Windy day Luo Cha also flew into a rage and screamed.

Luo Cha dialect is sharp and harsh.
The great war in Vientiane City was a great humiliation for both protoss and Luo Cha.
The Terran in the world of repairing the true world kept it a secret, but it was widely spread among the Archaean Jiuzu, and the protoss and Luo Cha suffered a lot of discussion
After all, it is not honorable to be defeated by the Terran Army.
"It’s you who want to die!"
Just then, a cold sound suddenly occurred to the crowd.
Then a figure with a height of more than 30 feet jumped out and braved the red light to send out the hot breath, which instantly came behind Luo Cha on a windy day.
This figure is extremely fast, and then it is added. Suddenly, don’t say it’s a crowd. Even the six fierce families in the battlefield have no reaction.
"What person!"
Many fierce and powerful people also came to drink a lot. They didn’t see this figure clearly, but they saw a rough outline.
This latosolic red figure came to the windy day behind Luo Cha without hesitation and directly stretched out his palm to show ferocious sharp claws, flashing cold light towards the windy day, and Luo Cha’s head was severely caught!
On a windy day, Luo Cha’s heart was frightened and felt that his scalp was exploding. He didn’t want to blink his wings and flee away in the distance!
Luo Cha people are too fast.
One of the nine fierce families!
This light flint windy day Luo Cha figure into a black mountain to break away from the ferocious claws!
This figure arm out a scratching noise jumped three feet instant chasing wind day Luo Cha figure caught again!
Blood and fog spewed!
Luo Cha screams in windy days.
He has reacted quickly enough and his posture has been pushed to the limit.
But even so, he is still being chased by this figure, tearing up a meat wing behind him and tearing it to a large blood dripping!
This scene is extremely bloody and tragic!
Even the six fierce families are slightly inhaled by the strong.
On windy days, Luo Cha’s posture and speed didn’t get away before. If this figure moves against them, who can be lucky?
The idea has just flashed across the battlefield and changed again
This terracotta-red figure will scratch the wings of Luo Cha’s flesh in windy days with one claw, and the body will be three lengths and many heights without stopping, just like a python suddenly winding around Luo Cha’s body in windy days!
The surge of blood suddenly made a force!
Kaka, Kaka!
On a windy day, Luo Cha had a bone fracture!
Several eyes staring at the windy day Luo Cha’s flesh has been completely squeezed and distorted!
On a windy day, Luo Cha’s eyes are bulging and bloodshot, and his face is purple and blue, and his qi and blood quickly dissipate!
Conjunction can be reborn with broken limbs.
Even if the body is so badly damaged, it will take time to cultivate and heal, and there is hope for recovery.
But at this windy day, Luo Cha is entangled in this red figure, and no matter how fast it is, it can’t escape, and it is still suffering great pain!
A Yuan God emerged from Luo Cha’s head on a windy day with a look of panic and wanted to escape in the distance.
This crimson figure suddenly opened its mouth and spewed out a flame, which directly burned the Yuan God into ashes in the blink of an eye!
Luo Cha meteorite in windy days!
Chapter one thousand three hundred Dragon look!
In windy days, Luo Cha fell, and the valley of heaven and earth was dead!
This scene is much more shocking than the fall of a Terran fit!
The six fierce tribes fit in with each other, and the strong can easily suppress the Terran power. Even the extremely hot Terran Uber has been hit hard by the Eye of the Eye.
Now, a statue of fierce clan’s great power was killed on the spot by an immortal!
"Who is this?"
"Who will dare to help wild arms and do not hesitate to kill the Luo Cha clan strong such a means is too hard! Is it a half-ancestor or a Mahayana bodhi? "
Group of repair looked intently but stood on the spot.
Accurately speaking, this red figure can’t be regarded as the height of the Terran, which is more than three feet high. It is full of red scales and covers its cheeks to reveal a pair of bright eyes like two torches!
This is definitely an alien!
That huge claw knuckles bulge is like molten steel pouring, full of metallic luster, and sharp claws are dripping with scarlet blood from Luo Cha in windy days!
Strangely, this alien has this ferocious claw on the left, but the palm on the right is white. As usual, the Terran palm is different.
This red figure exudes a very violent breath, and the blood is surging. The six fierce families are not in the wind!
Many monks look at this red-haired alien and have a sense of facing the ancient fierce race!
"Is this alien also one of the nine fierce families?"
"No way, it seems that no race of Taikoo Jiuzu looks like this?"
"This alien is a bit like a dragon!"
"Hey, now that you mention it, I think of one thing."

Xu Le, hold the doll and hold it!

Hey! ~
Okay, tough guy knelt on the spot. It hurt so much
When a doll is hurt, it reflects his body like a soul refraction.
This operation is really outrageous!
However, the more outrageous this thing is, the more Xu Le wants to destroy it. This thing is a huge weakness of himself.
Xu Le put the potted plants on the ground and took out his sorcerer’s cane.
Turned the cane into a large-caliber double-barrel shotgun
One shot to Xu Le, the soul burst, and it took two minutes to slowly reshape the body
He covered his head with that feeling, and he really didn’t want to go through it again.
Twist a head to look at the flowerpot. The doll has been completely smashed.
But the flowerpot remained.
Looking at this flowerpot, Xu Le suddenly had an idea, and then … he raised his gun again.
The next day, Xu Le squatted at the door of a tailor’s shop and kept urging.
"Grandma, can you hurry up? I am waiting for class? "
"I’m telling you, young man, it’s unlucky for you to be your own doll. Be careful that people prick you!"
"No, no, this thing is for my good friend. She should not stab me if she is so kind to me."
"Well, it’s done for 1 yuan and 20 cents."
To be honest, it’s a little dark, but Xu Le gave money readily.
No, don’t rely on this skill. Anyway, Xu Le feels that there is no difference between yesterday’s dolls.
Xu Le, the whole doll, went to the flower and bird market again and spent 1 cent to buy potted plants, pulling up all the leaves and leaves before returning to the temporary research institute.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Wang Yueqin, the captain of Night Watch Team 2, there.
See Xu Le back she asked directly.
"Xu Le, where have you been?"
"I lost my way in life."
Chapter 126 will make the heart more than Xu Le.
"glib, do you know that there was an accident in the institute last night?"
"Yeah, there’s something weird, but those things are what you vigil personnel have with me? I’m not a night watchman. "
Xu Le, it feels a little strange to say this, but it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.
"Report your whereabouts."
"I’ve been resting. Didn’t you come and ask me last night?"
"What about that early?"
"I bought potted plants in the flower and bird market early. Miss Gu was too hard during this period, and the research process was also very depressed.
I’m going to buy a pot of grass to put in front of her bed to ward off evil spirits, and I also bought a doll for her to make her angry, so I can take it out with needles.
It’s a leader’s job. I hope she can be a little more considerate, shouldn’t she? "
Xu Le said, so he left the building with his eyes wide open. Several 2-team night watchman didn’t know whether to stop him.
Then Xu Le so openly put potted plants and dolls in front of Gu Jianuo’s bed.
"There was a weird around you night watchman, but it’s a big responsibility to keep staring at me. Why am I not weird and serious?
When you are like this, it is a wave of taxpayers’ money. "
Wang Yueqin didn’t let Xu Le go in a few words. She grabbed Xu Le’s arm directly.
"Have you seen Wei Kui?"
"Where is he?"
"How do I know I’m not his father?" Xu Le looked surprised.
"Didn’t you say you saw him?"
"I saw him yesterday. I said hello to him."
"Xu Le, don’t play games."
"Captain Wang Yueqin, I’m not your genus or the night watchman.
I am now a researcher on the campus of Lighthouse University. You have no reason and no qualification to ask me this question. "
In the face of Wang Yueqin’s questioning, Xu Le did not let it.
The key is that there is no evidence, and Wang Yueqin can’t do anything about it.

I didn’t stay in the cave where the real Huang Mei lived for a long time. I strongly urged the two of them to inform each other of their respective birthdays. In ancient times, they should inform each other about their brothers’ righteousness and marriage. This move is not to see if their lives are mutually comparable, but it is similar to chopping the head of a chicken and drinking blood wine. The real Huang Mei will leave soon after becoming sworn, and they will walk back to the mountain. After many years, the real Huang Mei will burn incense every year and invite me to play chess. Let’s not discuss these things here for the time being.

