Visual Zhou Jia Colin’s eyes flashed.

"But it seems that a friend has not really been promoted, and it is amazing that a black iron body can explode with silver power."
Zhou Jia micro eyes didn’t explain his strength way
"I was just about to ask the mage, but I really don’t know much about silver."
"It’s normal" Colin shrugged.
"There is no big power behind you, like I was in a daze at the beginning, and it took more than ten years to get confirmation."
Zhou Jia has heard of it.
It is said that Colin was a nerd in his early years, and he didn’t know his own strength until he achieved a great success in access control.
After that, several people began to destroy everything until they met a strong silver man and realized that they had become strange.
It is also an interesting talk.
"Friends are gifted. If you practice Belo and Jiao Ren, you may have achieved silver, but you practice martial arts in Dalin Dynasty."
Colin visual Zhou Jia way
"Compared with Shenhai and Yuanqi, your body is stronger!"
"Although the martial arts of the Dalin Dynasty are extraordinary, most of them practice the spirit and specialize in the body, and there are not many and not strong methods."
The so-called sea of gods means knowing the sea, but the names of all ethnic groups are different
Mu world has gods.
The so-called Shenhai even advanced strange process is also called igniting Shenhuo.
"Good" Zhou Jia nodded slowly.
"I plan to break the border!"
"I can see that" Colin took his cloak and said softly between the eyebrows.
"It’s only a matter of time before you accumulate silver in Shenyuan’s certificate. Although you have gone a long way, it’s every cloud has a silver lining."
“?” Zhou Jia sincerely asks for advice
"Because you want to break through the physical body, you will naturally break through, so both the mind and the essence will be advanced at the same time." Colin laughed
"It will become a second-order wonder immediately!"
"I’ll be much better then."
"Second-order Strange" Zhou Jia’s eyes are micro-moving.
"second-order strangeness?"
"That’s what we call the Mu world," Colin shrugged.
"According to the Dalin Dynasty, if you choose one of the three advanced silver spirits, it will be a first-order wonder."
"If there is another advanced level in the essence, it will be second-order!"
"So" Zhou Jia extrapolated.
"So if the spirit is advanced, it is a third-order wonder?"
"Ha ha ….." Colin smile appearing oily shake head a way.
"Wrong?" Zhou Jia was startled.
"What’s wrong?"
Isn’t this the case with the first, second and third orders?
"There is indeed a third order, but it can only be called the third order if a certain characteristic reaches its peak, or even if the vigor breaks through at the same time, it is also the second order." Colin stretched out a finger and gently shook it in front of him to signal Zhou Jia not to worry
"My Lord’s spiritual cultivation is endless, and his vitality is also second-order."

See the first floor of the cloud nine, a fairy releases magic, and the second avatar is broken, and the flame burns and dies on the spot without support!

"This person is too don’t know it just how far out? It’s still a long way from the first Heavenly Center. "
"Yes, these people haven’t met the real threat in the first day."
"In the world of fire, there may be a sky fire, there may be a vision, there may be a flame to condense all kinds of horrible creatures. This is the real test!"
A once participated in ascended a monk said with a heavy tone.
This time, more than one fairy has fallen.
And there have been fairy retreat no longer forward.
"By the way, what happened to the courtyard terrace fairy?"
"It’s called Sumo, right?"
"That’s him! He has a minimum level of resistance to this constant flame of terror, and it won’t be long before his vitality will be exhausted! "
"No, I think the list predicts that he will rank forty-nine."
Some people in the crowd, Su Mo, also aroused many monks’ curiosity.
The original Su Mogen did not enter the public eye and did not attract too many people’s attention.
It is precisely because of Yun Ting’s appearance in the pro-war and the joint encirclement and killing of the Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen that he was pushed into the public eye.
Just then someone pointed to the realm of the sky and shouted a.
Many monks hurriedly looked at the past.
This makes the noise in the square quiet a lot.
These monks just discussed and argued that one by one, they stared at the blue monk in cloud nine with their eyes wide open and their mouths full of shock and disbelief.
The strangeness here naturally aroused his monk’s curiosity.
More and more monks looked at Su Mo.
These people took one look and were dumbfounded.
It didn’t take long for the huge square to become very quiet!
All eyes were on the blue man.
After a long time, there was a weak voice in the quiet square. "What is he doing? Take a walk? "
Hearing this, Xie Qingcheng shook his head slightly and smiled.
Several elders in the courtyard looked gratified and raised their glasses to each other.
In the ninth heaven, the Soviet Union and Mexico were carrying their hands and walking around slowly without moving the magical powers!
Everyone saw a handsome blue man walking on fire, his black hair dancing, his big sleeves fluttering, and he couldn’t say how free and easy he was.
After a short silence, the crowd quickly rebounded and broke out into bigger waves!
"What is this means? This person is not afraid of the fire inside? "
Many monks have red eyes, angry faces and extremely unbalanced hearts.
Others are struggling to resist the danger, and this person is wandering around in it?
Xue Jia Xue Yuan suddenly got up from his seat and pointed to Su Mo in the ninth heaven. "He cheated!"
Xue Yuan was injured by Su Mo, but his injury has not healed yet. For safety reasons, he failed to participate in the competition for the land list.
He bears a grudge against Su Mo’s nature. Where can he see it at this time?
"His blue shirt must be a magic weapon!"
"Or maybe he secretly sacrificed some magic weapon, otherwise how could he walk in the flames?"
Xue Yuan is eloquent.
Xie Ling looked at Xue Yuan like an idiot and asked, "Are you saying that he can hide the rules in the cloud nine, and can hide the magic weapon from my eyes?"
Chapter two thousand one hundred and ninety-nine Heaven and earth have changed.
"I …"
Xue Yuan was stared at by Xie Ling directly.
On the surface, he questioned Su Mo, but in fact, he questioned the rules in the cloud nine of the sun and the fairy country for so many years!
He doubts the true fairy Xie Ling’s eyesight!
He questioned the judgment of many strong people!
Xue Yuan Xie Lingzhen Xianwei pressed his head in chaos, and his face turned red and he could not speak.
"You sit for me!"

Because there is no imperial seal, although he has held the earth spirit for 3 thousand years, he still holds it rather than completely controls it

