A group of people followed Captain Huang, including me, a total of seven people. We got together because we were optimistic about Captain Huang, and people still had some conscience in their hearts. They all planned to die hard with aliens and have a good time.

Captain Huang said that there is no hope anyway, so it is better to fight with ghosts … I know many people call aliens ghosts, but it is the first time that I have heard from people face to face, including Captain Huang.
Then there’s the mad dog in Li Wenzhe. He’s been like that since I came. No one is with him, but the mad dog is very talkative and just persuaded Wu Songyan to become a small gang.
Later, I also figured it out that Wu Songyan, who is as selfish as Li Wenzhe, is quite right to divide human polymers.
There are four other people who have formed a small gang. They don’t join us or ask Li Wenzhe what they think, and they don’t say anything. It took me a long time to know that the four of them planned with Li Wenzhe, but they didn’t want to hang out with Li Wenzhe before they formed a small gang.
It’s really sad to think about it now. The aliens haven’t called yet, so we started to fight. But is it possible that Li Wenzhe’s mad dog won’t fight? To put it bluntly, who is not afraid of being shot in the back?
Chapter 3, the first article (3)
After the break-up, captain Huang took the lead in collecting weapons and ammunition for several of us to prepare for the supply of aliens and get the scope.
The other two groups didn’t grab weapons and ammunition from us, but they fought for supplies so badly that they all wanted to save more food and drink for themselves.
At that time, Captain Huang didn’t say anything. Later, he said that aliens were coming, and it wouldn’t matter if there were any more supplies. When we thought about it, we left one day for everyone and left them for the two groups.
Everyone, this argument is a complete break. Everyone’s mood is not good … The comrades around me are very bad. Forget about Li Wenzhe. Even if he loves that kind of person, he will die early. I couldn’t figure out if I was blind before. He has always been a good person.
It took me a long time to think that it’s not that I’m blind, but that this kind of person can play and pretend to fool everyone. If it weren’t for this, he would still pretend to be with us. Otherwise, how can we say that life is like a play? He must be the kind of person who didn’t play the film from beginning to end.
See these words yip hon heart straight worry what’s wrong with this guy at this time can also think so much?
It’s been a long time since I thought about writing in vain. It’s strange that I was nervous at the beginning and didn’t add a few words to it.
This has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that people who know better are in a bad mood at that time, and the disadvantage is that the plot is broken and they are distracted when watching it.
Yip hon skipped a few lines and continued to read the diary. See Lu Peng wrote.
The atmosphere here is really tragic, and everyone is holding back a strong energy, but if the aliens don’t come and wait, they still can’t get to their hearts, and their determination is shaken.
I waited for more than an hour. The aliens finally arrived. My first reaction was to take a closer look at what they looked like, and then I found that aliens were not as wonderful as those in science fiction movies. The most striking feature was that they were tall and thin, with their knees facing back like birds …
See here yip hon can’t help but sigh.
When the first fleet expedition to Jupiter, human beings knew little about aliens. Later, when human beings got the bodies of aliens, they found that the knees of aliens were bent forward just like human beings.
But why does Lu Peng have this illusion? That’s because aliens have one more leg than humans!
Their thigh bones are very short, but their muscles are very developed. After wearing armor, their abdomen looks like a pelvis protruding, which is mistaken for pelvis in most cases.
The part where aliens are equivalent to human thighs is actually that their calves are reversed, and their knees are actually part of ankle and ankle bones, which have been elongated in evolution to form alien "calves"
To put it more intuitively, the lower legs of aliens are actually "heels", and their feet are actually forefoot and toes.
Of course, this is to analyze the alien body structure with human habits, which is not scientific at all, and there is no need to put the human skeleton structure on the alien body
Yip hon continue to look Lu Peng wrote
They had surrounded the landing craft for a long time, but they didn’t stir up. As soon as they came out, they surrounded the landing craft three floors inside and three floors outside. At that time, my only feeling was that there was a disaster and it was difficult to fly.
When the aliens didn’t come, I had a lot of thoughts in my heart. When the aliens did come, I really didn’t have any thoughts. I was bent on fighting the enemy.
Captain Huang said that we are soldiers anyway. Do we have the face to live when we fall into the hands of aliens? In this situation, this situation is the best result.
I would like to add that there were no superfluous thoughts in my mind at that time, but I really thought that dying in battle was probably the last honor for us people.
When we were ready to work hard, Li Wenzhe and them didn’t move like nothing happened, and so did the four runners.
The aliens were cautious, but they kept shrinking the encirclement, and soon it was not far from the landing craft. We were all nervous, and so was Captain Huang, but he kept saying, let’s just hold our horses, bring the enemy closer, and then kill one, and both of them will earn one. That tone is very similar to the old way of playing ghosts, and I can still remember him now.
It was not until the enemy went more than 50 meters away that Captain Huang fired the first shot, and then several of us caught fire together and knocked down an enemy. I killed three less.
Aliens move fast, but they don’t seem to know how to lie down or his tactics. As soon as the gun is fired, they all fly in a mess, and the buzzing all over the sky makes people upset.
They were very fast. We tried to shoot but missed several targets.
The six men in the back kept still, and Captain Huang JiYan questioned them about what they wanted to do. I could see that Captain Huang wanted to shoot them, but he didn’t pull out his hand until the end.
The enemy’s offensive was very fierce, and at the same time, they attacked from the ground and sky. Our weak firepower could not stop the enemy, and soon they jumped on the landing craft.
We are not enemies at all, and we haven’t even struggled to death.
At the critical moment, captain Huang rushed to the explosive bag to prepare some explosives and died with the enemy, but nothing happened after starting the detonator.
Later, we learned that it was Li Wenzhe who took advantage of the chaos to dismantle the detonator and reassemble it, and could not come.
I always thought that if Li Wenzhe knew what happened later, would he have survived and removed the detonator?
Before we found out the truth, the enemy removed the top cover of the landing craft. Captain Huang rushed out with a pile of grenades and exploded with aliens desperately. After Captain Huang seriously injured the aliens, few of them died.
There are so many of them that they can’t fight to death.
We were all desperate. At this time, the four men rushed out while we and the aliens were desperately trying. Li Wenzhe froze and ran out, and the six men ran in different directions while throwing grenades.

A deep smile is like a street hooligan molesting a good woman, which gives a strange atmosphere to the Buddhist holy land of Pu Temple. This smile is guaranteed to make thousands of girls scared late and have nightmares.

