The three people in the month answered the question not because of Jiang Manlou, but because of Mo Xiang’s coming together in Anhoudou.

There is something special about Anhoudou today.
Because the red bean is no longer a red robe.
She is wearing a purple dress.
Looks like a person in terms of temperament and dress.
Just like Cher!
Julian Waghann, who devoured Shiyan Empire, finally joined the alliance! That means that all the territory of the empire has been counted by Julian Waghann!
That day happened to be Jun Zeyu advancing 200,000 troops to the White House, the capital of Dayan Empire.
Join the allies for half a million!
500,000 armored soldiers besieged the city and surrounded the White Building Gate, the capital of Dayan Empire!
On this day, the enemy arrived in the city!
On this day, Luo Changfeng broke the ice and snow all over his body. He opened his eyes and instantly robbed him!
Chapter 10 Enemy city (in)
In the snowstorm, the gate of the white building of Dayan Huangdu is quiet
Different to quiet.
The crimson swallowtail flag dances with the wind, awe-inspiring and sad.
Outside the city is Junze Jade’s 500,000-strong siege of Julian Waghann!
The tower is the only remaining palace in this city, with 30,000 imperial soldiers in Xuanjia leading the troops, who are the generals to protect the country.
The city is a million refugees from the square territory who can’t look forward to the sun.
Enemy city at this moment snow Han Xiao at this moment theory of thirty thousand imperial XuanJiaBing or refugees people are clothed with clothes and hemp!
Raise the city and be filial!
Such a grand scale of mourning is naturally not due to the fact that the empire flew too south to kill the giant deer outside the city.
It’s a great day to raise the city for national mourning.
Yan Bai Lou, the emperor of Dayan Empire, is not dead! But raise the city’s national mourning? I’m afraid the general who protects the country knows this answer except Yanbailou.
The enemy is in the city, Dayan is doomed to die, and there is a general who protects the country.
It was given to him personally by Yan Bailou, the Emperor of Zun Huang.
As an imperial soldier, he accepted it whether he wanted to or not!
Yu Wenfa, the general of protecting the country and the general leader of Yan Lingwei, also has a mission to protect the princess in the red robe and snow in the palace.
A slender figure with a dragon crown and robe descended, and the snow swept through the silent world.
The man’s forehead with his hands on his back reveals purple imperial spirit.
He is so simple that the tower does not say a word and does not look at anything, so he brings his own temperament of overlooking all beings.
This is the king’s posture!