It’s like giving up control of the imperial seal. It’s 99% to 1%
But the difference of one percent is a world of difference.
Even the edict can’t be made
Therefore, in this case, holding the earth spirit and black sun can bring at most one small universe into the small universe of the earth source.
If it exceeds this amount, it will be sheltered. Once it is brought in, it will be killed by the rules of the small universe of the earth source.
Spirit injected into the earth spirit again and carefully induced the situation of the earth spirit hall.
The extraordinary regular force of soil fluctuates constantly.
(of Daoists/Taoists) practise austerities/asceticism
It should be that Xu tui and others are practicing.
It seems that he really came to pick up the pieces and collect his wool.
And this Xu tui’s boldness is not only because of his weak strength recently, but because Xu tui has the successful experience of escaping after practicing bonus hunter in the Tuling Hall twice in a row.
It should be said that these two successful experiences are the source of this confidence.
This black Yang base has determined that it is time to retreat quickly and venture into the small universe of the earth source again.
Of course, I have confidence in his pursuit of escape.
After all, when he was strong, he could escape from the birth. Now that he is weak, it is natural for Xu to think that he can absolutely escape.
Then he will really hit the dog this time.
There is a doorway where dogs can escape.
It’s only a matter of time before the door dies and the dog is killed.
"Let’s go, Dorog."
A minute later, the black sun directly opened the small universe channel of the earth source and quickly stepped into it with Dorrog.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and ninety-four Black Yang nai
The black sun enters the small universe of the earth source, and it is sensed after the main force field of the spirit is scattered and retired.
It’s not just the warning before Xu retired.
More importantly, for a moment, I suddenly became excited about the earth rules and the source of the earth rules in the Middle Earth Hall.
This is because of the rotation of the earth spirit
Xu tui is now very clear.
"Let’s go!"
Is almost induced to the black sun appeared at the moment Xu back with the command Ji silicon and Miao also stopped the action at the same time.
It’s been a great practice for more than 20 minutes, and there’s still some unfinished business, but the head of the regiment has ordered it to be resolutely implemented.
Leaving the earth spirit hall or the old routine?
The strong regular force of Ji-Si covered Xu tui’s true body, and Xu tui’s true body released another Xu tui clone.
The clone has about 2% mental body and mental body divided into two parts.
Or the old routine
Take Cai Shaochu’s escape character and quickly flee to the distance.
But this time, Xu tui’s clone tore up the evasive characters, but at the same time, it kept tearing up the hidden characters carefully prepared by Cai Shaochu.
Every hidden character can make the breath of Xu-retired clones weaken by 70%

"Zhang Xiangying you hurriedly give me a stop, I don’t want to listen to you this give me a blind chicken (ba) bullshit me this is a compliment? Did you listen to what I said? Can’t you even grasp the point? Am I complimenting you? "

When I saw Zhang Xiangying’s awkward picture, Xia Zhijie quickly continued to talk about it. Therefore, he was already upset by the upcoming war. He really didn’t have much free time to wipe Zhang Xiangying’s ass again or this kind of paste.
"Come on, don’t explain, and I don’t want to hear you explain. Listen, Zhang Xiangying, when you go back later, you will take the early part in the cluster fight. Sirius Shield will go to the doctor’s account to visit those injured brothers in the Bowing Camp. Don’t waste anything on me. After that, you will take the lead and honestly apologize to those brothers in the Bowing Camp. If they don’t accept your apology, you will go again every other day until the other party accepts your apology. Do you hear me?"
At this moment, Xia Zhijie is the one who will be lazy just now, and the momentum of leaving someone behind is complete.
"It’s not … boss, it’s not hard for me. You asked me to take my brothers to apologize to the guy lying in the medical account. It won’t give me eye drops. Besides, it’s not that we provoked the king’s eggs. Why should we apologize to them? I’m not going. I’m not going anyway. I’m not going!"
A listen to Xia Zhijie Zhang Xiangying immediately nasty.
"Don’t you dare, Zhang Xiangying. I tell you this, you have to give me a big fight, that is, I don’t have much time to come to the waves to coordinate and deal with your broken things. If you don’t go, pack your bags and go back to your hometown immediately. Are you going or not?"
From this sentence, you can hear that Xia Zhijie is really angry about Zhang Xiangying.
"I … you … Xia Zhijie, I tell you, don’t be an old chicken (Pakistan) and threaten you with this. Are you really always a vegetarian? Also threatened to let me go back to my hometown Xia Zhijie. Listen, I will give you the words here today … "
And Xiang-ying Zhang is also instantaneous stare big eyes is staring at the eyes straight Xia Zhijie continued to roar a way.
"I’ll go to the doctor’s account and apologize to those bastards. I want you not to let me go back to my hometown, even if it’s to pinch my shoulder and beat my back for those kings’ eggs. Compared with this humiliation, I can’t stand the villagers in my hometown talking about my old place behind my back. You’ll wait for me to go!"
Ooh …
What do you mean, say the toughest words …
It seems that General Sirius Dunwei is really a great talent!
"Then why are you wasting your time with me? Go at once and stop worrying about watching the sunset!"
Suddenly, I heard Zhang Xiangying roar like a beast, and Xia Zhijie was suddenly surprised at the bottom of my heart and thought, Isn’t this big sun rising in the west? Is this Zhang Xiangying capable? Dare to talk back to yourself? Dare to pack up and go back to your hometown alone?
When Zhang Xiangying didn’t say half a sentence, at least Xia Zhijie was shocked by the manic momentum of the other party.
However, when Zhang Xiangying told the second half of the story, Xia Zhijie realized that Zhang Xiangying was still the person he knew. It turned out that Zhang Xiangying had never changed his mind. He knew that his temper had never deviated at all.
So Xia Zhijie can fight back his heart smile or glare at Zhang Xiangying and then the earth scolds him.
"You will come here when you are old!"
Come like a shadow …
Go! ! !
As soon as Zhang Xiangying’s voice landed, he didn’t even say hello, so he directly gave Xia Zhijie a back and went into the big account not far behind him.
While Xia Zhijie behind him, the many marching tents that can’t be seen at a glance are the troops he brought this time.
Half a million dollars!
Looking up at the sky, Xia Zhijie’s eyes, which are falling to the setting sun, once again reveal a trace of hesitation and a trace of burnout.
Only in this war can we be the leader! ! !
This meaningless struggle …
This meaningless game …
And when it’s so sad, it’s gradually gone, and the setting sun completely falls on the western hills until the afterglow in the sky is completely shrouded by the stars at night
This night has come!
Just as Xia Zhijie was lying quietly on the grass, looking at the stars overhead and worried about the coming war in jathyapple, an officer came running from the rear army account in a hurry, panting directly without bowing Xia Zhijie, and knelt down before him.
"No … no … good general … general zhang he … general zhang he …"
Because of the incident, I suddenly ran away, so the magistrate stammered for a long time and failed to get to the point.
"Stop it, Zhang Xiangying. Where is it now?"
A carp can see Xia Zhijie standing up from the grass like this, and he can’t take care of himself. At this time, he is still a red (bo) figure, so he ran directly towards the chancellorsville behind him while running to the back, followed by the official big drink a way
"Report back to the general general zhang is medical account at this time …"
Xia Zhijie’s magistrate has been serving his deputy in daily life. This magistrate really dare not hide anything from him.
"Xiang-ying zhang this son of a bitch is really let a person language …"
In swearing, Xia Zhijie turned around and sprinted towards the position of the medical account.
"Bah! Zhang Xiangying, you complained to the wicked first. Today, it was you who started first. How dare you do it? How dare you admit it? You have beaten me into this state. You will fight with you if you don’t give the old one a reasonable explanation today! "
"I tell on the wicked first? Di Yong, you’re afraid you’re not blind, aren’t you? It was you who slandered us first and then hit someone before we were forced to fight back. How can this matter be reversed in your mouth? Di Yong, Di Yong, are you afraid that you won’t be senile? This calf protector is not as protective as you are! "

This change is beyond Chen Qi’s imagination, and he can’t find the answer at the moment.