Sisi is no exception, and she was soon scared to cry by Guo Yi. Her fingers kept wiping away tears and sobbed, "You will know that bullying others is always if you take advantage of others. Sister Yamaraja will definitely scold me for missing again …….."
Guo Yixiao pause surprised "Yamaraja turned out to be her generation of demons how to also learn from others as a matchmaker! This is not nothing to mind your own business! "
A flowing coffin with yellow bones crashed into Zen Buddhism and then flew in, directly flying Guo Yi out. The ghost king of Yamaraja was spirited and Leng Yan was covered with a pair of beautiful ghost eyes like two cold pools. "Yes, it’s me."
Yamaraja is not the former ghost king, but now her body and breath are many times stronger than Guo Yi’s, and her gestures are full of aesthetic charm, just like the birth of a king in hell.
She gently adjusted her skirt and then fell from the coffin to brush up her thoughts on squatting in the corner. She judo "That bastard didn’t take advantage of you, did he?"
"They are all occupied. No, no, no …" Sisi bowed her head and didn’t dare to look into Yamaraja’s eyes. She scolded and was scolded by Yamaraja.
But Yamaraja didn’t scold her. She held her in her arms and patted her vest to comfort her.
Guo Yi was hit by the yellow bones coffin, and then posted a wall and slipped to rub the back of his head with a hey hey smile. "It turned out to be Yamaraja elder sister! What a sight for sore eyes! Sister Yamaraja has recovered? Congratulations! "
Yamaraja put Sisi and then gave Guo Yi a hard stare, as if he were going to kill him. He didn’t look good. "It’s only three layers back, but killing you should be enough."
Guo Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and laughed. "I don’t know where my younger brother offended the ghost king. How did you get so angry?"
Yamaraja’s body is covered with a layer of ghost fog, and a ghost hand flies out of the ghost fog and shoots Guo Yi directly. "I hate abusive lovers in my life. Since you love Yan Ran, it’s like a blank sheet of thinking?"
She’s so angry that she’s so ghostly that she wants to chop Guo Yi with a ghost knife.
Chapter 317 Black angel often
A golden Fo Yin flew in from outside the Zen Gate, scattering the ghost hand. An old monk read the Buddhist name and counted the beads. He came in from outside with more than 70 beads on his head, the size of a fist.
The old monk’s feet are three feet off the ground, and every step he takes, there is a circle of gold stripes swinging from the ground. His head is shining with Buddha’s light and he is wearing a white robe and frock, just like an ancient Buddha falling from the sky.
"The ghost king of Yamaraja has not lost his prestige for five hundred years, but his temper was more prosperous than that of that year!" The old monk has entered the meditation room.
Yamaraja saw the old monk’s hauntingly disappeared immediately and turned into a condensed smoke and looked at a gentle and graceful woman. She grunted coldly, "Master Pu Yin, I’m afraid your deadline is few days!"! How can you walk outside without closing your practice? "
Master Pu Yin laughed. "It was already closed, but I learned that my disciple was about to become the abbot of Pu Temple, so I couldn’t help climbing out."
Guo Yi doesn’t know that the old monk’s lies are worse than his, and his lies are easy to believe.
"Master ACTS is to see you. If you come late again, ACTS will be killed by these two vicious women." Guo Yi jumped directly at Master Pu Yin and almost hit the old monk.
Sisi listened to Guo Yi’s words and immediately waved his hand in a hurry. "No, no, brother Yi, I won’t harm you … Yamaraja’s sister is not true, and Yamaraja’s sister is also scaring you."
Yamaraja Ghost King glared at Sisi and then dragged her out to the door. When she walked to the door, she did not forget to look back and asked, "Master Bodhisattva, is there a female guest wing in this Bodhisattva Temple?"
"There is nature, there is" Master Pu Yin said.
"That’s good. We’re friends of the abbot, so we can stay in Pu Temple for the time being."
With that, Yamaraja took a reluctant trip and walked in the direction of the wing. Obviously, it is not the first time that she has come to the Bodhi Temple and knows which direction the wing is.
It was not until Sisi and Yamaraja walked away that Guo Yicai wiped his forehead and gave Zen Buddhism a cold sweat.
This ghost king is the ghost king who turned his back on Guo Yi without giving him any face. He beat Guo Yi twice in front of Sisi. Does this make Master Guo, who has always cherished his image, feel sorry?
Guo Yi just saw Yamaraja’s ghost king’s ghost knife cut in the direction not his head, but his crotch. If Master Pu Yin comes one step later, he will become a eunuch.
Guo Yi is a master with a lingering fear, but he is smiling. "Bitter! I have to wake up. You’d better touch subtlety less, especially a strong woman like Yamaraja Ghost King, who not only hurts her body, but sometimes worries about her life. "
Master Pu Yin misunderstood that Guo Yi was having an affair with the ghost king of Yamaraja, and Guo Yi was too lazy to explain any emotional problems to a monk.
"By the way, monk Puyin, why did you suddenly come to me? You didn’t really come to congratulate me, did you?" Guo Yi knew that the monk Pu Yin would not come to him because he didn’t go to the Three Treasures Hall.
Bodhisattva printed two golden lines in her eyes, like a withered palm. Dozens of handprints were linked and dozens of layers of golden realm were punched in the air, which tightly wrapped the whole spread out. These enchantments can isolate the sound from the people inside, and outsiders can’t hear it. Even the wise monks in the Wisdom Monk Hall can figure out what they are doing.
Obviously, it is very important for Master Pu Yin to speak to Guo Yi, so he had to hit dozens of enchantments in a row.
After all this, Master Pu Yin returned to the chair and smiled. "The Yinnu Temple has learned that you are about to become the abbot of the Pu Temple. She is quite satisfied. She has decided to give you her black ambassador status."
Yun Xianer was able to know the news so quickly. Monk Pu Yin must have "contributed".
There are four constant messengers in Yin, two females and two males. Counting Yin and Yang in black and white can be divided into constant messengers. Yin and Yang are high and heavy.
Every constant emissary must be a great avatar with a level comparable to that of Master Bodhisattva, and their identities are more mysterious than Yin and Yang, so that they can know who they are and have Yin and Yang to order them.
Guo Yixiu and Master Pu Yin, the top master, have been sent many times. Yun Xianer will be promoted by Guo Yicheng. I’m afraid I still see his identity as the abbot of Pu Temple, which is absolutely more frightening than the owner of the seven evil places. The status of cultivating immortals can be compared with that of the first person in the right path.
Moreover, Yun Xianer needs Guo Yi to deal with Su E and steal the Six Buddhas, so the value of Guo Yi is naturally higher.
Master Pu Yin saw that Guo Yi’s look had not changed, as if the root hadn’t heard what he said, so he continued, "Tonight is the fifteenth day of the first month, and it’s clear and clear, and the Yinnv Temple will leave the centipede mountain 290 outside Wan Li of Pu Temple. When you hold a gift, all the Yindong desert masters will rush to attend the Huimeng Yinnv Temple, and I hope you can get there on time."
"She wants to make what pattern? I’m afraid it’s not just as simple as giving me a gift, if you dare to be so arrogant at the bottom of the temple eyelids and bring so many masters together? " Guo Yi knows Yun Xianer very well and knows that everything she does has a purpose and benefits.
Master Bodhisattva Yin knew that he couldn’t hide it from Guo Yi, and then said, "A month ago, the magic island was completely erased from the cultivation of immortals, but it didn’t die after a hard struggle. Moreover, he also found a big secret, the Yinnu Temple, and learned that he had passed the hope that he would return to the Yinnu Temple of the Bodhisattva Temple in the near future. It is necessary to gather all the East Desert experts in centipede Mountain to kill him before returning to the Bodhisattva Temple, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable if he fought hard to bring this secret back to the Bodhisattva Temple."
Magic Island is one of the seven evil places, but it is so easily destroyed by Yin. How strong are the Yin forces? Who is one of their targets?
Now the Central Plains must have been in chaos and war, and four of the nine spiritual States have become the seven evil places of Yin territory. In two years, three night studios and poison palaces have been destroyed, and now it is the magic island. I’m afraid YunXianEr will take three holy places knives.
The bitter struggle is the battle of the Bodhi Monastery, which can be compared with the three great monks. He went to avenge the death of his good brother by mistake, and the magic island was destroyed by himself, but he learned another shocking secret, so he couldn’t wait to get back to the Bodhi Monastery.
What is the secret that can make Master Pu Yin call it a big secret? Is it related to the treasure of Dongling Tomb?
Guo Yi didn’t ask because he knew that even if he asked Master Pu Yin, he wouldn’t tell him a word. Yun Xianer didn’t believe Guo Yi. She knew Guo Yi’s details and Guo Yi also knew her details. Guo Yi didn’t believe her. Both of them were mutually beneficial.
"cemented tonight you can rest assured! I’ll help you tease the old woman here at the Bodhi Temple and say that you and I will discuss Buddhism all night, but you must come back before dawn or you will be easily found. "Master Bodhi Yin’s fingers gently showed a shadow and then condensed into a puppet man exactly like Guo Yichang.

