A group of people followed Captain Huang, including me, a total of seven people. We got together because we were optimistic about Captain Huang, and people still had some conscience in their hearts. They all planned to die hard with aliens and have a good time.

Captain Huang said that there is no hope anyway, so it is better to fight with ghosts … I know many people call aliens ghosts, but it is the first time that I have heard from people face to face, including Captain Huang.
Then there’s the mad dog in Li Wenzhe. He’s been like that since I came. No one is with him, but the mad dog is very talkative and just persuaded Wu Songyan to become a small gang.
Later, I also figured it out that Wu Songyan, who is as selfish as Li Wenzhe, is quite right to divide human polymers.
There are four other people who have formed a small gang. They don’t join us or ask Li Wenzhe what they think, and they don’t say anything. It took me a long time to know that the four of them planned with Li Wenzhe, but they didn’t want to hang out with Li Wenzhe before they formed a small gang.
It’s really sad to think about it now. The aliens haven’t called yet, so we started to fight. But is it possible that Li Wenzhe’s mad dog won’t fight? To put it bluntly, who is not afraid of being shot in the back?
Chapter 3, the first article (3)
After the break-up, captain Huang took the lead in collecting weapons and ammunition for several of us to prepare for the supply of aliens and get the scope.
The other two groups didn’t grab weapons and ammunition from us, but they fought for supplies so badly that they all wanted to save more food and drink for themselves.
At that time, Captain Huang didn’t say anything. Later, he said that aliens were coming, and it wouldn’t matter if there were any more supplies. When we thought about it, we left one day for everyone and left them for the two groups.
Everyone, this argument is a complete break. Everyone’s mood is not good … The comrades around me are very bad. Forget about Li Wenzhe. Even if he loves that kind of person, he will die early. I couldn’t figure out if I was blind before. He has always been a good person.
It took me a long time to think that it’s not that I’m blind, but that this kind of person can play and pretend to fool everyone. If it weren’t for this, he would still pretend to be with us. Otherwise, how can we say that life is like a play? He must be the kind of person who didn’t play the film from beginning to end.
See these words yip hon heart straight worry what’s wrong with this guy at this time can also think so much?
It’s been a long time since I thought about writing in vain. It’s strange that I was nervous at the beginning and didn’t add a few words to it.
This has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that people who know better are in a bad mood at that time, and the disadvantage is that the plot is broken and they are distracted when watching it.
Yip hon skipped a few lines and continued to read the diary. See Lu Peng wrote.
The atmosphere here is really tragic, and everyone is holding back a strong energy, but if the aliens don’t come and wait, they still can’t get to their hearts, and their determination is shaken.
I waited for more than an hour. The aliens finally arrived. My first reaction was to take a closer look at what they looked like, and then I found that aliens were not as wonderful as those in science fiction movies. The most striking feature was that they were tall and thin, with their knees facing back like birds …
See here yip hon can’t help but sigh.
When the first fleet expedition to Jupiter, human beings knew little about aliens. Later, when human beings got the bodies of aliens, they found that the knees of aliens were bent forward just like human beings.
But why does Lu Peng have this illusion? That’s because aliens have one more leg than humans!
Their thigh bones are very short, but their muscles are very developed. After wearing armor, their abdomen looks like a pelvis protruding, which is mistaken for pelvis in most cases.
The part where aliens are equivalent to human thighs is actually that their calves are reversed, and their knees are actually part of ankle and ankle bones, which have been elongated in evolution to form alien "calves"
To put it more intuitively, the lower legs of aliens are actually "heels", and their feet are actually forefoot and toes.
Of course, this is to analyze the alien body structure with human habits, which is not scientific at all, and there is no need to put the human skeleton structure on the alien body
Yip hon continue to look Lu Peng wrote
They had surrounded the landing craft for a long time, but they didn’t stir up. As soon as they came out, they surrounded the landing craft three floors inside and three floors outside. At that time, my only feeling was that there was a disaster and it was difficult to fly.
When the aliens didn’t come, I had a lot of thoughts in my heart. When the aliens did come, I really didn’t have any thoughts. I was bent on fighting the enemy.
Captain Huang said that we are soldiers anyway. Do we have the face to live when we fall into the hands of aliens? In this situation, this situation is the best result.
I would like to add that there were no superfluous thoughts in my mind at that time, but I really thought that dying in battle was probably the last honor for us people.
When we were ready to work hard, Li Wenzhe and them didn’t move like nothing happened, and so did the four runners.
The aliens were cautious, but they kept shrinking the encirclement, and soon it was not far from the landing craft. We were all nervous, and so was Captain Huang, but he kept saying, let’s just hold our horses, bring the enemy closer, and then kill one, and both of them will earn one. That tone is very similar to the old way of playing ghosts, and I can still remember him now.
It was not until the enemy went more than 50 meters away that Captain Huang fired the first shot, and then several of us caught fire together and knocked down an enemy. I killed three less.
Aliens move fast, but they don’t seem to know how to lie down or his tactics. As soon as the gun is fired, they all fly in a mess, and the buzzing all over the sky makes people upset.
They were very fast. We tried to shoot but missed several targets.
The six men in the back kept still, and Captain Huang JiYan questioned them about what they wanted to do. I could see that Captain Huang wanted to shoot them, but he didn’t pull out his hand until the end.
The enemy’s offensive was very fierce, and at the same time, they attacked from the ground and sky. Our weak firepower could not stop the enemy, and soon they jumped on the landing craft.
We are not enemies at all, and we haven’t even struggled to death.
At the critical moment, captain Huang rushed to the explosive bag to prepare some explosives and died with the enemy, but nothing happened after starting the detonator.
Later, we learned that it was Li Wenzhe who took advantage of the chaos to dismantle the detonator and reassemble it, and could not come.
I always thought that if Li Wenzhe knew what happened later, would he have survived and removed the detonator?
Before we found out the truth, the enemy removed the top cover of the landing craft. Captain Huang rushed out with a pile of grenades and exploded with aliens desperately. After Captain Huang seriously injured the aliens, few of them died.
There are so many of them that they can’t fight to death.
We were all desperate. At this time, the four men rushed out while we and the aliens were desperately trying. Li Wenzhe froze and ran out, and the six men ran in different directions while throwing grenades.

A deep smile is like a street hooligan molesting a good woman, which gives a strange atmosphere to the Buddhist holy land of Pu Temple. This smile is guaranteed to make thousands of girls scared late and have nightmares.

