"You are the caged bird that will never escape from my palm."

The wind and purple clothes are silent
She had to admit that she underestimated the king of Yuanzuo County.
The man had already seen through her identity, but he didn’t show any flaws and didn’t alert her.
This man is addicted to pleasure and debauchery on the surface, but he has already taken control of everything in reality.
You can see this person’s courage when he escaped from Juelei City without tourist trap when it was windy and windy.
The king of Jin has many heirs, but not every heir can be appointed as the head of a county. Most kings have a title.
It can also be seen that Wang Bufan of Yuanzuo County is extraordinary!
This also don’t blame the wind purple clothes
Although the realm of Wang Xiu in Yuanzuo County is a land realm, it is not outstanding among many county kings.
In addition, the image of Wan Ku, the king of Zuojun County, shows that the wind and purple clothes naturally have some contempt for him
"After talking to you for so long, should you get rid of the curse of the tomb of the Emperor?"
Yuan Zuo county king Gherardini looked at the wind purple clothes seems to know everything about her every move.
That’s exactly what happened.
When Feng Ziyi asked Yuanzuo County King for so long, he just wanted to delay!
She is cursed by Xuan Yuan, and there is not much threat.
She ran "Taixu Leiji", the thunder bone bred Leili, and soon the curse of Tidi grave was banished.
Of course, she procrastinated not only to solve the curse.
She wants to break through to the land directly!
Wind purple clothes can already break through to the earth.
Yes, it’s only after entering the Ten Unique Prisons that I finally suppress the realm after seeing the wind and the remnants of the day.
In the end, she didn’t have a chance to break through a series of things that happened when she got out of trouble and entered the emperor’s grave
If you break through the curse in the emperor’s grave, you will die yourself.
Now back to the county palace to drive away the emperor’s grave and curse the wind and purple clothes, all obstacles have been clear, and the vitality is rolling towards the barrier of the earth and yuan!
Chapter two thousand and sixteen Mayflies shake the tree
Wind purple clothes as if a loud noise.
The barrier is broken!
Feng Ziyi took a deep breath, and a steady stream of vitality poured into her body, constantly washing and baptizing the strength of flesh and blood, bones and muscles, and viscera.
She was surrounded by a series of thunder, and the momentum kept rising.
The king of Yuanzuo County was so surprised that he clapped his hands and smiled and praised, "It’s really good to break through."
He just let the wind and purple clothes, and his immediate breakthrough seems to have no intention of starting work
On the contrary, he finally smiled and looked at the wind purple clothes with a playful look in his eyes.
It’s not that he belittles his opponent.
But because even if the wind purple clothes break through to the ground, he can’t afford to turn over a little spray!
If Wang Gen of Yuanzuo County wouldn’t be entangled in the wind and purple clothes at ordinary times, he would have killed him.
Today, I was ecstatic because I knew that Su Mo was coming back with the jade symbol. Yuan Zuo County King was ecstatic, and it was rare to raise a little interest, so I wanted to play with Feng Zi Yi casually.
Time goes by.
Breaking through this great realm generally requires a process adaptation.
Feng Ziyi saw that the king of Yuanzuo County didn’t make a move, and she didn’t make a move, but continued to absorb the vitality of heaven and earth and baptize the solid realm of the body Yuan God.
Wind purple clothes body movement towards yuan county Wang Chong past surprisingly fast, there is a light shadow.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Yuan Zuo county king also got up and laughed at the wind and purple clothes.
In the face of the wind purple clothes figure, he didn’t even look at it. It was a sudden arrival around the hall of gods!
The wind purple clothes figure crashed into Yuan Zuo County, and the king’s body smashed away without causing any ripples.
This figure is an illusion and has long been seen through by the king of Yuanzuo County!
The wind and purple clothes have long been hidden and fled towards the hall.
As an assassin, she naturally has her own judgment on the situation.
She knows very well that even if she has broken through to Yuan Jing, she is definitely no match for Yuan Zuo County King.
She broke through to the land, too, and she had a better chance of escape.
"Wang hasn’t had enough fun yet. Why should he leave?"
The king of Yuanzuo County bantered with the sound, and then the iron wall fell and hit the ground, and a roar broke out, deafening!
Jinge rang