Chapter two hundred and fourteen Relief
Li Xuan was a little surprised when he saw Chen Qi and others coming back. Although no one else could see that he had this closet thing, Li Xuanyi knew that it must have been hidden from Chen Qi, the original owner. He came to him to hide a means to collect Chen Qi’s King Kong Tower, but he got a net fire and red-violet was better than expected. He was not afraid to let Chen Qi go if Chen Qi turned against him.
Chen Qi, but not Li Xuan, saw the young gas refiner waving like that, and there were several red-violet inclusions. The net fire mana of red-violet grew more magnificent than before. Instead, it was a bit of a surprise. Chen Qi and tianmashan learned that their hearts would not show their faces. At this time, of course, they would not make their hearts really emotional.
When Li Xuan saw Chen Qi making such an expression, his heart was quite strange. He wanted to wait for Chen Qi to ask about his own good explanation and ask the origin of these net fire red-violet by the way, but he didn’t think that Chen Qi would never do it again after making such a surprise expression, just as he didn’t know that Li Xuan’s magic was actually obtained from his King Kong Tower, but he told the things in the Yin River in detail.
Chen Qi and others’ experience of Yin River is also a tortuous adventure, and a three-headed demon will detain the matter and attract everyone’s attention. Even Li Xuanyi was stumped by this matter and never thought about Chen Qi again. He didn’t ask him about the origin of the net fire red-violet spell.
Although Chen Qi didn’t know that Li Xuanyi suddenly got the favor of the evil red-violet Buddha, instead of devouring his mana, he made it into such a powerful spell, but he knew that the evil red-violet Buddha was powerful. I don’t know how many years it has been since this evil Buddha was suppressed by the King Kong Tower. Where are ordinary people to provoke? Chen 7: 00 doesn’t avoid anything and doesn’t dare to follow suit. Try to attract red-violet net fire to burn himself. He wants to have a look at Li Xuan as usual with a look on the sidelines.
The original Chen Qi and others went to the Xuanxuan Sect and the six women in the Louvre, Yangzhou Siying and others became uneasy until Li Xuanyi used the net fire and red-violet spell. At this time, Chen Qi and others returned to Xuan Ying Mountain, and they were relieved. Especially Chen Qi got dirty black lotus, which can restrain the Yin soldiers in the Yin River most. These people think that Xuan Ying Mountain will never be breached again, but Wan Fang and others are worried about the comfort of Fuyang House. After all, Yangzhou Siying or Louvre and six women are all at home, and many relatives and friends are familiar with Fuyang City. Are you willing to worry?
It was Chen Qi and Li Xuanyi who protected the Xuan Ying Mountain for the time being. They just can’t say that they saw Chen Qi returning and got a sharp weapon. Li Xuanyi’s mana also looked unfathomable. When Chen Qi was slightly free, Wan Fang secretly told him to ask Chen Qi to bring them to Fuyang House.
Chen Qi didn’t expect that the Yin River flood was so powerful that someone would come to solve it once. Although Xuan Ying Mountain is the foundation of Xuanxuan Sect, there is nothing to be trapped, that is, a jade vein is the foundation of Xuanxuan Sect. However, it is no longer meaningful to continue to sneak to Xuanxuan Sect and run out of food and water.
After Wan Fang talked to Chen Qi, Chen Qi moved his mind and immediately went to Li Xuanyi and Xia Yuniang to talk about moving things together.
Xia Yuniang, if you don’t know that Xuan Ying Mountain is almost too fast to keep? Chen Qilai asked her that Xia Yuniang naturally didn’t insist that Li Xuanyi wouldn’t mind whether to throw away the Xuanxuan Sect’s inheritance. Anyway, Xuanxuan Sect is not his family’s inheritance. The three of them discussed it briefly and settled the dispute. Li Xuanyi divided hundreds of net fire red-violet flowers and his Suyun flag. Did Xuanxuan Sect hoard many things or collect them all together?
In Yangzhou, there are six women and four heroes, and Chen Qi is still negotiating with the Tibetans in Jingangta in several aspects. Li Xuanyi and Chen Qi withdrew their spells together to see the siege of the Shanyin River in Xuan Ying. The blackwater of these Yinshan rivers flooded the Xuan Ying Mountain. No matter what hills and peaks rushed to the highest point of Xuan Ying Mountain against the height, they rolled and washed to detain the whole Xuan Ying Mountain. Seeing Xia Yuniang, Xia Lvzhu and many Xuanxuan sent their brothers, they felt sad.
But at this time, there is no way. Chen Qi should have changed the fire crow and hurried to Fuyang Fucheng to get to the sable, snow, Luan and pig. Jiu Gang naturally walked with Chen Qi. One day, when she saw the Yin River and blackwater, she missed her own method valley. She didn’t say hello to Chen Qi and secretly reversed the light escape and left in advance …
Although Li Xuanyi’s mana is very high, he didn’t get an acquaintance in Fuyang Fucheng. He knew that if he wanted to settle the Xuanxuan Sect, he had to make efforts from a local strongman like Yangzhou Siying, which actually laid the groundwork for some contacts with Wanqi and others.
Chen Qi’s wings shop is like a meteor catching the moon. It doesn’t take several hours to catch the wave of Yin River black water. At this time, the Yin River has been raging for more than thousands of miles. Fortunately, Fuyang Fucheng is a little far away, but Chen Qi has not been caught by the wave of Yin River black water. When Chen Qi catches the wave of Yin River black water, the black water is only a few tens of miles away from Fuyang Fucheng. In front of this black water, there are several people, married with children, running and shouting.
These people’s homes have been destroyed by the black water of the Yinhe River. They can still struggle for their lives. They have long been swallowed by the black water of the Yinhe River. The walls of Fuyang House are tall, and many people have come straight to the city and want to resist the black water by relying on the walls of this city. But Chen Qi has long seen that some people in Fuyang City have fled for their lives, especially the officials in the city have long since lost the smell of strangers. Obviously, the prefect of Fuyang House has long been the first to escape where to hide, and he has never thought about meeting these grass people.
Chen Qi saw this scene and said to Li Xuanyi, "Please ask Brother Suyun Banner to protect Fuyang Fucheng until I come to rescue these people." Li Xuanyi thoughtfully agreed to a good thing. Although he thought that Suyun Banner was more convenient than Chen Qi’s saving lives, it was necessary to protect Fuyang Fucheng. Several instruments displayed by Chen Qi’s hands could not protect such a vast ideal city.
