It’s not surprising that there is such a group division. Chen Kangbo, Yu Yunwen and Hu Quan were all staunch warring factions, and the remaining three were not all fighting factions, but they were not fighting factions.

To put it bluntly, Shen should still have some capitulationists’ tendencies, and Tang Si-tui, who has been deposed, is a group.
It is not impossible for these three people to get together and hold a group together.
The six-member team in the critical autumn can still maintain superficial harmony and win-win results for some things that endanger everyone’s common interests until they tide over the difficulties
So they began to think about how to tide over the difficulties.
And think about Zhao Shen at the same time.
Zhao Shen just woke up, fainted and vomited blood. Although the doctor said that Zhao Shen was not in danger, six people could not help but worry about Zhao Shen’s health.
The emperor’s health is facing a severe test when the country is in danger. In case Zhao Shen dies unfortunately at this time …
Fortunately, Zhao Shen’s son Zhao Yu has reached the age of 20. Even if Zhao Shen died at this time, it would not be that no one could inherit the throne, and his royal brother would not be able to threaten the throne.
But is it really a good sign that the emperor died at this moment?
Thick dark clouds enveloped the hearts of six people.
The six-member team got the emperor’s approval, and it was more certain to form troops to support Xiangfan.
Chen Kangbo led a six-member team to issue a decree, and the position of Li Xianzhong’s main commander was determined
The 30,000 men in his department are well-trained troops with reliable combat effectiveness.
Zhenjiang Prefecture and Chizhou Prefecture were also transferred to Li Xianzhong with 10,000 elites, which increased their strength to 50,000.
Fifty thousand people on his side are confirmed.
Then Lin’ an court arranged for Ma Junsi, an elite guard of 30,000 imperial guards, to command Wang Chong, the lieutenant of this expedition, to lead the 30,000 people from another road.
In this wave, the Lin ‘an imperial court transferred half of its 160,000 troops to lift the siege of Xiangfan, and the attack of 10,000 troops was considered as their best effort.
But Yu Yunwen still thinks it’s not enough.
He suggested that part of the Sichuan-Shu army should be transferred out of Sichuan to support the Xiangfan battlefield.
Sichuan and Sichuan are lost, and Xiangfan can still hold on to the Southern Song Dynasty.
Xiangfan lost the Southern Song Dynasty and wanted Sichuan and Sichuan?
At first, Yu Yunwen supported his own suggestion, and soon Hu Quan wavered and expressed his support for Yu Yunwen’s view, agreeing to transfer the Sichuan-Sichuan army out of Sichuan to support Xiangfan.
Zhou Lin’s position was subsequently shaken and he also expressed his support.
Ye yi asked and Shen should not say anything about the default.
So this suggestion was approved.
However, the six-member team who took over the command of the Sichuan-Shu army to go out to Sichuan War was divided again.
The reason is that Yu Yunwen believes that when the country is in danger, it should not be entangled in some small things, but should be decisive and talented.
He suggested that Yao Zhong, who had just arrived in Lin ‘an and was preparing to take part in the trial, should be reopened, and let him lead the Sichuan-Sichuan army to support Xiangfan in defeating the army.
The reason is that his Ministry is more committed to Sichuan and Sichuan, and his subjective will to go to the rescue is very strong. He will do his best and will not delay and avoid the enemy.
Zhou Lin and Shen should resolutely oppose this proposal and cannot agree with Yu Yunwen’s suggestion that Yao Zhong’s problem is a serious political issue and cannot be implemented in this way.
"Yao Zhong’s beating of officials has caused public outrage. If he is allowed to plead guilty and make meritorious deeds at this time, I am afraid that he will not get the support of the court. The risk is too great to do so!"
Shen should shake his head again and again
Yu Yunwen is very unhappy.
"The three generals of Sichuan and Shu, Wang Yan, are trapped in Xiangfan and Wu Lin, but who else is more reliable than Yao Zhong? Do you want Wu Lin to give up the northern Sichuan defense line and go to Xiangfan? "
Shen should dislike Yu Yunwen’s questioning tone very much.
"Yu Binfu, you have to know that Yao Zhong is a sinner now. How can he lead troops when he is guilty?"
"He will certainly be grateful to the imperial court if he is given the opportunity to redeem himself, and he will try his best to rescue Xiangfan, which is besieged mainly by other departments. What is the doubt?"
Yu Yunwen argued.
Shen should immediately feel that Yu Yunwen is very ignorant of politics.
"Manchu officials are very disgusted with Yao Zhong. At this time, Qi Yao Zhong just found himself unhappy! We have to be careful not to make mistakes when we are in power for six generations. What you are doing now is to set us on fire! At that time, when the butler wakes up, will he treat us like this? "
Yu Yunwen shook his head.
"The national crisis is not the time to think about these things, nor is it now! Once Xiangfan falls into danger in the Great Song Dynasty! Really, at that time, what else will Zhe save himself? He Su Yonglin posed to destroy us! Do you have to wait for Su Yonglin to take our heads? "
Shen should look red and unhappy.
"YuBinFu! You’re … you’re unbelievable! These two things cannot be confused! "
"This is not unreasonable! I am telling the truth! The truth! "
Yu Yunwen also a little nasty nu way "critical death autumn shen" xianggong "and personal safety? Isn’t this a mistake? "
"You …"
"That’s enough!"
Chen Kangbo interrupted their argument in anger. "Now is not the time for you to quarrel! When the country is in danger, you are arguing here. Who is right and who is wrong? Do you have to wait until Su Yonglin south takes our heads? !”
Chen Kangbo’s anger made Yu Yunwen and Shen should not continue to talk, but both of them were very angry.
Chen Kangbo made his own decision after careful thinking.
"Although Yao Zhong is wrong, he should do his best when the country is in danger. Let’s put his things aside for the time being and give real talents a chance to display their talents. I decide Yao Zhong! Wu Lin continues to stick to northern Sichuan and cannot be lightly moved! "
Chen Kangbo made a decision, and Shen should feel very dissatisfied. He looked at Ye Yi and hoped that ye yi could come out and say something.
But to his disappointment, ye yi asked nothing, said nothing and did nothing.
He can silently admit the fact.
After the meeting, Shen should ask ye yi to "advise" him.