But in this case, Xu Bang didn’t even know what Montessori was doing.

Is Syria words will see Lin Ping quietly walked to come over, holding a book presented to ChuYi.
Chu Yi glanced at his face, but it was in Montessori’s detailed record that he could get Montessori’s news in such a short time, not to mention that no one really could do it except the Royal Guards.
The Royal Guards are all over the sky, so we can say that we have woven a big net, but we can’t see anything on weekdays, but at the critical moment, the Royal Guards have a great.
Just like Chu Yi doesn’t know Monteggia root now and Xu Bangxian hasn’t found out Monteggia’s details, it’s impossible to get more information from Xu Bangkou, but the Royal Guards are different.
The duty of the Royal Guards is to supervise the local roots for a hundred years on behalf of heaven. How many spies are buried in various places of the Royal Guards and how many secrets they have mastered.
Looking through the thin volume, I remember in detail whether Montessori is like a rise and a crazy sea trade.
It’s not strange to see that Montessori is a famous maritime merchant. Actually, when Xu Bang couldn’t find out what Montessori was doing, Chu Yi had a faint guess. Now reading the Book of Royal Guards has confirmed Chu Yi’s guess.
"Meng Ping, the Lord of the Montessori family, asks for the Temple of King Wu."
Xu Bang couldn’t help but be surprised when he heard clearly. "What’s the matter? When did the Meng family change their masters? Shouldn’t the Meng family be Meng Yi?"
Chu Yi sat there with a calm look and said faintly, "!"
A carriage stopped in front of the Montessori mansion to guard the entrance of the mansion. Several assume that they tried to persuade each other to take the carriage away, but for a moment, two assume that their faces were stiff and full of horror and came towards the door.
Blood maser just pushed the door into the house and closed the door behind it. Wang Hai and other big leaders decisively wiped their necks with the servants who brought them in.
Chapter five hundred and thirteen Ecstasy solution
Peng, when you close the door, the Montessori mansion will be very vast, and there will be no him living around.
Now Wang hai and others directly into the house, but it didn’t disturb others. Now the door is closed from the department, and even the mansion fell out of fear that few people can detect it.
Wang Haiyi wiped her face and her blood flashed in her eyes. She sank in her mouth and said, "Kill the chickens and dogs for me!"
No, here, in the Meng House, the bloody lotus flower went to the sky and said that Meng Ping accompanied the officials to visit Chu Yi in the Winter Garden.
The Winter Garden is accompanied by Xu Bang. Chu Yi glanced outside the hall and saw a W-man, Meng Ping, with his head down at the door.
Xu bang surprised to see Meng Ping just exclaimed. Obviously, he didn’t expect to be Meng Ping instead of Meng Yi.
But at the moment Xu Bang didn’t say anything. Since I came to Meng Ping, it was natural and there was a reason, so the reason was to ask Meng Ping.
At this moment, Chu Yi has walked into the hall with Meng Ping’s head down, paying homage to Chu Yi and Xu Bang and then saying, "Right-hander Meng Ping visited the temple and met the magistrate’s adult!"
Xu Bangxian took a look at Chu Yi and looked at Meng Ping with a light cough. "Meng Pingguan asked you your father Meng Yi?"
Meng Ping’s face was somewhat sad and he cried, "Your honor, you want us to be the master of the Meng family!"
Meng Ping suddenly fell into tears, but it made Xu Bang look at Meng Ping in a puzzled way, while Chu Yi looked at Meng Ping with great interest. It seems that it was handed over to Xu Banglai to deal with Meng Ping.
Take a deep breath and Xu Bang snorted, "What’s wrong with crying? Don’t hurry!"
Meng Ping lay there lamenting, "My father was killed yesterday. Please ask adults to find out the murderer or let my father rest in peace …"
Xu Bang heard the words and looked at Meng Ping in amazement. "What, you … you said that your father was actually hurt?"
Meng Ping nodded. "Every word of the right man is true. If you dare to deceive an adult!"
At this moment, Chu Yi tapped on the console table with one hand and said, "King Meng Ping asked you if your father had ever gone out today and seen anyone waiting for you to find your father’s body again when he was killed …"
A series of questions made Meng Ping’s heart jump, but Meng Ping’s heart already had a response, so he saw Meng Pingdao. "Report that my father didn’t go out in the house today, and he hasn’t seen an outsider right-hander find my father’s body in the room …"
Without waiting for Meng Ping to finish, Lin Ping sneered, "Do you know the crime if you dare to talk nonsense before the bold fanatic report?"
Hit a trembling Meng Ping face full of fear and glanced at Lin Ping consciously and said, "Isn’t it white for this adult to say this?"
Chu Yi Gherardini looked at Meng Ping and saw a piece of paper falling in front of Meng Ping’s plane. He clearly remembered that Meng Yi was taken back to the body by loyal servants when he left the house.
See the paper remember Meng Ping flash eyes full of incredible look almost fainted.
Obviously, Meng Ping never thought that his father’s whereabouts would be clearly grasped. He came to avenge his father with the help of the imperial court, but it seems that he was miscalculated.
Xu Bang doesn’t know these things. After all, there are Lin Ping and Chu Yi who have seen it. Xu Bang is curious. Meng Ping reacted so much.
Lin Ping sneer at Meng Pingdao "Meng Ping, do you still dare to say that your father is dead in the mansion? Did you hurt your father? You still don’t tell the truth! "
Meng Ping turned pale and shook his head again and again. "It’s true that you wronged your adult, but my father was really killed by bad people!"
Lin Ping stared at Meng Ping with commanding momentum in the previous step and shouted, "Why don’t you quickly explain what your father did when he went out today and was killed by people?"
Lin Ping’s words are hypnotism recorded in the Nine Yin True Classics.
It’s not surprising that Lin Ping can cast out the hypnosis of the Nine-Yin True Sutra. After all, Chu Yi once got the obsession of the Nine-Yin True Sutra.
Naturally, this secret method is not too much for people with firm minds, and Chu Yi is not too grateful, so it will be given to Lin Ping.
Now Meng Ping’s mind is confused and Lin Ping seized the opportunity to see Meng Ping’s eyes glaze over and his mind is in a trance. "My father went to the port at the invitation of the mysterious man, as if to see the loyal servant in Dakou Haibawang’s home. My father is the dead sea overlord Wang Hai’s hand."
Lin Ping’s eyes flashed a flash of Jing Mang’s heart, and he said with some excitement, "Is your father dissatisfied with the temple?"
Now listen to Lin Ping’s question and then look at Meng Ping’s reaction. Sitting aside, Xu Bang is pale and fidgeting, which shows how scared he is in his heart.
At the moment, even if Xu Bang is slow to respond, he realizes that Montessori seems to be something wrong, especially seeing Lin Ping’s posture makes him not think much.
Not long ago, there was a big case of stabbing Chu in the port, followed by the news that Meng Yi was killed. At this moment, Wang Hailai, the sea overlord, broke out from Meng Ping’s mouth.
"My father once said that Chu Yi, a castrating thief, is not enough to kill civilians …"