Chen Qi, regardless of Li Xuan’s desire to release the fire crow in his chest, cooperated with his own refining, and Wu Jin Yunguang joined with 36 purple jade slips and six-headed king worms to make a detour around Fuyang Fucheng by many means, but all those who fled to Fuyang Fucheng were sent to the city by magic to save many people. Chen Qi looked from Fuyang Fucheng by falling light.
The black water of the Yinhe River has been raging for so long that it has become a monstrous water. From a distance, it seems that it is just a line. When you get close, you will see that the water head is like a tide. Many ferocious and fierce Yin soldiers and many bones rolled up by the black water of the Yinhe River look as straight as you are, and thousands of evil spirits are left in the world together. Those people who have been rescued in Fuyang Fucheng are so fierce that they hate the black water tide. They are all shivering and crying, and many people are waiting to die together.
The black water wave of the Yinhe River was aggressive and dazzling, so it rushed to Fuyang Fucheng. In a moment, the whole Fuyang Fucheng was besieged. Thanks to Li Xuanyi’s great power, although these net fire red-violet came to something strange, he made Suyun Banner come a little higher than usual. With the net fire red-violet Suyun Banner, Li Xuanyi firmly protected Fuyang Fucheng, which also showed great means.
When Chen Qi came back from saving people, he released the King Kong Pagoda. In a flash, there were hundreds of feet tall and golden, and Suyun flag passed through a layer of Buddha’s light to encourage power. At the same time, Chen Qi also released the dirty black lotus, which swam slowly around the city. The black water tide and Yin soldiers were attracted to kill each other, and the winners and losers were swallowed up by this dirty black lotus.
At this time, Chen Qi also came regardless of Wanqi Wan Fang Luofu six women Sima Zhuo Liao, who released their spells for four miles to resist Yinhe Blackwater. This time, the momentum of Yinhe Blackwater in Fuyang Fucheng was too great, which was a thousand times greater than that of flooding Xuan Ying Mountain. Although Yinhe Blackwater could not resist Chen Qi and others, the pressure of water was heavy. Li Xuanyi’s luck made Suyun Banner and the surrounding blackwater touch mana to stop the waves of blackwater from being detained, just like being crushed by four great seas.
Chen Qi is luckier than he is. The pressure on the assistance of the King Kong Tower is a little less, but he still feels that all his spells are filthy, black lotus, the Golden Sutra of the Emperor, and the dragons and gods are all like being suppressed by mountains. Even though he can still transport it, it takes a lot of mana to make every turn. It is at this time that Chen Qi realized that once the Yinhe Blackwater is so powerful, it is so difficult to suppress it.
Fortunately, the five eyes know that assisting the master and understanding it are the best to seal the town with three kinds of small magical powers. I don’t know how many Yin soldiers have been suppressed by the five strange eyes on the back of this king worm. Every time a group of Yin soldiers are suppressed, their bodies are huge and dazzling, and they rise to more than ten miles. Chen Qitou is more imposing than being pressed to move by Chengtou. Many people in the city miss Chen Qiqi’s help and pray for gratitude.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen LeiGuangYao miles
It has been more than seven days since the black water of the dazzling Yin River besieged Fuyang Fucheng.
In these seven days, I don’t know how many people in the city prayed every day that this rare black water would recede. Li Xuanyi made Suyun Banner and net fire red-violet protect the people of this city. At the same time, the people were also measured by the black water pressure. The city head was not allowed to move, and the marten, snow, Luan, pigs and Xia Yuniang were able to fly away. All the monks went to rescue the people scattered outside the city. Even Yangzhou Siying and Xuanxuan sent their brothers and Fuyang Fucheng, who were hiding in various places, all stepped in to help resist the invisible soldiers in the black water.
At this time, the black water of the Yinhe River has risen three feet and nine feet higher than that of Fuyang Fucheng. Many Yin soldiers have come by the waves. Although most of them were crushed by Suyun Banner and net fire red lotus, Chen Qi’s filthy black lotus flew around the city and killed a lot, but there were always fish escaping from the net and broke into Fuyang Fucheng to slaughter.
Although Suyun Banner is a first-class defense device, many places are not weak and poorly protected because Li Xuanyi has expanded too much.
Although Chen Qi also contributed to protect the people on this side, there is always a strange feeling in his heart. In these seven days, he saved hundreds of people more than he did when he was a mountain thief for seven years. Moreover, because of his greatest contribution, Li Xuanyi was overwhelmed by the Yin River and black water in all directions, and the rest of the people in Fuyang Fucheng were the first to kill people. This petty thief is a great immortal who saves the suffering. Every day, I don’t know how many people he prayed for a long life. Even Chen Qi’s practice is smoother than before, and it seems that some people have entered the country too much.
"There are more than 20,000 bat spirits in my King Kong Pagoda. They recite the scriptures every day, which makes the King Kong Pagoda full of willingness. Although most of them have turned into money, many of them are integrated with the King Kong Pagoda, which makes the self-proclaimed small world in this King Kong Pagoda practice magic twice as fast, and it seems that it can be a bit lucky to realize these people’s prayers and wishes than outside … I don’t know how to operate the practice!"
Although Chen Qi feels pity, he can do it without the corresponding practice. Although he has also helped the people of Fuyang Fucheng to resist the erosion of the Yin River and the black water these days, most of his experience has been to study a spell. He has enlightened the Buddha’s door to know the three senses and gain wisdom. My consciousness can be divided into seven thoughts.
At one time, Chen Qi and the Bull Demon fought against each other to manipulate an idea, and his five eyes realized some beauty. These days, he tried to refine his five eyes and divide an idea when he defended the enemy from two places at once, and his power was much higher than his own.
It is the grotesque body with five eyes that is not conducive to spell luck, which makes Chen Qi want to try to cultivate this king worm into an adult.
It’s not difficult for real birds and animals to become adults. It’s not difficult to change people’s bodies by opening the orifices of animals. Many monsters who can’t repair well can also change people, such as fox Xun Yuzao and Chen Qi, who are better than Chen Qi at first sight, can already become beautiful girls.
However, some animals are born with great magical powers, or insects have little wisdom, or plants are bulky and often reach a very high level, and may still change people.

