for a while, and then Nai smiled bitterly. "Come on, did you find an exit?"

Sun Mei hasn’t got up yet. He picked up his mobile phone in a daze and saw that it was Brother Gan’s arrival. He smiled and said, "Hehe, Xiao Gan, why did you miss me so early today?"

"She still misses you. I miss you so much! I ask you, do you know Qin Xiaowan? " Dry elder brother asked urgently
"Small wan? Yes, what’s the matter? " Sun Mei asked doubtfully.
"ah! I can’t tell you clearly, so let her tell you! I really can’t stand her! " Brother Gan said and handed the mobile phone to the violent police flower.
"Hey Xiao Wan, what’s the matter?" Sun Mei asked.
"Mei Jie, I’ll tell you the true face of this smelly rascal now. I’ll tell you that he already has a girlfriend and he’s going to hook up with you! Don’t worry about it and see how I can teach this Chen Shimei for you! " Small police flowers indignant replied
"Chen Shimei? Girlfriend What are you talking about, Xiao Wan? " Sun Mei was confused by her.
"Is that the woman who lives with him is his girlfriend, and he has a girlfriend, and he still cheats you not what Chen Shimei is! I still want to step on two boats! " Qin Xiaowan said well-founded
This time, Sun Mei understood that this good sister was venting her anger on herself, but she really knew that Brother Gan had a fake boyfriend with her the other day to meet the beautiful landlord. Besides, she really hoped that Xiao Gan could get along with the beautiful landlord, but it was not easy for her to inquire about the girl. Her old man seemed to be an old navy commander and general, and when Brother Gan was arrested, she saw that girl was in a hurry and transferred the army to marry such a girl. Both her career and life were good for Brother Gan. She was a loser.
"Oh line small wan you hurry back! I’ll make it clear to you when you don’t understand the situation! " Sun Mei said to Qin Xiaowan and then hung up.
Qin Xiaowan was at a loss with a mobile phone. Did he really make a mistake? Brother Gan looked at her and said, "Don’t be singling out others until you figure it out this time!" Be a lady, okay !” After that, Brother Gan took the mobile phone from the police flower and took the car.
Qin Xiaowan held a small fist and said, "I will spare you once in Chen Shimei today! Let me catch you sooner or later! " But dry elder brother didn’t hear the car dust and went to the early Chapter 16 The boss has to rush ahead.
Chapter 16 The boss had to rush ahead and drive to the abandoned factory building in the training base. By then, Hu Debiao, Ouyang Cheng and Chen Hu had already arrived there to discuss something, while Huang Hao and Zhang Dabiao were there to train the special training team early. When Hu Debiao met him with the car, he said, "Xiao Gan, are we still training like yesterday?"
"Of course, nothing can stop three months of special training!" Dry elder brother seriously replied
"When will the Tigers and Wolves help deal with it?" Hu Debiao asked.
"He’s just a little worm. Don’t worry, Mr. Tiger killed him and played with him! Let the players train during the day and act at night! " Dry elder brother very confident replied.
"Ha ha well anyway, this matter to you! I’ll just celebrate you then! " Hu Debiao looked at dry elder brother relaxed so-called sample shrugged and said
"Ha ha! You are quite good at picking a tiger! But who told me to be small? I’ll put up with it! Just prepare a good wine bar! " Brother Gan laughed and said that Brother Gan had called Huang Hao over. "What time does Uncle Huang get up today?"
"At four o’clock! These kids have to be severely trained! Otherwise, you won’t be a great talent! But last night was the first night, and they were not so comfortable after they had a good sleep! " Huang Haobian said, insidious smile looked at the specially trained players who were practicing early.
"Ha ha! It seems that you still have a way, Uncle Huang! " Brother gan felt the same way, saying that he wanted to die of that crime that year. These little rookies will never realize that it is not like hell. It is simply hell! It’s even darker than hell. You can drink Meng Po Tang in hell and forget everything! Where your body and mind are suffering from inhuman torture all the time!
"Ha ha, I trained and scouted before, even those recruits’ eggs were like this. At that time, the group of rabbits and other classes that challenged me were not so hard, but our class was so abnormal! I have to sue me at the company commander’s! Haha, they are a bunch of stupid recruits who don’t know that when the old company commander trained me, it was like that! " Little Hao Huang seemed to think of the scene and said with a thoughtful smile.
"Ha ha that they are not nothing to find smoke! Uncle Huang, you must have made them experience what a soldier is? " Dry elder brother also asked with a smile
"Hey hey also didn’t how the whole they just let them in the rain with tea urn JunZi all night! Little rabbits are not sensible. We have to teach them, right? At that time, your brother Zhang, that is, my old monitor, was gloriously discharged due to injury, but I was a man who had experienced war! I didn’t clean them up. I hoped they would shed less blood! They asked me when. I told them that there is nothing that makes you my old yellow soldiers! Who let you into the reconnaissance company! You are not an ordinary soldier when you enter the reconnaissance company! I have to train you to death! " Huang Haoda said that the more he said, the more excited he became, as if he had returned to that passionate time.
"good! Uncle Huang, now you take these 612 specially trained players as your recruits’ eggs and give them to me for training in the dead! Remember Uncle Huang, if I were not a scout, I would be 612 special forces in three months! " Dry elder brother said seriously
"Don’t worry, Xiao Gan, don’t you Huang Shu can’t guarantee that you can still do it if you give me 612 rookie three months later!" Hao Huang replied.
"good! You tell the specially trained team members that Huang Shu won’t take the bus today. Yesterday, I calculated that it is almost more than 20 kilometers from here to Harbour University of Science and Technology for them to run! It’s four forty-five. Go there! Don’t eat breakfast if you can’t get there! Tell them that he didn’t eat alone, but 611 special training players stayed with him! " Dry elder brother said to Hao Hao
Huang Hao went over, blew the whistle, and then reached the order of dry elder brother. When Hu Debiao heard the arrangement of dry elder brother, he thought that this little boy was really going to engage in devil training, but it’s good that this society is not cruel, you don’t bleed and sweat. When it comes to the battlefield, you may not be as simple as bleeding. I’m afraid the price will be death!
Brother Gan said to Hu Debiao around him, "Brother Biao, take a bus with Brother Cheng. Brother Cheng is a strategist and a mental worker. You are the boss and it is not suitable for publicity …"
"Whistling dry this call what ah you tell you who can’t run, I can’t run! I can’t let my brothers run there, but I, the boss, enjoy it in the car You can run, I can run, and I was young! " Hu Debiao immediately retorted.
"Then I’m going to run away, too. One of my military advisers watched the boss run away in the car. How can I say it?" Ouyang cheng also protested
Dry elder brother looked at Hu Debiao and OuYangCheng smiled and said "ha ha you want to run and run bai! But we agreed that if you really can’t stand it, don’t hold on to the car! You two are two treasures of our loyalty hall. Don’t be exhausted … "
"Ha ha to you! You and I are tired from the old ladies’ business! Don’t worry, nothing happened! If you can stick to it, we can stick to it! " Hu Debiao said with a smile
"Well, then, let’s get going, Tiger Ye! Otherwise, if there are more passers-by in a while, it will have a bad influence, and people will have to * *! " Dry elder brother replied with a smile
"good! Set out! " Hu Debiao trotted in front of himself! Then the dry elder brother Ouyang Cheng, Chen Hu Huang Hao and Zhang Dabiao led the team in the front, middle and back respectively.

