I didn’t stay in the cave where the real Huang Mei lived for a long time. I strongly urged the two of them to inform each other of their respective birthdays. In ancient times, they should inform each other about their brothers’ righteousness and marriage. This move is not to see if their lives are mutually comparable, but it is similar to chopping the head of a chicken and drinking blood wine. The real Huang Mei will leave soon after becoming sworn, and they will walk back to the mountain. After many years, the real Huang Mei will burn incense every year and invite me to play chess. Let’s not discuss these things here for the time being.

Farewell to Huang Mei, the real person came to Juyin Pool in Houshan, and found that Sanyin Dishui was straight and straight, and the beach by the pool enjoyed the cool air. When he saw my arrival, he was excited and rushed over to me. His huge head held high and lifted me up and turned around the pool.
The intimate performance of SanyinBiShui made me forget those annoying things for the time being, and I found the "look forward" when I took the dragon to break the lofty sentiments of all armies. I rose up and rushed SanyinBiShui to reach the head-high command. The Millennium years have not diluted the deep memory of SanyinBiShui. After hearing my command, the horse twisted and stood up high except for the tail.
"Sudden Dragon" I was so excited that my right foot sent forward slightly and shouted that I had reached the forward command. Sanyin Bishui also entered the state at the moment. As soon as my voice fell, it quickly swam into the pool along the beach and shuttled back and forth, and it was quite imposing.
"Warroar!" When I heard my command, the horse tossed its head to the mouth of Tianjiao, opened its trident tongue and pressed its throat violently, and quickly gave a hoarse and sharp scream. Because it also knew that this moment was not a battlefield fight, it was not that kind of angry roar, but that it was similar to the joy squeaking when children played.
"It’s impossible for you to sleep after eating all day." After playing, I fell back to the beach while Sanyin Bishui swam to the shore and lay down beside me. This guy woke up and ate a lot. The aura didn’t increase much, but the waist circumference was thick.
Three yin and water can’t speak naturally. After hearing my words, I raised my huge dumpling head and gently touched my two huge nostrils, wheezing and gasping for breath. Now it can’t understand my complicated words. After all, there is no simple thinking.
"You’re so slow, let alone three years and ten years, and you can’t reach the deep blue aura. You have to live up to your expectations. Don’t always count on me to help you resist the lightning." I smiled and stretched out my hand and slapped my nose. The latter was itchy and sneezed loudly, spraying me with mucus. I approached the pool to clean the pool and saw that I wanted to play with it. I turned around and got into the water and rolled for a moment, showing my huge head waiting for me to trample again.
"Stay honest." I ha ha smiled and turned away from Juyin Pool, because I have to make a circle every time I go back to the mountain all the year round. After seeing it, I turned to the front of the mountain. Nalu is in good condition, and the white wolf has grown a lot. After seeing me, she twisted her teeth and wrinkled her nose, demonstrating that the white wolf barked differently. This little wolf can’t bark. It’s so wild that it’s hard to domesticate it. It’s impossible to want it to be as obedient as the white wolf was. It’s sad to think that the white wolf will lose something again.
In the next few days, I went back to my hometown, and my parents were naturally happy to see me. My family had already received a photo with Bai Jiuyu, and I was naturally satisfied with this future daughter-in-law. According to my master, my mother showed off in the village for several days after receiving the photo, and everyone knew that the fortune-teller who was old at home had found a fairy.
I came back full this time and it’s time to go back to buy buy. I left a lot of money when I took it with me. Although I knew my parents didn’t need it, I still kept it. What I wanted to do was because I had a strong sense of foreboding and I always felt that something was going to happen, and I couldn’t tell exactly what would happen.
No one bothered me when I came back this time, but I didn’t stay for a few days. Because of the seven-day holiday, I had to go to the headquarters with King Kong Gun to select candidates and equipment for Zhongnanshan.
Chapter 34 Seven experts
When the two of them packed up and returned to Wuling Mountain, Song Yu had called back all the adjustable clerks in the tenth inning to the headquarters. In recent years, the headquarters has not expanded one branch, and it is still a clerk, two families and fifteen families, a total of 23 people. The lack of that name is the monk Jian. Since I first went to Jiuhua Mountain with King Kong Gun, he applied to quit active service and ran out to travel.
