"Gun! ….. guns! You coward! ….. Bah! ….. "Qin Xiaowan was strangled by Scarface, but she still stared at Scarface intermittently with anger and scolded her. She knew that she was going to succeed. She just wanted to die, died happily, and died with dignity without being ruined!

"Bang" after a gunshot, the abandoned factory building was suddenly quiet and terrible, and it smelled of a few guns and drugs. Qin Xiaowan came to her own death. When she saw a drop of tears across her eyes, she prayed that her generation could meet that "smelly man" earlier. It is best to know her childhood friends from an early age, so that she can bully him, trample him and make him love himself. I really regret that I didn’t confide in my heart yesterday afternoon. Maybe I really didn’t have a chance to say it this time …
However, Qin Xiaowan felt that her ears were buzzing constantly, as if she had been deafened by some loud noise. Tinnitus kept coming, and she gradually earned her eyes to see that terrible and ferocious face and flashed before her eyes like a ghost!
"Little bitch, don’t I dare not kill you. There are many old women who kill you. You’re not a bad one! But I don’t want you to die yet! If you die, how can I talk to your dad? Haha … "Scarface scolded with a sullen face and then laughed hysterically!
"mean!" It was not until Qin Xiaowan heard Scarface laugh wildly that she was sure that she was still alive. At the same time, she was somewhat secretly pleased. She didn’t know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing to be alive at this time, but he had hope just to live. He stared at Scarface’s deformed face and disdained to scold.
"Yes, I’m mean if I’m right. If I’m not mean, I wouldn’t be alive!" Scarface didn’t get angry this time, but nodded shamelessly and admitted
"You … you … shame!" Although Qin Xiaowan is hot, which is Scarface’s cheeky yin stick opponent? Without saying a few words, Scarface choked and could not speak.
Scar’s face looked at the little police flower who was speechless by himself. Suddenly, the big man’s desire doubled in his heart. He just wanted to flirt with the little police flower. Suddenly, a tough Han broke in from the outside. The tough Han was none other than the early starlight nightclub. The man almost scared Yu Shuai silly. After seeing that he hurried in, he was a little excited, but he also came to Scar’s face with some panic and couldn’t wait to report that "the report about Haige has been done almost …"
"Well, tell me about it …" Scarface stopped after listening to it and gave Qin Xiaowan a look. "Take her into the next room and keep an eye on her. If she gets away, I’ll chop him up!" Glared at the scar face small police beside two big fellow big ordered.
"Is the elder brother of the sea! We are white! " Of course, what do those two big guys mean by Bai Kunhai? They’ve been following Kun Haidu for almost three years. What kind of stuff is Kun Hai? They still don’t know whether it’s white or hard. Anyway, they can’t be taunted!
Kunhai was satisfied after hearing this and waved his hand. The two big men drove Qin Xiaowan to the next room. It was not until the broken iron door was smashed that Kunhai threw the gun casually. After sitting on the sofa, he looked at the big man and asked, "Come on, how’s it going?"
"Hai Ge, don’t worry. No one dares to check the harbor this time, and no one dares to bully others!" The bruiser confidently returned to the way.
"Ha ha good! You have to have this boldness of vision to hang out with me in Kunhai. Don’t be such a bitch and have no vitality at all! Although the harbor is not our territory now, we will make money as soon as our goods are sold! The harbor is our brother’s call! " Scarface Kunhai laughed and praised after hearing the bruiser’s words.
"I know that Haige is right. Who is that little bitch that Haige just caught? I see how the wind is so tight outside. The harbor is full of guns and bullets. Set up checkpoints to check the driving photos …" The bruiser looked at the door and asked.
"You said that little bitch! Harbor city public security bureau chief baby daughter caught to play! Just a threat-she’s old! Maybe we can still do it, but I just heard that these old people in the mainland have a hard mouth and I don’t know what to pry! " Scarface answered after hearing tough Chinese words.
