The foreign media industry is very high. Liang Yuan expects that there should be no pressure for him to score in the rich list after mixing. Now it is always a trouble to accidentally leave any video materials and be turned out, especially if he still wants to participate in the f14 negotiations. If his newspaper shows up to participate in the negotiations, don’t even think about it.

Liang Haiping said with a smile, "Tell your brother-in-law more about what equipment you are going to see?"
"Brother-in-law cans, right?" Liang Yuan gestured the size of an ordinary can.
"Of course, I know that if I pull something with Coca-Cola, it will break Peng Yi."
"What does Shangri-La do with cans?" Liang chapter 41 You want to sell Qi Haiping and asked curiously.
Liang Yuan hey hey smiled and didn’t talk, and ran to the corner to pull out a leaf fan to pack it out and put it on the ground.
Hai-ping Liang watched with great interest as Liang Yuan dragged a prototype gas purifier from the corner to set the floor.
Liang Yuan put the gas purifier flat and found a square plastic cover behind the machine, pressed it gently along the shallow groove, and a small back cover fell off. Liang Yuan put the back cover aside and turned over the leaf fan, and also removed the back cover on the back of the fuselage.
Liang Yuan pointed to the pinky holes behind the fuselage of two devices and said, "Brother-in-law cans are for this thing."
"This small hole is not to say that you keep perfume or what essential oil you said," said Liang Haiping with some doubts.
"I didn’t think of this new way until I got to Shangri-La," Liang Yuan said with a hey hey smile.
The holes of the leaf fan and the air purifier are directly connected to the air inlet of the suction fan, which is a convenient interface for connecting perfume or essential oil aromatic substances to the room through the fan.
"Brother-in-law, you stayed in Shangri-La for several days. What impressed you most about that place?" Liang Yuan ourtenant asked.
"Out of breath, top-heavy" Liang Haiping said with a smile.
"Brother-in-law, after the plane landed, I didn’t see anyone get altitude sickness." Liang Yuan said in dismay.
Liang Haiping said with a smile, "Little Far Light allows you to circle yourself. This is Xu Zhou’s official setting fire to forbid people to light a lamp."
Looking at Liang Yuan Naiwo back to the sand, Liang Haiping laughed and considered Liang Yuan’s words.
"Xiaoyuan, you said you would go to the cans and show these two machine vents to your brother-in-law. This place doesn’t accept perfume. What else do you want to meet?" Liang Haiping frowned and pondered.
"Shangri-La is a place with beautiful scenery, clear water and delicious air, and it is much better than the stream. It is much better than the air purifier … from Shangri-La wind …" Liang Hai’s flat voice became smaller and smaller, and his face became more and more surprised. Later, he looked at Liang Yuan like a monster.
Liang Yuan greatly admired Liang Haiping’s reasoning ability. It seems that his brother-in-law should have guessed what he was going to do. Although he showed himself repeatedly, his brother-in-law could guess his mind in the 1900s. The creativity of thinking is really not comparable to that of ordinary people.
"Small far do you want to sell gas my day what do you think? Can this thing be sold? Can anyone buy this thing? What kind of brain does this person have to spend money to buy gas? " After the surprise, Liang Haiping threw out a series of questions like a barrage.
Liang Yuan didn’t answer that Shu Wo Sha looked at Liang Haiping with a smile. After two or three minutes, Liang Haiping finally calmed down and sighed for a long time. He said with a wry smile, "It won’t be too surprised to watch your brother-in-law talk about what you have done this year. I didn’t expect you to sell gas."
Liang Haiping’s words are impressive, but the other day, Liang Yuan said that he would buy f14 fighter jets, which is equivalent to the fact that this year’s foreign exchange was not available, and he still owed a debt. Liang Haiping was not surprised. He said with a smile that the United States made money, but Liang Yuan said that selling gas really fooled Liang Haiping.
It’s nothing unusual to sell gas in the new century, from the grassroots to the rich China. But as far as the ball range is concerned, the most successful thing to sell gas is Mount Fuji in Japan in the late 1990s. Now the local gas quality is very good, which makes people feel refreshed. Why don’t Nock take such a good thing to the market for sale? After a scientific study of Mount Fuji gas, Nock publicized the indicators of Mount Fuji gas and invested in building a factory to put Mount Fuji gas into cans.
This kind of canned food is widely sold all over Japan, and it is very popular with Japanese people. This kind of characteristic merchant is also favored by foreign tourists who come to Mount Fuji. The Noke factory can sell tens of thousands of cans of Mount Fuji every year.
China also had a chance to sell gas in six years. Unfortunately, it was limited by the rigid thinking of the country at that time. No one thought about it in this direction. At that time, the National Forest Park was just established in Zhangjiajie, a southern province. Nancy, the chief executive of Colorado, a southern friendly state? Governor Dick was invited to make a friendly visit to the Republic. In view of the fact that Zhangjiajie’s natural landscape can be compared with the world-famous natural landscape of the Colorado Grand Canyon in the United States, then Governor Wang Jingquan recommended Nancy? Governor Dick visited Zhangjiajie.
