Nangong Qi said, "He is about to break through the master. He needs life and death experience and always follows me. I just found a place to lose it."

"Oh!" Zhang Yang should be a martial artist, so don’t be afraid of death. Warriors who have experienced the test of life and death are truly pursuing martial artists.
Break through to the master and get through the strange meridians. Zhang also vaguely felt the strange strength of Nangong.
Although I can’t feel how many stars the other party is, Shi Tian is similar to the other party from the imposing manner, but Nangong Qi killed Shi Tian. That said, Nangong Qi’s strength is not its own imposing manner, which makes Nangong Qi even more mysterious.
"You also got through the odd meridians?" Nangong qi asked
Zhang surprised way "is how do you know? I always feel that you are not a Glide Sword. Don’t say that you haven’t used Fengyuan to attack. Your martial arts alone has surpassed Shi Tian a lot, and you are almost like me. It’s a monster. "
Nangong’s strange corners of the mouth become warped, saying, "Strange meridians connect fighters’ pores and absorb external elements in their daily lives. If you feel it carefully, you can feel that your whole body can flow. My martial arts is certainly not a Glide Sword, but that’s a secret. If we all become strong, then you will know."
"You’re not a mortal, and it’s a miracle that you can live to this day. Maybe it’s because you said that the method of devouring creatures lived to this day!"
Zhang Yangxin surprised way "depend! Your mind is so scary every time, and everything seems to penetrate your eyes. If you talk more, I don’t have any secrets. I can feel that your strange meridians have also opened up, and your body has a natural magic spirit. "
He didn’t want to be defeated and tell the secret he knew.
This time it was Nangong’s turn to be surprised, because his martial arts was born with magic spirit, and it was always concealed by his strong Jinyuan ability. Zhang also knew that it surprised him a little.
Wu Yuli pinched Zhang Yang’s arm and said, "Are you two really troublesome to play guessing games? The fool’s body contains extremely yin qi, and the yellow-haired monster’s body contains magic qi. I also know that it’s okay not to talk about this now. It’s been four hours since your breakthrough, and I’m hungry! "
"good! Eating roasted snake meat just killed several poisonous snakes yesterday, which is a big supplement! " Zhang Yangxin way then appeared in front of three Xiao Mu stool barbecue utensils and materials.
Then zhang to barbecue …
Wu Yu has nothing to do but sit on a wooden stool. Nangong Qi whispered in his ear, "You know idiots best, Huang Maoguai. Do you think idiots used to have girlfriends?"
The nangongshan strange low way "that you also ask! I’m really omnipotent. He has many, at least a dozen. "
Wu Yu heart a nasty avenue "you talk nonsense! There are no more than a dozen. He is only sixteen years old. "
Zhang didn’t hear two people whisper Wu Yu big sound is heard him twist a head to two people while turning over by salamander some doubts, "what more than a dozen? Say me? "
"no! No, we said stupid! " Wu Yuhuang two white slender palms panic way
At this time, Wu Yu’s mind sounded the strange sound of Nangong. "Do you have a girlfriend? I don’t know if I can feel that he is a child. He likes you. He rarely remembers the past and shows that he was very happy in the past. Now you two are happy together and you must remember strangers in the past."
Hear the nangongshan strange words Wu Yu not stay "yes! Xiaoyang to protect me, I’d rather listen to me when I was killed, and it still hurts me. I don’t have a mother, and he doesn’t have to get back in the past. It’s the most important thing to be happy with Xiaoyang now. "
This meal is delicious, comfortable and relaxed. The three of them are talking and laughing, and Nangong Qi is not as weird as usual, which is more common.
In this way, the Nangong Wizards reminded Zhang that the other party was only seventeen years old, and he was similar to himself. He once heard Li Dabao say that Nangong Qi was not this kind of personality, but changed because of one thing.
Zhang Yang couldn’t help thinking about when he changed. When did you stop killing yourself? When do you no longer believe in the public? Chapter 5 goes out of breath!
Chapter 5 Extinguish the breath!
After the three of them finished eating, Nangong Qi was very chic and left a message that made Wu Yu very shy. "Young people should take it easy!"
Now everyone is tested. Nangong Qi can’t always protect two people []
Especially now that Zhang Yang has broken through the master’s strength and risen many times, he is not afraid of what he is afraid of now. Of course, Nangong Qi also thinks that staying will also affect his initiative to leave the world with my little girl.
Nangong Qi left the stone barbecue set and had already put it away. Zhang Yang and Wu Yu were left sitting cross-legged and feeling the changes of Wushu. He wanted to find out what aspects of Wushu had changed.
Wu Yu sat next to Zhang and looked up at Zhang’s face. When he was killed, Zhang held her running, and his face was bloody and his heart was warm and there was a hint of sadness.
See Wu Yu slightly meditation sample Zhang Yang body relaxed to show his arms and smiled and said, "I’m so tired to hug."