Although Xi Shi was not as nervous as Zheng Dan, she was still a little scared. Although she had seen Yang Ye fighting alone against dozens of guarding officers and soldiers of Wu State, she fainted when Yang Ye killed hundreds of people behind her. Xi Shi was also worried when she saw so many people coming.

"Brother …"
"renege! This king of Yue is so fucking cheap! " Yang Ye turned to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan with a comforting smile, with a hint of cuteness and calmness, and flashed a naughty "Don’t worry, two beautiful women swear in my name that they will protect you!"
I sneezed in the code word-why did you drag me in?
Yang Ye said, putting his arm around Xi Shi and Zheng Dan’s shoulder, giving up the two beautiful women far behind, and then smiling, turning around and coming over, looking at the approaching brigade, the Vietnamese troops shook their heads and clenched their fists tightly, thinking about what would force me to kill people!
Think so has raised his hand "come on! I want this … Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Where is my sword? " Yang night nervously put his arms four looking for fierce saw his sword and put it on the lawn not far away-just put it there when he helped Zheng Dan pinch his feet.
Yang night went over and picked up the sword and stood up to meet the dust rolling in. The pursuer of the State of Yue drew the sword out of the scabbard, held the tip of the sword high and pointed it at the sky. "Come on! I want this day to cover my eyes again! I can’t bury my heart if I want to land! I want all the beautiful women to come home with me! Want this pursuer to vanish! ……”
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◎ Yang Ye was suddenly recalled to a foreign country.
◎ Yang night argued with the domain owner and Mrs. Yang Lao.
◎ The problem of bringing Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back has turned around.
The whole person got excited when the domain owner let go of Yang Night. He said that he was going to take Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back to his home and back to the Yang family mansion. He didn’t think about anything. Just after arguing with the domain owner, it was some kind of feeling nasty nonsense, but that’s how old lady Yang couldn’t bear to watch Yang Night feel uncomfortable and help. Did she really convince the domain owner? Surprised? Not heart? Hey, hey.
"Domain master, you said that if I successfully completed it, there would be a reward. That’s what I want now!" Yang Yexing rushed to the domain owner. "I won’t make it difficult for you not to affect that historical trajectory. It will be fine if I take two people away!"
"But … I said that you still need to do some things that will not affect the historical development." The domain owner’s expression was also relaxed, as if the decision made him feel like a heavy burden.
"What is it?" Yang night was nervous again and thought watermelon was an egg! There are always conditions for leaders to promise something!
"Once the history really changes abnormally, you should be responsible for sending those two people back to them and their times." The domain owner didn’t look at Yang Ye’s side head and said, "And …"
Yang night wait for a while stared at the domain master, but he closed his mouth and took a look at Mrs. Yang Lao. Mrs. Yang Lao got the message and walked to the front of Yang night with a smile. "Don’t worry about it at night, you will know what domain master to deal with yourself. Now it means that there is another bone family who will be a gentleman in that world, but the induction is not very obvious. The domain master will let you pay attention to it at any time after you go back."
"This is no problem!" Yang Yema promised to tell me where to find someone? Pay attention to one, that’s all.
"Red Bi this thing just this once" domain master came and patted Yang Ye on the shoulder and then took a look at Yang Lao’s wife and turned around and disappeared into a piece of pure white.
"Depend! Like a ghost "Yang night leng interface rang 1.
Echoed in the domain tonic "by! I can hear the red dagger ~ ~ ~! "
Yang night looked up in surprise and saw a circle. Mrs. Yang patted Yang night and pointed behind Yang night. "Now go home. You are so lucky. It’s the first time for such a thing at night."
Yang night looked back at the stone mirror, showing a piece of pure white. Mrs. Yang had pushed him behind her.
"Wait a minute!" Yang night turned to look at the old lady Yang "I’m surprised! Why did the old lady promise me so easily? Didn’t you fight for such a thing when you were an official? "
Mrs. Yang Lao shook her head and looked somber.
"We have to protect our legitimate interests when we are repairing officials!" Yang night is in a good mood, but it is not good to show it in front of Mrs. Yang.
"You don’t know that the domain master was not a domain master at night when I was an official, but a higher rank than the official." Mrs. Yang sighed, "I was an official before I realized the domain master, and I have experienced almost all the officials, so he will understand that you dare to make an exception secretly."
Yang night suddenly realized that this domain master is really doing it step by step.