The clerk in charge of the tenth bureau didn’t know each other except Shao Yanqi, who had dealt with me, and Yang Libiao, the second instrument palace, who was sent by Li Nan and Chen Qiang. Song Yugu, a secret worker, didn’t let them line up for me and King Kong Gun to choose, but set the table for everyone’s information and let me decide who to attend according to the nature.
King Kong Gun and I took a stack of materials and looked through them. Because we were curious, I looked at the specific situation and all the skills of the people belonging to the Ten Bureau very carefully, while King Kong Gun simply glanced at it and eliminated the Buddhist monks and the true religion, and it was over.
"Just these seven." I finally decided to follow us to Zhongnanshan after reading the materials in my hand and screening those people with the King Kong cannon.
Shao Yanqi, a subject, is an old acquaintance. He has a special ability to see through human objects. This person has a good personal relationship with me, and the perspective function may also be sent to the field this time.
A 41-year-old lieutenant colonel Pei ranks in a branch of Gongye country. This man is older than me and has a higher rank than me. I didn’t miss him, but when I saw that his skills were good at communicating with all kinds of animals, I did not hesitate to decide this man Gongye. This surname is extremely rare, so I immediately thought of Kong’s brother Gongye Chang, who is proficient in bird language and animal language. This Gongye country is probably the descendant of Gongye Chang.
The third person is also a subject. This 37-year-old fat file is the thickest among the people. However, the file bag is not a meritorious service award form, but a thick stack of criminal records and psychiatric appraisal forms. This person’s name is Xu Zhanqun’s ancestor Xu Jia in Hubei Province and Cheng Zugan in Northern Lin. Both of them are grave robbers. The grave robbers are famous for their skills. The Northern Lin family is good at smelling gold and extracting marrow. It is a pity that this Xu Zhanqun’s head is not very bright. The society is getting worse and worse, leaving his ancestors with that wealth and wealth, and even the poor can’t eat
Not to mention that Xu Zhanqun did have two brushes to search for dragons and treasures, and he was really good at it. He soon found an ancient tomb in the Song Dynasty and started to dig it. Unfortunately, this guy was short of brains. After digging the tomb, he took a shit from the tomb and urinated, which made the public security machine quickly find and arrest him according to DNA analysis. After three years, he was released from prison and forced to run to the grave to take a shit. Naturally, he was arrested three times in succession. He was not white. Why could the public security machine catch him so quickly?
Later, when I saw that he had a unique skill in cracking down on grave robbery and protecting precious cultural relics, I came forward to woo him. He was afraid that he would go out and get into trouble, so he left him in a mental hospital outside the headquarters to cook for the patients. This guy didn’t know that the headquarters gave him a vacant post, but instead, Yu Yi shouldered the responsibility of providing psychological counseling for the patients. As a result, the group of mental patients were even more insane than mental patients. Because he was mixed up with patients all day, even he didn’t know whether he was tutoring the mental patients or tutoring him.
The fourth is also a clerk in a department. This 25-year-old woman’s special function is very special. Because her mother was struck by lightning during pregnancy, her physique will be different from that of ordinary people after birth. The energy headquarters once tested and found that her mental excitement can emit up to 300 volts. The woman named Li Juan is a king kong cannon, and the reason for asking him is very simple. It is like taking her with a small generator when she can’t prepare.
The three of them are Maoshan School, Li Nanchen School, State School, Chen Qiang Second Instrument Palace, and Yang Libiao. The sects of the three of them are orthodox sects, which is nothing to teach. Besides, all three of them are old friends and easy to get along with.
After the selection, Song Yu called me and King Kong cannon to these seven people, who I knew for a long time, and three people made me frown slightly. These people are not the same as the photos. Gong Yeguo is older than the photos, Xu Zhanqun is more stupid than the photos, and Li Juan is younger than the photos.