Farewell to Huang Mei, the real person came to Juyin Pool in Houshan, and found that Sanyin Dishui was straight and straight, and the beach by the pool enjoyed the cool air. When he saw my arrival, he was excited and rushed over to me. His huge head held high and lifted me up and turned around the pool.
The intimate performance of SanyinBiShui made me forget those annoying things for the time being, and I found the "look forward" when I took the dragon to break the lofty sentiments of all armies. I rose up and rushed SanyinBiShui to reach the head-high command. The Millennium years have not diluted the deep memory of SanyinBiShui. After hearing my command, the horse twisted and stood up high except for the tail.
"Sudden Dragon" I was so excited that my right foot sent forward slightly and shouted that I had reached the forward command. Sanyin Bishui also entered the state at the moment. As soon as my voice fell, it quickly swam into the pool along the beach and shuttled back and forth, and it was quite imposing.
"Warroar!" When I heard my command, the horse tossed its head to the mouth of Tianjiao, opened its trident tongue and pressed its throat violently, and quickly gave a hoarse and sharp scream. Because it also knew that this moment was not a battlefield fight, it was not that kind of angry roar, but that it was similar to the joy squeaking when children played.
"It’s impossible for you to sleep after eating all day." After playing, I fell back to the beach while Sanyin Bishui swam to the shore and lay down beside me. This guy woke up and ate a lot. The aura didn’t increase much, but the waist circumference was thick.
Three yin and water can’t speak naturally. After hearing my words, I raised my huge dumpling head and gently touched my two huge nostrils, wheezing and gasping for breath. Now it can’t understand my complicated words. After all, there is no simple thinking.
"You’re so slow, let alone three years and ten years, and you can’t reach the deep blue aura. You have to live up to your expectations. Don’t always count on me to help you resist the lightning." I smiled and stretched out my hand and slapped my nose. The latter was itchy and sneezed loudly, spraying me with mucus. I approached the pool to clean the pool and saw that I wanted to play with it. I turned around and got into the water and rolled for a moment, showing my huge head waiting for me to trample again.
"Stay honest." I ha ha smiled and turned away from Juyin Pool, because I have to make a circle every time I go back to the mountain all the year round. After seeing it, I turned to the front of the mountain. Nalu is in good condition, and the white wolf has grown a lot. After seeing me, she twisted her teeth and wrinkled her nose, demonstrating that the white wolf barked differently. This little wolf can’t bark. It’s so wild that it’s hard to domesticate it. It’s impossible to want it to be as obedient as the white wolf was. It’s sad to think that the white wolf will lose something again.
In the next few days, I went back to my hometown, and my parents were naturally happy to see me. My family had already received a photo with Bai Jiuyu, and I was naturally satisfied with this future daughter-in-law. According to my master, my mother showed off in the village for several days after receiving the photo, and everyone knew that the fortune-teller who was old at home had found a fairy.
I came back full this time and it’s time to go back to buy buy. I left a lot of money when I took it with me. Although I knew my parents didn’t need it, I still kept it. What I wanted to do was because I had a strong sense of foreboding and I always felt that something was going to happen, and I couldn’t tell exactly what would happen.
No one bothered me when I came back this time, but I didn’t stay for a few days. Because of the seven-day holiday, I had to go to the headquarters with King Kong Gun to select candidates and equipment for Zhongnanshan.
Chapter 34 Seven experts
When the two of them packed up and returned to Wuling Mountain, Song Yu had called back all the adjustable clerks in the tenth inning to the headquarters. In recent years, the headquarters has not expanded one branch, and it is still a clerk, two families and fifteen families, a total of 23 people. The lack of that name is the monk Jian. Since I first went to Jiuhua Mountain with King Kong Gun, he applied to quit active service and ran out to travel.
The clerk in charge of the tenth bureau didn’t know each other except Shao Yanqi, who had dealt with me, and Yang Libiao, the second instrument palace, who was sent by Li Nan and Chen Qiang. Song Yugu, a secret worker, didn’t let them line up for me and King Kong Gun to choose, but set the table for everyone’s information and let me decide who to attend according to the nature.
King Kong Gun and I took a stack of materials and looked through them. Because we were curious, I looked at the specific situation and all the skills of the people belonging to the Ten Bureau very carefully, while King Kong Gun simply glanced at it and eliminated the Buddhist monks and the true religion, and it was over.
"Just these seven." I finally decided to follow us to Zhongnanshan after reading the materials in my hand and screening those people with the King Kong cannon.
Shao Yanqi, a subject, is an old acquaintance. He has a special ability to see through human objects. This person has a good personal relationship with me, and the perspective function may also be sent to the field this time.
A 41-year-old lieutenant colonel Pei ranks in a branch of Gongye country. This man is older than me and has a higher rank than me. I didn’t miss him, but when I saw that his skills were good at communicating with all kinds of animals, I did not hesitate to decide this man Gongye. This surname is extremely rare, so I immediately thought of Kong’s brother Gongye Chang, who is proficient in bird language and animal language. This Gongye country is probably the descendant of Gongye Chang.
The third person is also a subject. This 37-year-old fat file is the thickest among the people. However, the file bag is not a meritorious service award form, but a thick stack of criminal records and psychiatric appraisal forms. This person’s name is Xu Zhanqun’s ancestor Xu Jia in Hubei Province and Cheng Zugan in Northern Lin. Both of them are grave robbers. The grave robbers are famous for their skills. The Northern Lin family is good at smelling gold and extracting marrow. It is a pity that this Xu Zhanqun’s head is not very bright. The society is getting worse and worse, leaving his ancestors with that wealth and wealth, and even the poor can’t eat
Not to mention that Xu Zhanqun did have two brushes to search for dragons and treasures, and he was really good at it. He soon found an ancient tomb in the Song Dynasty and started to dig it. Unfortunately, this guy was short of brains. After digging the tomb, he took a shit from the tomb and urinated, which made the public security machine quickly find and arrest him according to DNA analysis. After three years, he was released from prison and forced to run to the grave to take a shit. Naturally, he was arrested three times in succession. He was not white. Why could the public security machine catch him so quickly?
Later, when I saw that he had a unique skill in cracking down on grave robbery and protecting precious cultural relics, I came forward to woo him. He was afraid that he would go out and get into trouble, so he left him in a mental hospital outside the headquarters to cook for the patients. This guy didn’t know that the headquarters gave him a vacant post, but instead, Yu Yi shouldered the responsibility of providing psychological counseling for the patients. As a result, the group of mental patients were even more insane than mental patients. Because he was mixed up with patients all day, even he didn’t know whether he was tutoring the mental patients or tutoring him.
The fourth is also a clerk in a department. This 25-year-old woman’s special function is very special. Because her mother was struck by lightning during pregnancy, her physique will be different from that of ordinary people after birth. The energy headquarters once tested and found that her mental excitement can emit up to 300 volts. The woman named Li Juan is a king kong cannon, and the reason for asking him is very simple. It is like taking her with a small generator when she can’t prepare.
The three of them are Maoshan School, Li Nanchen School, State School, Chen Qiang Second Instrument Palace, and Yang Libiao. The sects of the three of them are orthodox sects, which is nothing to teach. Besides, all three of them are old friends and easy to get along with.
After the selection, Song Yu called me and King Kong cannon to these seven people, who I knew for a long time, and three people made me frown slightly. These people are not the same as the photos. Gong Yeguo is older than the photos, Xu Zhanqun is more stupid than the photos, and Li Juan is younger than the photos.
After everyone arrived, the director personally gave instructions on pre-war mobilization. These people should be strictly controlled and directed by me in terms of nature and region, but it didn’t work out. The director didn’t want them to know that it was too specific. I was secretly pleased that the director didn’t say the specific goal of action, which was more conducive to my self-serving, self-serving and seeking immortality. When I thought of this, I turned my head and made a wink at the King Kong cannon, so that he wouldn’t be too talkative. The latter raised his eyebrows and responded that he knew what I was thinking.
After a few simple words, the director motioned for me to go to the office with him, while King Kong Gun took these people with interest to follow Song Yu to the weapons room at headquarters to select the necessary weapons for the operation.
"This is four suspected locations, focus on searching, focus on but not limited to the specific situation, and handle it flexibly by yourself," said the director, handing over a high-magnification map taken by satellite.
Yes, I got up and took the map handed over by the director. According to the position and trend of the mountains, there should be four relatively large shadow areas in the Zhongnanshan area of the Qinling Mountains. The shadow areas or circles or sides show relatively obvious traces of people’s construction. In addition, there are many small shadow areas. The director probably did not list those small areas as search targets considering that the area of the imperial tomb would not be so small.
"There have been some mountain hermits living in seclusion in Zhongnanshan for a long time. If these people stop or hinder your search workers, you can take necessary tough measures," the director added with a dignified look
What the director said instantly made me frown. After entering Zhongnanshan, I will meet a monk in the mountain. I was psychologically prepared for this. The reason why the director has such a decisive attitude is that the so-called tough measures in our army include killing methods.
The director found my face puzzled and paused for a moment to say another thing, that is, those people hiding in the practice gate of Zhongnanshan have shown some radical and reactionary actions in recent years, which has made the country suspicious. In recent years, those monks often make gangs and join factions to compete against each other. These things happen in the mountains, and the country is taking a natural attitude to package them. Who knows that those guys have been making more and more trouble recently, and when they fight, they call for thunder and call for rain, and the world knows that. After discovering this situation, some ordinary people and monks poured into the Mount Zhongnan to seek immortality, and some eventful gossip media even mixed in and reported various strange phenomena from time to time in Mount Zhongnan, which made more and more people enter the mountain. First, the country once had an inaccurate statistics. According to the statistical results, the number of people entering the mountain has exceeded 1,000 in just a few short years. If these people get together to praise and repair the scriptures, the country will naturally not interfere with citizens. Free will, but it’s not the case that so many people live in seclusion in Zhongnanshan. To put it simply, it’s suspected of illegal activities. To put it more seriously, there may be people gathering to rebel, which is why we will be instructed to pay extra attention to the living conditions of those people who entered the mountain later. If they are intimidated, we will rescue them. If they are willing to do so, we will persuade them to come out.
"I don’t know what you mean, I will do my best." I nodded with a wry smile. Although the director said it was quite tactfully, to put it bluntly, what was rescued and persuaded was an official rhetoric. Let me drive people out as much as possible. It seems that they really treated me and King Kong Bao as urban management.
"This time, you are leading the team. You are free to deal with the main goal or look for the Qin Mausoleum." The director came over and patted me on the shoulder. "The burial pits and terracotta warriors and horses have been excavated for many years. What is the controversy outside? Can you excavate the terracotta warriors and horses and the burial pits but not the tomb?"
"I don’t think the mausoleum of the Qin Dynasty will reach the end of the South Mountain." I looked up at the director, and there was no imbalance and bias in his overall view and analysis. His analysis was still very reasonable. If it were me, I would also think that those burial pits and terracotta warriors and horses could be excavated but the mausoleum could not.
"One of these four broad shadow areas should be true. Don’t leave anything out when you search." The director obviously disagreed with my opinion, and putting a teacup aggravated the tone.
"Yes," I raised my hand to salute and put the map in my pocket and turned back. Now that the director has made up his mind, I’d better go and have a look in turn. If I emphasize that the mausoleum of Qin Dynasty is not in the middle of the mountain, it will make him suspicious of me.
From the director’s office, I lifted my legs and walked to the weapon room. Because of the security problem, the weapon room at headquarters is far from the office area, on the west side of the tunnel.

