Not far from Zhuang, I didn’t see it because he looked at the back of the bus and narrowed his eyes dangerously.

"It’s time to tell them that the virtual city is a dangerous city …" Not far from Zhuang, Liu Jinge said, "Let’s go out in three catties and four liang later …"
Chapter 314 Zhuang main date
Lin Han, riding a bicycle outside Nanshanjiao Manor in the suburb of virtual city, stopped handsomely in front of Zhuang and patted the back seat "Come on!"
Zhuang Buba almost fell to the ground, huh?
"I sit in the back? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? " Zhuang is not far away.
"Brother Zhuang, you are me tonight!" Lin Han looked up. "Come on!"
Outside the manor, vendors have always been loyal to the manor. Many fans nearby like the output of the manor. They are used to buying tomatoes and licking tomatoes here. At this time, when they see Zhuang not far and Lin Han, they suddenly open their eyes. "Oh! Master Zhuang and Sister Han are doing this! "
"Is it a date?"
"The big news owner was pushed back by Han Jie!"
"Sister Han is really ruthless … er … words are jumping!"
"Let the owner of that villa be me!"
"Sister Han, let the landlord go and I’ll go with you!"
A group of people is a mess. They call it everything.
Not far from Zhuang, Naiah looked back and saw the manor servants sticking their heads out of the manor trail and looking like hexagrams.
"Did you put that thing in the owner’s bag?" Deng Yali asked Xiao Wei seriously.
"I put a dozen ultra-thin packs!" Xiao Wei grinned and raised an eyebrow not far from Zhuang.
"Do you want to bet on the number of the host party?"
"I guess a landlord is a beginner …"
"I guess none of them is a coward …"
You’ve had enough!
We are a pure date!
Not far from Zhuang, I couldn’t listen to it anymore. I jumped into the back seat of Lin Han’s bicycle and both of them ran away.
A group of people in the back laughed at Lin Han’s face, and it was rare for her to get red. While pedaling her bicycle savagely, she said, "Brother Zhuang, do you like sealing vegetables or golden arches?"
Then she was embarrassed to say, "I am so poor that I can afford these …"
Why do you feel like eating soft rice more and more? Zhuang is not far from crying and laughing.
"Your horse will be rich," said Zhuang not far away. "You have helped me finish 30 victories, and I should help you find a good home. What team do you want to go to or do you want to form a professional team? Or go to the nut state to play basketball? I can help you buy one. "
"I don’t want to play professional women’s basketball. It’s boring." Lin Han pouted and bit his lip. Her mouth was broken and her lips were a little red and swollen. She took a gasp and pursed her mouth. "And I want to play for Brother Zhuang …"
Not far from Zhuang, I don’t know what to say. It’s really meaningless for Lin Han and them to go to a women’s basketball team to sweep, but give up their basketball career so early. That’s not too bad.
Lin Han said, "If the landlord doesn’t want to win, let Xiaohu and others blow them up if they don’t pay attention!"
Not far from Zhuang, he laughed and sprayed "Xiaohu will be sad to hear that. He doesn’t play so badly."
"Poof, he’s very good at his age. Brother Zhuang, you haven’t said what you want to eat."
"I want to eat a dessert, but I also want to eat a golden arch burger …" Zhuang is a little tangled.
"Ok, then eat the food before eating the golden arch" Lin Han waved and said.
Stopping the bike, two people swept the food seal and the golden arch, ate their bellies and slipped around, and then Zhuang was a little uneasy. "Where are we going?"
Not far from Zhuang, I glanced at the nearby hotel and remembered the words of the manor servants.
"It’s … it’s still early. Why don’t we go to … see a movie?" Linhan prevaricated way
"Let’s watch the movie …" Not far from Zhuang, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then I couldn’t wait to slap myself. Not far from Zhuang, you are really a coward!
At this time, please think about half happiness. Hey!
Or simply let the bust be happy without thinking about anything. Hey!
In all fairness, although Lin Han has short hair and flat chest, she is a very beautiful girl with long legs and height.
Not far from Zhuang, it is absolutely false to say that you are not moved.
But it’s not far from being able to hold on to Zhuang! Lao Bang accepted that his own Lolo wanted to "sit in bed" not far from Zhuang, and it was so cowardly that she didn’t push Lolo down now!