Sisi is no exception, and she was soon scared to cry by Guo Yi. Her fingers kept wiping away tears and sobbed, "You will know that bullying others is always if you take advantage of others. Sister Yamaraja will definitely scold me for missing again …….."
Guo Yixiao pause surprised "Yamaraja turned out to be her generation of demons how to also learn from others as a matchmaker! This is not nothing to mind your own business! "
A flowing coffin with yellow bones crashed into Zen Buddhism and then flew in, directly flying Guo Yi out. The ghost king of Yamaraja was spirited and Leng Yan was covered with a pair of beautiful ghost eyes like two cold pools. "Yes, it’s me."
Yamaraja is not the former ghost king, but now her body and breath are many times stronger than Guo Yi’s, and her gestures are full of aesthetic charm, just like the birth of a king in hell.
She gently adjusted her skirt and then fell from the coffin to brush up her thoughts on squatting in the corner. She judo "That bastard didn’t take advantage of you, did he?"
"They are all occupied. No, no, no …" Sisi bowed her head and didn’t dare to look into Yamaraja’s eyes. She scolded and was scolded by Yamaraja.
But Yamaraja didn’t scold her. She held her in her arms and patted her vest to comfort her.
Guo Yi was hit by the yellow bones coffin, and then posted a wall and slipped to rub the back of his head with a hey hey smile. "It turned out to be Yamaraja elder sister! What a sight for sore eyes! Sister Yamaraja has recovered? Congratulations! "
Yamaraja put Sisi and then gave Guo Yi a hard stare, as if he were going to kill him. He didn’t look good. "It’s only three layers back, but killing you should be enough."
Guo Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and laughed. "I don’t know where my younger brother offended the ghost king. How did you get so angry?"
Yamaraja’s body is covered with a layer of ghost fog, and a ghost hand flies out of the ghost fog and shoots Guo Yi directly. "I hate abusive lovers in my life. Since you love Yan Ran, it’s like a blank sheet of thinking?"
She’s so angry that she’s so ghostly that she wants to chop Guo Yi with a ghost knife.
Chapter 317 Black angel often
A golden Fo Yin flew in from outside the Zen Gate, scattering the ghost hand. An old monk read the Buddhist name and counted the beads. He came in from outside with more than 70 beads on his head, the size of a fist.
The old monk’s feet are three feet off the ground, and every step he takes, there is a circle of gold stripes swinging from the ground. His head is shining with Buddha’s light and he is wearing a white robe and frock, just like an ancient Buddha falling from the sky.
"The ghost king of Yamaraja has not lost his prestige for five hundred years, but his temper was more prosperous than that of that year!" The old monk has entered the meditation room.
Yamaraja saw the old monk’s hauntingly disappeared immediately and turned into a condensed smoke and looked at a gentle and graceful woman. She grunted coldly, "Master Pu Yin, I’m afraid your deadline is few days!"! How can you walk outside without closing your practice? "
Master Pu Yin laughed. "It was already closed, but I learned that my disciple was about to become the abbot of Pu Temple, so I couldn’t help climbing out."
Guo Yi doesn’t know that the old monk’s lies are worse than his, and his lies are easy to believe.
"Master ACTS is to see you. If you come late again, ACTS will be killed by these two vicious women." Guo Yi jumped directly at Master Pu Yin and almost hit the old monk.
Sisi listened to Guo Yi’s words and immediately waved his hand in a hurry. "No, no, brother Yi, I won’t harm you … Yamaraja’s sister is not true, and Yamaraja’s sister is also scaring you."
Yamaraja Ghost King glared at Sisi and then dragged her out to the door. When she walked to the door, she did not forget to look back and asked, "Master Bodhisattva, is there a female guest wing in this Bodhisattva Temple?"
"There is nature, there is" Master Pu Yin said.
"That’s good. We’re friends of the abbot, so we can stay in Pu Temple for the time being."
With that, Yamaraja took a reluctant trip and walked in the direction of the wing. Obviously, it is not the first time that she has come to the Bodhi Temple and knows which direction the wing is.
It was not until Sisi and Yamaraja walked away that Guo Yicai wiped his forehead and gave Zen Buddhism a cold sweat.
This ghost king is the ghost king who turned his back on Guo Yi without giving him any face. He beat Guo Yi twice in front of Sisi. Does this make Master Guo, who has always cherished his image, feel sorry?
Guo Yi just saw Yamaraja’s ghost king’s ghost knife cut in the direction not his head, but his crotch. If Master Pu Yin comes one step later, he will become a eunuch.
Guo Yi is a master with a lingering fear, but he is smiling. "Bitter! I have to wake up. You’d better touch subtlety less, especially a strong woman like Yamaraja Ghost King, who not only hurts her body, but sometimes worries about her life. "
Master Pu Yin misunderstood that Guo Yi was having an affair with the ghost king of Yamaraja, and Guo Yi was too lazy to explain any emotional problems to a monk.
"By the way, monk Puyin, why did you suddenly come to me? You didn’t really come to congratulate me, did you?" Guo Yi knew that the monk Pu Yin would not come to him because he didn’t go to the Three Treasures Hall.
Bodhisattva printed two golden lines in her eyes, like a withered palm. Dozens of handprints were linked and dozens of layers of golden realm were punched in the air, which tightly wrapped the whole spread out. These enchantments can isolate the sound from the people inside, and outsiders can’t hear it. Even the wise monks in the Wisdom Monk Hall can figure out what they are doing.
Obviously, it is very important for Master Pu Yin to speak to Guo Yi, so he had to hit dozens of enchantments in a row.
After all this, Master Pu Yin returned to the chair and smiled. "The Yinnu Temple has learned that you are about to become the abbot of the Pu Temple. She is quite satisfied. She has decided to give you her black ambassador status."
Yun Xianer was able to know the news so quickly. Monk Pu Yin must have "contributed".
There are four constant messengers in Yin, two females and two males. Counting Yin and Yang in black and white can be divided into constant messengers. Yin and Yang are high and heavy.
Every constant emissary must be a great avatar with a level comparable to that of Master Bodhisattva, and their identities are more mysterious than Yin and Yang, so that they can know who they are and have Yin and Yang to order them.
Guo Yixiu and Master Pu Yin, the top master, have been sent many times. Yun Xianer will be promoted by Guo Yicheng. I’m afraid I still see his identity as the abbot of Pu Temple, which is absolutely more frightening than the owner of the seven evil places. The status of cultivating immortals can be compared with that of the first person in the right path.
Moreover, Yun Xianer needs Guo Yi to deal with Su E and steal the Six Buddhas, so the value of Guo Yi is naturally higher.
Master Pu Yin saw that Guo Yi’s look had not changed, as if the root hadn’t heard what he said, so he continued, "Tonight is the fifteenth day of the first month, and it’s clear and clear, and the Yinnv Temple will leave the centipede mountain 290 outside Wan Li of Pu Temple. When you hold a gift, all the Yindong desert masters will rush to attend the Huimeng Yinnv Temple, and I hope you can get there on time."
"She wants to make what pattern? I’m afraid it’s not just as simple as giving me a gift, if you dare to be so arrogant at the bottom of the temple eyelids and bring so many masters together? " Guo Yi knows Yun Xianer very well and knows that everything she does has a purpose and benefits.
Master Bodhisattva Yin knew that he couldn’t hide it from Guo Yi, and then said, "A month ago, the magic island was completely erased from the cultivation of immortals, but it didn’t die after a hard struggle. Moreover, he also found a big secret, the Yinnu Temple, and learned that he had passed the hope that he would return to the Yinnu Temple of the Bodhisattva Temple in the near future. It is necessary to gather all the East Desert experts in centipede Mountain to kill him before returning to the Bodhisattva Temple, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable if he fought hard to bring this secret back to the Bodhisattva Temple."
Magic Island is one of the seven evil places, but it is so easily destroyed by Yin. How strong are the Yin forces? Who is one of their targets?
Now the Central Plains must have been in chaos and war, and four of the nine spiritual States have become the seven evil places of Yin territory. In two years, three night studios and poison palaces have been destroyed, and now it is the magic island. I’m afraid YunXianEr will take three holy places knives.
The bitter struggle is the battle of the Bodhi Monastery, which can be compared with the three great monks. He went to avenge the death of his good brother by mistake, and the magic island was destroyed by himself, but he learned another shocking secret, so he couldn’t wait to get back to the Bodhi Monastery.
What is the secret that can make Master Pu Yin call it a big secret? Is it related to the treasure of Dongling Tomb?
Guo Yi didn’t ask because he knew that even if he asked Master Pu Yin, he wouldn’t tell him a word. Yun Xianer didn’t believe Guo Yi. She knew Guo Yi’s details and Guo Yi also knew her details. Guo Yi didn’t believe her. Both of them were mutually beneficial.
"cemented tonight you can rest assured! I’ll help you tease the old woman here at the Bodhi Temple and say that you and I will discuss Buddhism all night, but you must come back before dawn or you will be easily found. "Master Bodhi Yin’s fingers gently showed a shadow and then condensed into a puppet man exactly like Guo Yichang.