Hua Zhen traveled to the spring banquet, and it didn’t take long for the light to come to the news. The girl didn’t lose her mobile phone, and she took it out of her coat pocket just how far away she was.

Hua Zhen also told him to send the light to the people, then go back to Wang Fengshou and continue to accompany the visitors for dinner tonight.
Is the visitor tonight from Fang Qiuyong, the protector of Yanshan Sect, also an outstanding female practitioner, or is it the famous "Sanqiu Fairy" in Kunlun practice circle in recent years, and Yanshan Sect is the closest clan to Fanglong Dojo.
Fang Qiuyong obviously knows what happened outside just now. The straight-line distance from beginning to end has not exceeded 300 meters. She quipped, "Director Hua is really popular!
I’ve seen this trick when I intentionally lost my mobile phone and asked you for help. By the way, I’ve also met it, but you’ve become a beautiful woman looking for a handsome guy here … "
Hua Zhenxing is laughing, but he is a very simple and honest person.
But that night, Wang Fengshou was in distress situation. Yesterday, he was instructed to search and investigate Lu Shao’s intelligence. Today, the light brought back another instruction. Hua Zhen Bank asked him to investigate a strange girl again.
What happened outside the Spring Festival banquet in Hua Zhen before dinner? Of course, Wang Fengshou also heard the light.
Generally speaking, it’s not a big deal. General Manager Hua played a little bit of caution with his charming girl, got the connection method and kept approaching him.
Isn’t it said by an old-timer that if a man and a woman look at each other, they will borrow something from each other, and if they borrow something, they will be more grateful. Won’t they have a chance once and for all? The girl keeps pace with the times by asking Hua Zhenxing for help on the pretext of losing her mobile phone.
Wang Fengshou is the special ambassador of several countries to the East China, who is responsible for the state affairs. However, in recent days, the most time-consuming and energy-consuming thing is that Hua Zhenxing is jealous and cautious!
Let’s break things. We have to look at it from another angle. The director of China is a national event, and the priority is exclusive. Just in front of him, Lang Xiaomin also looked at each other with a wry smile and then went to work separately.
Chapter 444, trap
The next afternoon, Hua Zhen Xingweixin really received a friend’s application to find his avatar through his mobile phone number. The postscript claimed that he was the girl who asked for help yesterday.
Hua Zhenxing passed the friend’s application, and the girl said that she wanted to invite him to dinner and pay back the money in person. Hua Zhen Bank said that it is not necessary to pay back the money and transfer it by mobile phone.
The girl insisted on thanking her face to face and said that she could make an appointment near Hua Zhen. She also asked him when she would have it. If she didn’t make an appointment for midnight snack at dinner, she could chat and send me the address of a western restaurant.
Hua Zhen will have six dinners and four lunches at the Spring Festival banquet every week. If only dinner is counted, there will be one day off in seven days, which happens to be a day.
Hua Zhen wanted to think about it, so he made an appointment and didn’t go. There was no way for people to pay back the money until they met!
The address of the western food restaurant sent by the girl is not far. If it is ten kilometers by car from the side door of Chunhua University, this vast and flat capital is already very close.
From the map, this store, Chunhua University, is just across the entire Pingjing University, and it is even within walking distance from the nearest school gate of Pingjing University.
Hua Zhen’s online search for this hotel has a good evaluation, and most of the messages are from nearby college students. The environment here is delicious, and the tableware and meal process are very ceremonial and touching, with an average loss of early 200.
This place is very suitable for petty bourgeoisie sentiment, even college students can come to the same place once in a while to bite their teeth. This moon-drying western restaurant has simply become synonymous with dating couples.
The base of the store is semi-partitioned, and the decoration and lighting of the booth have an ambiguous and private atmosphere … Hua Zhen arrived at this western restaurant on time, and she actually arrived first.
Today, the girl is dressed more exquisitely than last night. Sitting there, her coat has been taken off, and she is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. Her chest is full of glistening, which makes people feel unreal.
Hua Zhen prefers natural things because he is a monk, but he also admits that the girl’s exaggeration is not ugly.
After Hua Zhenxing sat down, the girl thanked Hua Zhenxing for what happened the day before yesterday and asked him to order, explaining that she was not familiar with this restaurant, which was introduced by a classmate.
Hua Zhenxing didn’t refuse, but directly asked the clerk to recommend a most popular set meal for two in the store. The girl asked Hua Zhen how to drink, and Hua Zhen said that she could drink a little.
This sentence is a bit tricky. She didn’t directly ask Hua Zhenxing if he drank alcohol, but asked if he could drink alcohol. Of course, Hua Zhen won’t say that she can’t drink, so the girl ordered a bottle of white wine.
The girl claims that her surname is Cheng Xiaofang, which is a very common and common name, but it is by no means ordinary.
She came from other places to study, and the half-year study period is almost over. The place of study is the School of Information, Pingjing University.
Of course, Hua Zhen also introduced himself and told the truth.
He is an international student from several countries. Chunhua University has just studied in a freshman school and speaks Oriental language so well because his ethnic Chinese have been educated in Oriental culture since childhood.
Miss Xiao Fang’s personality is really lovable. When Hua Zhenxing speaks, she always looks at him so softly with watery eyes and just right coquetry.

Why don’t you say it’s naturally Yun Nie? Why don’t you have a bad satellite!

