"It’s a pity that I’m not interested in your alliance!" Not far from Zhuang, I shook my head and turned to look at those ships. They were loose and pressed their feet. "Get up and roll for me!" I haven’t changed my mind! "

Chap 112 that first time I met someone more cruel than me.
Zhuang is not far away, but he really doesn’t want to fight with (Gegu) for a larger foe, and he is really not interested in the so-called cruel alliance.
What, a group of incomplete men circle themselves and play some manor game?
Manor owners are disdainful.
Let alone develop the manor. I’m afraid these people will never have a chance to repair their manor in a generation.
"What? Our brutal alliance is the biggest force in the era of exile … One "(ancient) sighed and seemed a little guilty and asked," Maybe … someone has invited you? Is it mercy manor? You mustn’t join them. They are full of pseudo-monarchs who can do nothing but drink tea and chat! "
Not far from Zhuang, he looked puzzled (ancient) and sighed, "Isn’t it a benevolent manor? Yes … I know it’s a high Covenant! "
What is all this mess?
Zhuang is impatient soon. "If you beep again, do you believe me?"
(Migu) got up from the ground quickly.
"get out!" Look at what you’re going to say. Zhuang is not far away.
(Migu) made a roll.
Not far from Zhuang’s hand …
Is this guy really a manor owner?
And you call yourself a brutal manor owner?
"I said let you get out of Taojin Town, but I didn’t say let you roll on the ground! Roll for me! "
(fugu) ran on all fours.
Back to my own walnut boat (Gegu), it seems that I have found the road of courage again. "Not far from Zhuang, will you join our cruel alliance?" Don’t blame me if you don’t join! Believe it or not, I bombed your gold rush town! "
"Huh?" Not far from Zhuang, the owner of the small and medium-sized bucket manor stared straight at the brutal examination.
At that moment, it seemed that he saw himself being soaked in the blood when Zhuang was not far away, which scared him to shudder and quickly apologized, "I roll, I roll, I roll!"
Then he touched his head and muttered, "It’s the first time I’ve lived so long that I’ve seen someone more cruel than me …"
Mom, I’m not cruel! Zhuang is not far away from heart.
I just have a cruel name. I am a very kind manor!
"go! Return! " (Migu) I dare not stay any longer. A huge round boat carved from a huge walnut slowly left Taojin Town.
Looking at all the walnuts flying away, Zhuang touched his belly not far away.
"Great!" A few rabbit dragons emerged from the ground and surrounded the village not far away.
Not far from Zhuang, there are rabbits and dragons coming out and gathering more and more.
"Is everything all right?"
"We’re fine, but our war dog was destroyed …"
Not far from Zhuang, organize people to save lives quickly.
Seeing that the war giant dog and the people inside are not far from each other, he gritted his teeth. "Mom, if I knew it, I wouldn’t let him go!"
Not far from Zhuang and the era of exile, these forces have fought so many wars and never suffered losses.
Today, it was a big loss.
It wasn’t the war, the giant dog Taojin Town was also fought by two people, and large buildings were destroyed.
It’s a mess, and it needs to be repaired by manpower and material resources
"Who the hell is this guy?" However, Zhuang is also very concerned about this guy’s strong fighting capacity, which is the strongest opponent except Indigo (Emperor Yi) that Zhuang has seen so far.
And he has never seen such a race.

I put on a pair of pants after going to bed, and of course I know it’s a bit unsightly. I can’t help it! The bed just tossed and turned too much, and my pants slipped from my waist.

I went up to Wen Jiani and frowned. Then I said to Wen Jiani, You said you gave the money to the landlord, but didn’t you know that the landlord had passed away?
I just finished my words. Wen Jiani glared at me and casually said a sentence! !
And the facial expression is no less than seeing the expression of dead people or ghosts!
I’m so grandiose, but I’m going to be an actor! ! !
I ordered a blunt he said really dead.
Actually, I want to tell Wen Jiani that this is a haunted house, but it doesn’t feel right when it comes to my mouth! After all, she is my type, and it’s really boring to scare away!
While I was chatting with Wen Jia-ni, the door rang and I looked towards the living room door.
Who could it be?
At this time, Wenjia neon’s head also turned behind him for two seconds. Wenjia neon turned and walked towards the door.
A middle-aged woman stood at the door after the door was hit!
Although people are middle-aged, it can be seen from her clothes that she still has an ageless heart!
I looked at the middle-aged woman! The figure is quite good, the front is convex and the back is upturned, and it is slim and looks like it is better to maintain!
After knocking on the door, the woman is talking before it is isothermal!
Probably saw me. She asked Wen Jiani about her boyfriend?
I was stunned, but I smiled in my heart.
Wen Jiani shouted at the middle-aged woman that he used to live here as if he were a landlord and tenant.
Hearing this, the woman looked at me and asked me, did you live here in the past?
I quickly ordered one and told her that it was right!
The woman said yes, but I have to pay the rent. My husband died, and now this family is mine. Now I have to pay the rent.
I used to be a landlady.
I said yes to the landlady. I’ll go to the cashier and get the money and give it to you.
Now I just came here for nothing. The landlady rented the house again! However, it reminds me of what Miss Xiao Mei once said to me, that the landlord divorced something …
It seems that I saw my ex-husband die and changed my name to Le Er.
Just when I was thinking about it, the landlady said to Wen Jiani, Is there any mask today? Give me one that finished yesterday, and it feels great! See if my face is white?
Wen Jia neon shouted at the landlady and said, wait for me for a while. After finishing this sentence, Wen Jia neon walked towards her room.
The landlady smiled at me after the isothermal sunshine! Face a mature woman breath …
Out of diaosi yy’s heart, I asked myself, should the landlady look at me?
Seriously, I’m really a little excited
After looking at it, the landlady said to me very rudely, don’t forget to pay the rent for a while
Oh, my god … this … this … this beautiful YY atmosphere has been destroyed! I’m fucking drunk too! I squinted at the landlady and then said, Oh, I see!
Just then Wen Jiani came out of her room and I saw her holding two masks in her hand.
I glanced at Wen Jiani and then turned to look at the landlady! I went to the landlord to see Wen Jiani with a mask in her hand, and the expression on her face was probably that she was not so close to her own mother.
Isn’t it just a mask? Are you making such a fuss?
Bitches are just not ordinary bitches! Different and beyond imagination
After the landlord farted, I was curious to ask you what kind of mask this is. The landlady actually … It’s incredible that I went here, isn’t it?
After saying this, I took a look at Wen Jia neon.
Wen Jiani pouted and said that men will never understand a woman’s longing for beauty.
I admit it’s true … as the saying goes, a woman’s heart is a needle in the sea! Especially for older women, the mind is probably like the Pacific Ocean, right?
Just when I was in a daze, Wen Jiani suddenly asked me, Guess how old that landlord was just now?
I was stunned when I heard this!
I feel that this girl is a little puzzling.
I didn’t want to answer, but I couldn’t help thinking about it when I saw this girl’s face.

Yip hon heaved a sigh of relief and went to the girl’s side. She was about to speak when she took the initiative to say, "No, you drive us away."

