His heart is in a hurry. The reason is that he is in an accident. He is here to do his best. The chief of the security section is actually involved in such a thing. Then at this time, some things need to be considered first.

Therefore, at this time, he has long considered whether to tidy up this guy Jia Dewang. At this time, the most anxious thing in the real heart is Jia Dewang. He also doesn’t know whether he is unlucky or how he provoked Chutianji.
He just wants to contract a small parking lot. It’s hard to say whether this is reasonable or not.
What is reasonable? What is unreasonable is reasonable? How can someone contract the train lunch? Therefore, in fact, such a situation is more practical, that is to say, such a thing is more problematic. If it is said that no one pays attention to such a thing, then such a thing is no big deal.
You can make money as you should, and Jia Dewang seems to have made it for half a year, and he hasn’t found any big deal, but since he was hit by a gun, it’s not easy to solve it easily at this time.
There are some problems when he learned about this matter through Liu Kechang, and at this time, he was still his little brother Xiao Wu. This guy is relatively reliable. Although it is not so good to do big things, if it is said that a security guard looks at the scene, it is still more reliable for one of his own.
Therefore, such a situation is more like this at a time, that is to say, what exactly is such a situation? "> The first sentence to my little brother Xiao Wushi didn’t say don’t be swept over is a scolding. Anyway, since you provoked such a thing, you have an unshirkable responsibility at this time.
Scold my little brother, and Jia Dewang learned the actual situation. At this time, his heart was a little relieved, so it was no big deal.
At this time, it’s just a little bit of a small problem, and the key to the problem should be the man sitting in Chutianji. This Xiao Wu is a little bit of his own business. He soon figured out that the fact of taking a bus is that Wang Haidong, Wang Haidong, after all, was an airport accident, so Jia Dewang is familiar with such people.
If anyone is more terrible than ChuTianJi, then such a person is definitely Wang Haidong. Therefore, at this time, Jia Dewang immediately arranged Xiao Wu to ensure that he would seriously reflect on his mistakes. Anyway, at this time, he must fight back, scold and retaliate. Anyway, be patient with me.
Real-time is still relatively fast. Twenty minutes is even more important. When it is 17 minutes, Jia Dewang is still back on time. At this time, when Chutianji faced Jia Dewang, it was not very polite.
In the face of a security guard like Xiao Wu, Chu Tianqi is not willing to be ashamed of such a person. But in the face of Jia Dewang dialect, at this time, Chu Tianqi is not at all polite to say, "Manager Jia knows that this is the airport parking lot, but I don’t know if it is your Jia parking lot. Do you think it is reasonable to charge such a price for one hundred yuan?"
What is reasonable and what is unreasonable may be reasonable, but at this time, even if I lend Jia Dewang a courage, he dare not answer that such a thing is reasonable.
Therefore, at this time, Jia Dewang was very polite and low-fat in the end. The head said, "I’m sorry, Captain Chu, such a thing is a mistake in my work. I will definitely pay attention to such a situation in the future, and absolutely guarantee that similar things will not happen. Therefore, please ask Captain Chu to give me a chance to turn over a new leaf."
Chutianji just told Liu Kechang that sermon aside and then said, "You can’t afford such a thing, even if you want to make money, but eat well. Don’t damage the image of our river city. If it is really what kind of problem you have here, then even if you want to cry, you can’t find a place at this time."
Stop your business for 100 yuan at once and get me a reasonable price. If I encounter such a situation again, things will not be solved in this way. Besides, a piece of paint was scraped off my car and your parking lot. You also handled this matter for me.
Come on, it’s up to you and Liu Kechang to handle his affairs. I think you should know how to do it. I’m still in a hurry. I haven’t remembered the opportunity with you in theory. If I can grasp the words once, then this time is to see if this guy has such a thing. "
Chutianji this time is just a matter of his own face, and he intends to teach Jia Dewang a lesson. But it is not necessary to let Jia Dewang talk about such things. How do you make money? How do you make money? But if you offend me, how do you apologize to me? This is called I don’t stand in your way, but at this time, you have to give me a face.
Chutianji’s handling of this matter is still quite good. At this time, Jia Dewang came but Liu Kechang, who was in a hurry, gave him 17 minutes, saying that Chutianji was angry here as if to smash the parking lot.
But at this time, Jia Dewang lowered his posture and led his little brother Xiao Wu to apologize. That is to say, these words are rooted in not giving any compensation to rest assured. It seems that ChuTianJi himself has gone too far. At this time, ChuTianJi has already expressed his attitude.
Therefore, in such a situation, there is at least a standard for handling this matter. It depends on how the remaining things are handled. Then this time it is Jia Dewang and Liu Kechang’s two people’s affairs
Chutianji didn’t get to the bottom of it. At this time, Chutianji didn’t want to get to the bottom of it. This time, he just came to pick up Shihan. If there is a quarrel because of one hundred yuan at this time, it’s not shameful enough.