These armor can resist most of the shock wave, but one or two shock waves must enter their flesh along the cracks in the armor, which is enough to cause heavy damage to the protoss!

If God kills the firm but gentle and pierces the half-ancestor of the sea protoss, the strong can also hate it!
God damn firm but gentle cut off the armor of the gods.
But after hundreds of thousands of firm but gentle generate, more protoss were directly beaten so badly that they didn’t even have a chance to escape, so they died!
Some protoss got away with hiding behind the golden shield.
The golden shield was also stabbed by the god-killing firm but gentle, and the sword pits were completely abolished!
In Sumerian Gorge, the bodies of the gods stepped on and gasped slightly.
This outbreak of "Killing Sword by Heaven" almost exhausted his mana and Yuan Shen became extremely weak.
His brow showed a touch of fatigue.
But around him, there were bodies of protoss, and there was a river of blood.
The dark legion protoss department is lucky!
Light legion left more than a dozen protoss also scared silly scarred looking at Su Mo eyes full of fear.
The two legions were almost wiped out!
Is this the manpower office?
This is a miracle!
Chapter one thousand five hundred and twenty-six Dragon Ride Half Ancestor
"It’s over"
Sue ink looked at the nearby dozen protoss look indifferent coldly say
Although these dozen protoss are half-ancestors, they understand a little magical power and armor shield by blood and flesh, and they are already black and blue all over.
More importantly, these dozen protoss half-ancestors have been completely frightened!
In their eyes, there is no more initial arrogance and fear!
There is a more violent fluctuation in the direction of the colorful cave, as if something terrible is about to rush out of the cave!
The colorful cave out of the wave is more terrible than the protoss two legions!
"What else?"
Su Mo’s look changed greatly.
He fought hard to destroy the two legions today, and tried his best to exhaust Yuan Shen’s qi, blood and mana to the limit.
If the protoss still has a successor, then he can’t stop it!
Only at this time did Su Mo truly realize the tragic and difficult battle of the protoss in the Archean taboo God Cheng crossing the canyon alone.
In ancient times, I don’t know how many protoss strong people entered Kunlun, and Mahayana ancestors and emperors kept coming!
Now the protoss are two legions, and without a strong ancestor, he has already felt exhausted.
Su Mo stared at the colorful cave and swallowed a handful of magical violet again, spewing out a series of glowing rays that constantly nourished the Yuan God.
He didn’t have the strength to kill a dozen protoss not far away.
More difficult and dangerous, the first world war is yet to come!
The colorful cave glowed and a giant flew out!
Sue ink eyes a clot.
This is a monster beast with a huge body, full of darkness and dozens of feet long, full of thick and rough scales and wings on the back!
Every flap will cause a tornado storm!
This monster beast is the dragon’s head, its eyes are fierce, its claws are sharp, but its body is like a giant lizard. It looks weird and filled with violent breath!
"Ha ha ha ha!"
A protoss half-ancestor suddenly laughed. "You’re finished! We are the half-ancestors of the Dragon Rider on the mainland of God! "
This monster Su Mo once saw the picture of the palace wall, which seems to belong to the dragon of the mainland.
This black dragon exudes a strong need and turns out to be a half-ancestor!
There is a figure on the back of this black dragon, holding a spear and shining with golden light like a hot sun!
Su Mo can feel that this so-called dragon riding half-ancestor is stronger than the first two legions!
This is the strong one who can drop the dragon!
The sound of the half-ancestor riding a dragon on the back of the black dragon is full of majesty. "If you kill my people, I will step over the world and kill hundreds of millions of people to pay homage to those fallen people!"
Sue ink smiled a "stepping over the wild? You can talk to me first! "
In the face of the powerful dragon riding half ancestor Su Mo took a deep breath, his eyes jumped firmly and he killed the dragon riding half ancestor.
No matter what strong people come to the mainland, he will not retreat half a step!
"Trial spear!"
Dragon riding and half-ancestor black dragon body is pointing in the direction of Su Mo through heavy virtual holding a spear.
A shining spear is condensed in the middle, and it goes towards Su Mo with amazing speed!
This spell is too strong!
Su Mo felt a sharp pain in his face before the trial spear came.
This spell can’t even be carried by violet!
Su Mo did not hesitate to turn over his palm and offer a bow to break the law.
Bow string trembling
Mana long arrow shot directly into this trial spear!
This powerful spell instantly collapses, and all the mana departments are absorbed by the mana long arrow.

Nangong Qi said, "He is about to break through the master. He needs life and death experience and always follows me. I just found a place to lose it."

"Oh!" Zhang Yang should be a martial artist, so don’t be afraid of death. Warriors who have experienced the test of life and death are truly pursuing martial artists.
Break through to the master and get through the strange meridians. Zhang also vaguely felt the strange strength of Nangong.
Although I can’t feel how many stars the other party is, Shi Tian is similar to the other party from the imposing manner, but Nangong Qi killed Shi Tian. That said, Nangong Qi’s strength is not its own imposing manner, which makes Nangong Qi even more mysterious.
"You also got through the odd meridians?" Nangong qi asked
Zhang surprised way "is how do you know? I always feel that you are not a Glide Sword. Don’t say that you haven’t used Fengyuan to attack. Your martial arts alone has surpassed Shi Tian a lot, and you are almost like me. It’s a monster. "
Nangong’s strange corners of the mouth become warped, saying, "Strange meridians connect fighters’ pores and absorb external elements in their daily lives. If you feel it carefully, you can feel that your whole body can flow. My martial arts is certainly not a Glide Sword, but that’s a secret. If we all become strong, then you will know."
"You’re not a mortal, and it’s a miracle that you can live to this day. Maybe it’s because you said that the method of devouring creatures lived to this day!"
Zhang Yangxin surprised way "depend! Your mind is so scary every time, and everything seems to penetrate your eyes. If you talk more, I don’t have any secrets. I can feel that your strange meridians have also opened up, and your body has a natural magic spirit. "
He didn’t want to be defeated and tell the secret he knew.
This time it was Nangong’s turn to be surprised, because his martial arts was born with magic spirit, and it was always concealed by his strong Jinyuan ability. Zhang also knew that it surprised him a little.
Wu Yuli pinched Zhang Yang’s arm and said, "Are you two really troublesome to play guessing games? The fool’s body contains extremely yin qi, and the yellow-haired monster’s body contains magic qi. I also know that it’s okay not to talk about this now. It’s been four hours since your breakthrough, and I’m hungry! "
"good! Eating roasted snake meat just killed several poisonous snakes yesterday, which is a big supplement! " Zhang Yangxin way then appeared in front of three Xiao Mu stool barbecue utensils and materials.
Then zhang to barbecue …
Wu Yu has nothing to do but sit on a wooden stool. Nangong Qi whispered in his ear, "You know idiots best, Huang Maoguai. Do you think idiots used to have girlfriends?"
The nangongshan strange low way "that you also ask! I’m really omnipotent. He has many, at least a dozen. "
Wu Yu heart a nasty avenue "you talk nonsense! There are no more than a dozen. He is only sixteen years old. "
Zhang didn’t hear two people whisper Wu Yu big sound is heard him twist a head to two people while turning over by salamander some doubts, "what more than a dozen? Say me? "
"no! No, we said stupid! " Wu Yuhuang two white slender palms panic way
At this time, Wu Yu’s mind sounded the strange sound of Nangong. "Do you have a girlfriend? I don’t know if I can feel that he is a child. He likes you. He rarely remembers the past and shows that he was very happy in the past. Now you two are happy together and you must remember strangers in the past."
Hear the nangongshan strange words Wu Yu not stay "yes! Xiaoyang to protect me, I’d rather listen to me when I was killed, and it still hurts me. I don’t have a mother, and he doesn’t have to get back in the past. It’s the most important thing to be happy with Xiaoyang now. "
This meal is delicious, comfortable and relaxed. The three of them are talking and laughing, and Nangong Qi is not as weird as usual, which is more common.
In this way, the Nangong Wizards reminded Zhang that the other party was only seventeen years old, and he was similar to himself. He once heard Li Dabao say that Nangong Qi was not this kind of personality, but changed because of one thing.
Zhang Yang couldn’t help thinking about when he changed. When did you stop killing yourself? When do you no longer believe in the public? Chapter 5 goes out of breath!
Chapter 5 Extinguish the breath!
After the three of them finished eating, Nangong Qi was very chic and left a message that made Wu Yu very shy. "Young people should take it easy!"
Now everyone is tested. Nangong Qi can’t always protect two people []
Especially now that Zhang Yang has broken through the master’s strength and risen many times, he is not afraid of what he is afraid of now. Of course, Nangong Qi also thinks that staying will also affect his initiative to leave the world with my little girl.
Nangong Qi left the stone barbecue set and had already put it away. Zhang Yang and Wu Yu were left sitting cross-legged and feeling the changes of Wushu. He wanted to find out what aspects of Wushu had changed.
Wu Yu sat next to Zhang and looked up at Zhang’s face. When he was killed, Zhang held her running, and his face was bloody and his heart was warm and there was a hint of sadness.
See Wu Yu slightly meditation sample Zhang Yang body relaxed to show his arms and smiled and said, "I’m so tired to hug."

The foreign media industry is very high. Liang Yuan expects that there should be no pressure for him to score in the rich list after mixing. Now it is always a trouble to accidentally leave any video materials and be turned out, especially if he still wants to participate in the f14 negotiations. If his newspaper shows up to participate in the negotiations, don’t even think about it.

