Even his Yuan God shook slightly, and his glassy-eyed consciousness appeared briefly white.

Actually down and out, Xiao is very powerful.
If the ancient world is full of vitality to play the lonely Xiao Xiao sound, it will make people’s seven souls fall with it!
And the sound of the heady piano can hook people out and dissipate the world!
Gouhun Qinde Xiao used to be two famous weapons in an ancient era.
The two murder weapons are so powerful that Qin Xiao’s sound can kill all creatures in an interface in a short time!
Unfortunately, the vitality of the ancient and secluded body is almost exhausted.
He can play the lonely Xiao with the vitality of heaven and earth
However, his talent for mastering melody is extremely high. With the help of Xie Tianfeng, he stirred up a breeze and gave a strange whisper through the lonely Xiao Yindong.
Although this Xiao Yin didn’t integrate vitality, Xie Tianfeng’s ear still had an impact on him.
He lost consciousness for a while-he soon recovered.
This instant flaw is enough for Gu Tong You.
Xie Tian’s wind is stagnant, while Gu Tong’s quiet movement is sluggish.
See he raised his hand down and out Xiao Xiao sound at this time down and out Xiao Ye just to Xie Tianfeng face!
Gutong deep and remote arm gently explore forward.
Down and out, Xiao Xie Tianfeng stabbed a blood hole between his eyebrows.
Xie Tianfeng just recovered from Xiao Yin and came to know the sea with a sharp pain!
This time, his consciousness completely fell into the abyss and he never woke up.
Xie Tianfeng fell to the ground and stared at his eyes!
Su Mo saw this scene and couldn’t help admiring one in my heart.
Gu Tong’s hand is like a wild horse, full of imagination.
The whole process is like flowing water. I can’t say how elegant and free it is.
It’s a strange feeling. Killing this man doesn’t seem to be bloody or cruel, but it has a touch of beauty.
Killing Xie Tianfeng Gu Tong You hardly helped.
But even so, his body shook with it, which seemed to consume a great deal of blood.
His body wound also split again!
"leading to a secluded spot, you …" Qiu Si fell with concern.
GuTongYou gently sighed, "We are going to die here today."
He’s exhausted. Anyone can kill two people!
"You three go."
Liu Tongling looked at the remaining officials Qian, Zuo Zhuxuan and Lin Ming.
Three people face a change.
Xie Tianfeng has just fallen, even if the ancient story is already a spent force, three people are afraid of the ancient story, and they dare not rashly move forward.
Next to Lin Ming eyes a turn, pointing to Su Mo way "liu and let him go! He just got the star gate, just to show everyone his tricks! "
Liu Tongling face a heavy.
He wanted to hide it, but he didn’t expect Lin Ming to say it directly.
"What star gate?"
Next to Li Tongling seems to feel turned and asked