"I won’t tell you"

Su Yu evil spirit smiled and stretched out his hand and hooked GouLing Ann’s little Joan nose.
"Grandpa, you are so bad!"
Ling Aner pouted, but the beautiful corners of her mouth rippled and she couldn’t turn away the honey.
Chapter 2 Long live the new Lord!
Su Yu was talking with Ling Aner and a servant hurried to report that "tens of thousands of people gathered outside Gongye Wangfu! They all asked to see you! "
"oh? Then wait for the king to check it out! "
Su Yu smiled and pushed the door and strode towards the outside of the house.
The show is about to start!
Outside the Suwangfu Gate
"Little Lord!"
"Little Lord!"
"Little Lord!"
Su Yu just stepped out of the gate of Su Wangfu and saw that the street outside the house was crowded with people, and it was full of folks! The street, which used to be spacious, was already packed, and human beings gathered outside the palace of Su.
There are fighters dressed in robes, armed with sharp weapons, beggars in rags, peasant wives with babies, shopkeepers with abacus and children with sweat towels on their shoulders, and all kinds of people gather to shout Su Yu’s name.
Su Yu went out and saw Su Long’s wry smile before he went out.
"Dad, what’s going on!"
Su Yu was so surprised that he didn’t do two steps before going.
Su Long gave him an angry stare. "How do I know that I always slept well and was awakened by this group of people early in the morning!"
Su Long complained, but he couldn’t bear to be harsh on these people. He ordered jet to ride in the mansion and not appear! Some domestic servants stay here to keep order.
"You want to find the little prince!"
Su Long’s voice was particularly bright, and he dragged Su Yu to push it out.
Poor Su Zhanshen was filled with joy. When these people came to thank themselves, there was a rescue result. I didn’t expect these guys to shout Su Yu’s name!
"You kings don’t know what they’ve done, but they’ve worked hard to put on such a big fight on a blind date."
Su Yu smiled wryly, handing over and being kind.
This long street is tens of thousands of people, to say the least.
"We are gathered here to hear that the little prince rejected the petition of officials yesterday!"
There was a gown that knelt on his knees. He looked respectful and took out a thing from his pocket and said, "We are all rough people who don’t understand heaven, geography or the great cause of our country! We know that the little prince drives the orcs! Drive out the aliens! Plastic terran backbone! Hundreds of battles to protect the lives of millions of people in the Imperial Capital! "
"Such a great warrior is a godsend to our Terran! We don’t beg, don’t send out millions of people in this imperial city to petition and beg the little prince to be our emperor in Dabao! Be the emperor of heaven! Be the Terran Emperor! "
The gown turned on the sound. He held up the scroll and several people beside him opened it!
The wide scroll is ten meters long!
It turned out to be a bloody handwriting! Engrave with twisted and ugly handwriting of all people! This is their day and night to gather all the people’s blood!
Sure enough!
Petition again!
Su Long corners of the mouth twitched, but his eyes fell on the wide blood, but he remained more than just talking.
Although this handwriting is indecent, it contains the most sincere and simple wishes of the people, like a stone that hits people hard and makes people feel uneasy for a long time.
"Small report countries cannot be a day! You have a great talent, and we ask the little prince to land in the great position so that my people can eat enough! Let my Terran stand up! Let the aliens no longer regard the Terran as a despicable race! "
This gown has a loud voice and a little trembling.
"You all love Xiao Wang so much! Xiao Wang is grateful for the tears, but I can’t make a hasty decision because it is important for the emperor. "
Su Yu looked at Su Long with a wry smile and said, "And I’ll think about it for a few days. Don’t force me!"
What does little prince want to see Su Zhanshen?
This meaning is not obvious!
It’s Sue the God of War who won’t let go!
"Ask the little prince to ascend to the throne to protect my terran for ten thousand years!"
Several people began to shake their arms and shout loudly!
Gradually, many people began to shout wildly!
"Ask the little prince to ascend to the throne to protect my terran for ten thousand years!"
"Ask the little prince to ascend to the throne to protect my terran for ten thousand years!"
"Ask the little prince to ascend to the throne to protect my terran for ten thousand years!"
Tens of thousands of people’s voices inspired the whole imperial city, and all the people in the imperial city shouted that they let go of everything and joined the fanatical cry.
Millions of people in the imperial city shouted wildly, and the huge and powerful sound waves rose into the sky as if they could shake the clouds and pierce the sky!
These people shouted that Su Yu was so "isolated" with a wry smile and declined voice. Su Yu could turn his eyes to his father for help.
Everyone shouted at the tens of thousands of people in front of Su Wangfu, and their eyes looked straight at Su Zhanshen, waiting for his statement.
The people are forcing me to make a statement!
This little rabbit is really getting more and more sophisticated.
That’s all!
Su Long is really angry, laughing and gratified, but he doesn’t know where to start.
During his ups and downs, he didn’t find that at first the crowd began to shout that a few people had long since disappeared, and that a few "leaders" people had disappeared one by one.
They re-transformed the mysterious Royal Guards into dark corners.
"Let it be!"
Su Long roars for a long time, and the strength of the strong bursts open, and he floats far away from the eyes of all the people.
"Handsome and that undeserving promise for me! Handsome and all the people jointly supervise this throne. He not only wants to sit! And sit tight! Sit tight! Sit down! Don’t defile the dignity of my terran! Otherwise, Shuai Ding will not spare him! "