Liang Haiping said with a smile, "Tell your brother-in-law more about what equipment you are going to see?"
"Brother-in-law cans, right?" Liang Yuan gestured the size of an ordinary can.
"Of course, I know that if I pull something with Coca-Cola, it will break Peng Yi."
"What does Shangri-La do with cans?" Liang chapter 41 You want to sell Qi Haiping and asked curiously.
Liang Yuan hey hey smiled and didn’t talk, and ran to the corner to pull out a leaf fan to pack it out and put it on the ground.
Hai-ping Liang watched with great interest as Liang Yuan dragged a prototype gas purifier from the corner to set the floor.
Liang Yuan put the gas purifier flat and found a square plastic cover behind the machine, pressed it gently along the shallow groove, and a small back cover fell off. Liang Yuan put the back cover aside and turned over the leaf fan, and also removed the back cover on the back of the fuselage.
Liang Yuan pointed to the pinky holes behind the fuselage of two devices and said, "Brother-in-law cans are for this thing."
"This small hole is not to say that you keep perfume or what essential oil you said," said Liang Haiping with some doubts.
"I didn’t think of this new way until I got to Shangri-La," Liang Yuan said with a hey hey smile.
The holes of the leaf fan and the air purifier are directly connected to the air inlet of the suction fan, which is a convenient interface for connecting perfume or essential oil aromatic substances to the room through the fan.
"Brother-in-law, you stayed in Shangri-La for several days. What impressed you most about that place?" Liang Yuan ourtenant asked.
"Out of breath, top-heavy" Liang Haiping said with a smile.
"Brother-in-law, after the plane landed, I didn’t see anyone get altitude sickness." Liang Yuan said in dismay.
Liang Haiping said with a smile, "Little Far Light allows you to circle yourself. This is Xu Zhou’s official setting fire to forbid people to light a lamp."
Looking at Liang Yuan Naiwo back to the sand, Liang Haiping laughed and considered Liang Yuan’s words.
"Xiaoyuan, you said you would go to the cans and show these two machine vents to your brother-in-law. This place doesn’t accept perfume. What else do you want to meet?" Liang Haiping frowned and pondered.
"Shangri-La is a place with beautiful scenery, clear water and delicious air, and it is much better than the stream. It is much better than the air purifier … from Shangri-La wind …" Liang Hai’s flat voice became smaller and smaller, and his face became more and more surprised. Later, he looked at Liang Yuan like a monster.
Liang Yuan greatly admired Liang Haiping’s reasoning ability. It seems that his brother-in-law should have guessed what he was going to do. Although he showed himself repeatedly, his brother-in-law could guess his mind in the 1900s. The creativity of thinking is really not comparable to that of ordinary people.
"Small far do you want to sell gas my day what do you think? Can this thing be sold? Can anyone buy this thing? What kind of brain does this person have to spend money to buy gas? " After the surprise, Liang Haiping threw out a series of questions like a barrage.
Liang Yuan didn’t answer that Shu Wo Sha looked at Liang Haiping with a smile. After two or three minutes, Liang Haiping finally calmed down and sighed for a long time. He said with a wry smile, "It won’t be too surprised to watch your brother-in-law talk about what you have done this year. I didn’t expect you to sell gas."
Liang Haiping’s words are impressive, but the other day, Liang Yuan said that he would buy f14 fighter jets, which is equivalent to the fact that this year’s foreign exchange was not available, and he still owed a debt. Liang Haiping was not surprised. He said with a smile that the United States made money, but Liang Yuan said that selling gas really fooled Liang Haiping.
It’s nothing unusual to sell gas in the new century, from the grassroots to the rich China. But as far as the ball range is concerned, the most successful thing to sell gas is Mount Fuji in Japan in the late 1990s. Now the local gas quality is very good, which makes people feel refreshed. Why don’t Nock take such a good thing to the market for sale? After a scientific study of Mount Fuji gas, Nock publicized the indicators of Mount Fuji gas and invested in building a factory to put Mount Fuji gas into cans.
This kind of canned food is widely sold all over Japan, and it is very popular with Japanese people. This kind of characteristic merchant is also favored by foreign tourists who come to Mount Fuji. The Noke factory can sell tens of thousands of cans of Mount Fuji every year.
China also had a chance to sell gas in six years. Unfortunately, it was limited by the rigid thinking of the country at that time. No one thought about it in this direction. At that time, the National Forest Park was just established in Zhangjiajie, a southern province. Nancy, the chief executive of Colorado, a southern friendly state? Governor Dick was invited to make a friendly visit to the Republic. In view of the fact that Zhangjiajie’s natural landscape can be compared with the world-famous natural landscape of the Colorado Grand Canyon in the United States, then Governor Wang Jingquan recommended Nancy? Governor Dick visited Zhangjiajie.
The result of the investigation was Nancy? Governor Dick was completely impressed by the clean water, beautiful mountains and pure air in Zhangjiajie. When visiting Laomowan Bay in Zhangjiajie, Nancy couldn’t help shouting that "the air here is worth five dollars per breath".
After returning to China, Nancy made a great contribution to the American people by vigorously proclaiming the purity of Zhangjiajie and the high international reputation of Zhangjiajie Scenic Area.
Therefore, Liang Yuan’s plan to sell canned gas produced in Shangri-La is by no means a fantasy. It is not difficult for the canned gas produced in Shangri-La to be accepted by the American market if it is properly announced with a leaf fan and a gas purifier. The fame of Zhangjiajie and Mount Fuji is not the same as that of Shangri-La.
After more than half a century’s accumulation, Shangri-La has already become an eternal paradise in the hearts of European and American people (to be continued! ! !
Chapter 42 Intelligence
When Hai-ping Liang calmed down, Liang Yuan smiled and said, "Brother-in-law, you are a business genius, and you will soon kick me out."
Looking at Liang Haiping staring at himself, he quickly said, "Brother-in-law, I have found many factories that can install canned gas production lines in the United States these days, but Crown Corporation of Ohio said that the existing production lines can be modified to meet our requirements if they are not very high."
"God, we’re just going to the Los Angeles representative office of Crown Enterprises."
"How are you going to sell Xiaoyuan … Qi …" Hai-ping Liang said with a weird expression.
"After the brother-in-law, this kind of business is called canned gas. How ugly it is to sell gas, it looks like a profiteer." Liang Yuanxiao said.
"Even if you change your name to hua’s profiteer brand, you can’t run away. God knows how China will react when it knows this news," said Liang Haiping.
"Er …" Liang Yuan wanted to think and had to seriously consider this issue. At present, the state of the country’s ideological circle is concerned. If you know this news, it will definitely be a reformist, and it will definitely be encouraging. There is no miracle in the market economy. It is impossible to give birth to conservatives. Liang Yuan’s business is definitely darker than Huang Shiren’s. The dirty bourgeoisie is the devil crawling out of hell. After the gas has become a business, will these natural gifts of wind and sunshine be taken from the people and sold back?
This matter may well become a target. Maybe Liang Yuan’s fingers are on the top and his forehead is swollen. If it doesn’t, he has to find Ning Shu to link the factory to the army and avoid being visited by great people in southern China in recent years.
I came up with an appropriate strategy. Liang Yuan put this matter aside and told Liang Haiping several times about the technical points of the filling production line, and explained in detail the future promotion of canned gas fans and gas purifiers with Liang Haiping until late at night.
Two people got up early the next day and made an appointment for the translator after breakfast in the lobby on the seventh floor of the hotel. The translator was a female student named Nana, and Liang Yuan contacted Liang Yuan through the Los Angeles China International Students Association and paid 4 dollars.
The only requirement for the hourly translation price is that you need to have an American driver’s license and bring your own transportation.
Liang Yuan and Liang Haiping stepped out of the ladder and just stepped out of a few steps. A young woman wearing a light gray round neck and western trousers with the same color and a short ear came out of the rest area.
Looking at only one Chinese face in the rest area, Liang Haiping recognized Liang Yuan’s appointment for translation.
"Excuse me, are you Mr. Liang Haiping?"
"I’m Hai-ping Liang" Hai-ping Liang nodded and said.
Liang Yuan is a temporary translator of the recruitment of Liang Haiping’s Nominal International Students Association.
Stop Liang Yuan and listen to Liang Haiping behind him. Liang Haiping and Nana introduce their purpose of this trip and some simple information about Crown Enterprise. After leaving the hotel lobby, Nana went straight to a jeep off-road vehicle produced by Chrysler and said, "I don’t know where Mr. Liang is going to rent an off-road vehicle."
Hai-ping Liang smiled and indicated that nothing happened with Liang Yuan. Nana got into the back row of the off-road vehicle and drove the car in the cab to make use of the hotel parking lot. After turning two corners, he drove through the d7 intercity highway between the north and the south of Los Angeles.
Crown Corporation Los Angeles Representative Office is located in the famous Long Beach area in the southwest of Los Angeles, not far from the busy Los Angeles Port. However, the Hilton Hotel in Liangyuan, but the hotel in the northwest of downtown Los Angeles, can clearly see the row of huge white landmark letters-H11YD in Hollywood Beverly Hills.
Hollywood is nearly 30 kilometers away from Long Beach, and it takes more than 40 minutes by car. It is very conscientious to go all the way to Nana. From time to time, I introduce some landmark buildings in Los Angeles to Liang Yuan and Liang Haiping. For Liang Yuan, Los Angeles doesn’t feel anything special except the low building density and the large scale of the city, but it is not the case for Liang Haiping.
It was Liang Hai Ping and Liang Yuan’s second trip abroad to the Democratic Republic of Germany. Although he didn’t stay in West Germany, the urban construction in Leipzig still gave Liang Haiping a great shock, but at least they were all class brothers in eastern bloc. In some respects, they were still in the same strain. There were similar places in China, but in the 1910 s, the United States was a luxurious and extremely decadent capitalist hell, and it was known as the angel city. Los Angeles Guogen could not find a similar city.
Behind the car, Liang Haiping has been looking at the skyscrapers rising from the endless greenery in Los Angeles by the window. Listening with relish, Nana explained like a tour guide and talked about Liang Yuanhao’s study of Nana’s single eyelid or double eyelid through the rearview mirror.
After the Cherokee off-road vehicle drove on the d7 highway, it was already faintly visible on the east coast of the Pacific Ocean. Nana lowered his car to about 30 miles. Liang Yuan hit the window and a low whistle came faintly from the port direction, bypassing the famous Pier 19 and turning around the East Pacific Building of Crown Corporation of Los Angeles International Convention and Exhibition Center.
The East Pacific Building is a 40-storey office building, and the four corners of the main building are buckled by the architect for four and a half arcs, which seems like a large thrust bundled rocket standing in the urban area. Xia Na drove the car into the parking lot along the shunt ramp in front of the building.
Jumping Liang Yuan looked up at the light blue sky, but it was far from clear and distant in Los Angeles in later generations. In the decade, the Republic of China was still far away from the status of the world factory. The American local manufacturing industry was still quite strong. There were many industrial zones in Los Angeles and the number of cars in the United States was very large. The sky was mixed with automobile exhaust and industrial emissions, with a layer of light lead gray.
At present, the United States is still in the middle stage of air pollution control, and the federal government has won a decisive victory in the control of heavy pollution such as billowing smoke, but some invisible and concealed pollution has not yet entered the scope of federal government attention, not only p25 has not been included in the federal air monitoring standards, but also automobile exhaust emissions are not restricted at all.
It’s good for Liang Yuan to look at the dusty sky with a big heart and pollution. If the amount of p25 suspended solids in the whole United States is controlled to one in the new century, which gas purifier will he sell? If the federal government can find a new air control regulation in the future, it’s good to drag it. The more polluted the gas, the more angry the gas purifier will be. At this time, Liang Yuan has become a complete profiteer.
The three men entered the building and came to the front desk to say that they would visit the company building. The security guard pointed to a screen in front of the monitoring desk and said, "Make a registration there. The names of the companies and people you want to visit are all in the equipment. Just press the green option on the right after finding the reserved company and people."
Liang Yuan looked at Nana clumsily fiddling with the antique touch screen and shook his head slightly. He looked at Hai-ping Liang with his neck stretched out and looked at Nana with a curious face. He said, "Brother-in-law, if you don’t bother to go back and let Lao Su get a good one for the garage."
"Old Su, they can also produce this?" Hai-ping Liang surprised and said
"The most important component in this equipment is the old Soviet Union’s research on the single chip microcomputer. The screen looks quite advanced, and it is almost more display devices than the touch of the leaf fan remote control."
Although Liang Yuan talks disdainfully, he still admires the innovative ability of Americans in his heart. When the single-chip microcomputer technology matures, it has the value and foundation of mass promotion. That is, in recent seven or seven years, Americans have tried their best to apply chips to various fields, which in turn has affected human food, clothing, housing and transportation. It is by no means because the information age originated in the United States.
Hai-ping Liang wanted to think, shook his head and said, "Forget it for the time being. When this thing gets to the factory, it will be estimated that there is none."
"But my brother-in-law still needs to find a chance to learn." Liang Yuanxiao said, "I’m going to make similar equipment in new hotels and houses in the Science Park. If my brother-in-law doesn’t, he can stay in Shengjing."
"This kind of equipment is expensive, isn’t it?" Liang Haiping sighed. "I said, how can you make the hotel project budget so high?"
At the end of the decade, four high-rise buildings with a building area of 60,000 square meters and a hall-style building with a building area of about 10,000 square meters will not exceed 10 million yuan, even if the building adopts the earthquake-resistant shear wall structure. Liang Yuan gave a budget of 300 million yuan, which is to make the whole project into an internationally popular intelligent building. There are simply too many places for single-chip computers to be involved, water supply, monitoring and so on.
"Brother-in-law three hundred million can I thank God" Liang Yuan smiled and said "Old Su, if they can chew the hotel project, don’t mention the high-rise building matching project in Guangguo, I am confident that I can account for 30%"
The information age is the foundation for the establishment of the gas age. Without the unification of mechanical engineering, all industrial bodies are as iron as several large industrial consortia such as beach castles, Simon, Mitsubishi and Alstom. The fact proves this point. Without water, human beings cannot live without human beings.
Liang Haiping simply calculated that "the sales volume of two or three hundred million yuan a year is not bad."
Liang Yuan, hey hey, smiled and didn’t speak. My brother-in-law is considering the market according to the current high-rise construction projects in China. Twelve-story high-rise buildings are built every year, and 30 or 50 buildings are thrown into China’s vast territory. Is it even a spark?

