The Aolejiao glared at the Dragon King of the East China Sea, then bowed his head slightly shyly and squinted at Jade Duxiu with the corner of his eye.

"Thanks for the praise of the Dragon King" Jade Duxiu smiled at the Dragon King of the East China Sea.
"The ego is not the kind of polite person. Since I praise you, you must have something worthy of our praise. The strength of this world is big. Don’t be modest. My dragon is not hypocritical and tight." The North Sea Dragon King laughed and was full of generosity
Jade Duxiu nodded. "Then I agreed at an early age."
"That’s right. You’re called a standout by the nine old guys of Terran. It’s not just Terran’s standout. Even there are few people who can compete with you in this wilderness." Nanhai Longwang said.
Jade Duxiu smell speech is my heart move. Does the Dragon King of the South China Sea mean that he understands that there are people in this world who can compete with him?
It’s the most fate to repair all the way by yourself. If there is anyone else who can repair it on a par with himself, I don’t know if it’s going to be tough enough.
"All right, don’t gossip. Now I’m hosting a banquet in the East China Sea just to entertain Miao Xiu’s nephew. At present, this fine wine and food is not dry. Let’s have a glass of wine quickly." Xi Hailong Wang Dao
The Dragon King of the East China Sea nodded. "This statement makes everyone raise their glasses and drink together."
All the monks drank a glass of wine and jade, but when they looked at the table, they were secretly tongue-licking. It really deserves to be the Dragon Palace in the Four Seas. This wealth is not comparable to that of Terran Nine. What do you mean by this table?
All kinds of delicacies are Wan Zhen’s countless marine specialties, which make people appetite and have strong vitality, but it makes people take a deep breath involuntarily, and even that magic has increased a few minutes.
"Local tyrants, this East China Sea is a local tyrant." Jade Duxiu’s heart did not move.
Chapter 61 Kai Hai Yan
"Desperate things!"
Looking at this table full of elixir Jade Duxiu is heartbroken. If so many medicinal materials can refine Dan medicine, I don’t know how good it will be. I don’t know how many years it can enhance mana.
That’s true, but the East China Sea has deep pockets. There are very few monks who are proficient in alchemy in this world. They can’t find an alchemist. The East China Sea Dragon King can’t chew peony so much.
Of course, the dragon king in the East China Sea is immortal, but it’s not a matter of materials.
After three rounds of wine, the Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at Yu Duxiu drunk, "Wonderful show, you and my child are engaged, but I don’t know when to get married."
Jade Duxiu heard that he put his glass "If you want my certificate, you can get married in Aole."
The Dragon King of the East China Sea nodded. "Remember this sentence of yours. When you are immortal, your child will be married immediately. The fairy can still have an heir. Once you pass the fairy certificate, it is difficult to have an heir again."
Jade Duxiu nodded, and several masters in the East China Sea Dragon King waved away. Only the Four Seas Dragon King, Jin Scale, Jade Duxiu and others sat in the hall to breathe. This lively palace looked deserted but different.
The Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at Jade Duxiu’s eyes and flashed a dignified light. "Wonderful show, you are my son-in-law, Jin Li, and you are not an outsider. You don’t bend around. Now you need to wash the gods to practice your magic at the critical moment. Now the four beads are gathered together to help you achieve this pure nature."
"Thank you, Dragon King. Thank you, Dragon King." Jade Duxiu saluted the Dragon King of the East China Sea with gratitude.
"But," the Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at Jade Duxiu’s eyes. "Don’t be happy too early, but if you wash your magic first, my East China Sea has four congenital sea eyes, and it will inevitably leak out."
"Brother promises never to reveal half a point" Jade Duxiu swears.
"Are you stupid that day? I don’t even know if you’ve washed or practiced mana, but you can’t hide it from these great powers. "The East China Sea Dragon King said.
"Please also ask the Dragon King to give directions." Jade Duxiu said
The Dragon King of the East China Sea touched his beard and said, "These four sea eyes are very important. If a powerful monk comes to borrow them one day, do you think the king will agree or not?"
It’s distressing to lose the innate water.
Dare to go to the door to get the innate water, but none of them are easy. If you don’t promise, it’s harder to be hated than to be remembered by you.
"Please also ask the Dragon King to show" Jade Duxiu way
"When you have finished refining your mana, you will be in charge of these four congenital sea eyes keys. If you are pure in nature, it will not be long before you can have a satisfactory certificate of nature. I will send these four beads to you everywhere. If I need you to hit this congenital sea eye in the East China Sea in the future, it will be" the Dragon King of the East China Sea said.
Jade Duxiu is one leng but nodded. "I have no opinion that the four beads are all magic weapons, but I am very happy to get four magic weapons for no reason."
The Dragon King of the East China Sea nodded. "In that case, you can go to the bath and purify yourself. After March, Wang quietly punched four congenital sea eyes and you can enter the middle school to practice your magic."
"Thank you, Dragon King," Jade Duxiu said respectfully to the Dragon King in the East China Sea.
Have GongE with jade Duxiu back to the room naturally have Lingquan end to jade Duxiu bath clean body.
Light a column of high-fragrant jade, slowly recede the clothes and gently clean the body in Lingquan.
The mana impurity of the refining body is not to be neglected, but it is the most important turning point of Jade Duxiu’s practice today. If it is successful, it will lead to a vast expanse of heaven and fairy road, and if it fails, it will lead to a deformed quasi-fairy in the future. Although it can be mixed with immortality, it will lead to immortality.
Slowly converge your thoughts and cut off all distractions. Jade alone shines all over the body, and the pores are full of beauty, and you constantly understand all kinds of metaphysical and magical powers.
On this day, I heard Gong E’s voice from outside, "Have you ever been ready?"
"Good" Jade Duxiu got up and changed into a cassock, and her hair was gently tied with black silk thread to form a hair sideburns with a jade crown and walked towards the door.
At this time, the East China Sea Hall has disappeared. Only the East China Sea Dragon King Jin Li is sitting in the hall. They don’t know what to talk about. When Jade Duxiu came in, the East China Sea Dragon King stopped talking and looked at Jade Duxiu again. "Good, good, the whole body is full of energy and can enter the congenital sea eye."
"I don’t know where the congenital sea eye is?" Jade Duxiu quite curious way
"The congenital sea eye not only measures the ends of the earth," the Dragon King of the East China Sea reveals a little mysterious and unpredictable smile. At the moment when the palm of his hand moves, the four beads drilled out of his big sleeve are the fixed Haizhu, the town Haizhu, the static Haizhu and the AnhHaizhu.
Four beads were illuminated by Shenhua, and a mysterious rhyme flashed, but I saw that the four beads followed that mysterious law and kept jumping for a moment. The Dragon King of the East China Sea grabbed the unique golden light of jade and disappeared with the four beads.
The figures of the Dragon King, Jin Li and Yu Duxiu in a secret place in the East China Sea are constantly jumping and emitting mysterious fluctuations by flashing four mysterious beads.
_ ____w_ w_ w_____ __
Jade Duxiu felt very dizzy for a while, but she had arrived at an ancient, obscure and immortal palace.
"How does this qi machine feel familiar?" Jade Duxiu said to himself.
The dragon king of the East China Sea in front of him suddenly turned around with a quiver of his palm, and his eyes were all distorted.
"Do you feel familiar here?" The Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at Jade Duxiu with an imperceptible excitement.
Yu Duxiu looked at the main hall. "Although I have never been here, I don’t know that there is a gas machine I am familiar with here."
"God bless me all over the world. God bless me all over the world." The East China Sea Dragon King looked at Yu Duxiu with dribbling eyes, and then there was a strange look in his eyes, which was full of tenderness. "If you are familiar with the feeling, don’t worry about the king. Just open the door and enter the congenital sea eyes to refine your mana."
When the Dragon King of the East China Sea finished speaking, a Taoist tactic flew out of the fairy machine, and the four beads were gradually distorted and changed for a moment, only to see that the four beads were gradually merged into one.
"This ….." Jade Duxiu was dumbfounded. "Can these four beads really be integrated?"
"These four beads are of extraordinary origin, and it is not different to have such miraculous functions." Jin Li said
Jade Duxiu smell speech hands behind but no words are looking at the continuous fusion of four beads.
While the Dragon King of the East China Sea converged on the dharma tactic, he turned his head to look at the brocade scale jade. "Millions have never used this dharma tactic, and it is really a bit crude. These four sea eyes have accumulated millions of innate water, let alone you. Even a few more are enough to wash your mana."