Bao Xiaosan smiled and said nothing, but when she looked at Su Ling, her eyes shone like stars and obsidian days!

"Little Three, I have worked hard for you these days!"
Su Ling put away the rice paper in her hand and smiled at Bao Xiaosan head-on. She seemed to be in a good mood!
Smell package small three by * if surprised to wave "miss you are serious! This is what I should do! But you asked me to investigate the Qing Dynasty. I have already written to my eldest brother and second brother!
They are also actively investigating, but … There is no news yet! "
"ok! Look at your hard work. I’ll take you out for a tour! We will leave in a few days when you are ready! "
Su Ling is so full of smiles. If she didn’t know the truth, I’m afraid she would really think she was going out to play!
And Bao Xiaosan also nodded, "Miss, just tell me at any time!"
"Then you can live in Wangfu in this way, so you don’t have to travel back and forth! Bi Rao prepares a room for Xiao San! "
Said Su Ling will not refuse to let Bao Xiaosan live in Wangfu!
Bao Xiaosan took a fancy to the rice paper with a smile when she walked to her former place of residence with Bi Rao!
For a moment, she took a deep breath and was about to step forward. Behind her, Shui Tianyue quickly said, "Sister Su, are you going out?"
"hmm? What’s the matter? "
Su Ling looked at Shui Tianyue’s recent rosy recovery and felt guilty for her.
She is also the first lady of Shuijia, but she would rather be with her now!
Although she is not, she can investigate the reasons, and she has an unshirkable responsibility!
Seeing Su Ling’s surprise, Shui Tianyue didn’t wriggle before her eyes flashed and asked, "Sister Su, I … can I come with you?"
"Everything with me?" Su Ling see water Tianyue cautious sample smiled "of course! Go! "
Shui Tianyue was delighted to lift her eyes and see Su Ling smiling, and suddenly she was entangled in her heart!
She really has her own ideas and prejudices, and she will choose to stay with Su Ling, fearing that she will miss Yu Qing’s news again!
But now her doubts about Su Ling have also decreased, but she still pays more attention to her actions!
"Yushu prepares a carriage!"
When Su Ling stepped out of the West Garden, she told him somewhere in the courtyard!
At this time, Zhengshu stretched out his neck and looked at Bi Rao and Bao Xiaosan Yushu. When he heard Su Ling’s command, his foot slipped and he almost didn’t fall!
Yushu hurriedly prepared the carriage and forced Lin Feng to drive with Su Ling and Shui Tianyue out of the house, and then he rushed back to the West Park!
I can’t help it. There are too many men around the princess recently. He must observe carefully and never let his sister Rao be taken away!
On the other side, Shui Tianyue didn’t know where he was going after he got into the carriage with Su Ling!
When the carriage wobbled for an hour and fell asleep, she felt that the carriage was quite stable. Without asking, she heard the breeze cavity "The Zhonghemen in the Princess Palace have arrived!"
After Su Ling took one look at Shui Tianyue and nodded to her, she took the lead in taking the carriage!
And the first time I came to the palace of the State of Qi and Chu, Shui Tianyue’s behavior was not a little formal!
Accompanied by Su Ling, she walked into Zhonghe Gate and immediately looked up to see the thick and simple imperial palace appear in front of her eyes!
"Sue … Sister Sue, what are we doing in the palace?"
Shui Tianyue said it was false not to be nervous!