Yun Nie hey hey smiled.
How can a person listen to music and make the background music less enjoyable than others! Of course, I want everyone to come together. Hi!
Yu "Yinsuo Subwoofer" Hmm … This is for Yun Nie himself!
The noise reduction ability of fighter is very strong, and the music is easily distorted! Hmm … This is the main reason why Yun Nie invaded the other party’s communication channel!
At this point, the captain’s head is sweating, and there are some big things! This means that someone will eavesdrop on your phone just now! Fortunately, I just revealed little information!
"ā m: oh! ?????Oh … "
But the problem now is that this magic sound still keeps playing! He feels like he’s going crazy! You can’t finish your attention!
"Immediately switch to the line communication system! The third band channel! " The captain immediately ordered!
However …
"… zi zi …" Line communication to zi zi.
"Uh …" The captain immediately reacted. This is someone interfering with the line communication. It turns out that the other party’s interference ability has completely exploded their street …
So ….. Are we going to lose communication and fight separately, or are we going to put up with the magic sound and keep fighting?
Professional soldiers. Do they have a choice?
Four people switched back to satellite communication again!
"… take a take a take a he can take a take a knife ….."
Four people "…"
Well ….. Sure enough, let’s consider fighting each other …
Chapter one hundred and fourteen uneasy
"Attention! The other party has probably eavesdropped on our communication. Pay attention to the organization language!
Besides, this music … Please be patient-this is the enemy’s most obvious interference tactics! This kind of psychological warfare is just … worthless! "
The captain endured the divine comedy in his ear and finished this sentence, at the same time, he woke up all the people not to leak information through the communication channel.
"yes! Captain! We will not be affected by this small interference! "
"Yes! You underestimate us! I will show you! "
"Is this song to listen to for a long time I feel refreshed! Have a boiling blood! Haha! "
Hmm! The captain nodded with satisfaction, and the players were all very competitive!
After several people exchanged, Yun Nie has slowly completed the steering, and the whole momentum suddenly changed when he saw the silver shuttle swinging its wings.
The captain is experienced in fighting, and he can find anomalies from these small details. He knows that the other party is going to be serious!
Sure enough, the captain’s heart jumped in the flash of fire at the head of the silver shuttle and immediately made a roll
A moment "whoosh!" There is something from the war room cover strategy!
"Everyone be careful to avoid the enemy aircraft’s nose position! Its range is terrible! B machine, you go around behind it and attack! " He command and pulled up his fight plane.
Yun Nie stared at the captain’s plane to catch up! The captain immediately maneuvered left and right to try not to expose himself to the muzzle trajectory of the silver shuttle!
I have been waiting for a moment with the captain’s B machine behind the fuselage before I pulled up the tail of the silver shuttle.
Three fighters in a straight line, you chase after me! In the other four machines, C and D are watching for the opportunity to shoot!
"da da da!" B machine gun at Nie Yunhuo!
"whoosh!" Bouncing the silver shuttle over Yun Nie’s eyebrows, wrinkling, slowing down, climbing and tumbling, directly winding around the first position of machine B, and aiming straight at machine B.
"whoosh!" Silver shuttle is on fire! But Yun Nie, the B-machine, felt bad when he just moved. He had already rolled over to the left and escaped from Yun Nie’s attack this time!
Yun Nie eyebrows a pick this also like something!
"da da da!" Captain machine at that time has turned back to Yun Nie launched an attack!
Nie Yunfa chased and escaped from the B function and made a right turn to accelerate the evasion of the captain’s plane attack.
At this moment, the C machine next to it suddenly launched a missile and went straight to Nie Yun’s tail!
Magnetic weapons are sharp, but to avoid the muzzle, the speed and tracking ability of missiles are still very threatening to Yinsuo!
Several people besieged and cooperated very tacitly!

Yip hon and others arrived at the same intersection just after driving a military green truck. zhou yun, a reserve soldier in camouflage, immediately went over to the other commander to exchange a few words and learned that the reserve soldiers were the same. Zhou Yuncai returned thoughtfully.