Therefore, at this time, he just gave a warning. If things are honest, it is just to give Jia Dewang a warning and let him be alert. This kind of thing, Chu Tianji wants to say that such a face, what is a hundred yuan, what is a piece of paint? These things are just some excuses.
So this time to such things it is difficult to let Jia Dewang see ChuTianJi said two words to leave this oneself also leng there "Liu Kechang this thing won’t have what kind of influence? Less words "
Things to be no big deal, but Jia Dewang worry that there is a subsequent impact ChuTianJi maybe just forget it? Jia Dewang did feel that such a thing was a bit undesirable.
At this time, Liu Kechang was a long sigh of relief and said, "Hehe, it’s not a matter that should be considered as no big problem. You are lucky that your little brother is still clever. If the situation is the same as that of Sincere Supermarket, I guess this time is to send you meals."
Sincere supermarket happened only a few days ago, and such a big supermarket collapsed like this. What kind of things were involved in it? Ordinary people may not be very clear about tax evasion, but maybe people like Liu Kechang are very clear because sincere supermarket provoked Wang Haidong.
This time, Xiao Wu did something that was barely authentic enough. He didn’t offend Chutianji to death. Otherwise, this is definitely not an apology that can solve the problem accidentally.
And ChuTianJi don’t have such a thing face to face, then this time is really a situation, that is to say, this matter is accompanied by a ceremony to apologize, so that it is finished, and it is up to you to say what the vehicle is lost.
Anyway, you can’t throw 2,000 yuan to fix someone’s car, otherwise it will be very interesting for everyone, and things may become very boring.
At this time, Liu Kechang said with great care, "Old Jia, you have been content with yourself since you were a child. You see that there is no Wang Haidong Wang gentleman sitting in the car, and people are simply waiting for embarrassment. Moreover, such a situation seems that Wang Haidong Gen just didn’t say anything, that is to say, he didn’t intervene in such things. This is a big face for you, but you can’t be a man then, otherwise it’s hard to say."
What is the meaning of this matter? Jia Dewang’s heart is white. Anyway, that meaning must be there when the time comes, and it is definitely the kind of thing that will be solved without showing mountains and rivers
Therefore, such a situation is a little more, that is to say, Yang expressed such a meaning at one time, and at this time, this kind of thing can be understood, and what is ChuTianJi? This guy just doesn’t have an important reason to entangle this sheep and scorpion. This time is almost the same.
Shihan, this guy’s plane is estimated to be landing soon. ChuTianJi and Wang Haidong are mainly here to meet people, not to say that they are here to pester a parking lot security guard, so ChuTianJi is so easily finished at this time.
At this time, Jia Dewang kicked Xiao Wu and said, "Why don’t you get back to me? Give me a big inspection today and give me a good reflection on this collection."
At this time of tidying up his little brother, Jia Dewang said, "Liu Kechang, you said this thing, and Captain Chu didn’t say that I should suspend business for rectification, but what direction should I take after that? You also pointed out a way."
This starting price of 100 yuan is really stupid. If it is a relatively high-end club, such a price is simply not the same thing. But no matter what, this place is an airport and it was hit by Chutianji. At this time, it is absolutely impossible to continue to implement such a price.
Therefore, the question of how to do this or to negotiate with the airport is better.
Liu Kechang snorted. "You this guy set the starting price for this idiot, so I said it was a chance encounter problem. Fortunately, this time it was Chutianji who met you and spent tens of thousands of dollars, which should be able to settle this matter. Captain Chu just said that it was a good thing to meet him. If you meet a dealer, our secret investigation here is because you are so stupid that you don’t come to invest here because of the starting price of 100 yuan, then it is estimated that you are just prostrate and change what kind of price it is at ordinary times?"
At this time, Jia Dewang is a bit difficult. "If I follow the previous price, I will suffer a little."
When I just said this, I gave Liu Kechang a half-dead breath. "Jia Dewang, you bastard, are you still scarred? You forgot that Captain Chu hasn’t left yet. Do you dare to give me this skill? Does that mean that I told the captain to give you a lesson in addition to love? Your ya also gave me a brain now. If you want to raise prices, take your time. There is still a fluctuation in people’s oil prices. Boy, you have a starting price in this parking lot. You are PetroChina. If you want to raise prices then, you will be slow. Don’t slow up to become anyway, then captain Chu can’t always stare at you in this parking lot. It’s better if you don’t start at a price of one hundred yuan. Idiot also knows that there is something wrong with you. "
Liu Kechang is so angry. This idiot is making money. The danger here is not over yet. There, I am thinking about how much less money I have earned. This kind of thing really makes Liu Kechang feel uneasy. At this time, it is interesting to monitor Jia Dewang. It is clear that Liu Kechang will handle such things properly. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to give him such things. There are some things that even if you don’t speak vernacular, naturally someone can do it.
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