Zhou Jia Dian Dian hand purse not shook his head pan language.

"I’ve never heard of being a human being and crediting the stars. I haven’t received all the money from you in the past three years."
He looked at Fang Chuishou Ye Li way
"In the first year, twenty thousand stars were credited with ten thousand dollars; Last year, 16 thousand star coins owed 14 thousand; This year, there are simply 10,000 and 2,000 refining materials. "
"You are very disciplined, and the money is getting less and less."
"Predecessor" Ye Li Xiaokou
"It’s eleven thousand three hundred."
"Is there a difference?" Zhou Jia put a purse and sighed.
"It’s just a matter of giving money on credit. You also borrowed five loads of precious medicines from me. Can those precious medicines sell for tens of thousands of stars?"
"In this way, I have to post money in it!"
If you think about it carefully, there is no one left to do his job.
Ye Li’s face is full of shame. Why don’t you pull the history slips? It won’t be too embarrassing to be accompanied by someone.
She carefully looked up and said
"Business is often bad at first, and last year we met a group of swindlers, which caused a lot of losses …"
"But don’t worry!"
She vowed to say
"After three years’ hard work, we have opened up the business road, and the business will definitely get better and better. We will never lack your money for one year."
"I heard this the year before last." Zhou Jia didn’t have a good mouth.
"It’s a pity that the result is not like what Ge said."
Ye Nan, a "senior", recited the previous step.
"Don’t blame your aunt for her hard work and the business has really improved this year. The horse is going to make a lot of money."
"In addition …"
She took out a few books from the parcel around her and said
"We collected a lot of silver from some declining families of Jiuyi Sect, and brought it back with us."
"They also cost a lot of money."
"Yes" Ye Li forced a smile and rubbed his Ye Na head at the same time.
"These are all Nanyin’s predecessors. Although she is young, she acts like a model, and I heard that her predecessors should be extra hardworking."
Zhang gradually took the book and sent it to Zhou Jia.
There are only a few things in the book, but many documents are bound together, and they are really from the hands of the silver strong.
Textual research on Muji Baiyin
Quest for the Golden Creature
Nine Yi and Three Wonderful Stories
I can see that there are two women. These volumes are very heart-warming, although most of them are not what they are for Zhou Jia.
But the experience of others, even the wrong experience, has certain reference significance.
It is not difficult to put away such things.
After all, it’s all something left by dead silver that is really valuable and probably won’t be sold outside, but it will certainly take time and effort.
Flipped through the books Zhou Jia looked slow and nodded toward Ye Na Yin.
"Good girl has a heart."
"Yes" leaf glass quickly way
"Senior, you don’t know these volumes. Nanyin stayed up all night and watched the hardships. Everything comes to him who waits."
"If it’s a chore, it’s unnecessary." Zhou Jia gently shook his head and thought about taking a fruit out of Gankun.
"A few years ago, when I was in Yuancheng, I met an alien silver and got several enlightenment achievements from him."
"Take this one!"
With a single shot, the fruit crossed an arc and fell into the hands of Ye Na Yin.
"In addition to a solid foundation, the advanced black iron is like understanding the meaning of black iron. This thing can help you."
Ye Li, a "thank elder", pulled Ye Na to kneel with a bright eye.
"Thank you quickly, senior"
"Nan Yin thanked his predecessors"
"all right"
Zhou Jia with the wave.
"Go ahead. I hope you can bring some good news next time."
"Yes, yes," Ye Li hastily nodded and repeatedly proffering flaming before pulling Ye Na Yin out of the house step by step and devoting to leave.
Lu Ye Na Yin blinked and asked.
"Those books are all your credit. I just helped a little. What do you want to say that I did it?"