Windy day Luo Cha also flew into a rage and screamed.

Luo Cha dialect is sharp and harsh.
The great war in Vientiane City was a great humiliation for both protoss and Luo Cha.
The Terran in the world of repairing the true world kept it a secret, but it was widely spread among the Archaean Jiuzu, and the protoss and Luo Cha suffered a lot of discussion
After all, it is not honorable to be defeated by the Terran Army.
"It’s you who want to die!"
Just then, a cold sound suddenly occurred to the crowd.
Then a figure with a height of more than 30 feet jumped out and braved the red light to send out the hot breath, which instantly came behind Luo Cha on a windy day.
This figure is extremely fast, and then it is added. Suddenly, don’t say it’s a crowd. Even the six fierce families in the battlefield have no reaction.
"What person!"
Many fierce and powerful people also came to drink a lot. They didn’t see this figure clearly, but they saw a rough outline.
This latosolic red figure came to the windy day behind Luo Cha without hesitation and directly stretched out his palm to show ferocious sharp claws, flashing cold light towards the windy day, and Luo Cha’s head was severely caught!
On a windy day, Luo Cha’s heart was frightened and felt that his scalp was exploding. He didn’t want to blink his wings and flee away in the distance!
Luo Cha people are too fast.
One of the nine fierce families!
This light flint windy day Luo Cha figure into a black mountain to break away from the ferocious claws!
This figure arm out a scratching noise jumped three feet instant chasing wind day Luo Cha figure caught again!
Blood and fog spewed!
Luo Cha screams in windy days.
He has reacted quickly enough and his posture has been pushed to the limit.
But even so, he is still being chased by this figure, tearing up a meat wing behind him and tearing it to a large blood dripping!
This scene is extremely bloody and tragic!
Even the six fierce families are slightly inhaled by the strong.
On windy days, Luo Cha’s posture and speed didn’t get away before. If this figure moves against them, who can be lucky?
The idea has just flashed across the battlefield and changed again
This terracotta-red figure will scratch the wings of Luo Cha’s flesh in windy days with one claw, and the body will be three lengths and many heights without stopping, just like a python suddenly winding around Luo Cha’s body in windy days!
The surge of blood suddenly made a force!
Kaka, Kaka!
On a windy day, Luo Cha had a bone fracture!
Several eyes staring at the windy day Luo Cha’s flesh has been completely squeezed and distorted!
On a windy day, Luo Cha’s eyes are bulging and bloodshot, and his face is purple and blue, and his qi and blood quickly dissipate!
Conjunction can be reborn with broken limbs.
Even if the body is so badly damaged, it will take time to cultivate and heal, and there is hope for recovery.
But at this windy day, Luo Cha is entangled in this red figure, and no matter how fast it is, it can’t escape, and it is still suffering great pain!
A Yuan God emerged from Luo Cha’s head on a windy day with a look of panic and wanted to escape in the distance.
This crimson figure suddenly opened its mouth and spewed out a flame, which directly burned the Yuan God into ashes in the blink of an eye!
Luo Cha meteorite in windy days!
Chapter one thousand three hundred Dragon look!
In windy days, Luo Cha fell, and the valley of heaven and earth was dead!
This scene is much more shocking than the fall of a Terran fit!
The six fierce tribes fit in with each other, and the strong can easily suppress the Terran power. Even the extremely hot Terran Uber has been hit hard by the Eye of the Eye.
Now, a statue of fierce clan’s great power was killed on the spot by an immortal!
"Who is this?"
"Who will dare to help wild arms and do not hesitate to kill the Luo Cha clan strong such a means is too hard! Is it a half-ancestor or a Mahayana bodhi? "
Group of repair looked intently but stood on the spot.
Accurately speaking, this red figure can’t be regarded as the height of the Terran, which is more than three feet high. It is full of red scales and covers its cheeks to reveal a pair of bright eyes like two torches!
This is definitely an alien!
That huge claw knuckles bulge is like molten steel pouring, full of metallic luster, and sharp claws are dripping with scarlet blood from Luo Cha in windy days!
Strangely, this alien has this ferocious claw on the left, but the palm on the right is white. As usual, the Terran palm is different.
This red figure exudes a very violent breath, and the blood is surging. The six fierce families are not in the wind!
Many monks look at this red-haired alien and have a sense of facing the ancient fierce race!
"Is this alien also one of the nine fierce families?"
"No way, it seems that no race of Taikoo Jiuzu looks like this?"
"This alien is a bit like a dragon!"
"Hey, now that you mention it, I think of one thing."