Yip hon faint sigh "car"
Girl one leng startled looked up at yip hon.
Ye Han said nothing and jumped into the armored car. The girl quickly got up with the boy in her arms. "Hey, what should I do?" It was only when she paid attention to the boy that she noticed the sad appearance of the boy’s family, and she couldn’t help but feel scared.
However, if you are afraid of returning home, you can’t let the boy’s family die suddenly. If you leave it here like this, it will definitely be eaten by giant cockroaches before long.
Yip hon armored vehicles pursed the lips "sorry I still have"
"Can’t you do something?" The girl pleaded.
Yip hon didn’t say a word, but retreated directly into the car and deliberately boarded the car with the tailgate instead of entering from the roof.
The girl immediately rushed to the car with the boy in her arms. "Hey, hey, why are you like this? Do you have any sympathy?"
Although the boy cried out, he was still far from recovery, so he was dragged by the girl in an armored car.
If a mature adult is killed, he will never leave the remains of his relatives at this time.
Ye Hangen ignored the girl and clamored for her and the boy to be placed at the rear of the car. After Ye Han ordered the Tiger Tooth Car, he immediately ordered in an emotional tone, "Sit here honestly and take care of the weapons in the car. Don’t touch, don’t touch and don’t move forward. Do you understand?"
The girl nodded in an unfriendly tone and replied, "Got it."
"If you understand it, just repeat it!" Ye Han said
"Ah?" The girl’s mouth opened into an O-shape. "What did you say?"
"I asked you to repeat it!" Yip hon deliberately very bad tone say
This woman is not bad in figure or appearance, but Yip Han is never so superficial that she can’t wait to kneel and lick a dog’s leg to see who is beautiful.
The girl finally determined that this soldier was not a normal man. Repeat Yip hon’s words patiently before returning to his post and drawing a goal with two fingers.
Girl carrying yip hon mouth said bitterly "sick!"
She has just been lovelorn and her heart is blocked badly, but when she meets such a soldier with brain problems, she adds three more points to the blockage, which is simply a heavy blow and a critical blow
At the same time, the veteran quietly gathered in Yip Han’s ear. "Is the leaf row so good?"
Yip hon glanced at the girl behind "there’s nothing wrong with letting her stay there."
"No, I mean just now!" The veteran’s finger moved with a gun.
"Who cares? I had sex today!" Yip hon sighed deeply. "The more I press the key, the more I run out and make trouble. Seeing these people is so fucking annoying that I don’t do anything. I’m not happy!"
"Now? Are you happy? "
Yip hon’s mouth curled. "It is said in the novel that this is called mental understanding!"
The veteran gave a thumbs-up and said, "I can’t say this."
Yip hon spit out a foul breath. "It’s not the first time I’ve encountered such a thing. Fuyun must have sent an urgent notice."
"Notice what?" The veteran asked curiously
"Inform ordinary people to stay at home and don’t come out" Yip hon sullen "if you stay at home honestly …"
The veteran sighed, "Pity the child."
"Yes, poor boy." Yip hon’s eyes twinkled. Although he sympathized with the family’s experience, there must be something hateful about poor people. If they hadn’t rushed out rashly, how could they have died under the attack of giant cockroaches?
The veteran looked back at the child girl to see that he stared at the almond eyes and ruthlessly gouged out the veteran.
The veteran turned back in astonishment. "Ye Pai, this little bitch is quite hot!"
"Is sweet or spicy with us a few cents? When the horse gets to the place, you give me a heart! " Yip hon said discontentedly
The veteran quickly drew his attention back.
One goal is to turn left at the intersection ahead and adjust the camera before Ye Han. Just as the armored vehicle arrived at the intersection, the camera caught the giant cockroach on the street.
The giant cockroach was surrounded by an overturned garbage truck, full of garbage scattered everywhere. The giant cockroach lay on the garbage dump and pulled the garbage for food.
The armored vehicle has a bad angle, and the giant cockroach’s head is blocked by the garbage truck, and the giant cockroach’s ass can be seen.
Yip hon small command canine teeth to move on at the same time hand over to treat veterans and car 10 ready to fire.
When the armored vehicle arrived at the other side of the garbage truck, Ye Hancai was shocked. The giant cockroach ate what garbage was but a garbage dumper!
The giant cockroach chewed off half of the man’s body and knew that he was already dead, but the giant cockroach chewed a few times and spit out a pile of flesh and blood and bone stubble without saying anything, and bowed its head and ate what it had just spit back into its mouth.
Not only that, this thing doesn’t stop at the back of its ass. It’s even more disgusting to eat and pull a dragon than to eat and pull a fly synchronously.
Chapter 173 Love each other and kill each other
"Oh …" Behind the girl nausea vomiting yip hon looked back "dare to vomit in the car I with you! Veteran gun! "
The veteran ordered Huya to "go forward behind the cockroach’s ass!" while manipulating the gun to adjust the shooting angle.
"Good!" The tiger tooth did as the giant cockroach did, and the armored car approached and still chewed it.
"I’ll let you eat!" The veteran bitterly pressed the firing button and fired a cannonball.
This shell accurately hit the giant cockroach’s ass, penetrated its shell, and then got into the deep belly with its own oxidant thermite burning agent. The giant cockroach burned violently, and flames and smoke shot out from the crack of the giant cockroach’s ass, just like wax pouring paper paste. No matter how strong it is, it can’t stand the thermite, but it completely collapsed in a few seconds.
Until it fell to the ground, its belly still burned violently and it couldn’t be penetrated.
High-heat-flux metal burns through the abdomen of the giant cockroach, and the liquid metal flows out of the giant cockroach like water, and the liquid metal contacts the garbage to instantly ignite the garbage dump; When the liquid metal touches the rain, the rain immediately boils and hisses. The water vapor is like a string-pulling smoke bomb, and the giant cockroach is completely covered in an instant.
Ye Han was amazed. "The veteran should be so good at this gun!"
The veteran rubbed his nose. "If the white phosphorus bomb works better."
White phosphorus can be anoxic. After burning, white phosphorus can burn continuously when it touches an object. If it touches the human body, it will burn through the skin and finally attach to the bone. The power and deterrence of white phosphorus incendiary bomb are extremely great, so it is limited by modern international conventions.
Naturally, no one will make a demonic white phosphorus incendiary bomb in their own city, even if the enemy has many restrictions
The thermite incendiary bomb is equipped with its own oxidant, but it can be fully burned without oxygen environment. Even if the metal melts at high temperature, is it a giant cockroach flesh and blood shell?
Thermite melts and solidifies quickly, and soon the rising steam will dissipate quietly, leaving giant cockroaches with half of their bodies half-baked and garbage dumps still floating with little flames.

"It’s enough that you have protected him from here for such a long time. It’s meaningless to protect his generation. What’s worse, Ye Aofeng’s goal is that Gu Jian can’t really stab him in the arm and put a shoulder." I thought for a moment and said again, "Let’s hide the aura in the next two days and see if Ye Aofeng is improper. If he doesn’t take the initiative to find the door, I have to go back."