Penultimate skill advanced spell combo

This advanced spell crit and advanced spell combo also
And what Fang wants to say hasn’t happened, so if it goes well, sumeru’s mantra is still the sumeru tear demon!
However, as we all know, no one dares to clap his chest to ensure that the skill of sumeru mantra has not appeared.
Of course, there are exceptions.
For example, Fang Xiang
Looking at the two skills of advanced spell crit and advanced spell combo, I just smiled when I thought about it.
"Oh, that’s no problem, boss. Your number."
Fang Xiang thought that the mouse cursor fell off the summoning bar and the fork surface fell off the summoning bar.
"Ah? Anchor little brother, show everyone a skill! "
"Yeah, I want to show you a sumeru, bro."
"If this falls, isn’t it a trick?"
Looking at the words appearing on the public screen, I want to leave my mouth.
"You still don’t believe it when I say it’s done."
Said reluctantly ordered summoning bar.
Then I hit the 6-skill sumeru tears demon.
Show millions of dream friends a glimpse of red in front of them!
6 skills sumeru tears demon
I didn’t drop it
It’s done!
"I am really good at this skill!"
"Anchor Brother 6666666!"
"It’s good? Can I call you later? "
When these six skills sumeru mantra tears demon appeared in front of thousands of dream friends, the whole public screen exploded.
Fang thought that he had a superb skill in fighting and recruited these ten million people.
And sook and others are whispering at this time.
"Ah? This party seems to be a little more powerful than I thought. It seems that not only can I command and play, but my skills are also very good? "
"In this case, did I give him my 12 skills to split Huashan? I haven’t dared to play since the former Chen color came out for me. "
Suk said it was because he kept throwing 12 skills in the warehouse to split Huashan. Players like Suk naturally pursue red, but it is more difficult than going to heaven to keep the 12 skills red! It’s also because of the fact that the qualifications of the children who split Huashan Mountain have grown up very well. So Suk has never fought and abandoned the warehouse.
"Is that the 169 attack capital, 56 physical capital, 15 speed qualification, 13 growth and 12 skills?"
When I heard Sook say it was over, I couldn’t help swallowing.
If this bb is really won, it’s definitely a price. When he saw Suk, the Vishnu child, he wanted Suk to play it for himself. But Suk directly refused the joke. The playing technique 6 Sumeru mantra Vishnu children’s department is all together. How dare you give it to him?
"Well, that’s what makes Fang want to play when he looks back."
Sook said that, but he was thinking something else.
This time, I went back to China to deal with the Su’s regiment and Xiongfeng regiment, but now things have been handled almost. Su’s father has also come out of the police station. Everything in the Su’s regiment is working normally, but he should also be relieved that it is time to leave China and go back to his small island in Europe with Ah Wan. However, there have been a lot of things around me recently, and it is a big surprise for Su Ke to decide to stay for a few more days before leaving.
However, despite this decision, the date of going abroad must be set in advance.
Sigh slightly and turn your eyes to the brain screen.
At this moment, Fang wants to put the tens of millions of dream coins left in the account of the 9-level troll king boss into a special bank, then give the boss the number and log in to the second account.
The second account is from General Rumby, a 175-level knight errant sect, and the name of this dream friend game is also attractive to Fang Xiang.
"r idol?"
When I saw this name, millions of dream friends in the whole live broadcast couldn’t help laughing. What the hell is this name? That’s a new name. You dare to show it in front of old R.
And this R idol owner is embarrassed to scratch his head at this time, and then the public screen said
"Oh, I’m sorry, Fang Xiang, little brother. I came here to call R fans, but the name has already been taken, so I tried to change the last two words into idols. I didn’t expect that no one registered and changed it on the spur of the moment."
Although this sentence is meant to be said to Fang, everyone knows that he meant it for you.
It is naturally impossible for Suk and others to have a name and have general knowledge with this dream friend. Besides, it’s nothing.
"What are you going to do with this R idol boss?"
Fang wants to hold back a smile and ask the master of the 175-level knight errant.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven The last step (1 more)
"Oh, oh, here’s the thing, little brother. I want to summon a beast with three special skills: death call, spell defense and fear of giving. Do you think this fits?"
Hearing this dream friend called "urk Idol" talking, I can’t help but jump my eyes.
Those dream friends on the public screen are sprayed directly.
"Pull calf you here?"
"It’s a technical flow to play with the anchor brother. It’s purely a luck flow. It’s almost the same if you get together and find the anchor brother to play!"
"That is, if the anchor brother wants to combine anything, what can he do? Then it’s silly to sell the baby directly to make money. Are you stupid?"
After all, it really depends on luck to get things done, but in the last sentence, Fang Xiang had to wave his hand. He really earned a suite by playing together and selling embryos … Well, that’s the suite he is now in.
This suite didn’t rely on the family to take a penny, but it was earned from the fantasy westward journey.
Fantasy Westward Journey is a game.
If you play well, it is heaven, but if you don’t play well, it is hell.
There are a lot of bloody cases, and what loans are put in front of us to buy equipment, but if we play well, it will never have such an impact. It is not a problem to have less insurance.
However, I wonder if I will talk too much about this issue during the live broadcast.
Because a game is the same, it is never a game problem but a player’s own mentality that determines the player’s state.

Fang Fengchen’s eyes flashed and his eyes swept through Zizhu couple, and he fell back to Zhou Jiashen with a slight respite.