Seeing an intersection also requires the joint action of the military and the police. zhou yun suddenly felt that he had overlooked something
Yip hon keenly noticed the number of residential buildings in several nearby communities and turned his eyes to this humble intersection.
But it won’t be the neighborhood for a while … Yes, it is!
Jingjiang city is neither big nor small, but it is also an urban area with a population of more than 300,000. How can it be evacuated if it is evacuated?
The safest and most efficient way to evacuate is the railway. However, an ordinary train has a capacity of 110 people in ten carriages. According to Spring Festival travel rush standards, it is over 200%. However, 7,000 people need nearly 40 trains to send the population of Jingjiang City away.
Considering that residents evacuated from Jingjiang must carry a lot of luggage, it is estimated that it is difficult to be overcrowded by 200% like Spring Festival travel rush.
Moreover, Jingjiang is not a big city, let alone forty trains even ten. Although Leng Jiang has contacted the surrounding cities and counties to collect trains at the first time, even the old stuffy tankers have not been spared. However, when it is necessary to adjust the trains, the existing trains in Jingjiang include passenger cars, truck cars, stuffy tank cars and flat trains. Together, 50,000 people can be sent away, even if it is the sky.
Except for a small number of the remaining 250,000 citizens who rely on highways to evacuate, most of them have to wait until the support trains in neighboring counties and cities are in place before they can gradually withdraw from Jingjiang River.
The city government reported the necessity of evacuation to the North for the first time. After waiting anxiously for more than ten minutes, it agreed to evacuate. Finally, the news came back from the North, but a bunch of people from Lengjiangshou city government did not feel relaxed at all.
Whoever goes and stays has become a major problem that must be solved immediately in front of everyone.
Leng Jiang and the leaders of a number of municipal committees weighed the pros and cons and finally decided to evacuate personnel according to the principle of proximity.
The so-called principle of proximity is to be close to the train, take the railway and take the road. If you have a car, you don’t have a car, carpool and rub the car. You always try your best to evacuate people as quickly as possible!
The command center will give orders to all police officers as soon as possible. The police officers will take action immediately. The police officers will enter the residential areas around the train and inform the residents to evacuate immediately from door to door.
The police officers, who are short of transport capacity, seriously told the residents that they can carry simple luggage and valuable property, and nothing extra can be brought.
Married with children, a resident, was told that people were in a panic. Each family had five minutes to pack their bags.
Residents with cars have asked for evacuation from their own shelves, which can not only take away valuable vehicles, but also pack more luggage to minimize losses.
The police are happy to see that one more person will save the train by car. Isn’t it a win-win situation?
The only requirement of the police is that the vehicle must be reinforced, otherwise it will be impossible to ensure the safety of the vehicle personnel.
The popularity of refitted dump trucks soared and immediately became a sought-after property.
At the same time, major communication companies send evacuation notices to citizens in the form of short messages, asking them to rush to the train immediately after receiving the notice.
However, when sending this short message, the communication companies and the municipal government shut down the command, and the communication base around the train was still operating normally. As a result, only residents near the train received this notice
This is to deceive the people, but there is no way for Leng Jiang to evacuate in different areas. The advantage is that the government can grasp the situation more accurately, maintain order and avoid accidents
Once the evacuation news is widespread, it will inevitably cause panic among the citizens, and maybe a mass incident will be caused to slow down the overall evacuation speed.
However, in a short time, residents flooded out of the community like a tide, and a large number of private cars then left the community and were ordered by the police to line up by the roadside, with less than one-third of the modified vehicles.
Many residents who had flocked to the train saw familiar vehicles halfway, so the horses left the team and begged the owners to take their homes.
The municipal government has ordered all vehicles to be full. Private car owners can help others as much as possible, although they can’t say that they are responsive. Many residents don’t have families to separate and squeeze into the same car. In normal times, such excesses are bound to be stopped by the police, but it is precisely in special times that it is necessary to reduce the pressure on railway transportation that the police will take care of such things.
Railway evacuation is in full swing, and highway transportation is also on the show.
Long-distance buses, buses and trucks in the city are also commanded by the military to move a large number of police officers into the main street, which is located on the edge of the city and next to the main street, and to mobilize residents from door to door.
Chapter 73 Evacuation
Private cars are coming out from various communities and will leave the motorcade to join together; Married with children, a resident with a big bag and a small package, boarded a long-distance vehicle. Many people fought for the quota of heavy trucks and fought for life and death. Even the modified bus was stronger than the heavy truck.
The police did not hesitate to give heavy punishment to those who broke the order and did not cause serious consequences, and they were temporarily controlled by the police, and the evacuation order was ranked to the last, and they were shot and killed directly.
The police’s strong attack immediately deterred the malicious people, and many of them couldn’t help it, which ensured the interests of most residents and effectively ensured the smooth evacuation.
If the police fail to get out of control, and the situation is about to be evacuated at the first time, it is likely to immediately fall into chaos and fragile order. Once it collapses, the consequences will be unimaginable, and I am afraid that it will be possible to restore order with violent repression.
Because the government ordered the communication department to cut off the mobile phone and network signals, it was still unclear that the government had made a decision to give up the Jingjiang River until now, but residents close to the evacuation community had gradually found that the situation was not right and many residents rushed out of the community regardless.
For this part of the residents, the government has implemented different treatment. Those who have private cars can directly join the evacuation team. Those who do not have private cars are advised to wait at home.
Most people don’t want to go home and stubbornly want to join the evacuation team. However, in order to avoid chaos in evacuation, the military police on duty can harden their hearts and block the crowd from the community.
The street workers almost shouted themselves hoarse and tried to discourage more and more citizens from gathering.
Begging, abuse, pushing, crowding, crying, all kinds of voices are boiling against the sky. Many citizens hold high their hands and threaten the military and police on duty to stay in the community as soon as they get their double-barreled shotguns.
The situation is more severe than Leng Jiang expected. In just half an hour, the order is on the verge of losing control. Only the stampede has caused more than 20 casualties and more than 60 people. Angry crowds and military police may turn into large-scale bloody conflicts at any time.
However, in the face of the grim situation, Leng Jiang can’t come up with an effective way to prevent the situation from deteriorating. Nai Leng Jiang can lead other city leaders to split up and walk one community at a time, patting his chest and promising the citizens that no official will leave him as the last mayor before 300,000 citizens leave!
Although Leng Jiang is really determined to do this, many citizens still refuse to believe it, but it has always had a little effect and brought the situation back from the brink of collapse.
In order to stabilize the order and interrupt the mobile phone communication, the municipal government first announced the evacuation situation by SMS, and then announced the detailed evacuation plan by depending on the situation, and repeatedly ensured that the military had the ability to protect the people’s safety.
However, in order to prevent the spread of news, the city network has not been restored.
In the chaos, the first train full of passengers started slowly
There are four bunks in the soft sleeper car. A dozen people are crammed into the soft sleeper, and their sad eyes are cast outside the car through the window with iron railings. They are relieved, attached and confused about the future.
Professor Qin sat by the window and wait for a while looked out of the window and slowly stepped back to make a faint sigh.
"Grandpa …" Bai Xiaoting wanted to persuade Professor Qin to say a few words, but he didn’t know what to say.
"Forget it, I’m fine." Professor Qin waved. "Leave me alone."
Bai Xiaoting cleverly promised to sit beside Professor Qin honestly and stop talking.
The faster the train went, the sooner it left the car far behind. In a few minutes, the train had reached the edge of the city, and it was still far away. Bai Xiaoting saw the towering wall.
A tall gate on the railway side of the train near the city wall slowly opened, and the train sounded its whistle and roared past the gate, which was re-opened to separate the city from the outside into two worlds.
A few hundred meters away from the gate, Ye Han heard sobbing and whistling far away, and suddenly his eyes were somewhat disappointed.
The faster the train went, the sooner it left the city of Jingjiang far behind, and the modern urban cement forest was replaced by Yuan Ye.
Bai Xiaoting finally left the city threatened by giant worms and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, like a heavy burden on her heart.
Staring at the window, Professor Qin suddenly saw a single giant ant outside the window. The giant ant was not interested in the roaring train, and dragged the semi-giant mantis on his way wholeheartedly.
Not far from Professor Qin’s eyes, a tower-shaped earthen bag with more than one person caught his eye.
Professor Qin’s pupil shrank and rose. "Girl, did you hear the gun?"
"No!" Bai Xiaoting’s eyes are confused and she doesn’t look like it.
"What about you!" Professor Qin asked others again

Guo Yi flew up, and the mysterious fire dragon was dressed in mysterious fire armor and held a three-foot fire sword, and directly greeted the huge face. If the momentum went forward, if he could not slay the face, he would also come back dead.

