Archery can be so powerful that it’s a fate.

Gu Qingshan forced himself to calm down and silently estimated the spiritual power consumption.
This arrow has gone to 90% spiritual power.
No, it’s too exhausting
Gu Qingshan spirit force total such attacks issued at most once.
After that, you can kill people.
Facts "bombard" archery, which is the preparation of monks in the golden elixir period, and monks in the Yuan infant period can play a more "bombarding" power.
Understanding in advance the inevitable method of spiritual force in the gas refining period of high-order archery supports Gu Qingshan’s lasting battle.
Even GongSunZhi accidentally saw Gu Qingshan one eye.
"Hey? This little archery is so evil? Interesting "
GongSunZhi heart secretly spoke highly of.
Drinking The Hunger roared with blood all over, trying to rush to tear that disgusting human to pieces.
The arrows kept coming, and it stopped for a long time without moving forward.
This time Gu Qingshan did not "bombard"
His archery has reached a high level, and even ordinary shooting has great power.
It is said that Gu Qingshan is the root method of gas refining period, which is comparable to drinking The Hunger
However, drinking The Hunger was first injured by the array method, and was far away from Gu Qingshan. He was struck by a powerful archery skill, and then the flow vector poured in and blocked its progress.
Drinking The Hunger’s melee fighting ability is very scary, but it has no five elements and no means of long-range attack
It can’t be rushed through GongSunZhi’s several defensive formations.
The arrows pierced the body with a strong impact and quickly deepened the injury as soon as they fell, which made The Hunger feel scared.
No, this Terran bow and arrow is too powerful to fight!
Drinking The Hunger curled up into a ball, and a cold and evil breath came out of it for a moment.
Gu Qingshan said canthus slightly jump.
GongSunZhi also changed color, his hands quickly arranged a defensive array according to the array.
"Be careful," said Gong Sunzhi. "It’s going to be violent!"
Yin-fire storm is a five-element fire cracking technique doped with yellow, yin and qi, which is so powerful that it can blow a hole in the array.
Drinking The Hunger has accumulated a lot of yellow yin from birth until one day when it is necessary to fight for one’s life in exchange for a chance to perform the Five Elements Technique.
The yin qi in the nether world will be completely detonated by the fire-fighting method.
Drinking The Hunger will only perform such an attack when he is dying
The other day, this move made GongSunZhi very headache.
Gu Qingshan quickly touched the python tooth poison arrow and shot it according to the patter bow.
Step by step!
Dance around!
Five arrows turn into gray shadows, and the shadows quickly cut through an unpredictable arc. Avoid drinking. The Hunger blocks his arms and pierces the back of his head.
At the same time, the arrows went in and made a sound.
Dark green blood flowed from The Hunger’s ears.
Peng a rumbling drink The Hunger fell to the ground and condensed the yellow yin gradually dispersed.
"Kill advanced monsters and drink The Hunger to gain 3 points of soul power. At present, the soul power is 3/7."
At 3 o’clock, Gu Qingshan thought about it and found that he had nothing to learn.
GongSunZhi surprised to Gu Qingshan shout "good archery at a young age to understand so many archery for waiting for you to be a general is enough"
Gu Qingshan raised the bow of rain at night and the poisonous arrow of python teeth, saying, "Things are good, and then with the cover of the previous circle."
Python demon fangs are limited, one is less, but Gu Qingshan, the head of this crisis, has not kept it.
GongSunZhi shook his head and said, "When I was your age, you were still thinking about the primary law."
The high clouds resounded with thunder.