"OK" King Kong Gun nodded happily. He is different from me. This guy is married. He must miss his wife when he goes out.
After the conversation, they went to Lin Yicheng’s room on the second floor. Because I came to Lin Yicheng’s villa, the first sight was that I had to visit the hospital bed at King Kong Gun Station. Although Lin Yicheng knew that I was coming, she didn’t meet me for the first time, and Mei Zhu Mei Fan and her two sisters didn’t have a building because they wanted to protect Lin Yicheng.
The first time I saw Mei Fan, I found that this prospective leader was not only purple, but also very beautiful. However, my eyebrows were cold and arrogant, which made me quite unhappy, so I nodded slightly and went to Lin Yicheng.
Lin Yicheng’s spirit is still good to see me coming. He quickly moved from the hospital bed and greeted me politely. First of all, he thanked King Kong Gun for protecting him during this period, and then he rambled about things except the tomb. When I went out to stay with King Kong Gun for two days to see if Ye Aofeng would come to pick a fight again, Lin Yicheng politely declined.
Kong Bao and I naturally won’t be hot-faced and cool-ass, so we got up and left. Lin Yicheng instructed Mei Zhu to take out a large denomination check to express our gratitude. This money was protected by Kong Bao, and he naturally wouldn’t refuse to take it and put it in his pocket.
"How do I feel that Lin Yicheng is a little abnormal?" I started my car and left Lin Yicheng’s villa. Lin Yicheng had previously sent Mei Zhu to call for help in the middle of the night, but now Ye Aofeng has not lifted the threat to him, but he has not kept us away, which makes me feel very wrong.
"I also feel that something is wrong. Lin Yicheng has been very strange since Ye Aofeng came here." King Kong Gun took out a check, looked at it and put it in his pocket.
"What abnormal performance does he have?" I asked frowning.
"He doesn’t seem to be so afraid anymore, and I don’t want to protect him with that Mei Fan." King Kong Bao thought for a moment and said.
"What happened when Ye Aofeng came over? Tell me about it." I vaguely felt that there was a problem.
"What didn’t happen was that I woke up and found Ye Aofeng outside the wall and chased him out. As a result, I lost him at dawn," recalled King Kong Gun.
"Mei Fan didn’t go out with you?" I turned to ask, I remember hearing Mei Fanyin when I was talking that day.
"I went to the front and back feet," replied King Kong Gun.
"Were you with her then?" I asked questions.
"Without my living room and their bedroom, why do you ask this and want to complain?" King Kong Gun misunderstood my meaning.
I frowned and stepped on the brakes and turned to look back at Lin Yicheng’s bedroom glass. Then I turned and stepped on the gas and left here.
"Did Ye Aofeng face you or turn his back on you when you found him that night?" I was silent for a long time, and once again, Lin Yicheng’s attitude towards me has always been respectful. There must be a reason for the rapid change today. I have been asking about the details of King Kong Gun, which is to find out the reason why Lin Yicheng changed his attitude.
"Forgot" King Kong Gun also knew that I wouldn’t ask nonsense casually and tried very hard to recall the scene at that time. Unfortunately, he didn’t remember it in the end.
"Where did Mei Fan chase out to take the door or the window at that time?" I pulled out a cigarette and lit one.
"I didn’t look back. She followed me when I was chasing the street." King Kong Bao stared at his eyes and shook his head.
I nodded and didn’t say anything, but in my mind, I became more and more suspicious that the hostile situation between Lin Yicheng and Ye Aofeng had changed. When King Kong Bao woke up, he found Ye Aofeng, and the horse chased him out, while Mei Fan was able to chase him out after the King Kong Bao swept him out. That means she didn’t sleep at that time. Since she didn’t sleep, she should naturally find Ye Aofeng before King Kong Bao. Why didn’t she take the lead in chasing him out?
Connecting all the clues together, I made a bold guess that Ye Aofeng came to look for Lin Yicheng the other day, not to kill him, but to negotiate with him. According to Lin Yicheng’s indifference to me and King Kong Gun, these two guys may have reached some kind of agreement.
"What do you think when you are old?" King Kong Bao always looked dignified when he saw me until I thought about something.
"It’s okay, let’s go to Xi ‘an." I stubbed out my cigarette and turned the car on the road, Lin Yicheng and Ye Aofeng. It’s just my guess. I don’t want to say it, which makes the king kong gun worry. Neither of them knows that the other is different, so I’m not sure that my analysis is correct.
"What are you doing in Xi ‘an?" King kong cannon puzzled asked.
"It’s raining hard. Let’s take him back to Ziyang Temple," I sighed.
"He’s not yet five years old." King Kong Gun has the final say.
"Take it back early. I want to teach him and Qiu Muyu Taoism as soon as possible." I shake my head with a wry smile. If Lin Yicheng really makes a deal with Ye Aofeng, they will certainly speed up their entry into the Qin Mausoleum. In this way, I will naturally turn against them and rob them to enter the Qin Mausoleum, because that artifact that may go against the sky is the only hope to save the life of Mu Zhuifeng and King Kong Gun. But once I enter the mausoleum, I will be able to fold it and leave a generation of ideas for Ziyang Temple as soon as possible. Those brothers in the mountains are not qualified to practice advanced Taoism. The brother-in-law in-
It rains during the day, and parents are naturally reluctant to send their children away, but children’s disabilities have formed, and it can become more and more serious to stay with them. It is naturally difficult for us to take them away.
"Your apprentice will be a jinx in the future!" King Kong cannon turned to look at sleeping in the back seat. It rained during the day, so the child didn’t drop a tear from his parents.
I stared at the king kong cannon and didn’t speak. During the day, the rain smelled terrible and fierce. When I grew up, I was either a hero or a lean man.
Back in Ziyang view, we settled down, and we talked about the things in Zhongnanshan, and we were surprised by the reaction. She strongly agreed that we should go to Zhongnanshan to look for those suspicious ancient tombs.
"The teacher elder sister Qin Huangling will never reach the South Mountain, and it’s not that you don’t know where to go and can’t find it." I shook my head and said.
"Lv Yan’s abode of fairies and immortals is likely to end in the South Mountain. If you can find him, the abode of fairies and immortals may have something for you."
Lv Yan’s Chunyang cave guest is the only golden fairy who is not Chunyangshen Avenue from ancient times to modern times.
Please forgive me for being out on a business trip. I will make up for it when I get home.
Chapter 339 He rocks
"Sister, how do you know?" I sat up from my chair because of my longing for the wind. Lv Dongbin is a Taoist immortal, a true ancestor of Yu Xiao, and he is like a real Jin Xian on the Avenue.
"I guess," said Mu Zhuifeng with a smile.
Her answer made me shrink back to my seat like a deflated ball. I think it was also our previous life in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, while Lv Dongbin was in the Tang Dynasty. Naturally, I shouldn’t know his details
"You and Lao Si have been running outside in recent years, and I have been handling things. When I sorted out the scriptures we taught, I also read the classics of other sects. I found that there are still some merits in the cultivation of Taoist Dan." Mu Zhuifeng reached out and licked his long hair on his forehead. "This Lv Yan is the ancestor of Dan Yi and Zhongnanshan is where he rose in the daytime. I think the abode of fairies and immortals should be Zhongnanshan before he rose."
I shook my head and said that I longed for chasing the wind, but there was nothing for us to learn from. I naturally knew that she hoped that I could find Lv Dongbin’s abode of fairies and immortals before he rose to the top, and that the immortal might leave some Dan’s practice to improve himself, but her idea was good, but it didn’t work at all. First, I wasn’t sure whether Lv Dongbin’s abode of fairies and immortals would come to the top, even if I found him, I wouldn’t necessarily find him. I can find that he left behind his teachings or ancient books. The most important thing is that even if I found them, there is nothing because our spiritual practices are different from those of alchemists. We compress the aura from penance. An air mass similar to a liquid state is hidden in the air sea, and it can be forced out of the body when needed, so that it can be fast and powerful, while alchemists condense the aura into a circular pill similar to a solid state. Although it can accumulate more aura than us, it can’t make it burst like us instantaneously. Even if I get the practice of Dan, there is nothing for me. Here, alchemy means that the body condenses gas, and the method of Dan is used to make lead and mercury burn, but the root of Dan is not enough. That is the practice of suicide.
"We naturally have to learn from their alchemy, but Lv Yan’s ascension is of great benefit to you." Mu Zhuifeng’s theory is very dignified
As we all know, Lv Dongbin is a free and easy-going fairy, and his love affair in Bai Mudan has been going through the ages. Besides, he had wives and concubines before he became a monk, but these did not hinder his future moral integrity and his descendants. This means that this guy is not unique in the past and present.
Mu Zhuifeng said that I have already understood her true meaning here. She asked me and King Kong Bao to go to Zhongnanshan to look for Lv Dongbin’s abode of fairies and immortals, which is to find out and solve the reasons and methods of his rising in the daytime. The ultimate goal is to hope that I can repair the pole at the peak of the purple gas and further surpass the purple gas and enter the real immortal realm.
"Different benefits come from practicing the Taoist method." I frowned and said that people in monasticism are most afraid of being half-hearted. Looking at that mountain, they will never achieve anything. Besides, if I practice the Taoist method, it is different from deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors.
"He can attack jade with rocks. If one day, you can be ranked in the fairy class with a golden shield, not only can you get rid of the shame of Jiuhua, but you can also enjoy the glory of Ziyang." Mu Zhuifeng said indignantly that we were calculated step by step in Erjiuhua Mountain the other day, and in the end, we suffered heavy losses, but we still lost.
"Can you two stop talking in your sleep and think about braising in soy sauce or steaming before the rabbit is caught?" King Kong Cannon saw me talking to Mu Zhuifeng endlessly, but he couldn’t help but interrupt our conversation.
Mu Zhuifeng took a look at the King Kong cannon and stopped. He turned and walked into the Guanqi Xuan.
"Old in now it seems that it is a good thing to go to Zhongnanshan." King Kong cannon watched the desire to chase the wind away from this before the line of sight came back.
"It is also a good thing to look for it without eyes?" I sighed and said
"Qin Huang Mausoleum I don’t find me to find Lv Dongbin’s tomb. With those people at headquarters, the tanks seem to be run over by pieces." King Kong cannon leans against the chair with a cigarette. Hey hey bad smile.
"Most of the staff in the second division are branches of the true religion flag. Do you think they will follow us to find their ancestors’ abode of fairies and immortals?" I’m too lazy to correct the slip of the tongue. Immortal living is called abode of fairies and dead living is called grave.
"That’s enough with those who are teaching and those who will have special functions in one subject." King Kong cannon turned to look at Zhang Xiaoxue and took the children to sleep, patted his ass and got up and went back to the bedroom.
"I went to see the real Huang Mei." I also got up and went out.
After the King Kong cannon and I left the mountain, we liked to be clean. We moved out of the Guanqixuan and lived in the mountainside cave. His move obviously meant avoiding suspicion. Because after we left the Guanqixuan, there were two women, Mu Zhuifeng and Zhang Xiaoxue, and a group of children. Although he was old, he was a man after all, so he would take the initiative to ask to move to the cave to live.
Huang Mei’s real injury has healed well, and the fracture site has healed well. Seeing my arrival with crutches, I quickly let go and got up and met each other.