Every dharma master is a great avatar, not a spirit. Even if the dharma master comes up with a dharma tactic, he can easily kill the top ten people in the spirit list, and only the dharma master can escape. Can Guo Yi and the three of them kill this dharma tactic? This is still an unknown number!
Chapter 147 White House top management
Fang-seeking chessboard plays the group Fang sword dance first and faces the goddess. The sword is as thick as a mountain, and the left eye of the face is hit with a mouth immediately.
The grimace is transformed by the dharma, but by the magic circle. The whole body is a whole. When the left eye is cracked, a flash of light will fly out in the right eye to recover.
When Nangong sheep’s magic box prison was arrested to the right eye, a grimace suddenly opened a vertical ghost eye, and a hundred-foot-high magic platform flew out of it, and two cold locks were beaten upside down and returned.
"so powerful"
Simon Wolf and Nangong Sheep’s faces are all cloudy and cold, and they both take back this magic method, and then offer the Fang-seeking chessboard and the jade girl picture scroll, and they also bombard the faces with Guo Yi’s generalization.
Guo Yi leapt from the dragon’s head with Xuan Huojian and struck the third ghost flame between the eyebrows of the face. However, when the Xuan Huojian was cut, the third instantaneous closure only left a foot-deep sword mark on his forehead. This is because the Xuan Huojian in Guo Yi’s hand is comparable to the sharp instrument to hurt the face. If the weapon cuts it, his forehead will break instantly.
The face is haunted, and the sword mark on the forehead disappears in an instant.
Guo Yi turned his body and stabbed the face with a sword. He wanted to cut off the sword, but when he started to make a face faster than him, two fangs directly bit Guo Yi’s waist.
Guo Yi was forced to avoid for a while, but he was still knocked upside down by his fangs. Fortunately, he was not injured in the Xuan Huojia.
"White house masters are dead as a doornail? For such a big movement, no master came, but instead asked us three outsiders to fight a dharma master, which was a good wishful thinking. "
Guo Yi scolded 1 low, and then sacrificed Xuan Huojian to half Li Su ‘e to create a sad chess principle, and changed the power of Xuan Huojian’s seven swords and shadows to increase seven times at the same time, and attacked the mouth of grimace.
After the seven swords flew out, Guo Yi once again hit nine flames in a row, and the dragon department scored at the throat. He took out the Xuan Huang Jian and instantly banned the ten towering mountains to smash this face with a sword.
In the depths of the White House, a group of old people dressed in white are sitting in a palace in the center of Lingfeng. In their eyes, these old people are shooting a three-foot-long white divine light and looking at the South House, which is in the midst of a world war.
In this palace, the misty and hazy patterns are intertwined, and from time to time, there is a magic bell hitting the farthest position of the Xianhe Pentium. A colorful Shenhua is produced in generate, and a colorful shrine in Kowloon is holding a dignified middle-aged man. He also looks into the distance with his eyes shining.
This majestic middle-aged man is the White House’s current master!
An old man next to Baiyuntian was holding a Chiba folding fan in his hand. He seemed to be reposing his eyes and didn’t look at the distant war, but he already knew the result of this war.
"When the White House was in middle school, three little guys were able to compete with the dharma master. This is definitely the top three of the younger generation." An old man nodded and praised, "Their strength is estimated to have surpassed that of the third and fourth girls to win them."
All the people in the hall sat cross-legged. Only the white family owner snorted coldly. "What’s the fuss about three prostitutes?"
The White House is one of the four families of cultivating immortals. Even if Guo Yi and Shuang Sheng have been transformed, the White House can still throw out all their details, and they will know their identity when they enter the White House.
"Three rogue, a Zhongzhou royal dharma master, these four men actually mixed into my White House and must completely obliterate them." A red-haired old man suddenly flew out of his hand with a majestic array pattern, which is almost connected to the awning and will fly to Guo Yi and others.
At this moment, the old man with his eyes closed beside Bai Jia’s master suddenly sighed, "What a pity!" "
Although Mr. Chiba’s voice is very low, the audience can still hear him clearly. Of course, no one recognizes that he talks in his sleep. If Mr. Chiba really talks in his sleep, then he must have a secret in his sleep.
"What a pity, Sir?" The old man with red hair shook hands with kill array, but he was afraid to type because of a word from Mr. Chiba. At this time, he respectfully asked.
"It’s a pity that the only glimmer of life in the White House will be obliterated by you." Mr. Chiba gently shook Chiba’s fan.
The red-haired old man suddenly got a fright, and kill array instantly withdrew his hand. He knew that Mr. Chiba would never give them a reason to believe.
Bai Yuntian’s eyebrows jumped and he walked from Kowloon Block to Mr. Chiba with a slight bow. "Please give me some advice."
Mr. Chiba smiled, his eyes were clear, and he looked at the Chiba fan in the hand of Nanfu in the distance. He pointed out with a smile, "If the three rogue can not destroy the White House well, they can destroy the Longyuan Royal Sword Garden and the Zhongzhou royal family. How do you decide?"
Bai Jia’s position as the master is lofty, and the world of cultivating immortals can be regarded as the overlord of one party, and his intellectual strategy is naturally a success, but he still can’t listen to Mr. Bai Chiba’s sentence. Three rogue thieves can solve the disaster in the three holy places, and I’m afraid no one will believe it every day.
Baiyun Tian has been a householder for thousands of years. Although he can’t understand Mr. Chiba’s secret, he is not a natural person. Besides, Mr. Chiba is a peer of his father but his predecessor. He immediately put away the householder’s rack.
Baiyun Tian carries a cup of green tea with a smile on his face and respects Mr. Chiba’s front and says, "A toast to Mr. Yun Tianjing."
"Come on, if you don’t look at the sunrise, even if your father Bai Taigong, the old ghost, comes to beg me, I won’t pick up this rotten stall. You should know that these guys in the seven evil places are all eating people and not spitting bones." Mr. Chiba took the cup in Baiyun’s hand and then took a sip of it lightly. Baiyun suddenly knew that there was a game.
At this time, the smoke in the south mansion has fallen, and Guo Yi and the three men finally smashed the face, but the hidden dharma master still didn’t appear. Mr. Chiba looked at Guo Yi and the three men hundreds of miles away and laughed. "We won’t intervene in dealing with the natural beauty of the rogue, so let the sunrise talk to them to ensure that it is more effective than us old guys."
Baiyun Tian eyebrows a wrinkly, "this is not so good! Will it be too risky? They’re sluts. One thousand … "

"Teacher Su, this iron cold base is already a waste. What should I do?"

Liuping ask again
Su Mo didn’t speak before dragging Iron Cold from Liuping’s hand without saying a word.
Blood gushes!
Cold blood is not hot, but it is cold and cold!
Su Mo cut the iron cold head with a palm!
Around dozens of monks are a careful mind.
Don’t move your eyelids and jump wildly, and your mouth muscles twitch uncontrollably. You look pale.
What about the Great Jinxian Kingdom, the Great Defender, and the reincarnation of Feixianmen? It seems that there is no difference between ordinary livestock in this eye.
So decisive and so casual!
Don’t say it’s others, even the people in Gankun Hospital are secretly frightened.
Immortal Taihua killed Brother Ye Fei, and naturally everyone wanted to settle accounts with Immortal Taihua.
But if the public let them kill others, everyone will have some concerns and some hesitation.
Have the scruples of this war determination in front of you!
"Good good!"
Yuan Zuo county king looked at this scene, and his eyes showed a gloomy look, wishing he could not personally rush into the cloud nine to slay Su Mo.
The white sea fairy has already put away the folding fan and sat at the table.
The Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen surrounded and killed people, which completely failed.
The first ten immortals of Taihua, Tie Han and Qing Chen died in Su Mo’s hand!
Although there are four fairies left in these two forces, even if these four people join hands, nothing can be achieved.
These four immortals have not yet arrived at the weighbridge tablet, which shows that their means are far from falling. These people naturally threaten Su Mo.
Su Mo cut the iron cold head and then went to the battlefield to cut off the heads of the fairy bodies of Dajinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen.
Ten heads are dripping with scarlet blood …
Or die miserable or show horror or facial features ferocious or bloody.
It’s chilling that a handsome person will hold these ten bloody heads in his hand to form a strong contrast!
"I said I would let these people be buried with Brother Ye."
Su Mo said, "Take Brother Ye’s body back to the hospital. These people’s heads will be sacrificed and placed in front of Brother Ye’s grave."
The eyes of everyone in Gankun Hospital are slightly red.
This may be the greatest comfort to Ye Fei.
Ye Fei did not die in vain.
He died alone, leaving one of the ten peak immortals in the Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen buried with the reincarnation of a true fairy!

Nangong Qi said, "He is about to break through the master. He needs life and death experience and always follows me. I just found a place to lose it."