I didn’t stay in the cave where the real Huang Mei lived for a long time. I strongly urged the two of them to inform each other of their respective birthdays. In ancient times, they should inform each other about their brothers’ righteousness and marriage. This move is not to see if their lives are mutually comparable, but it is similar to chopping the head of a chicken and drinking blood wine. The real Huang Mei will leave soon after becoming sworn, and they will walk back to the mountain. After many years, the real Huang Mei will burn incense every year and invite me to play chess. Let’s not discuss these things here for the time being.

Farewell to Huang Mei, the real person came to Juyin Pool in Houshan, and found that Sanyin Dishui was straight and straight, and the beach by the pool enjoyed the cool air. When he saw my arrival, he was excited and rushed over to me. His huge head held high and lifted me up and turned around the pool.
The intimate performance of SanyinBiShui made me forget those annoying things for the time being, and I found the "look forward" when I took the dragon to break the lofty sentiments of all armies. I rose up and rushed SanyinBiShui to reach the head-high command. The Millennium years have not diluted the deep memory of SanyinBiShui. After hearing my command, the horse twisted and stood up high except for the tail.
"Sudden Dragon" I was so excited that my right foot sent forward slightly and shouted that I had reached the forward command. Sanyin Bishui also entered the state at the moment. As soon as my voice fell, it quickly swam into the pool along the beach and shuttled back and forth, and it was quite imposing.
"Warroar!" When I heard my command, the horse tossed its head to the mouth of Tianjiao, opened its trident tongue and pressed its throat violently, and quickly gave a hoarse and sharp scream. Because it also knew that this moment was not a battlefield fight, it was not that kind of angry roar, but that it was similar to the joy squeaking when children played.
"It’s impossible for you to sleep after eating all day." After playing, I fell back to the beach while Sanyin Bishui swam to the shore and lay down beside me. This guy woke up and ate a lot. The aura didn’t increase much, but the waist circumference was thick.
Three yin and water can’t speak naturally. After hearing my words, I raised my huge dumpling head and gently touched my two huge nostrils, wheezing and gasping for breath. Now it can’t understand my complicated words. After all, there is no simple thinking.
"You’re so slow, let alone three years and ten years, and you can’t reach the deep blue aura. You have to live up to your expectations. Don’t always count on me to help you resist the lightning." I smiled and stretched out my hand and slapped my nose. The latter was itchy and sneezed loudly, spraying me with mucus. I approached the pool to clean the pool and saw that I wanted to play with it. I turned around and got into the water and rolled for a moment, showing my huge head waiting for me to trample again.
"Stay honest." I ha ha smiled and turned away from Juyin Pool, because I have to make a circle every time I go back to the mountain all the year round. After seeing it, I turned to the front of the mountain. Nalu is in good condition, and the white wolf has grown a lot. After seeing me, she twisted her teeth and wrinkled her nose, demonstrating that the white wolf barked differently. This little wolf can’t bark. It’s so wild that it’s hard to domesticate it. It’s impossible to want it to be as obedient as the white wolf was. It’s sad to think that the white wolf will lose something again.
In the next few days, I went back to my hometown, and my parents were naturally happy to see me. My family had already received a photo with Bai Jiuyu, and I was naturally satisfied with this future daughter-in-law. According to my master, my mother showed off in the village for several days after receiving the photo, and everyone knew that the fortune-teller who was old at home had found a fairy.
I came back full this time and it’s time to go back to buy buy. I left a lot of money when I took it with me. Although I knew my parents didn’t need it, I still kept it. What I wanted to do was because I had a strong sense of foreboding and I always felt that something was going to happen, and I couldn’t tell exactly what would happen.
No one bothered me when I came back this time, but I didn’t stay for a few days. Because of the seven-day holiday, I had to go to the headquarters with King Kong Gun to select candidates and equipment for Zhongnanshan.
Chapter 34 Seven experts
When the two of them packed up and returned to Wuling Mountain, Song Yu had called back all the adjustable clerks in the tenth inning to the headquarters. In recent years, the headquarters has not expanded one branch, and it is still a clerk, two families and fifteen families, a total of 23 people. The lack of that name is the monk Jian. Since I first went to Jiuhua Mountain with King Kong Gun, he applied to quit active service and ran out to travel.
The clerk in charge of the tenth bureau didn’t know each other except Shao Yanqi, who had dealt with me, and Yang Libiao, the second instrument palace, who was sent by Li Nan and Chen Qiang. Song Yugu, a secret worker, didn’t let them line up for me and King Kong Gun to choose, but set the table for everyone’s information and let me decide who to attend according to the nature.
King Kong Gun and I took a stack of materials and looked through them. Because we were curious, I looked at the specific situation and all the skills of the people belonging to the Ten Bureau very carefully, while King Kong Gun simply glanced at it and eliminated the Buddhist monks and the true religion, and it was over.
"Just these seven." I finally decided to follow us to Zhongnanshan after reading the materials in my hand and screening those people with the King Kong cannon.
Shao Yanqi, a subject, is an old acquaintance. He has a special ability to see through human objects. This person has a good personal relationship with me, and the perspective function may also be sent to the field this time.
A 41-year-old lieutenant colonel Pei ranks in a branch of Gongye country. This man is older than me and has a higher rank than me. I didn’t miss him, but when I saw that his skills were good at communicating with all kinds of animals, I did not hesitate to decide this man Gongye. This surname is extremely rare, so I immediately thought of Kong’s brother Gongye Chang, who is proficient in bird language and animal language. This Gongye country is probably the descendant of Gongye Chang.
The third person is also a subject. This 37-year-old fat file is the thickest among the people. However, the file bag is not a meritorious service award form, but a thick stack of criminal records and psychiatric appraisal forms. This person’s name is Xu Zhanqun’s ancestor Xu Jia in Hubei Province and Cheng Zugan in Northern Lin. Both of them are grave robbers. The grave robbers are famous for their skills. The Northern Lin family is good at smelling gold and extracting marrow. It is a pity that this Xu Zhanqun’s head is not very bright. The society is getting worse and worse, leaving his ancestors with that wealth and wealth, and even the poor can’t eat
Not to mention that Xu Zhanqun did have two brushes to search for dragons and treasures, and he was really good at it. He soon found an ancient tomb in the Song Dynasty and started to dig it. Unfortunately, this guy was short of brains. After digging the tomb, he took a shit from the tomb and urinated, which made the public security machine quickly find and arrest him according to DNA analysis. After three years, he was released from prison and forced to run to the grave to take a shit. Naturally, he was arrested three times in succession. He was not white. Why could the public security machine catch him so quickly?
Later, when I saw that he had a unique skill in cracking down on grave robbery and protecting precious cultural relics, I came forward to woo him. He was afraid that he would go out and get into trouble, so he left him in a mental hospital outside the headquarters to cook for the patients. This guy didn’t know that the headquarters gave him a vacant post, but instead, Yu Yi shouldered the responsibility of providing psychological counseling for the patients. As a result, the group of mental patients were even more insane than mental patients. Because he was mixed up with patients all day, even he didn’t know whether he was tutoring the mental patients or tutoring him.
The fourth is also a clerk in a department. This 25-year-old woman’s special function is very special. Because her mother was struck by lightning during pregnancy, her physique will be different from that of ordinary people after birth. The energy headquarters once tested and found that her mental excitement can emit up to 300 volts. The woman named Li Juan is a king kong cannon, and the reason for asking him is very simple. It is like taking her with a small generator when she can’t prepare.
The three of them are Maoshan School, Li Nanchen School, State School, Chen Qiang Second Instrument Palace, and Yang Libiao. The sects of the three of them are orthodox sects, which is nothing to teach. Besides, all three of them are old friends and easy to get along with.
After the selection, Song Yu called me and King Kong cannon to these seven people, who I knew for a long time, and three people made me frown slightly. These people are not the same as the photos. Gong Yeguo is older than the photos, Xu Zhanqun is more stupid than the photos, and Li Juan is younger than the photos.
After everyone arrived, the director personally gave instructions on pre-war mobilization. These people should be strictly controlled and directed by me in terms of nature and region, but it didn’t work out. The director didn’t want them to know that it was too specific. I was secretly pleased that the director didn’t say the specific goal of action, which was more conducive to my self-serving, self-serving and seeking immortality. When I thought of this, I turned my head and made a wink at the King Kong cannon, so that he wouldn’t be too talkative. The latter raised his eyebrows and responded that he knew what I was thinking.
After a few simple words, the director motioned for me to go to the office with him, while King Kong Gun took these people with interest to follow Song Yu to the weapons room at headquarters to select the necessary weapons for the operation.
"This is four suspected locations, focus on searching, focus on but not limited to the specific situation, and handle it flexibly by yourself," said the director, handing over a high-magnification map taken by satellite.
Yes, I got up and took the map handed over by the director. According to the position and trend of the mountains, there should be four relatively large shadow areas in the Zhongnanshan area of the Qinling Mountains. The shadow areas or circles or sides show relatively obvious traces of people’s construction. In addition, there are many small shadow areas. The director probably did not list those small areas as search targets considering that the area of the imperial tomb would not be so small.
"There have been some mountain hermits living in seclusion in Zhongnanshan for a long time. If these people stop or hinder your search workers, you can take necessary tough measures," the director added with a dignified look
What the director said instantly made me frown. After entering Zhongnanshan, I will meet a monk in the mountain. I was psychologically prepared for this. The reason why the director has such a decisive attitude is that the so-called tough measures in our army include killing methods.
The director found my face puzzled and paused for a moment to say another thing, that is, those people hiding in the practice gate of Zhongnanshan have shown some radical and reactionary actions in recent years, which has made the country suspicious. In recent years, those monks often make gangs and join factions to compete against each other. These things happen in the mountains, and the country is taking a natural attitude to package them. Who knows that those guys have been making more and more trouble recently, and when they fight, they call for thunder and call for rain, and the world knows that. After discovering this situation, some ordinary people and monks poured into the Mount Zhongnan to seek immortality, and some eventful gossip media even mixed in and reported various strange phenomena from time to time in Mount Zhongnan, which made more and more people enter the mountain. First, the country once had an inaccurate statistics. According to the statistical results, the number of people entering the mountain has exceeded 1,000 in just a few short years. If these people get together to praise and repair the scriptures, the country will naturally not interfere with citizens. Free will, but it’s not the case that so many people live in seclusion in Zhongnanshan. To put it simply, it’s suspected of illegal activities. To put it more seriously, there may be people gathering to rebel, which is why we will be instructed to pay extra attention to the living conditions of those people who entered the mountain later. If they are intimidated, we will rescue them. If they are willing to do so, we will persuade them to come out.
"I don’t know what you mean, I will do my best." I nodded with a wry smile. Although the director said it was quite tactfully, to put it bluntly, what was rescued and persuaded was an official rhetoric. Let me drive people out as much as possible. It seems that they really treated me and King Kong Bao as urban management.
"This time, you are leading the team. You are free to deal with the main goal or look for the Qin Mausoleum." The director came over and patted me on the shoulder. "The burial pits and terracotta warriors and horses have been excavated for many years. What is the controversy outside? Can you excavate the terracotta warriors and horses and the burial pits but not the tomb?"
"I don’t think the mausoleum of the Qin Dynasty will reach the end of the South Mountain." I looked up at the director, and there was no imbalance and bias in his overall view and analysis. His analysis was still very reasonable. If it were me, I would also think that those burial pits and terracotta warriors and horses could be excavated but the mausoleum could not.
"One of these four broad shadow areas should be true. Don’t leave anything out when you search." The director obviously disagreed with my opinion, and putting a teacup aggravated the tone.
"Yes," I raised my hand to salute and put the map in my pocket and turned back. Now that the director has made up his mind, I’d better go and have a look in turn. If I emphasize that the mausoleum of Qin Dynasty is not in the middle of the mountain, it will make him suspicious of me.
From the director’s office, I lifted my legs and walked to the weapon room. Because of the security problem, the weapon room at headquarters is far from the office area, on the west side of the tunnel.

Just now, the little guy said that he wanted to play with Wu Yu, and Zhang felt that he had nothing to do. It was also good to find someone to chat with. The situation was that he was most familiar with Wu Yu.

