Su Li heard Ding Longyun say this and frowned slightly, and he hesitated in his heart.

Is it to help him break through the great destruction and enter the sacred tower or to retire to the rear city to live a comfortable life as he wishes?
After thinking for a while, I said, "Ding Ge, I have two ideas. Think for yourself. I can help you break through the big breaker now, but if you become a big breaker according to the old Terran rules, you need to enter the sacred tower. Your talent and my help will help you become a 19-level breaker. It’s not a big problem, but it may be difficult to become a saint in the future …"
Su Li shook his head slightly here. The limit that he can help Ding Longyun is that he can’t achieve the level of 19-level boundary breakers.
Ding Longyun’s eyes flooded into a 19th-grade destroyer, which was unimaginable height for him.
But then you may need to stay in the sacred tower for a long time.
Ding Longyun understood Su Li’s meaning that if he chose to enter the sacred tower, he wouldn’t spend so much time with Li Xiaoya. If he wanted to live with Li Xiaoya, he could choose to give up entering the sacred tower.
"If you want to retire now, which city do you want to go to? I can arrange for you to be a duke. No problem. "
"I’m white" Ding Longyun took a deep breath and now there are two roads in front of him. One road is to retire to Li Xiaoya’s city and be a duke. You can never fight with Li Xiaoya again and spend the rest of your life happily.
The nine-level destroyer can live to be 300 years old, and he is only in his early forties, and he can live to be over 250 years old.
Of course, Li Xiaoya is not a destroyer. He can’t stay with him for so long, and he is doomed to go before him.
The other way is to enter the sacred tower, break through all the way, and finally be promoted to the 19th level. The advantage of the breaker is to gain greater strength and have a longer life. The breaker of the 19th level has been able to live for 500 years, which is 200 years longer than it is now.
After being a 19th-level destroyer, the old Terran will return to the sacred tower and become the top of the old Terran. It is not a problem whether it is a five-domain master or entering the Purple Palace Council. It can be said that it is his turn for the old Terran to be sacred.
Su Li suggested that Ding Longyun was somewhat entangled.
He is reluctant to part with Li Xiaoya, but he is eager to become a strong man. These two thoughts are intertwined.
Su Li took out the purple crystal and directly contacted Wen Sheng, the leader of the Purple Palace Council.
Wen Sheng is the head of the Purple Palace Council. It can be said that all personnel of the whole old Terran are under his jurisdiction except the sacred.
Wen Sheng received a message from Su Li and was taken aback. He just got up from the position with a respectful face.
"Wen Sheng I have a best brother named Ding Longyun."
Su Li quickly gave Ding Longyun a slight pause. "I gave him your message. If there are any requirements, I will let him contact you directly. If he wants to retire, you will arrange a duke for him. If he wants to enter the sacred tower, you will arrange for him to enter the sacred tower."
Su Li has made a decision to help Ding Longyun break through the promotion to level 10, and give him enough freedom. If he wants to retire and enjoy the rest of his life, he will arrange a duke for him. This duke is almost equivalent to a local tyrant. Besides the purple palace parliament and the five domain lords, there is no place more comfortable than the duke.
Of course, if he wants to fight again, he can also choose to enter the sacred tower, and everything is up to him.
Su Li gave Ding Longyun the communication mode of Wen Sheng when he ended the call in Wen Sheng.
Ding Longyun heard their conversation and rubbed his hands excitedly. Su Li really didn’t have to say anything about this arrangement to himself. Everything was up to him.
"Ding Ge, you sit down now and I’ll help you break through."
When Ding Longyun sits cross-legged, Su Li will enter the state of ultra-dimension. When his fists come from ultra-dimension, he will be tempered physically and mentally, which will easily help him break through the promotion to the tenth level. Even the holy road is almost condensed for him. It is because this holy road is lacking and his talent is insufficient that it is impossible to become holy.
Next, Ding Longyun was willing to enter the sacred tower. Although he could not be consecrated, it was not a big problem to break through and be promoted to the 19th level.
After Ding Longyun felt a sudden increase in energy in his body, and his brain was like a full face of surprise. Now he is already a tenth-level destroyer.
"Ding Ge, I have to go." Su Li got up and stayed here for most of the day, which also helped Ding Longyun break through to the tenth level. I have to explain that it is time to leave.
Ding Longyun looked at Su Li with a sad face.
"If there is anything, just contact Wen Sheng directly. If there is anything that can’t be solved, just call me."
"I know I decided to consult with Xiaoya first."
Ding Longyun also wants to send Su Li out of the door. Su Li smiled and shook his head at him and suddenly disappeared.
Ding Longyun watched Su Li disappear with loss.
From the front fortress, Suri entered the state of super-dimension and went straight into the first floor of the sacred tower.
Now Xu Xuehui has entered the first floor of the sacred tower.
He hasn’t seen this little girl for a long time, so he thought of meeting Xu Xuehui.
As soon as I entered the first floor of this sacred tower, I immediately felt Xu Xuehui’s breath, and I imprisoned Xu Xuehui around, and Su Li slowly landed alone.
Xu Xuehui sat cross-legged alone in a pool and closed his eyes to meditate. Suddenly he felt a little confused and saw Su Li with his eyes open.
She was only busy when she was leng leng.
Su Li looked at Xu Xuehui with a smile on her face and was slightly surprised.
He remembered Xu Xuehui as a little girl. Unexpectedly, at the moment, she suddenly realized that she had grown up and become a beautiful girl before her childishness disappeared.