"It’s a pity that I’m not interested in your alliance!" Not far from Zhuang, I shook my head and turned to look at those ships. They were loose and pressed their feet. "Get up and roll for me!" I haven’t changed my mind! "

Chap 112 that first time I met someone more cruel than me.
Zhuang is not far away, but he really doesn’t want to fight with (Gegu) for a larger foe, and he is really not interested in the so-called cruel alliance.
What, a group of incomplete men circle themselves and play some manor game?
Manor owners are disdainful.
Let alone develop the manor. I’m afraid these people will never have a chance to repair their manor in a generation.
"What? Our brutal alliance is the biggest force in the era of exile … One "(ancient) sighed and seemed a little guilty and asked," Maybe … someone has invited you? Is it mercy manor? You mustn’t join them. They are full of pseudo-monarchs who can do nothing but drink tea and chat! "
Not far from Zhuang, he looked puzzled (ancient) and sighed, "Isn’t it a benevolent manor? Yes … I know it’s a high Covenant! "
What is all this mess?
Zhuang is impatient soon. "If you beep again, do you believe me?"
(Migu) got up from the ground quickly.
"get out!" Look at what you’re going to say. Zhuang is not far away.
(Migu) made a roll.
Not far from Zhuang’s hand …
Is this guy really a manor owner?
And you call yourself a brutal manor owner?
"I said let you get out of Taojin Town, but I didn’t say let you roll on the ground! Roll for me! "
(fugu) ran on all fours.
Back to my own walnut boat (Gegu), it seems that I have found the road of courage again. "Not far from Zhuang, will you join our cruel alliance?" Don’t blame me if you don’t join! Believe it or not, I bombed your gold rush town! "
"Huh?" Not far from Zhuang, the owner of the small and medium-sized bucket manor stared straight at the brutal examination.
At that moment, it seemed that he saw himself being soaked in the blood when Zhuang was not far away, which scared him to shudder and quickly apologized, "I roll, I roll, I roll!"
Then he touched his head and muttered, "It’s the first time I’ve lived so long that I’ve seen someone more cruel than me …"
Mom, I’m not cruel! Zhuang is not far away from heart.
I just have a cruel name. I am a very kind manor!
"go! Return! " (Migu) I dare not stay any longer. A huge round boat carved from a huge walnut slowly left Taojin Town.
Looking at all the walnuts flying away, Zhuang touched his belly not far away.
"Great!" A few rabbit dragons emerged from the ground and surrounded the village not far away.
Not far from Zhuang, there are rabbits and dragons coming out and gathering more and more.
"Is everything all right?"
"We’re fine, but our war dog was destroyed …"
Not far from Zhuang, organize people to save lives quickly.
Seeing that the war giant dog and the people inside are not far from each other, he gritted his teeth. "Mom, if I knew it, I wouldn’t let him go!"
Not far from Zhuang and the era of exile, these forces have fought so many wars and never suffered losses.
Today, it was a big loss.
It wasn’t the war, the giant dog Taojin Town was also fought by two people, and large buildings were destroyed.
It’s a mess, and it needs to be repaired by manpower and material resources
"Who the hell is this guy?" However, Zhuang is also very concerned about this guy’s strong fighting capacity, which is the strongest opponent except Indigo (Emperor Yi) that Zhuang has seen so far.
And he has never seen such a race.

Visual Zhou Jia Colin’s eyes flashed.