"Lease land? No, no, no, Zhuang, won’t you take the Hammer Man back to your state? " An envoy asked.

"Are you kidding the old man?" Not far away, Zhuang couldn’t wait to slap him. "In this case, don’t be old!"
None of you want the hammer to take me back to the state? Why?
Even if I wanted to take it, I might have been bombed by the army before I got to the border.
Not far from Zhuang, the black face got up and left. Several other state envoys hurriedly stopped Zhuang. "No, no, no, Zhuang, let’s discuss the issue of renting land."
"This is a good plan!"
"Yes, the very genius plan!"
"This leased land must be deserted!"
"What about the Sakura Desert?"
"No, no,no. The Sahala Desert is too close to our state. I think Maoxiong State is good."
"Why throw the hammer man to our Maoxiong State! Throw it to Snow Island! "
"No, no,no. Our snowy island is very small. I think we should go to Green Island!"
"Our Green Island …" A red-cheeked Han was just about to speak when he was blocked back.
"Good for Green Island!"
"Green Island is green island when it meets the lonely conditions! That’s settled! "
"Come and get the map!"
The Green Island envoy silently took out a map of Green Island.
Green Island is the largest island in the world. Most of it has an area of more than 20,000 square kilometers in the Arctic Circle, but it has less than 60,000 residents, most of whom are fishermen.
Is the whole Green Island "inaccessible"?
There’s almost no one!
It’s perfect for renting land.
It’s not that the envoy of Green Island didn’t speak, even the envoy of Green Island sovereign state Cross State didn’t express his opinion.
What else can I say? It’s probably the South Pole that can be more desolate than Green Island.
"It’s right here." We found an uninhabited place and drew a circle on the map at random
"What about the lease period?"
"In one hundred? It should be enough. Who knows how long these hammer people can live! "
"What about the rent?"
"Oh, this is a symbolic knife for the people of the world to contribute!"
Special envoys, don’t be generous with the generosity of others.
A lease agreement was quickly drafted and signed by all state representatives, and then the agreement came into effect temporarily.
Zhuang came out not far and asked for some basics, such as collecting taxes, forming a public security police force, and so on. Everyone waved their hands and agreed!
You said you were going to collect taxes on Green Island? Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha …
This is really a big joke.
Who should pay the tax? Polar bear or seal?
To form a security team? Without these teams, what if the hammers run out?
Look at this agreement signed not far from Zhuang smilingly said
"In order to facilitate the management of hammers, I suggest that we set up a hammer management company to share the responsibility."
"Common?" Everyone shook their heads.
I don’t want to take the so-called bullshit responsibility!
What can this creature, Hammer Man, do except make trouble all day?
We want to get rid of the trouble caused by the hammer man and don’t want to take responsibility!
"Rest assured, this company must be operated by us. You need to do your duty. After all, hammering people is not easy to control. If hammering people escape and kill people, they need your help to coordinate …"
"So this company holds one percent of the shares in each state here, and we are responsible for the rest …"
Everyone ran away in succession.
Who wants your shares!
It’s done. Hammer man is your business. Everybody run!
"Well, can we have a share in Green Island?" Look at all the people gone. The red-faced Han asked timidly
"Of course," Zhuang smiled.
Dude, this is the best decision you made today.
Chapter 6 Hammer Gun Level 1 Preparation

Chenpo was the best person for her mother when her father had not moved to the city before Lin Jin’s family moved to the city. At that time, Lin Jin was still young, but she could still remember Chenpo. When she was a child, she often bought some fish and eggs and sent them to her home.