"Oh!" Zhang Yang should be a martial artist, so don’t be afraid of death. Warriors who have experienced the test of life and death are truly pursuing martial artists.
Break through to the master and get through the strange meridians. Zhang also vaguely felt the strange strength of Nangong.
Although I can’t feel how many stars the other party is, Shi Tian is similar to the other party from the imposing manner, but Nangong Qi killed Shi Tian. That said, Nangong Qi’s strength is not its own imposing manner, which makes Nangong Qi even more mysterious.
"You also got through the odd meridians?" Nangong qi asked
Zhang surprised way "is how do you know? I always feel that you are not a Glide Sword. Don’t say that you haven’t used Fengyuan to attack. Your martial arts alone has surpassed Shi Tian a lot, and you are almost like me. It’s a monster. "
Nangong’s strange corners of the mouth become warped, saying, "Strange meridians connect fighters’ pores and absorb external elements in their daily lives. If you feel it carefully, you can feel that your whole body can flow. My martial arts is certainly not a Glide Sword, but that’s a secret. If we all become strong, then you will know."
"You’re not a mortal, and it’s a miracle that you can live to this day. Maybe it’s because you said that the method of devouring creatures lived to this day!"
Zhang Yangxin surprised way "depend! Your mind is so scary every time, and everything seems to penetrate your eyes. If you talk more, I don’t have any secrets. I can feel that your strange meridians have also opened up, and your body has a natural magic spirit. "
He didn’t want to be defeated and tell the secret he knew.
This time it was Nangong’s turn to be surprised, because his martial arts was born with magic spirit, and it was always concealed by his strong Jinyuan ability. Zhang also knew that it surprised him a little.
Wu Yuli pinched Zhang Yang’s arm and said, "Are you two really troublesome to play guessing games? The fool’s body contains extremely yin qi, and the yellow-haired monster’s body contains magic qi. I also know that it’s okay not to talk about this now. It’s been four hours since your breakthrough, and I’m hungry! "
"good! Eating roasted snake meat just killed several poisonous snakes yesterday, which is a big supplement! " Zhang Yangxin way then appeared in front of three Xiao Mu stool barbecue utensils and materials.
Then zhang to barbecue …
Wu Yu has nothing to do but sit on a wooden stool. Nangong Qi whispered in his ear, "You know idiots best, Huang Maoguai. Do you think idiots used to have girlfriends?"
The nangongshan strange low way "that you also ask! I’m really omnipotent. He has many, at least a dozen. "
Wu Yu heart a nasty avenue "you talk nonsense! There are no more than a dozen. He is only sixteen years old. "
Zhang didn’t hear two people whisper Wu Yu big sound is heard him twist a head to two people while turning over by salamander some doubts, "what more than a dozen? Say me? "
"no! No, we said stupid! " Wu Yuhuang two white slender palms panic way
At this time, Wu Yu’s mind sounded the strange sound of Nangong. "Do you have a girlfriend? I don’t know if I can feel that he is a child. He likes you. He rarely remembers the past and shows that he was very happy in the past. Now you two are happy together and you must remember strangers in the past."
Hear the nangongshan strange words Wu Yu not stay "yes! Xiaoyang to protect me, I’d rather listen to me when I was killed, and it still hurts me. I don’t have a mother, and he doesn’t have to get back in the past. It’s the most important thing to be happy with Xiaoyang now. "
This meal is delicious, comfortable and relaxed. The three of them are talking and laughing, and Nangong Qi is not as weird as usual, which is more common.
In this way, the Nangong Wizards reminded Zhang that the other party was only seventeen years old, and he was similar to himself. He once heard Li Dabao say that Nangong Qi was not this kind of personality, but changed because of one thing.
Zhang Yang couldn’t help thinking about when he changed. When did you stop killing yourself? When do you no longer believe in the public? Chapter 5 goes out of breath!
Chapter 5 Extinguish the breath!
After the three of them finished eating, Nangong Qi was very chic and left a message that made Wu Yu very shy. "Young people should take it easy!"
Now everyone is tested. Nangong Qi can’t always protect two people []
Especially now that Zhang Yang has broken through the master’s strength and risen many times, he is not afraid of what he is afraid of now. Of course, Nangong Qi also thinks that staying will also affect his initiative to leave the world with my little girl.
Nangong Qi left the stone barbecue set and had already put it away. Zhang Yang and Wu Yu were left sitting cross-legged and feeling the changes of Wushu. He wanted to find out what aspects of Wushu had changed.
Wu Yu sat next to Zhang and looked up at Zhang’s face. When he was killed, Zhang held her running, and his face was bloody and his heart was warm and there was a hint of sadness.
See Wu Yu slightly meditation sample Zhang Yang body relaxed to show his arms and smiled and said, "I’m so tired to hug."

It’s not surprising that there is such a group division. Chen Kangbo, Yu Yunwen and Hu Quan were all staunch warring factions, and the remaining three were not all fighting factions, but they were not fighting factions.