"But it seems that a friend has not really been promoted, and it is amazing that a black iron body can explode with silver power."
Zhou Jia micro eyes didn’t explain his strength way
"I was just about to ask the mage, but I really don’t know much about silver."
"It’s normal" Colin shrugged.
"There is no big power behind you, like I was in a daze at the beginning, and it took more than ten years to get confirmation."
Zhou Jia has heard of it.
It is said that Colin was a nerd in his early years, and he didn’t know his own strength until he achieved a great success in access control.
After that, several people began to destroy everything until they met a strong silver man and realized that they had become strange.
It is also an interesting talk.
"Friends are gifted. If you practice Belo and Jiao Ren, you may have achieved silver, but you practice martial arts in Dalin Dynasty."
Colin visual Zhou Jia way
"Compared with Shenhai and Yuanqi, your body is stronger!"
"Although the martial arts of the Dalin Dynasty are extraordinary, most of them practice the spirit and specialize in the body, and there are not many and not strong methods."
The so-called sea of gods means knowing the sea, but the names of all ethnic groups are different
Mu world has gods.
The so-called Shenhai even advanced strange process is also called igniting Shenhuo.
"Good" Zhou Jia nodded slowly.
"I plan to break the border!"
"I can see that" Colin took his cloak and said softly between the eyebrows.
"It’s only a matter of time before you accumulate silver in Shenyuan’s certificate. Although you have gone a long way, it’s every cloud has a silver lining."
“?” Zhou Jia sincerely asks for advice
"Because you want to break through the physical body, you will naturally break through, so both the mind and the essence will be advanced at the same time." Colin laughed
"It will become a second-order wonder immediately!"
"I’ll be much better then."
"Second-order Strange" Zhou Jia’s eyes are micro-moving.
"second-order strangeness?"
"That’s what we call the Mu world," Colin shrugged.
"According to the Dalin Dynasty, if you choose one of the three advanced silver spirits, it will be a first-order wonder."
"If there is another advanced level in the essence, it will be second-order!"
"So" Zhou Jia extrapolated.
"So if the spirit is advanced, it is a third-order wonder?"
"Ha ha ….." Colin smile appearing oily shake head a way.
"Wrong?" Zhou Jia was startled.
"What’s wrong?"
Isn’t this the case with the first, second and third orders?
"There is indeed a third order, but it can only be called the third order if a certain characteristic reaches its peak, or even if the vigor breaks through at the same time, it is also the second order." Colin stretched out a finger and gently shook it in front of him to signal Zhou Jia not to worry
"My Lord’s spiritual cultivation is endless, and his vitality is also second-order."

See the first floor of the cloud nine, a fairy releases magic, and the second avatar is broken, and the flame burns and dies on the spot without support!

"This person is too don’t know it just how far out? It’s still a long way from the first Heavenly Center. "
"Yes, these people haven’t met the real threat in the first day."
"In the world of fire, there may be a sky fire, there may be a vision, there may be a flame to condense all kinds of horrible creatures. This is the real test!"
A once participated in ascended a monk said with a heavy tone.
This time, more than one fairy has fallen.
And there have been fairy retreat no longer forward.
"By the way, what happened to the courtyard terrace fairy?"
"It’s called Sumo, right?"
"That’s him! He has a minimum level of resistance to this constant flame of terror, and it won’t be long before his vitality will be exhausted! "
"No, I think the list predicts that he will rank forty-nine."
Some people in the crowd, Su Mo, also aroused many monks’ curiosity.
The original Su Mogen did not enter the public eye and did not attract too many people’s attention.
It is precisely because of Yun Ting’s appearance in the pro-war and the joint encirclement and killing of the Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen that he was pushed into the public eye.
Just then someone pointed to the realm of the sky and shouted a.
Many monks hurriedly looked at the past.
This makes the noise in the square quiet a lot.
These monks just discussed and argued that one by one, they stared at the blue monk in cloud nine with their eyes wide open and their mouths full of shock and disbelief.
The strangeness here naturally aroused his monk’s curiosity.
More and more monks looked at Su Mo.
These people took one look and were dumbfounded.
It didn’t take long for the huge square to become very quiet!
All eyes were on the blue man.
After a long time, there was a weak voice in the quiet square. "What is he doing? Take a walk? "
Hearing this, Xie Qingcheng shook his head slightly and smiled.
Several elders in the courtyard looked gratified and raised their glasses to each other.
In the ninth heaven, the Soviet Union and Mexico were carrying their hands and walking around slowly without moving the magical powers!
Everyone saw a handsome blue man walking on fire, his black hair dancing, his big sleeves fluttering, and he couldn’t say how free and easy he was.
After a short silence, the crowd quickly rebounded and broke out into bigger waves!
"What is this means? This person is not afraid of the fire inside? "
Many monks have red eyes, angry faces and extremely unbalanced hearts.
Others are struggling to resist the danger, and this person is wandering around in it?
Xue Jia Xue Yuan suddenly got up from his seat and pointed to Su Mo in the ninth heaven. "He cheated!"
Xue Yuan was injured by Su Mo, but his injury has not healed yet. For safety reasons, he failed to participate in the competition for the land list.
He bears a grudge against Su Mo’s nature. Where can he see it at this time?
"His blue shirt must be a magic weapon!"
"Or maybe he secretly sacrificed some magic weapon, otherwise how could he walk in the flames?"
Xue Yuan is eloquent.
Xie Ling looked at Xue Yuan like an idiot and asked, "Are you saying that he can hide the rules in the cloud nine, and can hide the magic weapon from my eyes?"
Chapter two thousand one hundred and ninety-nine Heaven and earth have changed.
"I …"
Xue Yuan was stared at by Xie Ling directly.
On the surface, he questioned Su Mo, but in fact, he questioned the rules in the cloud nine of the sun and the fairy country for so many years!
He doubts the true fairy Xie Ling’s eyesight!
He questioned the judgment of many strong people!
Xue Yuan Xie Lingzhen Xianwei pressed his head in chaos, and his face turned red and he could not speak.
"You sit for me!"

The enemy is coming too fast!