Although Zhou Jia revealed that the repair was not high, he also made moves all the way, but it always gave people a sense of peace of mind.
The landslide is in front and the face does not change color!
These days, the team is extremely nervous, and the black iron masters in the same trade have also tightened their spirits. Only Zhou Jia is as usual.
The other party seems to care about nothing, and it seems that everything is under control
Like a caravan …
Almost always inquire about the behavior of a Hu family before going out to make sure that only Zhou Jia will not move in case of loss
Even if there is a black iron missing, the road will change and the look will not change.
I don’t know whether it’s a daring artist or simply knowing that the other party can live so long. Fang Fengchen believes the former more.
Thoughts turned his consciousness toward Zhou Jia by the by.
the moon and stars
so dark that you can’t see your hand in front of you
Piles of bonfires lit up in the dark mountain road, and some figures swayed with the flames and whispered from time to time.
Zhou Jia touched the sword box beside him and looked around.
Jin Huang’s pulse, three feats, six methods and a brilliant tactic are natural and extraordinary, but it’s a pity that people have come to practice this feat for 300 years.
He who has the highest memory is also broken.
Finally, he broke ten brilliant strategies and completed them satisfactorily.
Compared with other black iron top-notch techniques, other black iron top-notch techniques have no special effects, but their only advantage is their rich background.
Zhou Jiayuan, the peak of the same black iron, is strong enough to be twice as powerful as others.
And’ god’
And stronger.
Even the perfect generation of Shenyuan is far less than him.
This is not only because of the brilliant tactic, but also because of the mysterious fetus of the dragon and tiger, and the strong flesh feeds back the essence and is full of self-improvement
Transcending God and Perfecting’ God’ is not a decoration.
"Shout …"
A long spit of turbid air depresses my mind, and Zhou Jia’s eyes are full of divine light.
at this moment

The rainy day shook his head at the moment. "Did you ask people for advice when you forced them to borrow money? Now that I challenge you, I think of it. How can there be such a good thing? "

"Well, stop nagging and die!"
Immediately he took a slight step forward.
And this step makes the Golden Knife Door Master face a quiver and immediately complete "die?" It is not certain who will die tonight! Do you know that the door master has already invited the white-clad door chief helmsman Chen to come to help? Chief helmsman Chen is a top player in the Jianghu. Even if you are no better, you are no match. Damn it, it’s you today! "
"Oh?" In the rain, my heart moved and I couldn’t help laughing. "Is it the chief helmsman Chen, who was listed as a traitor by the imperial court?"
"Looking for death!"
That’s when it happened.
A folded drink suddenly rang outside the hospital.
At the same time, dozens of figures rolled over and entered.
These people are very young, and everyone is dressed in white and red scarves, and they are neatly packed in the courtyard.
But they didn’t make the slightest move. They knelt down in one place and said the same thing, "The White Men Iron Blood Youth League please welcome the chief helmsman!"
For a moment, a piece of petals was suddenly sprinkled, and a white tall figure fell among these petals.
This figure, with a black sword in hand, stepped on the petals and walked in, which was natural and elegant.
So step by step to the roof and finally fall back on everyone!
At this moment
Everyone at Jindaomen looked happy and couldn’t help but say, "The chief helmsman is the chief helmsman. Chief helmsman Chen is coming!"
Chapter one hundred The death of the chief helmsman is not a good sign.
In a dilapidated courtyard
The red petals fall slowly
Dressed in white and wearing a red scarf, the iron-blooded youth group knelt on one knee.
The eyes beside the Golden Knife Gate turned from nervousness to admiration and expectation.
In particular, there is no fear in the face of the Golden Sword Gate.
Everyone looked at the roof together, and the white figure looked exciting to everyone.
Chief helmsman Chen of the White Door is a wanted criminal in the imperial court, but he is famous throughout the Wei River’s Lake for his martial arts and his extraordinary skill. He is admired by many Jianghu people as a "hero"!
After his appearance, the whole hospital was very quiet, as if it had become the center of everyone.
At this moment, Chief Helmsman Chen of White Door turned around and said softly, "Don’t be ill, Master Jin Dao."
This is a middle-aged man with a tall and upright body and a black sword in his hand.
Whoever sees him at first sight.
I knew it was not a simple person.
Especially that temperament.
Calm, floating and unrestrained
"Thanks to Chief Chen, everything has been fine recently!" At this moment, the Golden Knife Master bowed down and smiled. "But the Chief Helmsman invited you here today to solve a problem for you."
As he spoke, he turned his eyes not far away, and then said, "I have a grudge, but he challenged me with martial arts. If I don’t, I will kill them all. Please ask Chief Chen to help me kill this thief!"
Compared with the white door, Mr. Chen, the helmsman, is floating like a real master.
The femininity of rainy weather gives people a strong sense of discomfort.
Let go of rivers and lakes
This is the contest between decent and evil factions.
"I said where did the Golden Knife Door Master come from? It turned out that he had hired a helper." You couldn’t see any tension when you surrounded your hands in the rainy day.
But if you look closely, you can see the excitement and surprise hidden in your eyes.
After coming to Beiyang House from the rainy day,
I have been tracking down the news of White Door.
Also launched the power of the East Factory.
It is these people who hide too deep to find their roots.
Naide has been constantly gaining fame among the major Jianghu sects in Beiyang Mansion.
But I still found that the white door didn’t show signs, and finally I found out that the golden knife door had white doors.
The challenge letter sent directly to the Golden Knife Master is to lead to the Chief Helmsman Chen.
It’s raining, and I don’t expect much about it.

"It’s enough that you have protected him from here for such a long time. It’s meaningless to protect his generation. What’s worse, Ye Aofeng’s goal is that Gu Jian can’t really stab him in the arm and put a shoulder." I thought for a moment and said again, "Let’s hide the aura in the next two days and see if Ye Aofeng is improper. If he doesn’t take the initiative to find the door, I have to go back."