To put it bluntly, Shen should still have some capitulationists’ tendencies, and Tang Si-tui, who has been deposed, is a group.
It is not impossible for these three people to get together and hold a group together.
The six-member team in the critical autumn can still maintain superficial harmony and win-win results for some things that endanger everyone’s common interests until they tide over the difficulties
So they began to think about how to tide over the difficulties.
And think about Zhao Shen at the same time.
Zhao Shen just woke up, fainted and vomited blood. Although the doctor said that Zhao Shen was not in danger, six people could not help but worry about Zhao Shen’s health.
The emperor’s health is facing a severe test when the country is in danger. In case Zhao Shen dies unfortunately at this time …
Fortunately, Zhao Shen’s son Zhao Yu has reached the age of 20. Even if Zhao Shen died at this time, it would not be that no one could inherit the throne, and his royal brother would not be able to threaten the throne.
But is it really a good sign that the emperor died at this moment?
Thick dark clouds enveloped the hearts of six people.
The six-member team got the emperor’s approval, and it was more certain to form troops to support Xiangfan.
Chen Kangbo led a six-member team to issue a decree, and the position of Li Xianzhong’s main commander was determined
The 30,000 men in his department are well-trained troops with reliable combat effectiveness.
Zhenjiang Prefecture and Chizhou Prefecture were also transferred to Li Xianzhong with 10,000 elites, which increased their strength to 50,000.
Fifty thousand people on his side are confirmed.
Then Lin’ an court arranged for Ma Junsi, an elite guard of 30,000 imperial guards, to command Wang Chong, the lieutenant of this expedition, to lead the 30,000 people from another road.
In this wave, the Lin ‘an imperial court transferred half of its 160,000 troops to lift the siege of Xiangfan, and the attack of 10,000 troops was considered as their best effort.
But Yu Yunwen still thinks it’s not enough.
He suggested that part of the Sichuan-Shu army should be transferred out of Sichuan to support the Xiangfan battlefield.
Sichuan and Sichuan are lost, and Xiangfan can still hold on to the Southern Song Dynasty.
Xiangfan lost the Southern Song Dynasty and wanted Sichuan and Sichuan?
At first, Yu Yunwen supported his own suggestion, and soon Hu Quan wavered and expressed his support for Yu Yunwen’s view, agreeing to transfer the Sichuan-Sichuan army out of Sichuan to support Xiangfan.
Zhou Lin’s position was subsequently shaken and he also expressed his support.
Ye yi asked and Shen should not say anything about the default.
So this suggestion was approved.
However, the six-member team who took over the command of the Sichuan-Shu army to go out to Sichuan War was divided again.
The reason is that Yu Yunwen believes that when the country is in danger, it should not be entangled in some small things, but should be decisive and talented.
He suggested that Yao Zhong, who had just arrived in Lin ‘an and was preparing to take part in the trial, should be reopened, and let him lead the Sichuan-Sichuan army to support Xiangfan in defeating the army.
The reason is that his Ministry is more committed to Sichuan and Sichuan, and his subjective will to go to the rescue is very strong. He will do his best and will not delay and avoid the enemy.
Zhou Lin and Shen should resolutely oppose this proposal and cannot agree with Yu Yunwen’s suggestion that Yao Zhong’s problem is a serious political issue and cannot be implemented in this way.
"Yao Zhong’s beating of officials has caused public outrage. If he is allowed to plead guilty and make meritorious deeds at this time, I am afraid that he will not get the support of the court. The risk is too great to do so!"
Shen should shake his head again and again
Yu Yunwen is very unhappy.
"The three generals of Sichuan and Shu, Wang Yan, are trapped in Xiangfan and Wu Lin, but who else is more reliable than Yao Zhong? Do you want Wu Lin to give up the northern Sichuan defense line and go to Xiangfan? "
Shen should dislike Yu Yunwen’s questioning tone very much.
"Yu Binfu, you have to know that Yao Zhong is a sinner now. How can he lead troops when he is guilty?"
"He will certainly be grateful to the imperial court if he is given the opportunity to redeem himself, and he will try his best to rescue Xiangfan, which is besieged mainly by other departments. What is the doubt?"
Yu Yunwen argued.
Shen should immediately feel that Yu Yunwen is very ignorant of politics.
"Manchu officials are very disgusted with Yao Zhong. At this time, Qi Yao Zhong just found himself unhappy! We have to be careful not to make mistakes when we are in power for six generations. What you are doing now is to set us on fire! At that time, when the butler wakes up, will he treat us like this? "
Yu Yunwen shook his head.
"The national crisis is not the time to think about these things, nor is it now! Once Xiangfan falls into danger in the Great Song Dynasty! Really, at that time, what else will Zhe save himself? He Su Yonglin posed to destroy us! Do you have to wait for Su Yonglin to take our heads? "
Shen should look red and unhappy.
"YuBinFu! You’re … you’re unbelievable! These two things cannot be confused! "
"This is not unreasonable! I am telling the truth! The truth! "
Yu Yunwen also a little nasty nu way "critical death autumn shen" xianggong "and personal safety? Isn’t this a mistake? "
"You …"
"That’s enough!"
Chen Kangbo interrupted their argument in anger. "Now is not the time for you to quarrel! When the country is in danger, you are arguing here. Who is right and who is wrong? Do you have to wait until Su Yonglin south takes our heads? !”
Chen Kangbo’s anger made Yu Yunwen and Shen should not continue to talk, but both of them were very angry.
Chen Kangbo made his own decision after careful thinking.
"Although Yao Zhong is wrong, he should do his best when the country is in danger. Let’s put his things aside for the time being and give real talents a chance to display their talents. I decide Yao Zhong! Wu Lin continues to stick to northern Sichuan and cannot be lightly moved! "
Chen Kangbo made a decision, and Shen should feel very dissatisfied. He looked at Ye Yi and hoped that ye yi could come out and say something.
But to his disappointment, ye yi asked nothing, said nothing and did nothing.
He can silently admit the fact.
After the meeting, Shen should ask ye yi to "advise" him.

"You are the caged bird that will never escape from my palm."

The wind and purple clothes are silent
She had to admit that she underestimated the king of Yuanzuo County.
The man had already seen through her identity, but he didn’t show any flaws and didn’t alert her.
This man is addicted to pleasure and debauchery on the surface, but he has already taken control of everything in reality.
You can see this person’s courage when he escaped from Juelei City without tourist trap when it was windy and windy.
The king of Jin has many heirs, but not every heir can be appointed as the head of a county. Most kings have a title.
It can also be seen that Wang Bufan of Yuanzuo County is extraordinary!
This also don’t blame the wind purple clothes
Although the realm of Wang Xiu in Yuanzuo County is a land realm, it is not outstanding among many county kings.
In addition, the image of Wan Ku, the king of Zuojun County, shows that the wind and purple clothes naturally have some contempt for him
"After talking to you for so long, should you get rid of the curse of the tomb of the Emperor?"
Yuan Zuo county king Gherardini looked at the wind purple clothes seems to know everything about her every move.
That’s exactly what happened.
When Feng Ziyi asked Yuanzuo County King for so long, he just wanted to delay!
She is cursed by Xuan Yuan, and there is not much threat.
She ran "Taixu Leiji", the thunder bone bred Leili, and soon the curse of Tidi grave was banished.
Of course, she procrastinated not only to solve the curse.
She wants to break through to the land directly!
Wind purple clothes can already break through to the earth.
Yes, it’s only after entering the Ten Unique Prisons that I finally suppress the realm after seeing the wind and the remnants of the day.
In the end, she didn’t have a chance to break through a series of things that happened when she got out of trouble and entered the emperor’s grave
If you break through the curse in the emperor’s grave, you will die yourself.
Now back to the county palace to drive away the emperor’s grave and curse the wind and purple clothes, all obstacles have been clear, and the vitality is rolling towards the barrier of the earth and yuan!
Chapter two thousand and sixteen Mayflies shake the tree
Wind purple clothes as if a loud noise.
The barrier is broken!
Feng Ziyi took a deep breath, and a steady stream of vitality poured into her body, constantly washing and baptizing the strength of flesh and blood, bones and muscles, and viscera.
She was surrounded by a series of thunder, and the momentum kept rising.
The king of Yuanzuo County was so surprised that he clapped his hands and smiled and praised, "It’s really good to break through."
He just let the wind and purple clothes, and his immediate breakthrough seems to have no intention of starting work
On the contrary, he finally smiled and looked at the wind purple clothes with a playful look in his eyes.
It’s not that he belittles his opponent.
But because even if the wind purple clothes break through to the ground, he can’t afford to turn over a little spray!
If Wang Gen of Yuanzuo County wouldn’t be entangled in the wind and purple clothes at ordinary times, he would have killed him.
Today, I was ecstatic because I knew that Su Mo was coming back with the jade symbol. Yuan Zuo County King was ecstatic, and it was rare to raise a little interest, so I wanted to play with Feng Zi Yi casually.
Time goes by.
Breaking through this great realm generally requires a process adaptation.
Feng Ziyi saw that the king of Yuanzuo County didn’t make a move, and she didn’t make a move, but continued to absorb the vitality of heaven and earth and baptize the solid realm of the body Yuan God.
Wind purple clothes body movement towards yuan county Wang Chong past surprisingly fast, there is a light shadow.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Yuan Zuo county king also got up and laughed at the wind and purple clothes.
In the face of the wind purple clothes figure, he didn’t even look at it. It was a sudden arrival around the hall of gods!
The wind purple clothes figure crashed into Yuan Zuo County, and the king’s body smashed away without causing any ripples.
This figure is an illusion and has long been seen through by the king of Yuanzuo County!
The wind and purple clothes have long been hidden and fled towards the hall.
As an assassin, she naturally has her own judgment on the situation.
She knows very well that even if she has broken through to Yuan Jing, she is definitely no match for Yuan Zuo County King.
She broke through to the land, too, and she had a better chance of escape.
"Wang hasn’t had enough fun yet. Why should he leave?"
The king of Yuanzuo County bantered with the sound, and then the iron wall fell and hit the ground, and a roar broke out, deafening!
Jinge rang