The result of the investigation was Nancy? Governor Dick was completely impressed by the clean water, beautiful mountains and pure air in Zhangjiajie. When visiting Laomowan Bay in Zhangjiajie, Nancy couldn’t help shouting that "the air here is worth five dollars per breath".
After returning to China, Nancy made a great contribution to the American people by vigorously proclaiming the purity of Zhangjiajie and the high international reputation of Zhangjiajie Scenic Area.
Therefore, Liang Yuan’s plan to sell canned gas produced in Shangri-La is by no means a fantasy. It is not difficult for the canned gas produced in Shangri-La to be accepted by the American market if it is properly announced with a leaf fan and a gas purifier. The fame of Zhangjiajie and Mount Fuji is not the same as that of Shangri-La.
After more than half a century’s accumulation, Shangri-La has already become an eternal paradise in the hearts of European and American people (to be continued! ! !
Chapter 42 Intelligence
When Hai-ping Liang calmed down, Liang Yuan smiled and said, "Brother-in-law, you are a business genius, and you will soon kick me out."
Looking at Liang Haiping staring at himself, he quickly said, "Brother-in-law, I have found many factories that can install canned gas production lines in the United States these days, but Crown Corporation of Ohio said that the existing production lines can be modified to meet our requirements if they are not very high."
"God, we’re just going to the Los Angeles representative office of Crown Enterprises."
"How are you going to sell Xiaoyuan … Qi …" Hai-ping Liang said with a weird expression.
"After the brother-in-law, this kind of business is called canned gas. How ugly it is to sell gas, it looks like a profiteer." Liang Yuanxiao said.
"Even if you change your name to hua’s profiteer brand, you can’t run away. God knows how China will react when it knows this news," said Liang Haiping.
"Er …" Liang Yuan wanted to think and had to seriously consider this issue. At present, the state of the country’s ideological circle is concerned. If you know this news, it will definitely be a reformist, and it will definitely be encouraging. There is no miracle in the market economy. It is impossible to give birth to conservatives. Liang Yuan’s business is definitely darker than Huang Shiren’s. The dirty bourgeoisie is the devil crawling out of hell. After the gas has become a business, will these natural gifts of wind and sunshine be taken from the people and sold back?
This matter may well become a target. Maybe Liang Yuan’s fingers are on the top and his forehead is swollen. If it doesn’t, he has to find Ning Shu to link the factory to the army and avoid being visited by great people in southern China in recent years.
I came up with an appropriate strategy. Liang Yuan put this matter aside and told Liang Haiping several times about the technical points of the filling production line, and explained in detail the future promotion of canned gas fans and gas purifiers with Liang Haiping until late at night.
Two people got up early the next day and made an appointment for the translator after breakfast in the lobby on the seventh floor of the hotel. The translator was a female student named Nana, and Liang Yuan contacted Liang Yuan through the Los Angeles China International Students Association and paid 4 dollars.
The only requirement for the hourly translation price is that you need to have an American driver’s license and bring your own transportation.
Liang Yuan and Liang Haiping stepped out of the ladder and just stepped out of a few steps. A young woman wearing a light gray round neck and western trousers with the same color and a short ear came out of the rest area.
Looking at only one Chinese face in the rest area, Liang Haiping recognized Liang Yuan’s appointment for translation.
"Excuse me, are you Mr. Liang Haiping?"
"I’m Hai-ping Liang" Hai-ping Liang nodded and said.
Liang Yuan is a temporary translator of the recruitment of Liang Haiping’s Nominal International Students Association.
Stop Liang Yuan and listen to Liang Haiping behind him. Liang Haiping and Nana introduce their purpose of this trip and some simple information about Crown Enterprise. After leaving the hotel lobby, Nana went straight to a jeep off-road vehicle produced by Chrysler and said, "I don’t know where Mr. Liang is going to rent an off-road vehicle."
Hai-ping Liang smiled and indicated that nothing happened with Liang Yuan. Nana got into the back row of the off-road vehicle and drove the car in the cab to make use of the hotel parking lot. After turning two corners, he drove through the d7 intercity highway between the north and the south of Los Angeles.
Crown Corporation Los Angeles Representative Office is located in the famous Long Beach area in the southwest of Los Angeles, not far from the busy Los Angeles Port. However, the Hilton Hotel in Liangyuan, but the hotel in the northwest of downtown Los Angeles, can clearly see the row of huge white landmark letters-H11YD in Hollywood Beverly Hills.
Hollywood is nearly 30 kilometers away from Long Beach, and it takes more than 40 minutes by car. It is very conscientious to go all the way to Nana. From time to time, I introduce some landmark buildings in Los Angeles to Liang Yuan and Liang Haiping. For Liang Yuan, Los Angeles doesn’t feel anything special except the low building density and the large scale of the city, but it is not the case for Liang Haiping.
