These armor can resist most of the shock wave, but one or two shock waves must enter their flesh along the cracks in the armor, which is enough to cause heavy damage to the protoss!

If God kills the firm but gentle and pierces the half-ancestor of the sea protoss, the strong can also hate it!
God damn firm but gentle cut off the armor of the gods.
But after hundreds of thousands of firm but gentle generate, more protoss were directly beaten so badly that they didn’t even have a chance to escape, so they died!
Some protoss got away with hiding behind the golden shield.
The golden shield was also stabbed by the god-killing firm but gentle, and the sword pits were completely abolished!
In Sumerian Gorge, the bodies of the gods stepped on and gasped slightly.
This outbreak of "Killing Sword by Heaven" almost exhausted his mana and Yuan Shen became extremely weak.
His brow showed a touch of fatigue.
But around him, there were bodies of protoss, and there was a river of blood.
The dark legion protoss department is lucky!
Light legion left more than a dozen protoss also scared silly scarred looking at Su Mo eyes full of fear.
The two legions were almost wiped out!
Is this the manpower office?
This is a miracle!
Chapter one thousand five hundred and twenty-six Dragon Ride Half Ancestor
"It’s over"
Sue ink looked at the nearby dozen protoss look indifferent coldly say
Although these dozen protoss are half-ancestors, they understand a little magical power and armor shield by blood and flesh, and they are already black and blue all over.
More importantly, these dozen protoss half-ancestors have been completely frightened!
In their eyes, there is no more initial arrogance and fear!
There is a more violent fluctuation in the direction of the colorful cave, as if something terrible is about to rush out of the cave!
The colorful cave out of the wave is more terrible than the protoss two legions!
"What else?"
Su Mo’s look changed greatly.
He fought hard to destroy the two legions today, and tried his best to exhaust Yuan Shen’s qi, blood and mana to the limit.
If the protoss still has a successor, then he can’t stop it!
Only at this time did Su Mo truly realize the tragic and difficult battle of the protoss in the Archean taboo God Cheng crossing the canyon alone.
In ancient times, I don’t know how many protoss strong people entered Kunlun, and Mahayana ancestors and emperors kept coming!
Now the protoss are two legions, and without a strong ancestor, he has already felt exhausted.
Su Mo stared at the colorful cave and swallowed a handful of magical violet again, spewing out a series of glowing rays that constantly nourished the Yuan God.
He didn’t have the strength to kill a dozen protoss not far away.
More difficult and dangerous, the first world war is yet to come!
The colorful cave glowed and a giant flew out!
Sue ink eyes a clot.
This is a monster beast with a huge body, full of darkness and dozens of feet long, full of thick and rough scales and wings on the back!
Every flap will cause a tornado storm!
This monster beast is the dragon’s head, its eyes are fierce, its claws are sharp, but its body is like a giant lizard. It looks weird and filled with violent breath!
"Ha ha ha ha!"
A protoss half-ancestor suddenly laughed. "You’re finished! We are the half-ancestors of the Dragon Rider on the mainland of God! "
This monster Su Mo once saw the picture of the palace wall, which seems to belong to the dragon of the mainland.
This black dragon exudes a strong need and turns out to be a half-ancestor!
There is a figure on the back of this black dragon, holding a spear and shining with golden light like a hot sun!
Su Mo can feel that this so-called dragon riding half-ancestor is stronger than the first two legions!
This is the strong one who can drop the dragon!
The sound of the half-ancestor riding a dragon on the back of the black dragon is full of majesty. "If you kill my people, I will step over the world and kill hundreds of millions of people to pay homage to those fallen people!"
Sue ink smiled a "stepping over the wild? You can talk to me first! "
In the face of the powerful dragon riding half ancestor Su Mo took a deep breath, his eyes jumped firmly and he killed the dragon riding half ancestor.
No matter what strong people come to the mainland, he will not retreat half a step!
"Trial spear!"
Dragon riding and half-ancestor black dragon body is pointing in the direction of Su Mo through heavy virtual holding a spear.
A shining spear is condensed in the middle, and it goes towards Su Mo with amazing speed!
This spell is too strong!
Su Mo felt a sharp pain in his face before the trial spear came.
This spell can’t even be carried by violet!
Su Mo did not hesitate to turn over his palm and offer a bow to break the law.
Bow string trembling
Mana long arrow shot directly into this trial spear!
This powerful spell instantly collapses, and all the mana departments are absorbed by the mana long arrow.