The mutton dishes in that city are really delicious, to the point where Zhao Gou can’t forget them for decades.

Although Lin ‘an mutton is also made in master chef, it is delicious, but it can’t eat the taste of that year.
He had the best time there and had deep feelings for the city.
Of course, this feeling is naturally beyond the desire for survival. When the desire for survival is at its peak, no matter how Zong Ze shouts, he will not go back there.
Zong Ze shouted at the top of his lungs and died of vomiting blood. He didn’t budge.
He had already been frightened out of his psychological shadow. Kaifeng was because he couldn’t cross the heart barrier. He wanted to go back, but he didn’t dare.
His contradiction is so extreme that he almost has a split personality. Whenever he wants to do something, he will fight with each other and then choose to be content with the status quo, and nothing will be changed.
In short, Zhao Gou is content with the status quo, wants to go with the flow, and dares not make any decisions that will affect the status quo.
It would be nice to be safe and steady.
He doesn’t like anyone who tries to break the status quo and give him trouble.
And this is Chen Kangbo’s disapproval.
Chapter 27 The Northern Expedition was never a purely military issue.
Chen Kangbo has always been a staunch advocate and anti-Jin fighter. He has never been afraid of Jin people.
But he also couldn’t understand what everyone who was afraid of Kim was thinking.
He can’t understand that those timid people can’t solve their chondrosis with the right medicine. He doesn’t know that violent manipulation can’t cure chondrosis, but it can aggravate the condition.
Does he blindly demand North or North?
So he made a motion.
"Zhao Kaishan’s 100,000-strong army is ready to attack Kaifeng, and a considerable part of the gold thief’s troops have been pinned down. At this moment, if we don’t take the opportunity to recapture the old capital and recover the Central Plains, when will we wait until the north?"
Tang Si-tui, a critically ill patient with cartilaginous disease, is still firmly opposed as usual.
"Zhao Kaishan can succeed regardless of the gold thief border forces have not been reduced is still very strong. What does this say? This means that Zhao Kaishan’s roots did not threaten Kaifeng’s golden thief roots, otherwise they would have transferred border troops to help! "
Chen Kangbo was very indignant at Tang Si-tui’s ignorance of pretending to understand.
"The gold thief didn’t move the border troops because he was afraid that he was afraid of the northern part of our DaSong army. They weren’t sure if our DaSong army would go north. If they were sure that the DaSong army wouldn’t go north, look at them!"
Tang Sitiu was very unhappy. He decided to put facts and reason.
"Chen Changqing said, don’t you just want the northern expedition? But your northern expedition is as simple as saying two words with your mouth open? Do you know how much effort it will take to choose an army and deploy people to prepare grain supplies, military supplies, transport civilian workers, officials, commanders and so on?
Don’t say just say the number of troops in the Northern Expedition. Once the number of troops in the Northern Expedition cannot be less than 330,000, the court will spend 30 million Gwan Chin on a war! 30 million! Do you know how difficult it is for the imperial court to take back the 30 million? "
Chen Kangbo argued for an inch.
"If everyone is like you, calculate the accounts before fighting and then discuss whether to spend so much money, there will be no war! It costs money to fight, but we spend more money on population, land and income!
Nanjing Road, the thief of the Great Song Dynasty, recaptured Kaifeng in the Central Plains. How important is that for the Great Song Dynasty? How many acres of fertile land and tens of millions of Chinese people are all sources of taxes? Why don’t you consider this? "
Tang Si-tui sneer at one
"That’s what I thought about. Do you really think that it can bring huge benefits to the court to restore the homeland in the Great Song Northern Expedition? Don’t ask me what to do with the Yellow River without telling me? "
When this is said, several people in the temple are not quite right.
Chen Kangbo’s face is not right, so are Chen Cheng and Wang Lun’s faces. Even Tang Si’s "like-minded" good partner Shen should be a little bit wrong, let alone Zhao Gou.
Tang Si gave a word back to say what everyone was reluctant to do.
In Jingkang years, Tokyo stayed in Du Chong and dug up the Yellow River dam to fight for his life, which caused the Yellow River to flood out of control and further prompted the Yellow River to change its course and abandon its old road to seize the Huai River and enter the sea.
Since then, the Yellow River water has become extremely irritable and often overflowed.
During the period of pseudo-Qi control, it was a headache. In the era when Xu Jin directly ruled the Central Plains, it was even more troublesome for Xu Jin, who spent a lot of money to take a break every few years and provide disaster relief every few years.
It’s not that Xu Jin did not have a knowledgeable person. The case of completely renovating the Yellow River also had a good plan, which could renovate the Yellow River in one breath and flood the province every year.
But at first, this plan costs too much, and the state treasury can’t afford it.
Secondly, the political situation of the State of Jin has been unstable, and the external situation has been frequent. Jin Ting has always been worried that the Northern Expedition in the Southern Song Dynasty will recapture the old place and is not willing to completely renovate the Yellow River.
The Yellow River just stood there.
Xu Jin Guo didn’t even want to engage in the Southern Song Dynasty, and he didn’t want to take over after a headache.
It can be said that the Yellow River is a rotten stall that the Southern Song Dynasty absolutely does not want to touch.
Of course, it is good to return to the Central Plains. A peaceful and stable Central Plains will certainly facilitate them to go back for exploitation and gain greater benefits.
However, if it is said that the Central Plains is not peaceful and stable, but there are four disasters, frequent floods and four battlefields, then they naturally have to think about whether they can afford to manage the Central Plains after recovering it.
This southern scholar dominated the restoration of the Central Plains in the imperial court, which meant that the southern landlords had to give blood transfusion to the Central Plains on a large scale and spent a lot of money to restore the productivity of the Central Plains.
Whether the benefits can be recovered is ambiguous.
This is definitely beneficial to the country, but it is not conducive to the southern landlords.
We don’t know each other, and we don’t have any contacts. Why should I pay so much money to help you restore your hometown?
Everyone can see that once the Central Plains is recovered, the first thing to be faced is to ravage the Yellow River, and the Yellow River must be harnessed. Otherwise, the Central Plains cannot be ruled stably.
And the Jin people have failed to manage the Yellow River after so many things. Is it worthwhile for the Southern Song Dynasty to go back to pick up that rotten stall at this time?
Not to mention whether it’s worth it or not, who is paying for it when it really comes to that?
This is not only a political issue, but also a military issue, but an economic issue that is deadly.
Tang Si’s retreat is the mainstream opinion, while Chen Kangbo is completely non-mainstream, which is rare and unpopular among the warring factions.