"OK" King Kong Gun nodded happily. He is different from me. This guy is married. He must miss his wife when he goes out.
After the conversation, they went to Lin Yicheng’s room on the second floor. Because I came to Lin Yicheng’s villa, the first sight was that I had to visit the hospital bed at King Kong Gun Station. Although Lin Yicheng knew that I was coming, she didn’t meet me for the first time, and Mei Zhu Mei Fan and her two sisters didn’t have a building because they wanted to protect Lin Yicheng.
The first time I saw Mei Fan, I found that this prospective leader was not only purple, but also very beautiful. However, my eyebrows were cold and arrogant, which made me quite unhappy, so I nodded slightly and went to Lin Yicheng.
Lin Yicheng’s spirit is still good to see me coming. He quickly moved from the hospital bed and greeted me politely. First of all, he thanked King Kong Gun for protecting him during this period, and then he rambled about things except the tomb. When I went out to stay with King Kong Gun for two days to see if Ye Aofeng would come to pick a fight again, Lin Yicheng politely declined.
Kong Bao and I naturally won’t be hot-faced and cool-ass, so we got up and left. Lin Yicheng instructed Mei Zhu to take out a large denomination check to express our gratitude. This money was protected by Kong Bao, and he naturally wouldn’t refuse to take it and put it in his pocket.
"How do I feel that Lin Yicheng is a little abnormal?" I started my car and left Lin Yicheng’s villa. Lin Yicheng had previously sent Mei Zhu to call for help in the middle of the night, but now Ye Aofeng has not lifted the threat to him, but he has not kept us away, which makes me feel very wrong.
"I also feel that something is wrong. Lin Yicheng has been very strange since Ye Aofeng came here." King Kong Gun took out a check, looked at it and put it in his pocket.
"What abnormal performance does he have?" I asked frowning.
"He doesn’t seem to be so afraid anymore, and I don’t want to protect him with that Mei Fan." King Kong Bao thought for a moment and said.
"What happened when Ye Aofeng came over? Tell me about it." I vaguely felt that there was a problem.
"What didn’t happen was that I woke up and found Ye Aofeng outside the wall and chased him out. As a result, I lost him at dawn," recalled King Kong Gun.
"Mei Fan didn’t go out with you?" I turned to ask, I remember hearing Mei Fanyin when I was talking that day.
"I went to the front and back feet," replied King Kong Gun.
"Were you with her then?" I asked questions.
"Without my living room and their bedroom, why do you ask this and want to complain?" King Kong Gun misunderstood my meaning.
I frowned and stepped on the brakes and turned to look back at Lin Yicheng’s bedroom glass. Then I turned and stepped on the gas and left here.
"Did Ye Aofeng face you or turn his back on you when you found him that night?" I was silent for a long time, and once again, Lin Yicheng’s attitude towards me has always been respectful. There must be a reason for the rapid change today. I have been asking about the details of King Kong Gun, which is to find out the reason why Lin Yicheng changed his attitude.
"Forgot" King Kong Gun also knew that I wouldn’t ask nonsense casually and tried very hard to recall the scene at that time. Unfortunately, he didn’t remember it in the end.
"Where did Mei Fan chase out to take the door or the window at that time?" I pulled out a cigarette and lit one.
"I didn’t look back. She followed me when I was chasing the street." King Kong Bao stared at his eyes and shook his head.
I nodded and didn’t say anything, but in my mind, I became more and more suspicious that the hostile situation between Lin Yicheng and Ye Aofeng had changed. When King Kong Bao woke up, he found Ye Aofeng, and the horse chased him out, while Mei Fan was able to chase him out after the King Kong Bao swept him out. That means she didn’t sleep at that time. Since she didn’t sleep, she should naturally find Ye Aofeng before King Kong Bao. Why didn’t she take the lead in chasing him out?
Connecting all the clues together, I made a bold guess that Ye Aofeng came to look for Lin Yicheng the other day, not to kill him, but to negotiate with him. According to Lin Yicheng’s indifference to me and King Kong Gun, these two guys may have reached some kind of agreement.
"What do you think when you are old?" King Kong Bao always looked dignified when he saw me until I thought about something.
"It’s okay, let’s go to Xi ‘an." I stubbed out my cigarette and turned the car on the road, Lin Yicheng and Ye Aofeng. It’s just my guess. I don’t want to say it, which makes the king kong gun worry. Neither of them knows that the other is different, so I’m not sure that my analysis is correct.
"What are you doing in Xi ‘an?" King kong cannon puzzled asked.
"It’s raining hard. Let’s take him back to Ziyang Temple," I sighed.
"He’s not yet five years old." King Kong Gun has the final say.
"Take it back early. I want to teach him and Qiu Muyu Taoism as soon as possible." I shake my head with a wry smile. If Lin Yicheng really makes a deal with Ye Aofeng, they will certainly speed up their entry into the Qin Mausoleum. In this way, I will naturally turn against them and rob them to enter the Qin Mausoleum, because that artifact that may go against the sky is the only hope to save the life of Mu Zhuifeng and King Kong Gun. But once I enter the mausoleum, I will be able to fold it and leave a generation of ideas for Ziyang Temple as soon as possible. Those brothers in the mountains are not qualified to practice advanced Taoism. The brother-in-law in-
It rains during the day, and parents are naturally reluctant to send their children away, but children’s disabilities have formed, and it can become more and more serious to stay with them. It is naturally difficult for us to take them away.
"Your apprentice will be a jinx in the future!" King Kong cannon turned to look at sleeping in the back seat. It rained during the day, so the child didn’t drop a tear from his parents.
I stared at the king kong cannon and didn’t speak. During the day, the rain smelled terrible and fierce. When I grew up, I was either a hero or a lean man.
Back in Ziyang view, we settled down, and we talked about the things in Zhongnanshan, and we were surprised by the reaction. She strongly agreed that we should go to Zhongnanshan to look for those suspicious ancient tombs.