His heart is in a hurry. The reason is that he is in an accident. He is here to do his best. The chief of the security section is actually involved in such a thing. Then at this time, some things need to be considered first.

Therefore, at this time, he has long considered whether to tidy up this guy Jia Dewang. At this time, the most anxious thing in the real heart is Jia Dewang. He also doesn’t know whether he is unlucky or how he provoked Chutianji.
He just wants to contract a small parking lot. It’s hard to say whether this is reasonable or not.
What is reasonable? What is unreasonable is reasonable? How can someone contract the train lunch? Therefore, in fact, such a situation is more practical, that is to say, such a thing is more problematic. If it is said that no one pays attention to such a thing, then such a thing is no big deal.
You can make money as you should, and Jia Dewang seems to have made it for half a year, and he hasn’t found any big deal, but since he was hit by a gun, it’s not easy to solve it easily at this time.
There are some problems when he learned about this matter through Liu Kechang, and at this time, he was still his little brother Xiao Wu. This guy is relatively reliable. Although it is not so good to do big things, if it is said that a security guard looks at the scene, it is still more reliable for one of his own.
Therefore, such a situation is more like this at a time, that is to say, what exactly is such a situation? "> The first sentence to my little brother Xiao Wushi didn’t say don’t be swept over is a scolding. Anyway, since you provoked such a thing, you have an unshirkable responsibility at this time.
Scold my little brother, and Jia Dewang learned the actual situation. At this time, his heart was a little relieved, so it was no big deal.
At this time, it’s just a little bit of a small problem, and the key to the problem should be the man sitting in Chutianji. This Xiao Wu is a little bit of his own business. He soon figured out that the fact of taking a bus is that Wang Haidong, Wang Haidong, after all, was an airport accident, so Jia Dewang is familiar with such people.
If anyone is more terrible than ChuTianJi, then such a person is definitely Wang Haidong. Therefore, at this time, Jia Dewang immediately arranged Xiao Wu to ensure that he would seriously reflect on his mistakes. Anyway, at this time, he must fight back, scold and retaliate. Anyway, be patient with me.
Real-time is still relatively fast. Twenty minutes is even more important. When it is 17 minutes, Jia Dewang is still back on time. At this time, when Chutianji faced Jia Dewang, it was not very polite.
In the face of a security guard like Xiao Wu, Chu Tianqi is not willing to be ashamed of such a person. But in the face of Jia Dewang dialect, at this time, Chu Tianqi is not at all polite to say, "Manager Jia knows that this is the airport parking lot, but I don’t know if it is your Jia parking lot. Do you think it is reasonable to charge such a price for one hundred yuan?"
What is reasonable and what is unreasonable may be reasonable, but at this time, even if I lend Jia Dewang a courage, he dare not answer that such a thing is reasonable.
Therefore, at this time, Jia Dewang was very polite and low-fat in the end. The head said, "I’m sorry, Captain Chu, such a thing is a mistake in my work. I will definitely pay attention to such a situation in the future, and absolutely guarantee that similar things will not happen. Therefore, please ask Captain Chu to give me a chance to turn over a new leaf."
Chutianji just told Liu Kechang that sermon aside and then said, "You can’t afford such a thing, even if you want to make money, but eat well. Don’t damage the image of our river city. If it is really what kind of problem you have here, then even if you want to cry, you can’t find a place at this time."
Stop your business for 100 yuan at once and get me a reasonable price. If I encounter such a situation again, things will not be solved in this way. Besides, a piece of paint was scraped off my car and your parking lot. You also handled this matter for me.
Come on, it’s up to you and Liu Kechang to handle his affairs. I think you should know how to do it. I’m still in a hurry. I haven’t remembered the opportunity with you in theory. If I can grasp the words once, then this time is to see if this guy has such a thing. "
Chutianji this time is just a matter of his own face, and he intends to teach Jia Dewang a lesson. But it is not necessary to let Jia Dewang talk about such things. How do you make money? How do you make money? But if you offend me, how do you apologize to me? This is called I don’t stand in your way, but at this time, you have to give me a face.
Chutianji’s handling of this matter is still quite good. At this time, Jia Dewang came but Liu Kechang, who was in a hurry, gave him 17 minutes, saying that Chutianji was angry here as if to smash the parking lot.
But at this time, Jia Dewang lowered his posture and led his little brother Xiao Wu to apologize. That is to say, these words are rooted in not giving any compensation to rest assured. It seems that ChuTianJi himself has gone too far. At this time, ChuTianJi has already expressed his attitude.
Therefore, in such a situation, there is at least a standard for handling this matter. It depends on how the remaining things are handled. Then this time it is Jia Dewang and Liu Kechang’s two people’s affairs
Chutianji didn’t get to the bottom of it. At this time, Chutianji didn’t want to get to the bottom of it. This time, he just came to pick up Shihan. If there is a quarrel because of one hundred yuan at this time, it’s not shameful enough.
Therefore, at this time, he just gave a warning. If things are honest, it is just to give Jia Dewang a warning and let him be alert. This kind of thing, Chu Tianji wants to say that such a face, what is a hundred yuan, what is a piece of paint? These things are just some excuses.
So this time to such things it is difficult to let Jia Dewang see ChuTianJi said two words to leave this oneself also leng there "Liu Kechang this thing won’t have what kind of influence? Less words "
Things to be no big deal, but Jia Dewang worry that there is a subsequent impact ChuTianJi maybe just forget it? Jia Dewang did feel that such a thing was a bit undesirable.
At this time, Liu Kechang was a long sigh of relief and said, "Hehe, it’s not a matter that should be considered as no big problem. You are lucky that your little brother is still clever. If the situation is the same as that of Sincere Supermarket, I guess this time is to send you meals."
Sincere supermarket happened only a few days ago, and such a big supermarket collapsed like this. What kind of things were involved in it? Ordinary people may not be very clear about tax evasion, but maybe people like Liu Kechang are very clear because sincere supermarket provoked Wang Haidong.
This time, Xiao Wu did something that was barely authentic enough. He didn’t offend Chutianji to death. Otherwise, this is definitely not an apology that can solve the problem accidentally.
And ChuTianJi don’t have such a thing face to face, then this time is really a situation, that is to say, this matter is accompanied by a ceremony to apologize, so that it is finished, and it is up to you to say what the vehicle is lost.
Anyway, you can’t throw 2,000 yuan to fix someone’s car, otherwise it will be very interesting for everyone, and things may become very boring.
At this time, Liu Kechang said with great care, "Old Jia, you have been content with yourself since you were a child. You see that there is no Wang Haidong Wang gentleman sitting in the car, and people are simply waiting for embarrassment. Moreover, such a situation seems that Wang Haidong Gen just didn’t say anything, that is to say, he didn’t intervene in such things. This is a big face for you, but you can’t be a man then, otherwise it’s hard to say."
What is the meaning of this matter? Jia Dewang’s heart is white. Anyway, that meaning must be there when the time comes, and it is definitely the kind of thing that will be solved without showing mountains and rivers
Therefore, such a situation is a little more, that is to say, Yang expressed such a meaning at one time, and at this time, this kind of thing can be understood, and what is ChuTianJi? This guy just doesn’t have an important reason to entangle this sheep and scorpion. This time is almost the same.
Shihan, this guy’s plane is estimated to be landing soon. ChuTianJi and Wang Haidong are mainly here to meet people, not to say that they are here to pester a parking lot security guard, so ChuTianJi is so easily finished at this time.
At this time, Jia Dewang kicked Xiao Wu and said, "Why don’t you get back to me? Give me a big inspection today and give me a good reflection on this collection."
At this time of tidying up his little brother, Jia Dewang said, "Liu Kechang, you said this thing, and Captain Chu didn’t say that I should suspend business for rectification, but what direction should I take after that? You also pointed out a way."