"I know."
"Then you can still laugh?"
"It’s okay, I also made money in Guangdong, and I divorced him a long time ago. It’s none of my business how he lost his family." My mother walked over and held hands with that old woman, and the two of them started talking about things in recent years like sisters.
Mom has hardly been here since Lin Jin divorced her father when she was ten years old. The village has changed dramatically over the years. Once the dirt road became asphalt road, once the stinking public toilet was torn down and turned into a beautiful … public toilet.
On both sides of the road, there are still stone beaches full of weeds, but now independent buildings have been built, a huge wedding ancestral temple and an underground parking lot, and cars that don’t know whether they are good or bad stop here.
These have long been used to Lin Jin, who comes back several times a year, but they are novel to her mother. When she left, there was a stinking ditch on the side of the road, but now it has become a beautiful big pond, and many children are fishing crayfish with homemade hooks by the pond.
Mom talked with the old lady for a long time before she pretended to see Lin Jin and asked her mother, "What is this?"
"Lin Jin!" Mom’s expression immediately converged.
"Lin Jin?" Chen Po opened her eyes wide and came to Lin Jin’s side. She rubbed Lin Jin’s little face curiously and then asked Lin Jin in doubt, "Aren’t you a boy?"
Before Lin Jin could answer her, she said to herself, "It’s okay for Lin Jin to wear girls’ clothes every day when she was a child."
There’s nothing wrong with ghosts.
Chapter 457 Is there a hotel near 453? I want to go out./I want to get out of here.
Lin Jin’s old house is the kind of brick bungalow with three or five houses connected together to form a rectangle. Every house and backyard are connected together. Of course, they have been separated by brick walls one by one now.
Lin Jin’s hometown is in a county-level market. It is said that the whole of Fujian is a relatively rich place. Before that, Lin Jin never felt that she went to the city to study, and her classmates learned about her hometown. As a result, everyone called her a local tyrant.
Of course, at that time, Lin Jin did not refute that her family really belonged to the local tyrant level at that time.
The villagers are also relatively rich, one by one, either investing in factories or being the pillars of their families. They sneaked into foreign countries a few years ago, especially in recent years. Although the houses are still the same bungalows as those ten years ago, the surrounding facilities are not much different from those in the city.
Chen Po led Lin Jin and her mother to the former old house.
Her old house is also an ordinary two-story bungalow. The first floor is not decorated at all, but the second floor is covered with a layer of floor paper. However, this room that once brought Lin Jin childhood joy has been lived by another foreign family.
The tenant didn’t know Lin Jin and his mother. When they stopped outside, they looked back blankly at the house or the house. What attracted them?
"My former mother lived here for nearly ten years. At that time, your grandparents didn’t agree with me to marry your father. Because your father’s super poor house was in tatters at that time, even if he didn’t even have a job, he asked me to go to the factory class." My mother smiled gently at Lin Jin and recalled, "Didn’t she give birth to you later? At that time, you were premature, and just after you were born, you went into the box for a long time to hold it. "
"Your father worried that you were born prematurely and you were in poor health, so he wouldn’t let me go to the factory class. Let me concentrate on taking you at home. He went to other places to work hard and come back every year on your grandfather’s birthday and Chinese New Year …" Mom’s face was full of memories, and she seemed to be immersed in the time 19 years ago. "Later, with your brother, your father was even more desperate and couldn’t come back once in a year. It was called a desperate outside. I occasionally took you two to find him and saw him sitting on the construction site with a gray face and eating steamed bread."
"How did Dad get out later?" Lin Jin is also curious about her father’s glorious moment.
"Later, he saved a little money and went to work as a cleaning company. At that time, the cleaning company was less popular than your father." Mom was lost in memories, but she was about to continue talking when she saw a familiar person coming by.
Wu Juan?’ When the man saw his mother, he was stunned and forced to look at her. "How did you come back?"
Lin Jin’s eyes narrowed slightly. This man is his father and brother, that is, Uncle Lin Jin.
There are seven brothers and sisters in Dad’s generation plus him, three men and four women, and of course four women have already married and are not very familiar with Lin Jin.
Uncle is a chubby middle-aged man with a huge beer belly, but his wife is a slim and beautiful woman.
My uncle is very nice. Although he looks very fierce at ordinary times, he is actually a nice person. His popularity in the village is also very good. He is probably a very loyal person.
"ChengChang? He didn’t come back? " Before uncle walked over, he glanced at Lin Jin and saw that she was a little girl who had never seen before, so she directly talked to her mother as a child from a neighboring village.
"I divorced him a long time ago," my mother said with a wry smile. "Didn’t he buy the house this time? Come and plan to get back together with him. "
Uncle’s face turned black immediately. "He is so outrageous that he knows nothing but gambling."
Mom shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t know that dad had opened a milk tea shop at this time, and she was in a hurry.
"Mom" Lin Jin looked at the place where she once lived and then came to her mother’s side, holding her hand and watching her uncle together.
Before, I let my mother face my grandfather alone, which made Lin Jin feel uneasy. It was her own business, but now she wants to face it together.
"This is?" Uncle frowned. "I haven’t heard of you finding another one in Guangzhou."
"This is Lin Jin." Mom touched Lin Jin’s head and smiled gently.
Lin Jin?
Uncle was completely confused. Although Lin Jinchang was so cute when he was a child that he could hardly tell the difference between men and women, Lin Jin’s mother often dressed Lin Jin in women’s clothes, which really made him doubt whether Lin Jin was a girl. However, he had already seen Lin Jin when he was born.
"Did you dress Lin Jin in women’s clothes again?" Uncle did not hesitate to think of his brother’s wife’s bad taste.
Mom’s expression is pie-pie, and I don’t know how she got hung up by people here. She likes to dress up as a woman’s dress.
"It’s also your mother who hasn’t seen you for several years. Her heart must be irrepressible." Uncle walked over and looked at Lin Jin carefully. After seeing it carefully, the girl’s face really saw the details of her nephew’s appearance, so he smiled more happily and buried it in Lin Jin’s mother. "You said that when you were a child, you dressed Lin Jin in women’s clothes, even if you still let him wear this kind of clothes. What if Lin Jin is a girl?"
No, I’m already a girl, not
Lin Jin and her mother didn’t know how to explain it. After a while, Hao Nai temporarily accepted her uncle’s idea instead of telling the truth directly.
"Lin Jin, you can’t come back with your mother this time and run away without living. My family still has a guest room dedicated to you NianLia." Uncle warmly took Lin Jin’s hand and walked over and said, "The guest room is as big as you are, and then you can’t sleep well with your mother. He has just returned from a college holiday for two days."
"Lin Jin still sleeps with me." My mother refused my uncle’s idea without hesitation.
After all, now Lin Jin is a girl sleeping with a boy, and God knows what will happen.
"Nothing nothing children are so big still rest assured? Besides, didn’t Lin Xin and Lin Jin play well when they were children? What happened to sleeping together for two days? "
You said when I was a kid … I almost forgot, okay?
Lin Jin also had a classmate named Lin Xin, who had just started school at that time and saw that the list had been mistaken for his cousin. Later, he immediately denied it when he met someone.