"The teacher elder sister Qin Huangling will never reach the South Mountain, and it’s not that you don’t know where to go and can’t find it." I shook my head and said.
"Lv Yan’s abode of fairies and immortals is likely to end in the South Mountain. If you can find him, the abode of fairies and immortals may have something for you."
Lv Yan’s Chunyang cave guest is the only golden fairy who is not Chunyangshen Avenue from ancient times to modern times.
Please forgive me for being out on a business trip. I will make up for it when I get home.
Chapter 339 He rocks
"Sister, how do you know?" I sat up from my chair because of my longing for the wind. Lv Dongbin is a Taoist immortal, a true ancestor of Yu Xiao, and he is like a real Jin Xian on the Avenue.
"I guess," said Mu Zhuifeng with a smile.
Her answer made me shrink back to my seat like a deflated ball. I think it was also our previous life in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, while Lv Dongbin was in the Tang Dynasty. Naturally, I shouldn’t know his details
"You and Lao Si have been running outside in recent years, and I have been handling things. When I sorted out the scriptures we taught, I also read the classics of other sects. I found that there are still some merits in the cultivation of Taoist Dan." Mu Zhuifeng reached out and licked his long hair on his forehead. "This Lv Yan is the ancestor of Dan Yi and Zhongnanshan is where he rose in the daytime. I think the abode of fairies and immortals should be Zhongnanshan before he rose."
I shook my head and said that I longed for chasing the wind, but there was nothing for us to learn from. I naturally knew that she hoped that I could find Lv Dongbin’s abode of fairies and immortals before he rose to the top, and that the immortal might leave some Dan’s practice to improve himself, but her idea was good, but it didn’t work at all. First, I wasn’t sure whether Lv Dongbin’s abode of fairies and immortals would come to the top, even if I found him, I wouldn’t necessarily find him. I can find that he left behind his teachings or ancient books. The most important thing is that even if I found them, there is nothing because our spiritual practices are different from those of alchemists. We compress the aura from penance. An air mass similar to a liquid state is hidden in the air sea, and it can be forced out of the body when needed, so that it can be fast and powerful, while alchemists condense the aura into a circular pill similar to a solid state. Although it can accumulate more aura than us, it can’t make it burst like us instantaneously. Even if I get the practice of Dan, there is nothing for me. Here, alchemy means that the body condenses gas, and the method of Dan is used to make lead and mercury burn, but the root of Dan is not enough. That is the practice of suicide.
"We naturally have to learn from their alchemy, but Lv Yan’s ascension is of great benefit to you." Mu Zhuifeng’s theory is very dignified
As we all know, Lv Dongbin is a free and easy-going fairy, and his love affair in Bai Mudan has been going through the ages. Besides, he had wives and concubines before he became a monk, but these did not hinder his future moral integrity and his descendants. This means that this guy is not unique in the past and present.
Mu Zhuifeng said that I have already understood her true meaning here. She asked me and King Kong Bao to go to Zhongnanshan to look for Lv Dongbin’s abode of fairies and immortals, which is to find out and solve the reasons and methods of his rising in the daytime. The ultimate goal is to hope that I can repair the pole at the peak of the purple gas and further surpass the purple gas and enter the real immortal realm.
"Different benefits come from practicing the Taoist method." I frowned and said that people in monasticism are most afraid of being half-hearted. Looking at that mountain, they will never achieve anything. Besides, if I practice the Taoist method, it is different from deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors.
"He can attack jade with rocks. If one day, you can be ranked in the fairy class with a golden shield, not only can you get rid of the shame of Jiuhua, but you can also enjoy the glory of Ziyang." Mu Zhuifeng said indignantly that we were calculated step by step in Erjiuhua Mountain the other day, and in the end, we suffered heavy losses, but we still lost.
"Can you two stop talking in your sleep and think about braising in soy sauce or steaming before the rabbit is caught?" King Kong Cannon saw me talking to Mu Zhuifeng endlessly, but he couldn’t help but interrupt our conversation.
Mu Zhuifeng took a look at the King Kong cannon and stopped. He turned and walked into the Guanqi Xuan.
"Old in now it seems that it is a good thing to go to Zhongnanshan." King Kong cannon watched the desire to chase the wind away from this before the line of sight came back.
"It is also a good thing to look for it without eyes?" I sighed and said
"Qin Huang Mausoleum I don’t find me to find Lv Dongbin’s tomb. With those people at headquarters, the tanks seem to be run over by pieces." King Kong cannon leans against the chair with a cigarette. Hey hey bad smile.
"Most of the staff in the second division are branches of the true religion flag. Do you think they will follow us to find their ancestors’ abode of fairies and immortals?" I’m too lazy to correct the slip of the tongue. Immortal living is called abode of fairies and dead living is called grave.
"That’s enough with those who are teaching and those who will have special functions in one subject." King Kong cannon turned to look at Zhang Xiaoxue and took the children to sleep, patted his ass and got up and went back to the bedroom.
"I went to see the real Huang Mei." I also got up and went out.
After the King Kong cannon and I left the mountain, we liked to be clean. We moved out of the Guanqixuan and lived in the mountainside cave. His move obviously meant avoiding suspicion. Because after we left the Guanqixuan, there were two women, Mu Zhuifeng and Zhang Xiaoxue, and a group of children. Although he was old, he was a man after all, so he would take the initiative to ask to move to the cave to live.
Huang Mei’s real injury has healed well, and the fracture site has healed well. Seeing my arrival with crutches, I quickly let go and got up and met each other.