Yip hon didn’t never think about this situation, but it was because he thought about it carefully that he became more aware of the hidden worries behind the attack.
When you think about it carefully, it is not difficult to find that the enemy position is not far from the encirclement when the monitoring network hears the abnormality.
Aliens are good at digging, but if they want to dig out of the visual range of the defenders, they can’t just dig and get to the place. That is to say, the enemy’s digging action is by no means just Yip Han’s estimation, fearing that an attack has not ended yet.
If we didn’t have to dig tunnels, would the aristocratic army have attacked long ago?
It is a strange thing that human beings and the resistance Coalition forces successfully landed in the aristocratic army. It is not surprising to launch a continuous and continuous attack on the base area
However, before all this, the allied forces were strictly guarded against stepping out of the base area and landing in the allied forces one step at a time, so that the noble army could not sleep until the allied aliens were eliminated.
But what is the current situation? It was the allied forces that just landed on the main force of the servant army and broke the aristocratic army to take the initiative; It is the aristocratic army that is surrounded by most of the defending Coalition forces; It was blown up by all bunkers located at the base. It’s al-Qaeda’s troops that have attacked Ganymede!
To put it bluntly, some allied forces have gained a firm foothold on Ganymede’s surface, but they have shown no intention of continuing to develop to the ground. At this time, the first goal of the aristocratic army should be Albert’s landing troops. Even if the aristocratic army is not short of people and does not need to deploy troops from the vicinity of the base area, it should first deal with the rushing brave and enter the main force of the servant army.
The aristocratic army has really been trying to stop the main force of the servant army, but the results are limited. No matter how urgent it is, more superior forces defeat the main force of the servant army in one fell swoop.
But the noble army chose to attack the base area!
So what is the intention of the noble army? Cut off the main route of the servant army? Cut off the support of the base area to the servant army? Or does he have ulterior motives?
Yip hon is a headache. If he can’t find a reason, he can’t accurately judge the enemy’s intentions. Now all he can do is have soldiers to block the water.
So after careful thinking, Yip Han once again reached a new order: "One regiment, two regiments, I am number one. I order your horse to organize people to lay nuclear mines outside the encirclement and pay attention to pulling the distance."
Although Yip hon command didn’t say the reason, Xiao Yuan and Bian Ge realized that Yip hon was aiming at excavating the enemy. Two people agreed to arrange people to execute the command immediately.
Soon, more than a dozen teams rushed out of the encirclement and arranged nuclear mines about 1,300 meters away from the encirclement, and both of them were pulled at a sufficient distance.
To detonate these mines, the explosion will produce vibration. I dare not say that destroying the enemy’s transportation network can at least give the enemy some trouble and delay the pace of a follow-up unit.
Just as each detachment was in full swing, Yip Han suddenly received a report from the monitoring team that "the abnormal source was found outside the Dead Sea No.1 with a depth of 20 meters and a depth of 40 meters, and the rising speed was very fast!"
Before Yip Han spoke, the monitoring group reported again that "Nanhai’s outer source depth is 10 meters and the distance is 75 forward!"
"Shahai side depth of 14 meters distance 55 parallel excavation …"
Yip hon is a little stupidly. Why have there been so many abnormal sources suddenly before?
He didn’t know that this was the result that the monitoring group completed the optimization and combination of the monitoring programs to improve the monitoring efficiency.
The continuous report of the monitoring group made Ye Han realize that the situation was wrong and quickly called up the base plan. The monitoring group had already marked all the source positions and heading directions.
He immediately noticed that all the source warships were 100 meters away and 20 meters deep, and all the source directions pointed to the warships!
Ye Hanma became alert. "All units pay attention to prepare for battle!"
The satellite map shows that the ground enemy has turned into the ground. Yip hon can no longer grasp the situation as before, but this picture shows the ground situation before Yip hon and gives him a basis to judge the enemy’s situation again.
At this time, all teams have finished going out. Bregeot is not the source. He is too close to the warship. He is sure that the horse will detonate several nuclear mines to give the enemy some color to see.
The order has just arrived at the monitoring group to report again, "Report the disappearance of No.4 source in the direction of Shahai!"
Yip hon suddenly made a clever "where does the source disappear?"
"30 meters outside the Shahai, and the depth is six to meters."
Yip Han’s eyes just fell to the disappearance position of the source, and the sound of the monitoring group reappeared. "Report that the disappearance distance of the second sound in the direction of the Dead Sea is 26 meters and the depth is 6 meters!"
"Report Nanhai …"
"Report the Red Sea …"
All reports are similar, the source disappears at a distance of 30 meters, and the depth is six to meters!
Yip hon almost heard the alarm in his mind. He immediately yelled at Taichung, "Pay attention …"
He just shouted out the words "Jyukai", and suddenly a dozen topped the outside. There were also topped in his direction, and there were seven sides before and after the uplift. There were still a dozen noble troops who had not drilled out of the ground and just assumed a posture of surrounding the Jyukai!
Chapter 114 Shopping
Surrounded, not only the warships of the landing department of the Jyukai have encountered similar situations, but there is no difference except the number of topped soil.
The situation is very obvious. The hole is less than 30 meters away from the warship. For the servants and the people, they can cross the aristocratic army in a few steps. This is to storm at close range!
However, such a distance is very unfavorable for the defenders to give full play to their firepower advantage, and it is difficult to give full play to the ridge howitzer in support.
The top of the earthen bag was arched higher and higher, and soon the huge worm head was exposed. But this time, the giant worm didn’t rush out at all, but quickly retracted to leave holes with different diameters on the ground.
Yip hon mind flash across several thoughts is almost able to yell "grenades-"
The paratroopers of all ships were ordered to pick up grenades and throw them into the four open pits. Because they were too hasty and far away, not many grenades were thrown into the pits, and most of them were near the landing holes.
Immediately after the explosion outside the cave, paratroopers moved and drove the servant army. They moved out of the special servant army to design large grenades and threw them from warships like rain.
Yip hon gas straight through ammunition is limited, the servant army still dare to throw such a wave without looking at the place!
Also seeing this scene, the paratroopers immediately stopped casting. I don’t know who shouted a "explosive bag" on the public channel. The clever paratroopers ran to move explosives.
As if knowing the idea of the defenders, the paratroopers just ran into the underground hole, and the aristocratic army suddenly shot out with grenades like receiving any signal, and they rushed out from all the underground holes together, and several of them just entered the Grenade underground hole without movement.
The first batch of aristocratic troops rushed out and were immediately hit head-on by grenades. None of them could escape the fate of death, but their follow-up aristocratic troops blocked the shrapnel all over the sky. The second batch of aristocratic troops were successfully rushed to the ground before being blown down by grenades.
It seems that inspired by this scene, the third batch of noble troops rushed to the ground and simply lifted their companions’ bodies to block the front and rushed with meat shields.
The situation is changing rapidly. Some defenders started with guns and bullets falling from the sky, sweeping down the charge, and the enemy troops continued to throw grenades. Two kinds of firepower will sweep the noble troops on the ground to the ground.
Noble troops are not weak. The fourth batch of noble troops simply don’t come out first, while the defenders are still cleaning the ground. The rest of the noble troops hide in the ground and fire at the defenders.
Silk suddenly appeared and knocked down the defenders.
The enemy’s position is too low and too close. Whether throwing grenades or guns, you must lean out a little to see the target. The garrison paid a blood price. The number of casualties in this wave of counterattack by the aristocratic army exceeded four digits.
However, after eating a big loss, the servant army did not care about casualties, and immediately pulled the casualties to continue the fire. As a result, it was attacked by the aristocratic army and suffered a large number of casualties
The sudden heavy casualties startled Yip Han. Good paratroopers suffered little casualties, but when you think about it, it’s a great terror.
When the noble army counterattacked, the paratroopers on the ridge of the ship were also unprepared, but the paratroopers had the advantage of higher position and much smaller stature than the servant army, and the hit difficulty was much higher than that of the servant army.
Therefore, the vast majority of aristocratic troops are aiming at the soldiers who are more likely to hit, and the paratroopers are few and far between, which leads to heavy casualties of the servants and paratroopers, but not many casualties.
However, if we continue to develop like this, the limited number of servants will soon be exhausted, and then seven battalions of paratroopers will not be able to hold this place.
Thought of this, Yip Han quickly ordered, "All units should pay attention to the fact that it is now forbidden to shoot at the side. All servant troops should retreat into the second line of defense and artillery should carry out fire support separately!"
The first line of defense, the surface defense of warships, is bound to expose the enemy’s sight
The second line of defense is located in the warship department, and the first line of defense between the passage and cabin of the warship department is 10 meters to 30 meters, which can effectively block the enemy who broke the first line of defense.
The servant army was ordered to retreat quickly and spread into the second line of defense at a very fast speed, and did not even bring back the body of his companion.
On the other hand, the servant army is not a human army, and there is no habit of collecting corpses at all.