Suddenly Zhang saw ten young men in black chasing Wu Yu and running into the sixth team training ground. Wu Yu looked very flustered and angry.
"Yumi, you’d rather be a little ugly than be ungrateful to the boss!" Wu Yu behind a very thin young man shouted
"Bastards, you shames," Wu Yu shouted angrily. He kept running in a serpentine step and sometimes looked back at those people …
Many people around saw that Wu Yu was in danger, but when ten people acted together, no one dared to help Wu Yu.
People who come here have their own goals, and few people want a stranger to put themselves in danger.
Wu Yu was in trouble. Zhang rushed directly to save Wu Yu without thinking about it.
"Zhang Yang!" Wu Yu, who came to Zhang Yang, exclaimed and showed joy in his face.
Zhang quickly ran to Wu Yu’s side and pulled her behind him without asking why. He stared at the ten people in front of the civil air defense, and the ten people suddenly attacked.
Ten people stopped, ten meters away from Zhang Yang and Wu Yu.
The thin young man shouted, "Don’t you want to live if you dare to rob the boss?"
Wu Yu walked out of his white face from behind Zhang Yang like a layer of ice. He said indifferently, "You just talk nonsense. Wang Qianggen and I don’t have to be ashamed to be Sun Xiang."
Zhang looked at the thin and dry young man with disgust and said, "Find an excuse to find someone who is quite rogue and say it."
At this time, a tall and sturdy young man with more than two meters stepped out in front of him nine people.
This person’s face is very difficult. If he wants to eat people, he is the boss of ten people. The "Wang Qiang" peak warrior has already stepped into the realm of the martial arts. If it weren’t for his head, others really didn’t have the courage to break into the sixth team training ground.
Wang Qiang roared, "Wu Yu, I chased you for more than ten times, but you never agreed, but now I’m with a four-star warrior. What’s better about him than me? Don’t be a daughter-in-law. You are just a woman here! "
Wu Yu clenched his fist and said coldly, "You chase me and I have to agree with you. Who are you? If you want to be an infatuated man, don’t show this kind of color madness today! "
You!’ Wang Qiang pointed angrily at Wu Yu, who didn’t know what to say at the moment. His arms were stretched up and his clothes were tight. The tendons were like small snakes, which seemed terrible.
"Wu Yu, don’t be shameless. This is a killer organization. No one has come to save you. You are still pretending to be lofty. We will catch me later. Can you still pretend!" The thin young man shouted again.
The young man’s name is "Sun Xiang". His eyes are like mice’s eyes, his face is thin and his bones are exposed, and his body is as thin as hemp.
The main reason is that this person is usually very good at photographing horses in Wang Qiang, and his four-star samurai can become the second-in-command of these ten people, while others are all five-star warriors
Zhang Yang frowned. "Since this is a killer organization, why do you still have so much nonsense to kill? No wonder every dog barks before biting?"
Wu Yu grabbed Zhang Yang’s sleeve and said coldly, "You didn’t go as fast as you did. I’m fine. The instructor will come and manage this place later!"
Zhang some angry stare Wu Yu avenue "what? It’s said that I caused it and I’ll solve it. You want to hold on to everything by yourself, but not this time. Remember, now that we are friends and friends, I will definitely do it. "
"I …" Zhang yelled at Wu Yu for being short of breath, but he was interrupted by Zhang.
Zhang grinned with a smile. "I can solve this problem this time. Didn’t you always want to know how strong my strength is? This time, you can clean up after you and I can knock down a few people. Hehehe … "
"Group weaving play hero to save the United States? It’s so old-fashioned Before you come, you want to get close to Wu Yu. There are fifteen consequences if you don’t have twenty. We killed them all. Today, you are also a "skinny Sun Xiang cruel way. His eyes contain murderous look. One is the guy who killed many people.
"Dog leg!" Zhang contemptuous way
Scold by zhang Sun Xiang eyes flashed conspiratorial look he Yin, laughed "hey hey ….. what is this place? What’s the sleeping place like here? You know all about it! Do you still believe that Wu Yu is perfect when a person is born here? You still insist? How many people like you did you follow before you came? "
"You bastard! I didn’t! " Wu Yu was red-eyed by Sun Xiang’s words, like a jet of flame. She pointed to Sun Xiang and scolded him and rushed out directly.
Zhang Yang instantly stopped Wu Yu’s waist and fixed her. Then Wu Yu whispered, "I believe you. Don’t be impulsive. I’ll kill him later."
Zhang also moved. I’m really angry. This little guy is getting worse and worse, and in front of so many people, he slandered Wu Yu. Zhang looked at Sun Xiang with a hint of murder.
Zhang Yang said to Wang Qiang, "You are the boss who really failed to let a dog leg point. Today is your business. If you want to fight, you can directly fight. Everyone around you is waiting for us to fight. If you are afraid, you can let the dog leg continue to scold!"
"good! A four-star warrior will waste you today! " Wang Qiang boulevard
"Let’s go together! I am afraid that you are not enough! " Zhang lift eye scanning ten high way
Sun Xiangyi waved and shouted, "Brothers, kill this kid!"
Sun Xiang was slapped by Wang Qiang, and Wang Qiang’s tall figure was powerful. He glared at Sun Xiang and roared, "Who told you to give orders?" I can solve it myself! "

The mutton dishes in that city are really delicious, to the point where Zhao Gou can’t forget them for decades.