"Teacher Su, this iron cold base is already a waste. What should I do?"

Liuping ask again
Su Mo didn’t speak before dragging Iron Cold from Liuping’s hand without saying a word.
Blood gushes!
Cold blood is not hot, but it is cold and cold!
Su Mo cut the iron cold head with a palm!
Around dozens of monks are a careful mind.
Don’t move your eyelids and jump wildly, and your mouth muscles twitch uncontrollably. You look pale.
What about the Great Jinxian Kingdom, the Great Defender, and the reincarnation of Feixianmen? It seems that there is no difference between ordinary livestock in this eye.
So decisive and so casual!
Don’t say it’s others, even the people in Gankun Hospital are secretly frightened.
Immortal Taihua killed Brother Ye Fei, and naturally everyone wanted to settle accounts with Immortal Taihua.
But if the public let them kill others, everyone will have some concerns and some hesitation.
Have the scruples of this war determination in front of you!
"Good good!"
Yuan Zuo county king looked at this scene, and his eyes showed a gloomy look, wishing he could not personally rush into the cloud nine to slay Su Mo.
The white sea fairy has already put away the folding fan and sat at the table.
The Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen surrounded and killed people, which completely failed.
The first ten immortals of Taihua, Tie Han and Qing Chen died in Su Mo’s hand!
Although there are four fairies left in these two forces, even if these four people join hands, nothing can be achieved.
These four immortals have not yet arrived at the weighbridge tablet, which shows that their means are far from falling. These people naturally threaten Su Mo.
Su Mo cut the iron cold head and then went to the battlefield to cut off the heads of the fairy bodies of Dajinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen.
Ten heads are dripping with scarlet blood …
Or die miserable or show horror or facial features ferocious or bloody.
It’s chilling that a handsome person will hold these ten bloody heads in his hand to form a strong contrast!
"I said I would let these people be buried with Brother Ye."
Su Mo said, "Take Brother Ye’s body back to the hospital. These people’s heads will be sacrificed and placed in front of Brother Ye’s grave."
The eyes of everyone in Gankun Hospital are slightly red.
This may be the greatest comfort to Ye Fei.
Ye Fei did not die in vain.
He died alone, leaving one of the ten peak immortals in the Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen buried with the reincarnation of a true fairy!

On June 9th, the earth source small universe suppressed the soil rules. Miao Huanshan, Ji Si and Augustus all showed no signs of breaking through.

On June 12, the fire source small universe suppressed the fire rules. The four players, Wen Shao, Mei Sen, Dai Lijun and Yan Xuejin, showed no signs of breaking through.
Auxiliary effect of suppression of earth-source small universe on June 15
On June 1 ST, the auxiliary breakthrough of small universe suppression of fire source
On June 21, the suppression of the earth source small universe assisted the breakthrough of silicon!
Blue star’s fifth small universe is strong, and Ji Si appears!
This elder brother, who is famous for his toughness and perseverance, has made a breakthrough in the small universe.
June 24, June 27, June 3, three times of repression and auxiliary breakthroughs all worked.
On July 2nd, Xu Hui received the emergency military information from Joan, Derui and Weibin.
The Mayan army has completed the third-order military plan that can be executed at any time, and at this time, Wei Bin, Cai Shaochu and Xu tui also had differences for the first time.
"Horse to carry out the third sequence military plan at least can we blue star to buffer for three months to half a year.
To attack the Mayans, the Daxi and Eldar will inevitably go back and destroy the Mayans first to solve the hidden danger of the Mayans, "said Wei Bin.
"That’s true, but three months or half a year hasn’t changed much for us.
I don’t know how many small universe giants Bluestar will have in three months or six months, but it may be one or two or a bit.
The overall strength of Bluestar will also rise a little.
But by that time, the Daxi clan and Eldar clan will have our blue star as an enemy in the whole universe.
I think the Maya, an ally of natural warfare, must be preserved and made to give full play to it. "Xu retreated and expressed his opinions.
"but in that case, we have worked hard to build those star bases in the sun in recent years, which may be destroyed. If it is serious, we may return to before liberation overnight.
Are you still not sure about Chu Ling and Yuan when the head of the team is buffered for three to six months? "Weibin is not stupid. Weibin is now expecting Xu to retreat and create miracles again.
If we fight for it for three months to six months, then we can kill Chuling and Yuan just like killing Heiyang.
"There is the possibility.
But this probability will not exceed five percent. "
Weibin smell speech was a joy first, but then froze for five percent. The probability is too low.
After a few minutes, the defender Bin smiled bitterly. "I give up my opinion and do everything according to the head."
"to lose everyone to lose.
Everyone loses land and everyone is everywhere!
If the base is destroyed, it can be rebuilt according to the plan of the head of the team, "Cai Shaochu said.
"Well, then continue to wait," Xu said. "Wait for the day when Daxi and Eldar attack the sun."
By the way, the Muyan knot must have been discovered by the army Elves, right? "Asked xu back.
"Found and has made the corresponding defense arrangement.
However, the Eldar side found the location of the Muyan common army.
But I didn’t find the position of the elite knot of the Umya people, "Cai Shaochu said.
"How much did the elite of the Myan people have?" Xu asked back.
"Two hundred nine WeiHang star five hundred WeiHang star one thousand seven WeiHang star six WeiHang star and five WeiHang star a total of five thousand people.
They have all been finished and trained by Derek, Gabe and Grace, ready to fight, "Cai Shaochu said.
"Well, then continue to practice and wait," Xu said.
On July 16th, 2143, Daxi and Eldar married for three months. elite force sent out to kill the solar high-temperature fire curtain in the cosmic passage and launched a long-range bombardment against the solar high-temperature fire curtain.
At the same time, I was practicing in the fire universe and suddenly opened my eyes.
The final curtain of this cosmic Armageddon has been drawn.

As early as before leaving Xuantiancheng, Su Mo told the spirit to spend the night and let it go to Danyang Gate with Xiao Ning.