This starting price of 100 yuan is really stupid. If it is a relatively high-end club, such a price is simply not the same thing. But no matter what, this place is an airport and it was hit by Chutianji. At this time, it is absolutely impossible to continue to implement such a price.
Therefore, the question of how to do this or to negotiate with the airport is better.
Liu Kechang snorted. "You this guy set the starting price for this idiot, so I said it was a chance encounter problem. Fortunately, this time it was Chutianji who met you and spent tens of thousands of dollars, which should be able to settle this matter. Captain Chu just said that it was a good thing to meet him. If you meet a dealer, our secret investigation here is because you are so stupid that you don’t come to invest here because of the starting price of 100 yuan, then it is estimated that you are just prostrate and change what kind of price it is at ordinary times?"
At this time, Jia Dewang is a bit difficult. "If I follow the previous price, I will suffer a little."
When I just said this, I gave Liu Kechang a half-dead breath. "Jia Dewang, you bastard, are you still scarred? You forgot that Captain Chu hasn’t left yet. Do you dare to give me this skill? Does that mean that I told the captain to give you a lesson in addition to love? Your ya also gave me a brain now. If you want to raise prices, take your time. There is still a fluctuation in people’s oil prices. Boy, you have a starting price in this parking lot. You are PetroChina. If you want to raise prices then, you will be slow. Don’t slow up to become anyway, then captain Chu can’t always stare at you in this parking lot. It’s better if you don’t start at a price of one hundred yuan. Idiot also knows that there is something wrong with you. "
Liu Kechang is so angry. This idiot is making money. The danger here is not over yet. There, I am thinking about how much less money I have earned. This kind of thing really makes Liu Kechang feel uneasy. At this time, it is interesting to monitor Jia Dewang. It is clear that Liu Kechang will handle such things properly. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to give him such things. There are some things that even if you don’t speak vernacular, naturally someone can do it.
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It’s not surprising that there is such a group division. Chen Kangbo, Yu Yunwen and Hu Quan were all staunch warring factions, and the remaining three were not all fighting factions, but they were not fighting factions.

To put it bluntly, Shen should still have some capitulationists’ tendencies, and Tang Si-tui, who has been deposed, is a group.
It is not impossible for these three people to get together and hold a group together.
The six-member team in the critical autumn can still maintain superficial harmony and win-win results for some things that endanger everyone’s common interests until they tide over the difficulties
So they began to think about how to tide over the difficulties.
And think about Zhao Shen at the same time.
Zhao Shen just woke up, fainted and vomited blood. Although the doctor said that Zhao Shen was not in danger, six people could not help but worry about Zhao Shen’s health.
The emperor’s health is facing a severe test when the country is in danger. In case Zhao Shen dies unfortunately at this time …
Fortunately, Zhao Shen’s son Zhao Yu has reached the age of 20. Even if Zhao Shen died at this time, it would not be that no one could inherit the throne, and his royal brother would not be able to threaten the throne.
But is it really a good sign that the emperor died at this moment?
Thick dark clouds enveloped the hearts of six people.
The six-member team got the emperor’s approval, and it was more certain to form troops to support Xiangfan.
Chen Kangbo led a six-member team to issue a decree, and the position of Li Xianzhong’s main commander was determined
The 30,000 men in his department are well-trained troops with reliable combat effectiveness.
Zhenjiang Prefecture and Chizhou Prefecture were also transferred to Li Xianzhong with 10,000 elites, which increased their strength to 50,000.
Fifty thousand people on his side are confirmed.
Then Lin’ an court arranged for Ma Junsi, an elite guard of 30,000 imperial guards, to command Wang Chong, the lieutenant of this expedition, to lead the 30,000 people from another road.
In this wave, the Lin ‘an imperial court transferred half of its 160,000 troops to lift the siege of Xiangfan, and the attack of 10,000 troops was considered as their best effort.
But Yu Yunwen still thinks it’s not enough.
He suggested that part of the Sichuan-Shu army should be transferred out of Sichuan to support the Xiangfan battlefield.
Sichuan and Sichuan are lost, and Xiangfan can still hold on to the Southern Song Dynasty.
Xiangfan lost the Southern Song Dynasty and wanted Sichuan and Sichuan?
At first, Yu Yunwen supported his own suggestion, and soon Hu Quan wavered and expressed his support for Yu Yunwen’s view, agreeing to transfer the Sichuan-Sichuan army out of Sichuan to support Xiangfan.
Zhou Lin’s position was subsequently shaken and he also expressed his support.
Ye yi asked and Shen should not say anything about the default.
So this suggestion was approved.
However, the six-member team who took over the command of the Sichuan-Shu army to go out to Sichuan War was divided again.
The reason is that Yu Yunwen believes that when the country is in danger, it should not be entangled in some small things, but should be decisive and talented.
He suggested that Yao Zhong, who had just arrived in Lin ‘an and was preparing to take part in the trial, should be reopened, and let him lead the Sichuan-Sichuan army to support Xiangfan in defeating the army.
The reason is that his Ministry is more committed to Sichuan and Sichuan, and his subjective will to go to the rescue is very strong. He will do his best and will not delay and avoid the enemy.
Zhou Lin and Shen should resolutely oppose this proposal and cannot agree with Yu Yunwen’s suggestion that Yao Zhong’s problem is a serious political issue and cannot be implemented in this way.
"Yao Zhong’s beating of officials has caused public outrage. If he is allowed to plead guilty and make meritorious deeds at this time, I am afraid that he will not get the support of the court. The risk is too great to do so!"
Shen should shake his head again and again
Yu Yunwen is very unhappy.
"The three generals of Sichuan and Shu, Wang Yan, are trapped in Xiangfan and Wu Lin, but who else is more reliable than Yao Zhong? Do you want Wu Lin to give up the northern Sichuan defense line and go to Xiangfan? "
Shen should dislike Yu Yunwen’s questioning tone very much.
"Yu Binfu, you have to know that Yao Zhong is a sinner now. How can he lead troops when he is guilty?"
"He will certainly be grateful to the imperial court if he is given the opportunity to redeem himself, and he will try his best to rescue Xiangfan, which is besieged mainly by other departments. What is the doubt?"
Yu Yunwen argued.
Shen should immediately feel that Yu Yunwen is very ignorant of politics.
"Manchu officials are very disgusted with Yao Zhong. At this time, Qi Yao Zhong just found himself unhappy! We have to be careful not to make mistakes when we are in power for six generations. What you are doing now is to set us on fire! At that time, when the butler wakes up, will he treat us like this? "
Yu Yunwen shook his head.
"The national crisis is not the time to think about these things, nor is it now! Once Xiangfan falls into danger in the Great Song Dynasty! Really, at that time, what else will Zhe save himself? He Su Yonglin posed to destroy us! Do you have to wait for Su Yonglin to take our heads? "
Shen should look red and unhappy.
"YuBinFu! You’re … you’re unbelievable! These two things cannot be confused! "
"This is not unreasonable! I am telling the truth! The truth! "
Yu Yunwen also a little nasty nu way "critical death autumn shen" xianggong "and personal safety? Isn’t this a mistake? "
"You …"
"That’s enough!"
Chen Kangbo interrupted their argument in anger. "Now is not the time for you to quarrel! When the country is in danger, you are arguing here. Who is right and who is wrong? Do you have to wait until Su Yonglin south takes our heads? !”
Chen Kangbo’s anger made Yu Yunwen and Shen should not continue to talk, but both of them were very angry.
Chen Kangbo made his own decision after careful thinking.
"Although Yao Zhong is wrong, he should do his best when the country is in danger. Let’s put his things aside for the time being and give real talents a chance to display their talents. I decide Yao Zhong! Wu Lin continues to stick to northern Sichuan and cannot be lightly moved! "
Chen Kangbo made a decision, and Shen should feel very dissatisfied. He looked at Ye Yi and hoped that ye yi could come out and say something.
But to his disappointment, ye yi asked nothing, said nothing and did nothing.
He can silently admit the fact.
After the meeting, Shen should ask ye yi to "advise" him.