It was Liang Hai Ping and Liang Yuan’s second trip abroad to the Democratic Republic of Germany. Although he didn’t stay in West Germany, the urban construction in Leipzig still gave Liang Haiping a great shock, but at least they were all class brothers in eastern bloc. In some respects, they were still in the same strain. There were similar places in China, but in the 1910 s, the United States was a luxurious and extremely decadent capitalist hell, and it was known as the angel city. Los Angeles Guogen could not find a similar city.
Behind the car, Liang Haiping has been looking at the skyscrapers rising from the endless greenery in Los Angeles by the window. Listening with relish, Nana explained like a tour guide and talked about Liang Yuanhao’s study of Nana’s single eyelid or double eyelid through the rearview mirror.
After the Cherokee off-road vehicle drove on the d7 highway, it was already faintly visible on the east coast of the Pacific Ocean. Nana lowered his car to about 30 miles. Liang Yuan hit the window and a low whistle came faintly from the port direction, bypassing the famous Pier 19 and turning around the East Pacific Building of Crown Corporation of Los Angeles International Convention and Exhibition Center.
The East Pacific Building is a 40-storey office building, and the four corners of the main building are buckled by the architect for four and a half arcs, which seems like a large thrust bundled rocket standing in the urban area. Xia Na drove the car into the parking lot along the shunt ramp in front of the building.
Jumping Liang Yuan looked up at the light blue sky, but it was far from clear and distant in Los Angeles in later generations. In the decade, the Republic of China was still far away from the status of the world factory. The American local manufacturing industry was still quite strong. There were many industrial zones in Los Angeles and the number of cars in the United States was very large. The sky was mixed with automobile exhaust and industrial emissions, with a layer of light lead gray.
At present, the United States is still in the middle stage of air pollution control, and the federal government has won a decisive victory in the control of heavy pollution such as billowing smoke, but some invisible and concealed pollution has not yet entered the scope of federal government attention, not only p25 has not been included in the federal air monitoring standards, but also automobile exhaust emissions are not restricted at all.
It’s good for Liang Yuan to look at the dusty sky with a big heart and pollution. If the amount of p25 suspended solids in the whole United States is controlled to one in the new century, which gas purifier will he sell? If the federal government can find a new air control regulation in the future, it’s good to drag it. The more polluted the gas, the more angry the gas purifier will be. At this time, Liang Yuan has become a complete profiteer.
The three men entered the building and came to the front desk to say that they would visit the company building. The security guard pointed to a screen in front of the monitoring desk and said, "Make a registration there. The names of the companies and people you want to visit are all in the equipment. Just press the green option on the right after finding the reserved company and people."
Liang Yuan looked at Nana clumsily fiddling with the antique touch screen and shook his head slightly. He looked at Hai-ping Liang with his neck stretched out and looked at Nana with a curious face. He said, "Brother-in-law, if you don’t bother to go back and let Lao Su get a good one for the garage."
"Old Su, they can also produce this?" Hai-ping Liang surprised and said
"The most important component in this equipment is the old Soviet Union’s research on the single chip microcomputer. The screen looks quite advanced, and it is almost more display devices than the touch of the leaf fan remote control."
Although Liang Yuan talks disdainfully, he still admires the innovative ability of Americans in his heart. When the single-chip microcomputer technology matures, it has the value and foundation of mass promotion. That is, in recent seven or seven years, Americans have tried their best to apply chips to various fields, which in turn has affected human food, clothing, housing and transportation. It is by no means because the information age originated in the United States.
Hai-ping Liang wanted to think, shook his head and said, "Forget it for the time being. When this thing gets to the factory, it will be estimated that there is none."
"But my brother-in-law still needs to find a chance to learn." Liang Yuanxiao said, "I’m going to make similar equipment in new hotels and houses in the Science Park. If my brother-in-law doesn’t, he can stay in Shengjing."
"This kind of equipment is expensive, isn’t it?" Liang Haiping sighed. "I said, how can you make the hotel project budget so high?"
At the end of the decade, four high-rise buildings with a building area of 60,000 square meters and a hall-style building with a building area of about 10,000 square meters will not exceed 10 million yuan, even if the building adopts the earthquake-resistant shear wall structure. Liang Yuan gave a budget of 300 million yuan, which is to make the whole project into an internationally popular intelligent building. There are simply too many places for single-chip computers to be involved, water supply, monitoring and so on.
"Brother-in-law three hundred million can I thank God" Liang Yuan smiled and said "Old Su, if they can chew the hotel project, don’t mention the high-rise building matching project in Guangguo, I am confident that I can account for 30%"
The information age is the foundation for the establishment of the gas age. Without the unification of mechanical engineering, all industrial bodies are as iron as several large industrial consortia such as beach castles, Simon, Mitsubishi and Alstom. The fact proves this point. Without water, human beings cannot live without human beings.
Liang Haiping simply calculated that "the sales volume of two or three hundred million yuan a year is not bad."
Liang Yuan, hey hey, smiled and didn’t speak. My brother-in-law is considering the market according to the current high-rise construction projects in China. Twelve-story high-rise buildings are built every year, and 30 or 50 buildings are thrown into China’s vast territory. Is it even a spark?