Su Mo wants to return to Zhou Dafa and Xiao Ning, and he can rest assured that there is a night spirit with him in the past.
Knowing that Xiao Ning is ill, Su Mo can rest assured that he will not stay in the city and go directly to Ji Yaoxue and others to practice the abode of fairies and immortals.
Su Mo had promised Ji Yaoxue that she would go back to find her.
Suddenly Sue ink thought of a person can’t help but frowned.
At first, he felt that there was something wrong with this man, but there was no evidence.
Before leaving, he also woke up Ji Yaoxue and deliberately left some means to guard against this person.
"I hope Yao Xue is all right."
The cold light in Su Mo’s eyes flashed, and a pair of big wings stretched out, and the blood suddenly exploded, and the speed of running has reached the limit!
Chapter four hundred and sixty-six Face falling out
On the edge of the ancient battlefield stands a steep mountain peak.
Halfway up the mountain, there was a man with handsome hands and a hint of extravagance in his brow. He looked gloomy and a cold light flashed in his eyes from time to time.
Qingshuangmen Junhao was the emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty.
Before struggling to pursue Ji Yaoxue, it was because he had long known the identity of Princess Ji Yaoxue!
If two people can go further, he can use this opportunity and identity to touch all the details of the Zhou Dynasty clearly!
It’s a pity that Ji Yaoxue’s attitude towards him over the years is neither too hot nor too cold, and he treats his fellow disciples separately.
Jun Hao is a little annoyed in his heart, but he is very shrewd and in no hurry.
It’s a long way to fix the truth, and there are many opportunities for two people to contact each other in the same door.
It’s a pity that the birth of an almost uber monk in Zongmendabi made him feel a sense of crisis!
Ji goblin walked to the front of the man in that pale yellow robe and turned a circle, blinking and smiling like a flower, just like a thorn in Jun Hao’s heart!
Jun Hao narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists gradually
Ji Yaoxue’s attitude towards this person is different from others, even looking at that person makes him jealous!
After entering the ancient battlefield, Su Mo broke out in terror to suppress all the strengths, which completely disrupted Junhao’s plan.
The Great Xia Dynasty entered the ancient battlefield, and the monks were almost wiped out!
What’s even more frightening is that Sumo already suspects him!
Those days, Jun Hao lived on thin ice every day, carefully hiding and not daring to show the slightest flaw.
At ordinary times, that person looks like a delicate, smiling, kind and calm-eyed person.
But Jun Hao knows in his heart that this is an war decision-maker!
If you want him to show his flaws, this one will directly kill people and will never give him a chance to defend himself!
Finally that day Su Mo left.
Jun took a long breath and was relaxed.
But it didn’t take long for Junhao to get into trouble again, and he hated it and gnashed his teeth!
There are five stone chambers in this cave.

Xu Le, hold the doll and hold it!

Hey! ~
Okay, tough guy knelt on the spot. It hurt so much
When a doll is hurt, it reflects his body like a soul refraction.
This operation is really outrageous!
However, the more outrageous this thing is, the more Xu Le wants to destroy it. This thing is a huge weakness of himself.
Xu Le put the potted plants on the ground and took out his sorcerer’s cane.
Turned the cane into a large-caliber double-barrel shotgun
One shot to Xu Le, the soul burst, and it took two minutes to slowly reshape the body
He covered his head with that feeling, and he really didn’t want to go through it again.
Twist a head to look at the flowerpot. The doll has been completely smashed.
But the flowerpot remained.
Looking at this flowerpot, Xu Le suddenly had an idea, and then … he raised his gun again.
The next day, Xu Le squatted at the door of a tailor’s shop and kept urging.
"Grandma, can you hurry up? I am waiting for class? "
"I’m telling you, young man, it’s unlucky for you to be your own doll. Be careful that people prick you!"
"No, no, this thing is for my good friend. She should not stab me if she is so kind to me."
"Well, it’s done for 1 yuan and 20 cents."
To be honest, it’s a little dark, but Xu Le gave money readily.
No, don’t rely on this skill. Anyway, Xu Le feels that there is no difference between yesterday’s dolls.
Xu Le, the whole doll, went to the flower and bird market again and spent 1 cent to buy potted plants, pulling up all the leaves and leaves before returning to the temporary research institute.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Wang Yueqin, the captain of Night Watch Team 2, there.
See Xu Le back she asked directly.
"Xu Le, where have you been?"
"I lost my way in life."
Chapter 126 will make the heart more than Xu Le.
"glib, do you know that there was an accident in the institute last night?"
"Yeah, there’s something weird, but those things are what you vigil personnel have with me? I’m not a night watchman. "
Xu Le, it feels a little strange to say this, but it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.
"Report your whereabouts."
"I’ve been resting. Didn’t you come and ask me last night?"
"What about that early?"
"I bought potted plants in the flower and bird market early. Miss Gu was too hard during this period, and the research process was also very depressed.
I’m going to buy a pot of grass to put in front of her bed to ward off evil spirits, and I also bought a doll for her to make her angry, so I can take it out with needles.
It’s a leader’s job. I hope she can be a little more considerate, shouldn’t she? "
Xu Le said, so he left the building with his eyes wide open. Several 2-team night watchman didn’t know whether to stop him.
Then Xu Le so openly put potted plants and dolls in front of Gu Jianuo’s bed.
"There was a weird around you night watchman, but it’s a big responsibility to keep staring at me. Why am I not weird and serious?
When you are like this, it is a wave of taxpayers’ money. "
Wang Yueqin didn’t let Xu Le go in a few words. She grabbed Xu Le’s arm directly.
"Have you seen Wei Kui?"
"Where is he?"
"How do I know I’m not his father?" Xu Le looked surprised.
"Didn’t you say you saw him?"
"I saw him yesterday. I said hello to him."
"Xu Le, don’t play games."
"Captain Wang Yueqin, I’m not your genus or the night watchman.
I am now a researcher on the campus of Lighthouse University. You have no reason and no qualification to ask me this question. "
In the face of Wang Yueqin’s questioning, Xu Le did not let it.
The key is that there is no evidence, and Wang Yueqin can’t do anything about it.