Xu Le, hold the doll and hold it!

Hey! ~
Okay, tough guy knelt on the spot. It hurt so much
When a doll is hurt, it reflects his body like a soul refraction.
This operation is really outrageous!
However, the more outrageous this thing is, the more Xu Le wants to destroy it. This thing is a huge weakness of himself.
Xu Le put the potted plants on the ground and took out his sorcerer’s cane.
Turned the cane into a large-caliber double-barrel shotgun
One shot to Xu Le, the soul burst, and it took two minutes to slowly reshape the body
He covered his head with that feeling, and he really didn’t want to go through it again.
Twist a head to look at the flowerpot. The doll has been completely smashed.
But the flowerpot remained.
Looking at this flowerpot, Xu Le suddenly had an idea, and then … he raised his gun again.
The next day, Xu Le squatted at the door of a tailor’s shop and kept urging.
"Grandma, can you hurry up? I am waiting for class? "
"I’m telling you, young man, it’s unlucky for you to be your own doll. Be careful that people prick you!"
"No, no, this thing is for my good friend. She should not stab me if she is so kind to me."
"Well, it’s done for 1 yuan and 20 cents."
To be honest, it’s a little dark, but Xu Le gave money readily.
No, don’t rely on this skill. Anyway, Xu Le feels that there is no difference between yesterday’s dolls.
Xu Le, the whole doll, went to the flower and bird market again and spent 1 cent to buy potted plants, pulling up all the leaves and leaves before returning to the temporary research institute.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Wang Yueqin, the captain of Night Watch Team 2, there.
See Xu Le back she asked directly.
"Xu Le, where have you been?"
"I lost my way in life."
Chapter 126 will make the heart more than Xu Le.
"glib, do you know that there was an accident in the institute last night?"
"Yeah, there’s something weird, but those things are what you vigil personnel have with me? I’m not a night watchman. "
Xu Le, it feels a little strange to say this, but it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.
"Report your whereabouts."
"I’ve been resting. Didn’t you come and ask me last night?"
"What about that early?"
"I bought potted plants in the flower and bird market early. Miss Gu was too hard during this period, and the research process was also very depressed.
I’m going to buy a pot of grass to put in front of her bed to ward off evil spirits, and I also bought a doll for her to make her angry, so I can take it out with needles.
It’s a leader’s job. I hope she can be a little more considerate, shouldn’t she? "
Xu Le said, so he left the building with his eyes wide open. Several 2-team night watchman didn’t know whether to stop him.
Then Xu Le so openly put potted plants and dolls in front of Gu Jianuo’s bed.
"There was a weird around you night watchman, but it’s a big responsibility to keep staring at me. Why am I not weird and serious?
When you are like this, it is a wave of taxpayers’ money. "
Wang Yueqin didn’t let Xu Le go in a few words. She grabbed Xu Le’s arm directly.
"Have you seen Wei Kui?"
"Where is he?"
"How do I know I’m not his father?" Xu Le looked surprised.
"Didn’t you say you saw him?"
"I saw him yesterday. I said hello to him."
"Xu Le, don’t play games."
"Captain Wang Yueqin, I’m not your genus or the night watchman.
I am now a researcher on the campus of Lighthouse University. You have no reason and no qualification to ask me this question. "
In the face of Wang Yueqin’s questioning, Xu Le did not let it.
The key is that there is no evidence, and Wang Yueqin can’t do anything about it.