The Aolejiao glared at the Dragon King of the East China Sea, then bowed his head slightly shyly and squinted at Jade Duxiu with the corner of his eye.

"Thanks for the praise of the Dragon King" Jade Duxiu smiled at the Dragon King of the East China Sea.
"The ego is not the kind of polite person. Since I praise you, you must have something worthy of our praise. The strength of this world is big. Don’t be modest. My dragon is not hypocritical and tight." The North Sea Dragon King laughed and was full of generosity
Jade Duxiu nodded. "Then I agreed at an early age."
"That’s right. You’re called a standout by the nine old guys of Terran. It’s not just Terran’s standout. Even there are few people who can compete with you in this wilderness." Nanhai Longwang said.
Jade Duxiu smell speech is my heart move. Does the Dragon King of the South China Sea mean that he understands that there are people in this world who can compete with him?
It’s the most fate to repair all the way by yourself. If there is anyone else who can repair it on a par with himself, I don’t know if it’s going to be tough enough.
"All right, don’t gossip. Now I’m hosting a banquet in the East China Sea just to entertain Miao Xiu’s nephew. At present, this fine wine and food is not dry. Let’s have a glass of wine quickly." Xi Hailong Wang Dao
The Dragon King of the East China Sea nodded. "This statement makes everyone raise their glasses and drink together."
All the monks drank a glass of wine and jade, but when they looked at the table, they were secretly tongue-licking. It really deserves to be the Dragon Palace in the Four Seas. This wealth is not comparable to that of Terran Nine. What do you mean by this table?
All kinds of delicacies are Wan Zhen’s countless marine specialties, which make people appetite and have strong vitality, but it makes people take a deep breath involuntarily, and even that magic has increased a few minutes.
"Local tyrants, this East China Sea is a local tyrant." Jade Duxiu’s heart did not move.
Chapter 61 Kai Hai Yan
"Desperate things!"
Looking at this table full of elixir Jade Duxiu is heartbroken. If so many medicinal materials can refine Dan medicine, I don’t know how good it will be. I don’t know how many years it can enhance mana.
That’s true, but the East China Sea has deep pockets. There are very few monks who are proficient in alchemy in this world. They can’t find an alchemist. The East China Sea Dragon King can’t chew peony so much.
Of course, the dragon king in the East China Sea is immortal, but it’s not a matter of materials.
After three rounds of wine, the Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at Yu Duxiu drunk, "Wonderful show, you and my child are engaged, but I don’t know when to get married."
Jade Duxiu heard that he put his glass "If you want my certificate, you can get married in Aole."
The Dragon King of the East China Sea nodded. "Remember this sentence of yours. When you are immortal, your child will be married immediately. The fairy can still have an heir. Once you pass the fairy certificate, it is difficult to have an heir again."
Jade Duxiu nodded, and several masters in the East China Sea Dragon King waved away. Only the Four Seas Dragon King, Jin Scale, Jade Duxiu and others sat in the hall to breathe. This lively palace looked deserted but different.
The Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at Jade Duxiu’s eyes and flashed a dignified light. "Wonderful show, you are my son-in-law, Jin Li, and you are not an outsider. You don’t bend around. Now you need to wash the gods to practice your magic at the critical moment. Now the four beads are gathered together to help you achieve this pure nature."
"Thank you, Dragon King. Thank you, Dragon King." Jade Duxiu saluted the Dragon King of the East China Sea with gratitude.
"But," the Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at Jade Duxiu’s eyes. "Don’t be happy too early, but if you wash your magic first, my East China Sea has four congenital sea eyes, and it will inevitably leak out."
"Brother promises never to reveal half a point" Jade Duxiu swears.
"Are you stupid that day? I don’t even know if you’ve washed or practiced mana, but you can’t hide it from these great powers. "The East China Sea Dragon King said.
"Please also ask the Dragon King to give directions." Jade Duxiu said
The Dragon King of the East China Sea touched his beard and said, "These four sea eyes are very important. If a powerful monk comes to borrow them one day, do you think the king will agree or not?"
It’s distressing to lose the innate water.
Dare to go to the door to get the innate water, but none of them are easy. If you don’t promise, it’s harder to be hated than to be remembered by you.
"Please also ask the Dragon King to show" Jade Duxiu way
"When you have finished refining your mana, you will be in charge of these four congenital sea eyes keys. If you are pure in nature, it will not be long before you can have a satisfactory certificate of nature. I will send these four beads to you everywhere. If I need you to hit this congenital sea eye in the East China Sea in the future, it will be" the Dragon King of the East China Sea said.
Jade Duxiu is one leng but nodded. "I have no opinion that the four beads are all magic weapons, but I am very happy to get four magic weapons for no reason."
The Dragon King of the East China Sea nodded. "In that case, you can go to the bath and purify yourself. After March, Wang quietly punched four congenital sea eyes and you can enter the middle school to practice your magic."
"Thank you, Dragon King," Jade Duxiu said respectfully to the Dragon King in the East China Sea.
Have GongE with jade Duxiu back to the room naturally have Lingquan end to jade Duxiu bath clean body.
Light a column of high-fragrant jade, slowly recede the clothes and gently clean the body in Lingquan.
The mana impurity of the refining body is not to be neglected, but it is the most important turning point of Jade Duxiu’s practice today. If it is successful, it will lead to a vast expanse of heaven and fairy road, and if it fails, it will lead to a deformed quasi-fairy in the future. Although it can be mixed with immortality, it will lead to immortality.
Slowly converge your thoughts and cut off all distractions. Jade alone shines all over the body, and the pores are full of beauty, and you constantly understand all kinds of metaphysical and magical powers.
On this day, I heard Gong E’s voice from outside, "Have you ever been ready?"
"Good" Jade Duxiu got up and changed into a cassock, and her hair was gently tied with black silk thread to form a hair sideburns with a jade crown and walked towards the door.
At this time, the East China Sea Hall has disappeared. Only the East China Sea Dragon King Jin Li is sitting in the hall. They don’t know what to talk about. When Jade Duxiu came in, the East China Sea Dragon King stopped talking and looked at Jade Duxiu again. "Good, good, the whole body is full of energy and can enter the congenital sea eye."
"I don’t know where the congenital sea eye is?" Jade Duxiu quite curious way
"The congenital sea eye not only measures the ends of the earth," the Dragon King of the East China Sea reveals a little mysterious and unpredictable smile. At the moment when the palm of his hand moves, the four beads drilled out of his big sleeve are the fixed Haizhu, the town Haizhu, the static Haizhu and the AnhHaizhu.
Four beads were illuminated by Shenhua, and a mysterious rhyme flashed, but I saw that the four beads followed that mysterious law and kept jumping for a moment. The Dragon King of the East China Sea grabbed the unique golden light of jade and disappeared with the four beads.
The figures of the Dragon King, Jin Li and Yu Duxiu in a secret place in the East China Sea are constantly jumping and emitting mysterious fluctuations by flashing four mysterious beads.
_ ____w_ w_ w_____ __
Jade Duxiu felt very dizzy for a while, but she had arrived at an ancient, obscure and immortal palace.
"How does this qi machine feel familiar?" Jade Duxiu said to himself.
The dragon king of the East China Sea in front of him suddenly turned around with a quiver of his palm, and his eyes were all distorted.
"Do you feel familiar here?" The Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at Jade Duxiu with an imperceptible excitement.
Yu Duxiu looked at the main hall. "Although I have never been here, I don’t know that there is a gas machine I am familiar with here."
"God bless me all over the world. God bless me all over the world." The East China Sea Dragon King looked at Yu Duxiu with dribbling eyes, and then there was a strange look in his eyes, which was full of tenderness. "If you are familiar with the feeling, don’t worry about the king. Just open the door and enter the congenital sea eyes to refine your mana."
When the Dragon King of the East China Sea finished speaking, a Taoist tactic flew out of the fairy machine, and the four beads were gradually distorted and changed for a moment, only to see that the four beads were gradually merged into one.
"This ….." Jade Duxiu was dumbfounded. "Can these four beads really be integrated?"
"These four beads are of extraordinary origin, and it is not different to have such miraculous functions." Jin Li said
Jade Duxiu smell speech hands behind but no words are looking at the continuous fusion of four beads.
While the Dragon King of the East China Sea converged on the dharma tactic, he turned his head to look at the brocade scale jade. "Millions have never used this dharma tactic, and it is really a bit crude. These four sea eyes have accumulated millions of innate water, let alone you. Even a few more are enough to wash your mana."