After everyone arrived, the director personally gave instructions on pre-war mobilization. These people should be strictly controlled and directed by me in terms of nature and region, but it didn’t work out. The director didn’t want them to know that it was too specific. I was secretly pleased that the director didn’t say the specific goal of action, which was more conducive to my self-serving, self-serving and seeking immortality. When I thought of this, I turned my head and made a wink at the King Kong cannon, so that he wouldn’t be too talkative. The latter raised his eyebrows and responded that he knew what I was thinking.
After a few simple words, the director motioned for me to go to the office with him, while King Kong Gun took these people with interest to follow Song Yu to the weapons room at headquarters to select the necessary weapons for the operation.
"This is four suspected locations, focus on searching, focus on but not limited to the specific situation, and handle it flexibly by yourself," said the director, handing over a high-magnification map taken by satellite.
Yes, I got up and took the map handed over by the director. According to the position and trend of the mountains, there should be four relatively large shadow areas in the Zhongnanshan area of the Qinling Mountains. The shadow areas or circles or sides show relatively obvious traces of people’s construction. In addition, there are many small shadow areas. The director probably did not list those small areas as search targets considering that the area of the imperial tomb would not be so small.
"There have been some mountain hermits living in seclusion in Zhongnanshan for a long time. If these people stop or hinder your search workers, you can take necessary tough measures," the director added with a dignified look
What the director said instantly made me frown. After entering Zhongnanshan, I will meet a monk in the mountain. I was psychologically prepared for this. The reason why the director has such a decisive attitude is that the so-called tough measures in our army include killing methods.
The director found my face puzzled and paused for a moment to say another thing, that is, those people hiding in the practice gate of Zhongnanshan have shown some radical and reactionary actions in recent years, which has made the country suspicious. In recent years, those monks often make gangs and join factions to compete against each other. These things happen in the mountains, and the country is taking a natural attitude to package them. Who knows that those guys have been making more and more trouble recently, and when they fight, they call for thunder and call for rain, and the world knows that. After discovering this situation, some ordinary people and monks poured into the Mount Zhongnan to seek immortality, and some eventful gossip media even mixed in and reported various strange phenomena from time to time in Mount Zhongnan, which made more and more people enter the mountain. First, the country once had an inaccurate statistics. According to the statistical results, the number of people entering the mountain has exceeded 1,000 in just a few short years. If these people get together to praise and repair the scriptures, the country will naturally not interfere with citizens. Free will, but it’s not the case that so many people live in seclusion in Zhongnanshan. To put it simply, it’s suspected of illegal activities. To put it more seriously, there may be people gathering to rebel, which is why we will be instructed to pay extra attention to the living conditions of those people who entered the mountain later. If they are intimidated, we will rescue them. If they are willing to do so, we will persuade them to come out.
"I don’t know what you mean, I will do my best." I nodded with a wry smile. Although the director said it was quite tactfully, to put it bluntly, what was rescued and persuaded was an official rhetoric. Let me drive people out as much as possible. It seems that they really treated me and King Kong Bao as urban management.
"This time, you are leading the team. You are free to deal with the main goal or look for the Qin Mausoleum." The director came over and patted me on the shoulder. "The burial pits and terracotta warriors and horses have been excavated for many years. What is the controversy outside? Can you excavate the terracotta warriors and horses and the burial pits but not the tomb?"
"I don’t think the mausoleum of the Qin Dynasty will reach the end of the South Mountain." I looked up at the director, and there was no imbalance and bias in his overall view and analysis. His analysis was still very reasonable. If it were me, I would also think that those burial pits and terracotta warriors and horses could be excavated but the mausoleum could not.
"One of these four broad shadow areas should be true. Don’t leave anything out when you search." The director obviously disagreed with my opinion, and putting a teacup aggravated the tone.
"Yes," I raised my hand to salute and put the map in my pocket and turned back. Now that the director has made up his mind, I’d better go and have a look in turn. If I emphasize that the mausoleum of Qin Dynasty is not in the middle of the mountain, it will make him suspicious of me.
From the director’s office, I lifted my legs and walked to the weapon room. Because of the security problem, the weapon room at headquarters is far from the office area, on the west side of the tunnel.