Low chapter YY before accepting gifts.
(Brother is rushing to the new list, please help me smash flowers and collect them. Thank you! )
To tell the truth, although this guy Li Hu is grandma, Duan Qingyun is very appreciative of his beating and insulting "righteous behavior". After all, Li Hu has safeguarded his dignity.
However, Duan Qingyun is very contradictory about Li Hu and Diao Zhi’s choice of typhoon shelter hotel for dinner. He really wants to go and doesn’t want to think about it. The reason is that Wang Jinniu’s typhoon shelter hotel worker can take the opportunity to show off to Wang Jinniu that he has found a good job and doesn’t want to go. The reason is that he is afraid of meeting the ghostly Lin Yushan girl again.
Li Huling Duan Qingyun turned around the hot boxing training ground, crossed a narrow door and came to a quiet red three-story building through a winding aisle. There was a thumping sound in front of them. They stepped on the second floor of solid wood staircase and came to Room 8 along the long corridor. "Brother Duan, this is your dormitory."
Duan Qingyun couldn’t help but spend his eyes in a well-decorated dormitory. This is a four-bedroom, three-bedroom apartment with all living facilities. The total area is about 250 square meters. The spacious hall is paved with pink wooden floors. The walls are flat and covered with dark green films. There is a colorful lantern hanging from the ceiling. Sitting on a soft red leather sofa, he suddenly feels noble and elegant. When he looks up, he can see a super-large wall-hung LCD. However, every room is also luxuriously decorated, which makes Duan Qingyun satisfied. In every room, there is a solid wood big bed with a length of two meters and a width.
Is this my old new home? Duan Qingyun secretly asked himself, does a boxer want to live in such a living environment? Hey, hey, if you bring some beautiful sisters in and raise them, you can really play this suite.
Li Hu couldn’t guess Duan Qingyun’s thoughts in his heart. When he saw Duan Qingyun’s face, he smiled with satisfaction, which was also a thrill. "Brother Duan, I just called Director Lin and asked to arrange you to come to this room. Hehe, Director Lin nodded and agreed to you without saying anything, and then enjoyed it here."
Duan Qingyun andao director Lin is so fucking interesting. Li Hu is so flattering. My old section is so fucking blessed to think like this. When Duan Qingyun’s face blooms with brilliant flowers.
Li Hu saw Duan Qingyun and smiled. "Brother Duan, I’ll go out and guide them to train. What about you? Take a bath and have a good sleep. I’ll call you when the training is over. Let’s go to the typhoon shelter hotel together."
Duan Qingyun a listen to Li Hu again to "typhoon shelter" three words suddenly one leng.
Li Hu laughed. "Brother Duan, don’t you worry about the principle that it’s my treat tonight, but let’s give Diao Zhuangzhi a small chance. It’s full of money!"
Said Li Hu sharp voice let out a smirk.
Duan Qingyun also smiled. "Captain Li, you are really interesting. You are a friend. I will pay Duan Qingyun today!"
"really?" Li Hu seems to be stunned and patted Duan Qingyun’s hand and said, "Brother Duan, are you really willing to be friends with me?"
Duan Qingyun smiled, "We are friends and we are iron buddies!"
Li Hu was so excited that his mouth trembled unconsciously. It was his great blessing that Duan Qingyun could make friends with him in his heart.
When Li Hu walked out of his dormitory and Duan Qingyun plunged into bed, he secretly thought that an old man suddenly had his own new home from a vagrant selling aphrodisiacs on the street. This is a great honor, and this honor originated from the secret recipe of his own ancestors to prepare aphrodisiacs. It is said that this aphrodisiac has added luster to his life! In the future, my old section will continue to play an aphrodisiac. Hey, hey, I believe that in the near future, my old section will definitely prosper …
Duan Qingyun was asleep with a smile on her face. The nine beautiful women in Lingxian Town, whom he called "wives", once again fell asleep and followed him to such a luxurious room in the bustling city to have fun …
The doorbell rang several times. Duan Qingyun didn’t seem to hear him holding a thick pillow, kissing his two big hands, stroking the pillow and stroking his mouth. His face was filled with that kind of slutty man with a bad smile, and his eyes were tightly closed …
Boy, this guy is having a wonderful spring dream.
"Knocked ….." The man who knocked at the door finally couldn’t help it. He simply waved a hammer and slammed the thick solid wood door.
Finally Duan Qingyun was awakened by a huge slam on the door, and suddenly he sat up from the bed and rubbed his sleepy eyes. Suddenly he gave a low shout in his throat and saw his arms. The pillow sleeve that he had kneaded badly wiped a handful of corners of his mouth. Think about the dream just now. I can’t help but smile. Look at the crotch that was caged up because of a blue sky. I feel that my pants are already wet. I quickly put out my hands and covered it. Look back at the fifth wife who has been out of shape. One day, my old man will enjoy sex with you …
Five minutes later, Duan Qingyun finally recovered his calm, and his brain was awake. Many crotch parts were flat, and the bed came to pull the door.
Just about to call a "captain Li" Duan Qingyun suddenly shut up, and the bearer was not Li Hu but his fellow villager’s ambition.
Diao Zhuangzhi smiled and said, "Brother Duan, can I come in?"
Duan Qingyun laughed. "You are two or three years older than me. Don’t call me Duan Dage. Just call me by my name."
Said Duan Qingyun turned around and went into the room and sat down in the hall. The leather sofa was ambitious and followed into the room and conveniently closed the door.
Duan Qingyun sat on the sofa on his back and looked as thin as a bamboo pole. "Brother Diao, what can I do for you?"
Instead of sitting, Diao Zhi hung his face straight at Duan with an extremely unnatural smile. "Brother Duan didn’t expect us to play naked together when we were young, and now we are all grown up and working in a local place. It’s really decree by destiny."
"What?" Duan Qingyun pretended to sink his face and said, "I didn’t seem to play naked when I was a child, did I?"
When Diao Zhuangzhi heard his face change, his eyes showed a trace of fear. "Brother Duan, I’m wrong. I’m playing naked. I’m still swinging my penis all over the street. Hey, hey, you. How can you be naked?"
Duan Qingyun laughed in his heart. This ambitious man just came to the boxing team for a few days and didn’t learn much. Instead, he learned some flattering kung fu from Li Hu! I couldn’t help laughing heartily. "What are you still doing? Sit down quickly."
Diao Zhi took one look at the red leather sofa in front of him. "Brother Duan, you are sitting with a brother who has a hey hey hey."
Duan Qingyun smiled. "Brother Diao, you must have something for me, right?"
Diao Zhuangzhi smiled. "It’s nothing. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Today, the boxing team is happy to meet."
After a pause, I don’t worry about the tunnel. "Brother Duan didn’t respect you very much when I spoke to you at noon. You adults don’t remember villains, but don’t be as knowledgeable as an asshole like me!"
Duan Qingyun smiled "how did that happen? We are from the same town. Since we are from the same town, we should take care of each other, right? I didn’t do anything to you at noon. "
When I said this, Qingyun’s heart was simply happy. Today, I saw the sun by dialing the dark clouds. How can I respect my old section for this little bullying in Lingxian Town before his mother? Now the tables have turned and my old section can finally be a grandfather once, but Duan Qingyun is very disgusted with this kind of servility. Are you still a fucking man?
At the same time, Duan Qingyun also made a physiological analysis of his ambition. This guy is too timid! Men’s cowardice is also a sign of yang deficiency! It seems that this little ambition needs a good aphrodisiac!
Diao Zhi glanced at Duan Qingyun, but reached into his pocket and fumbled.
Duan Qingyun’s heart is tight and ambitious. What does this little mystery want to do? He won’t have any conspiracy, will he? Suddenly Duan Qingyun quickly became vigilant. If this little girl took a sharp knife from her pocket and thrust it into my heart or my old section was a crotch, my old section would be finished from now on. Even if she didn’t finish, she would become a eunuch, so many beautiful women waiting for me would be out of luck.
However, after fumbling in his pocket for a long time, he took out a pink small bag, which was bulging like something.
Duan Qingyun, no matter how hard he looks, knows what his ambition is. It’s a big red envelope, and he exulted. Today, my old Duan’s luck really turned, and the sports bureau made a fortune.
Diao Zhuangzhi respectfully handed the red envelope to Duan Qingyun’s tea table. "Duan Duan’s eldest brother, this is a little something from me. Please accept it!" When he said this, he was ambitious, and his eyes stared at Duan Qingyun’s face and eyes, and looked at Duan Qingyun’s reflection.

Not far from Zhuang, I didn’t see it because he looked at the back of the bus and narrowed his eyes dangerously.

"It’s time to tell them that the virtual city is a dangerous city …" Not far from Zhuang, Liu Jinge said, "Let’s go out in three catties and four liang later …"
Chapter 314 Zhuang main date
Lin Han, riding a bicycle outside Nanshanjiao Manor in the suburb of virtual city, stopped handsomely in front of Zhuang and patted the back seat "Come on!"
Zhuang Buba almost fell to the ground, huh?
"I sit in the back? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? " Zhuang is not far away.
"Brother Zhuang, you are me tonight!" Lin Han looked up. "Come on!"
Outside the manor, vendors have always been loyal to the manor. Many fans nearby like the output of the manor. They are used to buying tomatoes and licking tomatoes here. At this time, when they see Zhuang not far and Lin Han, they suddenly open their eyes. "Oh! Master Zhuang and Sister Han are doing this! "
"Is it a date?"
"The big news owner was pushed back by Han Jie!"
"Sister Han is really ruthless … er … words are jumping!"
"Let the owner of that villa be me!"
"Sister Han, let the landlord go and I’ll go with you!"
A group of people is a mess. They call it everything.
Not far from Zhuang, Naiah looked back and saw the manor servants sticking their heads out of the manor trail and looking like hexagrams.
"Did you put that thing in the owner’s bag?" Deng Yali asked Xiao Wei seriously.
"I put a dozen ultra-thin packs!" Xiao Wei grinned and raised an eyebrow not far from Zhuang.
"Do you want to bet on the number of the host party?"
"I guess a landlord is a beginner …"
"I guess none of them is a coward …"
You’ve had enough!
We are a pure date!
Not far from Zhuang, I couldn’t listen to it anymore. I jumped into the back seat of Lin Han’s bicycle and both of them ran away.
A group of people in the back laughed at Lin Han’s face, and it was rare for her to get red. While pedaling her bicycle savagely, she said, "Brother Zhuang, do you like sealing vegetables or golden arches?"
Then she was embarrassed to say, "I am so poor that I can afford these …"
Why do you feel like eating soft rice more and more? Zhuang is not far from crying and laughing.
"Your horse will be rich," said Zhuang not far away. "You have helped me finish 30 victories, and I should help you find a good home. What team do you want to go to or do you want to form a professional team? Or go to the nut state to play basketball? I can help you buy one. "
"I don’t want to play professional women’s basketball. It’s boring." Lin Han pouted and bit his lip. Her mouth was broken and her lips were a little red and swollen. She took a gasp and pursed her mouth. "And I want to play for Brother Zhuang …"
Not far from Zhuang, I don’t know what to say. It’s really meaningless for Lin Han and them to go to a women’s basketball team to sweep, but give up their basketball career so early. That’s not too bad.
Lin Han said, "If the landlord doesn’t want to win, let Xiaohu and others blow them up if they don’t pay attention!"
Not far from Zhuang, he laughed and sprayed "Xiaohu will be sad to hear that. He doesn’t play so badly."
"Poof, he’s very good at his age. Brother Zhuang, you haven’t said what you want to eat."
"I want to eat a dessert, but I also want to eat a golden arch burger …" Zhuang is a little tangled.
"Ok, then eat the food before eating the golden arch" Lin Han waved and said.
Stopping the bike, two people swept the food seal and the golden arch, ate their bellies and slipped around, and then Zhuang was a little uneasy. "Where are we going?"
Not far from Zhuang, I glanced at the nearby hotel and remembered the words of the manor servants.
"It’s … it’s still early. Why don’t we go to … see a movie?" Linhan prevaricated way
"Let’s watch the movie …" Not far from Zhuang, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then I couldn’t wait to slap myself. Not far from Zhuang, you are really a coward!
At this time, please think about half happiness. Hey!
Or simply let the bust be happy without thinking about anything. Hey!
In all fairness, although Lin Han has short hair and flat chest, she is a very beautiful girl with long legs and height.
Not far from Zhuang, it is absolutely false to say that you are not moved.
But it’s not far from being able to hold on to Zhuang! Lao Bang accepted that his own Lolo wanted to "sit in bed" not far from Zhuang, and it was so cowardly that she didn’t push Lolo down now!