"Gun! ….. guns! You coward! ….. Bah! ….. "Qin Xiaowan was strangled by Scarface, but she still stared at Scarface intermittently with anger and scolded her. She knew that she was going to succeed. She just wanted to die, died happily, and died with dignity without being ruined!

"Bang" after a gunshot, the abandoned factory building was suddenly quiet and terrible, and it smelled of a few guns and drugs. Qin Xiaowan came to her own death. When she saw a drop of tears across her eyes, she prayed that her generation could meet that "smelly man" earlier. It is best to know her childhood friends from an early age, so that she can bully him, trample him and make him love himself. I really regret that I didn’t confide in my heart yesterday afternoon. Maybe I really didn’t have a chance to say it this time …
However, Qin Xiaowan felt that her ears were buzzing constantly, as if she had been deafened by some loud noise. Tinnitus kept coming, and she gradually earned her eyes to see that terrible and ferocious face and flashed before her eyes like a ghost!
"Little bitch, don’t I dare not kill you. There are many old women who kill you. You’re not a bad one! But I don’t want you to die yet! If you die, how can I talk to your dad? Haha … "Scarface scolded with a sullen face and then laughed hysterically!
"mean!" It was not until Qin Xiaowan heard Scarface laugh wildly that she was sure that she was still alive. At the same time, she was somewhat secretly pleased. She didn’t know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing to be alive at this time, but he had hope just to live. He stared at Scarface’s deformed face and disdained to scold.
"Yes, I’m mean if I’m right. If I’m not mean, I wouldn’t be alive!" Scarface didn’t get angry this time, but nodded shamelessly and admitted
"You … you … shame!" Although Qin Xiaowan is hot, which is Scarface’s cheeky yin stick opponent? Without saying a few words, Scarface choked and could not speak.
Scar’s face looked at the little police flower who was speechless by himself. Suddenly, the big man’s desire doubled in his heart. He just wanted to flirt with the little police flower. Suddenly, a tough Han broke in from the outside. The tough Han was none other than the early starlight nightclub. The man almost scared Yu Shuai silly. After seeing that he hurried in, he was a little excited, but he also came to Scar’s face with some panic and couldn’t wait to report that "the report about Haige has been done almost …"
"Well, tell me about it …" Scarface stopped after listening to it and gave Qin Xiaowan a look. "Take her into the next room and keep an eye on her. If she gets away, I’ll chop him up!" Glared at the scar face small police beside two big fellow big ordered.
"Is the elder brother of the sea! We are white! " Of course, what do those two big guys mean by Bai Kunhai? They’ve been following Kun Haidu for almost three years. What kind of stuff is Kun Hai? They still don’t know whether it’s white or hard. Anyway, they can’t be taunted!
Kunhai was satisfied after hearing this and waved his hand. The two big men drove Qin Xiaowan to the next room. It was not until the broken iron door was smashed that Kunhai threw the gun casually. After sitting on the sofa, he looked at the big man and asked, "Come on, how’s it going?"
"Hai Ge, don’t worry. No one dares to check the harbor this time, and no one dares to bully others!" The bruiser confidently returned to the way.
"Ha ha good! You have to have this boldness of vision to hang out with me in Kunhai. Don’t be such a bitch and have no vitality at all! Although the harbor is not our territory now, we will make money as soon as our goods are sold! The harbor is our brother’s call! " Scarface Kunhai laughed and praised after hearing the bruiser’s words.
"I know that Haige is right. Who is that little bitch that Haige just caught? I see how the wind is so tight outside. The harbor is full of guns and bullets. Set up checkpoints to check the driving photos …" The bruiser looked at the door and asked.
"You said that little bitch! Harbor city public security bureau chief baby daughter caught to play! Just a threat-she’s old! Maybe we can still do it, but I just heard that these old people in the mainland have a hard mouth and I don’t know what to pry! " Scarface answered after hearing tough Chinese words.
"Oh, Brother Hai, it seems that God helps us this time. Do you know who I am looking for to buy our goods today?" Tough han a listen to scar face tied to the public security bureau chief daughter and himself to accept the mayor, so excited and asked.
"What the fuck are you selling?" Scarface looked at it triumphantly, and Han kicked him and scolded him, and he even showed off in an ostentatious manner, regardless of size!
"Is the elder brother of the sea! Today, I pulled the mayor of the seaport city. Hey, hey, that little guy built a small bar with his father’s strength. Most of them sell goods in bars, but most young people like ecstasy. But I have asked him to make an honest deal with us. When do you think we will act? " After being kicked by Scarface, the tough man quickly put away his face and honestly replied.
"Ha ha you small line you! I even pulled the mayor into the water, so I have a good future! " Scarface was overjoyed after hearing what the bruiser said, and patted the bruiser who had just finished kicking.
"The elder brother of the sea that za when delivery? I asked our people to follow the boy to withdraw money. It is estimated that we can trade tonight! " Tough Han was more hard after Scarface boasted.
"To find a buyer transaction is not busy! By the way, is that small reliable? " Scarface asked him that he didn’t want anything to go wrong. If something happened to the mainland, it wouldn’t be difficult for his mother to run away. Although he was determined to die to avenge his eldest brother, he still didn’t want anything to happen, but a sense of foreboding echoed in Scarface’s mind, which always made him think something was going to happen …
"Don’t worry, Hai Ge, that little B cub is almost scared out of shit by me. What is it that you dare not resist? It’s a waste. It’s not as good as that little bitch you just tied up!" Tough han a listen to scar face from handsome disdain replied.
"You don’t underestimate what these seemingly insignificant little guys have. Their ability is huge, but no thief’s courage doesn’t mean no thief’s heart! If he catches the chance, our brothers will be finished! " Kunhai’s experience is very sophisticated and meaningful.
"That dog day? ! Haha, it’s still a thief’s heart. He just doesn’t have the guts to fly out of our hands unless he doesn’t want to live! " Tough Han said with confidence that he was confident in driving that timid pug.
"Well, in this case, that would be great! Let him get the money ready for the transaction and call us back. It’s estimated that there will be anxiety there! The wind is too tight now. After these days, I will release the goods again. I just want to play with the harbor and make people feel uneasy! " Scar face nodded his head and arranged that his eyes staring at the distance were full of shadows …
"I know brother Hai, don’t worry, I’ll arrange it …!" After listening to Kunhai’s words, tough Han replied professionally and then went out to do his own thing. Chapter 77 Old Qin Zhonghao!
Watching the tough Han walk out of the abandoned factory, Kunhai reveals his trademark sinister smile, which, together with his terrible scar face, will definitely frighten the average child into crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, not talking about children. Even adults who are timid have to avoid it.
He’s a tough guy, but he’s tough. He’s not really tough. The real tough angle doesn’t leak color. You see that he usually talks and laughs, but once he challenges their limits, you’ll find how terrible that kind of toughness is. Brother Gan is that kind of role. You can call him a smiling tiger, but you don’t want to mess with him, and your tragedy will be over. At this time, Scarface Kunhai will mess with Brother Gan.
Scarface wants to have a good time after the tough Han has left, and that hot little police flower can also vent fire. He hasn’t had a good time since he came to the mainland, but after listening to the tough Han’s words, he suddenly doesn’t want to play like this, because he found that the scene in the harbor is much better than he expected, and it’s just wonderful. The daughter of the director of the public security bureau was tied by himself, and the mayor was dragged by himself. It’s interesting to see how they can play with themselves. Kun Hai has chips in his hand, and he seems to see the harbor one by one.
"Come on! Bring me that little police flower! " Kunhai shouted at another room in a good mood
After a while, the little police flower struggled to be brought over by two Han people. Kun Hai looked still hotter than the little police flower yin and said with a smile, "Come on, don’t struggle. I don’t have time to play with you tonight!"
Qin Xiaowan stared at him with angry eyes and didn’t say a word. The eyes seemed to be about to chew Kunhai. Chew it and eat it. It seemed that Kunhai looked at the eyes and was really a little guilty, but his mouth was still stiff and said, "Don’t stare at me. I didn’t stare at me and I couldn’t stop my harbor plan! Ha ha … "
"Bah! Call the dog later! You just wait to be cleaned up. It won’t be long before you get what you deserve! " Qin Xiaowan glared at Kunhai. There was no fear in his eyes, but contempt.
"Mom gave you a face you his niang shameless! Bitch! " Scarface scolded and quickly came to Qin Xiaowan, then slapped her twice. He played in Kunhai, Mexico and Myanmar, so many women have not dared to do this to him!
These two slaps had swollen face before Qin Xiaowan was beaten. At this time, it was even more swollen, and his face turned crimson. He slapped Qin Xiaowan with a lot of strength, but even so, she still didn’t drop a tear and stared at Kun Hai without blinking. The bloodshot eyes couldn’t wait to cut Kun Hai to pieces!
"You wait for me! See what I can do to you when I come back! Smelly * *! " Kunhai twisted his picture to be ugly, broke his face and scolded him, then turned to stare at his two hands and ordered, "Watch this little bitch for me! If she runs away or dies, see how I tidy up you! " After that, I left the abandoned factory building in a huff …
At this time, the dry elder brother drove with Bai Zhongwu to engage in the discovery field, and he just came to the port city public security bureau. At this time, there was a solemn atmosphere in the atmosphere of the port city public security bureau. There was no one in the compound except the old man, and even the old man in the room became serious. Instead of sitting in the chair, he kept seeing the dry elder brother driving the Land Rover. He didn’t ask, but directly opened the door. Because yesterday, he saw the little policeman sitting in this car and going out with a young man, this happened today. Even though he had lived for more than half of his life, he still had to
When I heard a harsh brake, Brother Gan stopped the car impartially, and the office building of the Public Security Bureau was facing the hall. Then I got out of the car and hurried to the office building of the Public Security Bureau with Bai Zhongwu …
At this time, almost the whole local office staff of the public security bureau in the sixth floor of the public security bureau office building were present. Qin Zhonghao sat on the rostrum with a sullen face and didn’t say a word. There were about 900 policemen of the public security bureau in the harbor. There was no one whispering at the meeting site, and it was surprisingly quiet. The silence was scary. Don’t say a needle. Even a snail crawling could be heard clearly.
"I don’t want to say much today because I feel I have no face to sit here now! Yes, Xiaowan is my daughter, but she is also a police officer of the Criminal Police Team of the Public Security Bureau of our harbor, and a member of more than 5,000 police officers in our harbor! Kidnapping and hijacking police officers with guns in the busy streets in broad daylight. What do they take our harbor police as? ! Useless? ! Or waste? ! Do you know what guns they are? ! Ak47 submachine guns don’t know how many people will die when they suddenly jump, and the people in the seaport city live in this inexplicable panic. Even the police were robbed, and even the police cars were beaten black and blue. You said that you told me to make the people feel at ease! " Qin Zhonghao looked at the police officers of the Public Security Bureau with grief and indignation. He knew that he was in charge of the commander of the Public Security Bureau of Haigang City. He should not be angry, but he lost his temper not only because his daughter was kidnapped, but because of such a bad case. He could not explain to the people of Haigang!
All the policemen in the meeting room didn’t sit up straight from the moment they came in. When Qin Zhonghao said those words, they clenched their fists one by one. They felt bad in their hearts. Qin Zhonghai Haohai Port Public Security Bureau worked for nearly ten years, but he didn’t make any mistakes. Even his daughter didn’t go to the back door. It was Qin Xiaowan who was promoted from a small policeman to the vice captain of the criminal police team in just three years. Even the criminal police team talked about the old and the young. Besides, if there are any major cases, which ones are not others who rush ahead regardless of their lives, when Qin Zhonghao said this, almost no one of them gossiped about it!
I don’t even have to say that the police were hijacked by robbers at gunpoint in broad daylight. This is not a slap in the face of the police in the port city public security bureau. It is a slap in the face of the national police! It’s too bad and cruel, so even if Qin Zhonghao can swallow this tone, none of them can swallow this tone. If they don’t do something to solve the case as soon as possible, don’t talk about others. When they walk, even the people in the port city have to poke their spines and make irresponsible remarks! Why talk about defending people’s lives and property when you can’t even protect your colleagues? Anna is bullshit! So they have to make a gesture! Nothing happened. The policeman took a breath!
"All right! Now that someone has hit me in the face, we can’t hide in the house with our faces covered! I have to get my face back, and now I order everyone to take action from the present department. This case can’t be solved by the public security bureau of our harbor city, and no one can sleep well! All cars, intersections and airport departments set up cards to check the suspicious vehicles in the city. According to the in-depth investigation of the roadside shops and road monitor cameras, it is now composed of my team leader, the task force of all police officers of the Haigang Public Security Bureau, to solve the case. The murderer must be arrested and brought to justice! " Qin Zhonghao looked around the venue and ordered
"yes! Severely punish the murderer and raise my vigilance! " After all the policemen replied, they let go of the police cap and put on their heads, and then left the venue in an orderly and rapid manner. Five minutes later, Qin Zhonghao was left alone in the huge venue. Qin Zhonghao took a small step from the podium. Just now he was the director of the command, and he was decisive and capable. Now he is a father who has just lost his daughter. At this moment, he has become old …
"Qin Shu, don’t think too much. Xiao Wan will be fine. Don’t worry …" Brother Gan slowly came to Qin Zhonghao’s back and held Qin Zhonghao’s shoulders tightly with his hands to ensure that Brother Gan knew what an unspeakable pain it was for a father who lost his only daughter!
"Hmm … Xiao Gan, do you know that Xiao Wan’s mother died when she was very young? I brought her up alone. At that time, I was busy with work and didn’t have much time to take care of her. Almost all day, I sent her to Debiao’s home to let Debiao’s daughter-in-law take care of her everywhere. Now I still feel indebted to her. I’m just waiting to make up for her after retirement and find a good husband to hurt her. But now …" Qin Zhonghao nodded heavily without turning his back to Brother Gan, and talked about the years of worries in his heart.
"Qin Shu, I won’t let you be idle. I will give Xiao Wan to you completely. Believe me …" Brother Gan looked at Qin Zhonghao’s gray sideburns and patted him on the shoulder, promising that Chapter 78 was handsome and painful!