Zhou Jia Dian Dian hand purse not shook his head pan language.

"I’ve never heard of being a human being and crediting the stars. I haven’t received all the money from you in the past three years."
He looked at Fang Chuishou Ye Li way
"In the first year, twenty thousand stars were credited with ten thousand dollars; Last year, 16 thousand star coins owed 14 thousand; This year, there are simply 10,000 and 2,000 refining materials. "
"You are very disciplined, and the money is getting less and less."
"Predecessor" Ye Li Xiaokou
"It’s eleven thousand three hundred."
"Is there a difference?" Zhou Jia put a purse and sighed.
"It’s just a matter of giving money on credit. You also borrowed five loads of precious medicines from me. Can those precious medicines sell for tens of thousands of stars?"
"In this way, I have to post money in it!"
If you think about it carefully, there is no one left to do his job.
Ye Li’s face is full of shame. Why don’t you pull the history slips? It won’t be too embarrassing to be accompanied by someone.
She carefully looked up and said
"Business is often bad at first, and last year we met a group of swindlers, which caused a lot of losses …"
"But don’t worry!"
She vowed to say
"After three years’ hard work, we have opened up the business road, and the business will definitely get better and better. We will never lack your money for one year."
"I heard this the year before last." Zhou Jia didn’t have a good mouth.
"It’s a pity that the result is not like what Ge said."
Ye Nan, a "senior", recited the previous step.
"Don’t blame your aunt for her hard work and the business has really improved this year. The horse is going to make a lot of money."
"In addition …"
She took out a few books from the parcel around her and said
"We collected a lot of silver from some declining families of Jiuyi Sect, and brought it back with us."
"They also cost a lot of money."
"Yes" Ye Li forced a smile and rubbed his Ye Na head at the same time.
"These are all Nanyin’s predecessors. Although she is young, she acts like a model, and I heard that her predecessors should be extra hardworking."
Zhang gradually took the book and sent it to Zhou Jia.
There are only a few things in the book, but many documents are bound together, and they are really from the hands of the silver strong.
Textual research on Muji Baiyin
Quest for the Golden Creature
Nine Yi and Three Wonderful Stories
I can see that there are two women. These volumes are very heart-warming, although most of them are not what they are for Zhou Jia.
But the experience of others, even the wrong experience, has certain reference significance.
It is not difficult to put away such things.
After all, it’s all something left by dead silver that is really valuable and probably won’t be sold outside, but it will certainly take time and effort.
Flipped through the books Zhou Jia looked slow and nodded toward Ye Na Yin.
"Good girl has a heart."
"Yes" leaf glass quickly way
"Senior, you don’t know these volumes. Nanyin stayed up all night and watched the hardships. Everything comes to him who waits."
"If it’s a chore, it’s unnecessary." Zhou Jia gently shook his head and thought about taking a fruit out of Gankun.
"A few years ago, when I was in Yuancheng, I met an alien silver and got several enlightenment achievements from him."
"Take this one!"
With a single shot, the fruit crossed an arc and fell into the hands of Ye Na Yin.
"In addition to a solid foundation, the advanced black iron is like understanding the meaning of black iron. This thing can help you."
Ye Li, a "thank elder", pulled Ye Na to kneel with a bright eye.
"Thank you quickly, senior"
"Nan Yin thanked his predecessors"
"all right"
Zhou Jia with the wave.
"Go ahead. I hope you can bring some good news next time."
"Yes, yes," Ye Li hastily nodded and repeatedly proffering flaming before pulling Ye Na Yin out of the house step by step and devoting to leave.
Lu Ye Na Yin blinked and asked.
"Those books are all your credit. I just helped a little. What do you want to say that I did it?"