On the contrary, in this scene, it seems that Ye Rou Yu Ye Han must have given birth to a boundary, which is more likely that the two men met each other as a farewell!

Listen to Yan Xuan Ye Rou didn’t add any words, neither explaining nor hiding. Anyway, things have developed to this point, and she no longer worries that Ye Han will be involved.
Ye Han didn’t really have anything to do with himself. He didn’t want to stay. The only thing he had was pain. Both sides were hurt by their hearts.
However, this kind of pain will always be erased by law, and it can stay in my heart forever and continue.
Ye Han returned to the inn and Yan Xin still walked behind him, just like an umbrella, and the difference between this umbrella and other umbrellas is that this umbrella is so beautiful.
Moreover, this umbrella also has a big name, that is, Miss Yan Yan Xin, the second family of Yan’s family in the fierce yuan city, which is obviously a very noble one.
Therefore, everyone is still talking about walking along the avenue. It is that all this has not been noticed by Ye Han. When he returned to the inn, he did not mention anything unusual. The 13th glacier (2)
"Cold brother, I know you’ve always been upset about the wedding night." Turn Ye Han’s head around and Lengling said with the help of sound method to Ye Han’s embarrassment.
Listen to the cold LingYan Ye Han face suddenly also showed a series of embarrassing color but eyes fell on LengLing body naturally.
Ye Han hasn’t felt anything strange when he passed through his neck along Lengling’s cheek, but after crossing his neck, his mind roared from time to time.
Seeing those two suddenly protruding objects appear on Lengling’s chest, Ye Han has no other idea in his mind, and the evil fire that has just been suppressed will unconsciously rise again.
Looking through a layer of gauze, although I didn’t see what I shouldn’t see, I already saw the bottomless ravine from those two protrusions.
Ye Han is depressed when I saw this. I don’t know that evil fire and impulse in my heart are a kind of thoughts that drive Ye Han to suddenly reach out his hands.
In a blink of an eye, a piece of reddish dress surfaced from the glacier and gradually drifted away with the direction of glacier water.
Look at the river. At this moment, there have been two white objects. Without looking closely, I saw a piece of men’s clothing floating out of the water and drifting away with the previous piece of women’s clothing.
At the same time, the scene in the river is really enviable. This is the river, otherwise it will become a much-told story if it falls into the human eye.
After a long time, two white bodies appeared on the lake. Soon, two figures were also dressed in pieces of clothes, which covered the hair curve.
At this time, Ye Han was wearing a light blue dress that was obviously not found in the previous set, and Lengling had obviously been replaced by Ye Han’s selection of the same light blue dress in the former ice city.
The original two people’s clothes have gone with the flow. Ye Han is now preparing another set, which is the same color but somewhat different in shape.
Look again, and the faces are obviously reddish, but at the same time, their faces are full of happiness.
Ye Han, who got drunk on the wedding night, has finally got his wish. Naturally, this feeling is not already covered by that happy color.
And this cold ling is the first time to try her hand, but it is also the first time to become passive and active. Naturally, there are many regrets in her heart.
What I had to face when I entered the bottom of the river was a hard training, but I didn’t expect it to develop into such a situation. This theory is worth considering for Ye Han and Lengling.
After being embarrassed for a long time, Ye Han finally came to his senses, so he smiled at Ling Ling, who still remembered the poverty. "Sister Ling turned out to be you."
Ye Han couldn’t help laughing when he said this. Immediately, he glared at Lengling angrily, then he felt restrained and smiled again. "Okay, forget I said anything!"
Smell Ye Han this Leng Ling just nodded with satisfaction and then said, "Don’t say this thing again or I won’t talk to you later."
At some point, I consciously talked about the shy language. Lengling was busy and admitted the tone. Immediately, her face also appeared in a timely manner.
Seeing this, Ye Han not only recalled what he had experienced in the former river, but also his face was full of shame.
However, at the same time, Ye Han didn’t have any evil thoughts. After a pause, he gently coughed and even said, "Sister Ling, tell the truth, why did you jump here?"
After listening to Ye Han’s cold face, he was even more shy. He didn’t forget to give Ye Han a hard look before saying, "I’m worried about your accident!"
"oh? Worried about my accident? " After listening to the cold lingyan, Ye Han’s face suddenly showed a playful color, and he couldn’t help saying, "What are you worried about?"
Ye Han hesitated for a moment and then went on, "Even if you are worried about my accident, don’t worry about worrying about yourself."
Listening to Ye Hanyan Lengling suddenly flashed another supercilious look, and then no longer said anything, he walked in the direction of an ice stone not far away
Ye Han saw this and followed it, and then Lengling sat up and came behind her and gently hugged her slender waist, then immediately sighed.
Lengling looked at it without hindrance, and casually walked around Ye Han’s waist with his hands. If there was anything wrong, she wouldn’t feel anything wrong.
"Sister Ling, it seems that you are right. If you want to upgrade, you must make up your mind to suffer, or you can do it if you want to!"
After a long time, Ye Han loosened his hands around Lengling’s waist and then came to Lengling’s front and smiled. "I didn’t expect that as soon as I entered the river, I formed the seventh Yuanling!"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Leng Ling noticed his practice at the right time. Obviously, as Ye Han said, he has now entered the seven realms of Yuanling and has formed seven Yuanling.
After seeing this scene, Lengling’s heart suddenly rejoiced and immediately smiled at Ye Han. "In view of what happened before you were promoted, I won’t care about it with you, but you can’t do it later!"