Although Lin ‘an mutton is also made in master chef, it is delicious, but it can’t eat the taste of that year.
He had the best time there and had deep feelings for the city.
Of course, this feeling is naturally beyond the desire for survival. When the desire for survival is at its peak, no matter how Zong Ze shouts, he will not go back there.
Zong Ze shouted at the top of his lungs and died of vomiting blood. He didn’t budge.
He had already been frightened out of his psychological shadow. Kaifeng was because he couldn’t cross the heart barrier. He wanted to go back, but he didn’t dare.
His contradiction is so extreme that he almost has a split personality. Whenever he wants to do something, he will fight with each other and then choose to be content with the status quo, and nothing will be changed.
In short, Zhao Gou is content with the status quo, wants to go with the flow, and dares not make any decisions that will affect the status quo.
It would be nice to be safe and steady.
He doesn’t like anyone who tries to break the status quo and give him trouble.
And this is Chen Kangbo’s disapproval.
Chapter 27 The Northern Expedition was never a purely military issue.
Chen Kangbo has always been a staunch advocate and anti-Jin fighter. He has never been afraid of Jin people.
But he also couldn’t understand what everyone who was afraid of Kim was thinking.
He can’t understand that those timid people can’t solve their chondrosis with the right medicine. He doesn’t know that violent manipulation can’t cure chondrosis, but it can aggravate the condition.
Does he blindly demand North or North?
So he made a motion.
"Zhao Kaishan’s 100,000-strong army is ready to attack Kaifeng, and a considerable part of the gold thief’s troops have been pinned down. At this moment, if we don’t take the opportunity to recapture the old capital and recover the Central Plains, when will we wait until the north?"
Tang Si-tui, a critically ill patient with cartilaginous disease, is still firmly opposed as usual.
"Zhao Kaishan can succeed regardless of the gold thief border forces have not been reduced is still very strong. What does this say? This means that Zhao Kaishan’s roots did not threaten Kaifeng’s golden thief roots, otherwise they would have transferred border troops to help! "
Chen Kangbo was very indignant at Tang Si-tui’s ignorance of pretending to understand.
"The gold thief didn’t move the border troops because he was afraid that he was afraid of the northern part of our DaSong army. They weren’t sure if our DaSong army would go north. If they were sure that the DaSong army wouldn’t go north, look at them!"
Tang Sitiu was very unhappy. He decided to put facts and reason.
"Chen Changqing said, don’t you just want the northern expedition? But your northern expedition is as simple as saying two words with your mouth open? Do you know how much effort it will take to choose an army and deploy people to prepare grain supplies, military supplies, transport civilian workers, officials, commanders and so on?
Don’t say just say the number of troops in the Northern Expedition. Once the number of troops in the Northern Expedition cannot be less than 330,000, the court will spend 30 million Gwan Chin on a war! 30 million! Do you know how difficult it is for the imperial court to take back the 30 million? "
Chen Kangbo argued for an inch.
"If everyone is like you, calculate the accounts before fighting and then discuss whether to spend so much money, there will be no war! It costs money to fight, but we spend more money on population, land and income!
Nanjing Road, the thief of the Great Song Dynasty, recaptured Kaifeng in the Central Plains. How important is that for the Great Song Dynasty? How many acres of fertile land and tens of millions of Chinese people are all sources of taxes? Why don’t you consider this? "
Tang Si-tui sneer at one
"That’s what I thought about. Do you really think that it can bring huge benefits to the court to restore the homeland in the Great Song Northern Expedition? Don’t ask me what to do with the Yellow River without telling me? "
When this is said, several people in the temple are not quite right.
Chen Kangbo’s face is not right, so are Chen Cheng and Wang Lun’s faces. Even Tang Si’s "like-minded" good partner Shen should be a little bit wrong, let alone Zhao Gou.
Tang Si gave a word back to say what everyone was reluctant to do.
In Jingkang years, Tokyo stayed in Du Chong and dug up the Yellow River dam to fight for his life, which caused the Yellow River to flood out of control and further prompted the Yellow River to change its course and abandon its old road to seize the Huai River and enter the sea.
Since then, the Yellow River water has become extremely irritable and often overflowed.
During the period of pseudo-Qi control, it was a headache. In the era when Xu Jin directly ruled the Central Plains, it was even more troublesome for Xu Jin, who spent a lot of money to take a break every few years and provide disaster relief every few years.
It’s not that Xu Jin did not have a knowledgeable person. The case of completely renovating the Yellow River also had a good plan, which could renovate the Yellow River in one breath and flood the province every year.
But at first, this plan costs too much, and the state treasury can’t afford it.
Secondly, the political situation of the State of Jin has been unstable, and the external situation has been frequent. Jin Ting has always been worried that the Northern Expedition in the Southern Song Dynasty will recapture the old place and is not willing to completely renovate the Yellow River.
The Yellow River just stood there.
Xu Jin Guo didn’t even want to engage in the Southern Song Dynasty, and he didn’t want to take over after a headache.
It can be said that the Yellow River is a rotten stall that the Southern Song Dynasty absolutely does not want to touch.
Of course, it is good to return to the Central Plains. A peaceful and stable Central Plains will certainly facilitate them to go back for exploitation and gain greater benefits.
However, if it is said that the Central Plains is not peaceful and stable, but there are four disasters, frequent floods and four battlefields, then they naturally have to think about whether they can afford to manage the Central Plains after recovering it.
This southern scholar dominated the restoration of the Central Plains in the imperial court, which meant that the southern landlords had to give blood transfusion to the Central Plains on a large scale and spent a lot of money to restore the productivity of the Central Plains.
Whether the benefits can be recovered is ambiguous.
This is definitely beneficial to the country, but it is not conducive to the southern landlords.
We don’t know each other, and we don’t have any contacts. Why should I pay so much money to help you restore your hometown?
Everyone can see that once the Central Plains is recovered, the first thing to be faced is to ravage the Yellow River, and the Yellow River must be harnessed. Otherwise, the Central Plains cannot be ruled stably.
And the Jin people have failed to manage the Yellow River after so many things. Is it worthwhile for the Southern Song Dynasty to go back to pick up that rotten stall at this time?
Not to mention whether it’s worth it or not, who is paying for it when it really comes to that?
This is not only a political issue, but also a military issue, but an economic issue that is deadly.
Tang Si’s retreat is the mainstream opinion, while Chen Kangbo is completely non-mainstream, which is rare and unpopular among the warring factions.

"Because she will be my princess", he must know her.

"Brother! Just deceive yourself! " Everyone can see that Leng Ruixi really likes Han Yiqing! How can a man know a woman so thoroughly without a trace of emotion!
This is absolutely unscientific!
"I felt something was wrong from the moment she came back."
"That’s good! Brother, since you already know! Then tell me quickly what the problem is? " Yin Yue xin, sit quietly looked at him.
"Her roots won’t be like this, even if she learns again, but Han Yiqing is Han Yiqing after all, and no one can replace her …"
Yes! It’s brother, you can’t replace it in your heart! How can it be someone else!
"Go on" She didn’t intend to interrupt him and then spoke.
"The servant told me that she sent you to Mu Si and lost all the cakes."
"What? ! I heard them say that Sister-in-law is the most loved cake and ice cream! I also heard that she can change these two things into moral integrity! "
Leng Ruixi raised his eyebrows. "You’ve heard about this."
"Yes! Is there anything that can not let me know … "
"That’s why I doubt that she won’t order these at all when she is in the restaurant … When Xiao Cheling appears, I want to block all the forces of Xiao Cheling, and she has no objection at all."
Chapter 98 Your position has been replaced.
It’s not like Han Yiqing can do anything! If he said such a thing that day, Han Yiqing would be the first to turn against him!
Xiao Cheling is not the most important person to her, but her position is also not to be ignored. He is also an indispensable figure in her life, which is why even if Xiao Cheling almost killed her that day … but she will treat it as if nothing had happened!
But at that time, she actually said to let him do it, and he was sure!
"I also believe that sister-in-law will never let you do such a thing, but now it is estimated that there are some precautions. What shall we do now …"
It’s all because of her fake that I feel it! I wonder if she informed her partner at this time!
There must be! Yes, she will definitely be more careful in doing these things …
"She’s still in their hands," he said, but the outline of his mouth has become tense …
He has never felt such a tense atmosphere …
She doesn’t. He feels surrounded. Even if that person looks like it again, he doesn’t look like it after all.
In a dark environment, the faint light in the air can see the road ahead, and the deepest part of the road is a gorgeous prison.
There lived a disheveled man in this cell as if he had experienced a tragic thing … She looked up and saw a well-dressed woman who walked in front of her for many times. They were separated by an iron window.
This is not a prison! It’s a gorgeous cage! She had already seen this scene when it was cold! At the beginning, Leng Ruixi was a place like cold weather!
This place is familiar now. Is it … cold weather? ! But wasn’t he already dead when he was in the underwater palace? !
By …
She looked up at the woman with a mask on her face, which made it impossible to see her appearance, but it was not difficult to guess that this woman was beautiful by virtue of her appearance!
"Aren’t you tired of delivering three meals a day?" She sarcastically said this sentence, which she wanted to say a long time ago.
That night, after she ran out of Xiao Cheling’s house, she was knocked unconscious at an alley, but this time she appeared here!
And still so familiar with the place!
Her voice is a little cold. "It’s nothing to be tired of delivering food."
The woman was about to leave when she finished, but in a second she stopped her. "What is it that brings me here and you and cold weather?" !”
Han Yiqing always felt that this woman’s temperament was exactly the same as that of that woman in the underwater palace that day!
The woman immediately froze and stood still. Even if the surrounding lights were weak, she could still feel her shoulders trembling slightly …
"He’s dead and I’m alive" is what she said without answering her question directly.
"Then what do you want me! I want to go back! " She shouted at her, although she didn’t know what this woman was after! But she hasn’t hurt her for so many days!
"Han Yiqing you don’t struggle! I have found someone to replace your position! "
Chapter 99 I have found a way.
What? ! What do you mean, her position has been replaced? !
She sat dumbly. "What did you mean by that sentence just now? !”
A smile touched her lips. "I just said that you should be the most white, which means that I believe that he should love you not that you in the near future. Isn’t that what you always expected?"
"hey! Make it clear! What do I expect! " She was going to shout, and suddenly a bad feeling came to her heart …
That man has already disappeared around the corner …
These dishes are really delicious when she looks at them. These days, these people have not abused her at all, but she is really not white when she is here …