"You are the caged bird that will never escape from my palm."

The wind and purple clothes are silent
She had to admit that she underestimated the king of Yuanzuo County.
The man had already seen through her identity, but he didn’t show any flaws and didn’t alert her.
This man is addicted to pleasure and debauchery on the surface, but he has already taken control of everything in reality.
You can see this person’s courage when he escaped from Juelei City without tourist trap when it was windy and windy.
The king of Jin has many heirs, but not every heir can be appointed as the head of a county. Most kings have a title.
It can also be seen that Wang Bufan of Yuanzuo County is extraordinary!
This also don’t blame the wind purple clothes
Although the realm of Wang Xiu in Yuanzuo County is a land realm, it is not outstanding among many county kings.
In addition, the image of Wan Ku, the king of Zuojun County, shows that the wind and purple clothes naturally have some contempt for him
"After talking to you for so long, should you get rid of the curse of the tomb of the Emperor?"
Yuan Zuo county king Gherardini looked at the wind purple clothes seems to know everything about her every move.
That’s exactly what happened.
When Feng Ziyi asked Yuanzuo County King for so long, he just wanted to delay!
She is cursed by Xuan Yuan, and there is not much threat.
She ran "Taixu Leiji", the thunder bone bred Leili, and soon the curse of Tidi grave was banished.
Of course, she procrastinated not only to solve the curse.
She wants to break through to the land directly!
Wind purple clothes can already break through to the earth.
Yes, it’s only after entering the Ten Unique Prisons that I finally suppress the realm after seeing the wind and the remnants of the day.
In the end, she didn’t have a chance to break through a series of things that happened when she got out of trouble and entered the emperor’s grave
If you break through the curse in the emperor’s grave, you will die yourself.
Now back to the county palace to drive away the emperor’s grave and curse the wind and purple clothes, all obstacles have been clear, and the vitality is rolling towards the barrier of the earth and yuan!
Chapter two thousand and sixteen Mayflies shake the tree
Wind purple clothes as if a loud noise.
The barrier is broken!
Feng Ziyi took a deep breath, and a steady stream of vitality poured into her body, constantly washing and baptizing the strength of flesh and blood, bones and muscles, and viscera.
She was surrounded by a series of thunder, and the momentum kept rising.
The king of Yuanzuo County was so surprised that he clapped his hands and smiled and praised, "It’s really good to break through."
He just let the wind and purple clothes, and his immediate breakthrough seems to have no intention of starting work
On the contrary, he finally smiled and looked at the wind purple clothes with a playful look in his eyes.
It’s not that he belittles his opponent.
But because even if the wind purple clothes break through to the ground, he can’t afford to turn over a little spray!
If Wang Gen of Yuanzuo County wouldn’t be entangled in the wind and purple clothes at ordinary times, he would have killed him.
Today, I was ecstatic because I knew that Su Mo was coming back with the jade symbol. Yuan Zuo County King was ecstatic, and it was rare to raise a little interest, so I wanted to play with Feng Zi Yi casually.
Time goes by.
Breaking through this great realm generally requires a process adaptation.
Feng Ziyi saw that the king of Yuanzuo County didn’t make a move, and she didn’t make a move, but continued to absorb the vitality of heaven and earth and baptize the solid realm of the body Yuan God.
Wind purple clothes body movement towards yuan county Wang Chong past surprisingly fast, there is a light shadow.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Yuan Zuo county king also got up and laughed at the wind and purple clothes.
In the face of the wind purple clothes figure, he didn’t even look at it. It was a sudden arrival around the hall of gods!
The wind purple clothes figure crashed into Yuan Zuo County, and the king’s body smashed away without causing any ripples.
This figure is an illusion and has long been seen through by the king of Yuanzuo County!
The wind and purple clothes have long been hidden and fled towards the hall.
As an assassin, she naturally has her own judgment on the situation.
She knows very well that even if she has broken through to Yuan Jing, she is definitely no match for Yuan Zuo County King.
She broke through to the land, too, and she had a better chance of escape.
"Wang hasn’t had enough fun yet. Why should he leave?"
The king of Yuanzuo County bantered with the sound, and then the iron wall fell and hit the ground, and a roar broke out, deafening!
Jinge rang