I put on a pair of pants after going to bed, and of course I know it’s a bit unsightly. I can’t help it! The bed just tossed and turned too much, and my pants slipped from my waist.

I went up to Wen Jiani and frowned. Then I said to Wen Jiani, You said you gave the money to the landlord, but didn’t you know that the landlord had passed away?
I just finished my words. Wen Jiani glared at me and casually said a sentence! !
And the facial expression is no less than seeing the expression of dead people or ghosts!
I’m so grandiose, but I’m going to be an actor! ! !
I ordered a blunt he said really dead.
Actually, I want to tell Wen Jiani that this is a haunted house, but it doesn’t feel right when it comes to my mouth! After all, she is my type, and it’s really boring to scare away!
While I was chatting with Wen Jia-ni, the door rang and I looked towards the living room door.
Who could it be?
At this time, Wenjia neon’s head also turned behind him for two seconds. Wenjia neon turned and walked towards the door.
A middle-aged woman stood at the door after the door was hit!
Although people are middle-aged, it can be seen from her clothes that she still has an ageless heart!
I looked at the middle-aged woman! The figure is quite good, the front is convex and the back is upturned, and it is slim and looks like it is better to maintain!
After knocking on the door, the woman is talking before it is isothermal!
Probably saw me. She asked Wen Jiani about her boyfriend?
I was stunned, but I smiled in my heart.
Wen Jiani shouted at the middle-aged woman that he used to live here as if he were a landlord and tenant.
Hearing this, the woman looked at me and asked me, did you live here in the past?
I quickly ordered one and told her that it was right!
The woman said yes, but I have to pay the rent. My husband died, and now this family is mine. Now I have to pay the rent.
I used to be a landlady.
I said yes to the landlady. I’ll go to the cashier and get the money and give it to you.
Now I just came here for nothing. The landlady rented the house again! However, it reminds me of what Miss Xiao Mei once said to me, that the landlord divorced something …
It seems that I saw my ex-husband die and changed my name to Le Er.
Just when I was thinking about it, the landlady said to Wen Jiani, Is there any mask today? Give me one that finished yesterday, and it feels great! See if my face is white?
Wen Jia neon shouted at the landlady and said, wait for me for a while. After finishing this sentence, Wen Jia neon walked towards her room.
The landlady smiled at me after the isothermal sunshine! Face a mature woman breath …
Out of diaosi yy’s heart, I asked myself, should the landlady look at me?
Seriously, I’m really a little excited
After looking at it, the landlady said to me very rudely, don’t forget to pay the rent for a while
Oh, my god … this … this … this beautiful YY atmosphere has been destroyed! I’m fucking drunk too! I squinted at the landlady and then said, Oh, I see!
Just then Wen Jiani came out of her room and I saw her holding two masks in her hand.
I glanced at Wen Jiani and then turned to look at the landlady! I went to the landlord to see Wen Jiani with a mask in her hand, and the expression on her face was probably that she was not so close to her own mother.
Isn’t it just a mask? Are you making such a fuss?
Bitches are just not ordinary bitches! Different and beyond imagination
After the landlord farted, I was curious to ask you what kind of mask this is. The landlady actually … It’s incredible that I went here, isn’t it?
After saying this, I took a look at Wen Jia neon.
Wen Jiani pouted and said that men will never understand a woman’s longing for beauty.
I admit it’s true … as the saying goes, a woman’s heart is a needle in the sea! Especially for older women, the mind is probably like the Pacific Ocean, right?
Just when I was in a daze, Wen Jiani suddenly asked me, Guess how old that landlord was just now?
I was stunned when I heard this!
I feel that this girl is a little puzzling.
I didn’t want to answer, but I couldn’t help thinking about it when I saw this girl’s face.

It is this ability that gives orders to worker bees 500 kilometers away.

Spirit flogging is a means to punish and even kill the worker bees who make mistakes after the black crowned bee.
It is also the only ability to directly attack the spirit.
According to the research foundation of Shang Long, the founder of No.14 Institute, the variation direction of gene transcription fluid after human injection of black-crowned bee was obtained
Spiritual strength is certain.
After injection, the spirit will be strengthened.
This kind of reinforcement is both quantitative and qualitative.
That is, the total amount of spirit and the quality of spirit are raised.
In short, according to An Xiaoxue’s recommendation, the total amount of Xu’s retreat spirit has increased by about 25% than before.
But at the same time, Xu’s mental strength has also increased.
Specifically speaking, the strength of the mental cone condensed by the former Xu retreat spirit can be stone level.
But after the injection, Xu retreated again, and the strength of the spirit cone condensed by the spirit may be the strength of iron!
After long-term training, it is no problem for extreme students to blow up rocks with one punch, but it is impossible to blow up iron blocks.
It is impossible for a first-year student to do so.
It’s hard to say the variation ability of the last three genes.
Generally speaking, after the successful injection of the gene transcript of the black crowned bee, two mutation abilities can be gained.
The first spiritual strengthening is certain, and the second depends on luck.
"Teacher An, did you get the second mutation ability in that year?" Xu asked abruptly.
AnXiaoXue nodded and then casually threw a handful of silver pills. There were hundreds of silver pills at this time.
"After I get this ability, I can control the number of silver pills more than this.
However, limited by the control of mental power, the more individual power and accuracy will be lower.
Base thirty or forty is the best control quantity in wartime. "
"Ann teacher left three ability which do you think is the most valuable?
Or which gene mutation ability do you want me to acquire? "Asked xu back.
"There is no doubt about it.
It must be a spiritual lash! "AnXiaoXue a face of affirmation.
"What do you mean?"
"Because this spirit flogging is the only possibility that you can get direct attack spirit ability at present.
Have you found that our spirit has no way to directly attack the spirit of other students for the time being?
Even if you specialize in this radiation effect, you will affect other people’s spirits through a specific mental frequency and attack other people’s mental bodies directly, "An Xiaoxue said.
"Can’t you?" Xu’s retreat is somewhat disappointing. "Teacher An, I still want to wait for my spirit to be stronger and directly condense a spiritual stab into the spirit of others and directly hit the enemy."
"It can be done, but I’m afraid it won’t be possible until you reach the peak of gene evolution and even break through to gene evolution," An Xiaoxue said.
"This depends on the source of our spirit. Where do you think our spirit comes from?" An xiaoxue asked