"Oh, Brother Hai, it seems that God helps us this time. Do you know who I am looking for to buy our goods today?" Tough han a listen to scar face tied to the public security bureau chief daughter and himself to accept the mayor, so excited and asked.
"What the fuck are you selling?" Scarface looked at it triumphantly, and Han kicked him and scolded him, and he even showed off in an ostentatious manner, regardless of size!
"Is the elder brother of the sea! Today, I pulled the mayor of the seaport city. Hey, hey, that little guy built a small bar with his father’s strength. Most of them sell goods in bars, but most young people like ecstasy. But I have asked him to make an honest deal with us. When do you think we will act? " After being kicked by Scarface, the tough man quickly put away his face and honestly replied.
"Ha ha you small line you! I even pulled the mayor into the water, so I have a good future! " Scarface was overjoyed after hearing what the bruiser said, and patted the bruiser who had just finished kicking.
"The elder brother of the sea that za when delivery? I asked our people to follow the boy to withdraw money. It is estimated that we can trade tonight! " Tough Han was more hard after Scarface boasted.
"To find a buyer transaction is not busy! By the way, is that small reliable? " Scarface asked him that he didn’t want anything to go wrong. If something happened to the mainland, it wouldn’t be difficult for his mother to run away. Although he was determined to die to avenge his eldest brother, he still didn’t want anything to happen, but a sense of foreboding echoed in Scarface’s mind, which always made him think something was going to happen …
"Don’t worry, Hai Ge, that little B cub is almost scared out of shit by me. What is it that you dare not resist? It’s a waste. It’s not as good as that little bitch you just tied up!" Tough han a listen to scar face from handsome disdain replied.
"You don’t underestimate what these seemingly insignificant little guys have. Their ability is huge, but no thief’s courage doesn’t mean no thief’s heart! If he catches the chance, our brothers will be finished! " Kunhai’s experience is very sophisticated and meaningful.
"That dog day? ! Haha, it’s still a thief’s heart. He just doesn’t have the guts to fly out of our hands unless he doesn’t want to live! " Tough Han said with confidence that he was confident in driving that timid pug.
"Well, in this case, that would be great! Let him get the money ready for the transaction and call us back. It’s estimated that there will be anxiety there! The wind is too tight now. After these days, I will release the goods again. I just want to play with the harbor and make people feel uneasy! " Scar face nodded his head and arranged that his eyes staring at the distance were full of shadows …
"I know brother Hai, don’t worry, I’ll arrange it …!" After listening to Kunhai’s words, tough Han replied professionally and then went out to do his own thing. Chapter 77 Old Qin Zhonghao!
Watching the tough Han walk out of the abandoned factory, Kunhai reveals his trademark sinister smile, which, together with his terrible scar face, will definitely frighten the average child into crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, not talking about children. Even adults who are timid have to avoid it.
He’s a tough guy, but he’s tough. He’s not really tough. The real tough angle doesn’t leak color. You see that he usually talks and laughs, but once he challenges their limits, you’ll find how terrible that kind of toughness is. Brother Gan is that kind of role. You can call him a smiling tiger, but you don’t want to mess with him, and your tragedy will be over. At this time, Scarface Kunhai will mess with Brother Gan.
Scarface wants to have a good time after the tough Han has left, and that hot little police flower can also vent fire. He hasn’t had a good time since he came to the mainland, but after listening to the tough Han’s words, he suddenly doesn’t want to play like this, because he found that the scene in the harbor is much better than he expected, and it’s just wonderful. The daughter of the director of the public security bureau was tied by himself, and the mayor was dragged by himself. It’s interesting to see how they can play with themselves. Kun Hai has chips in his hand, and he seems to see the harbor one by one.
"Come on! Bring me that little police flower! " Kunhai shouted at another room in a good mood
After a while, the little police flower struggled to be brought over by two Han people. Kun Hai looked still hotter than the little police flower yin and said with a smile, "Come on, don’t struggle. I don’t have time to play with you tonight!"
Qin Xiaowan stared at him with angry eyes and didn’t say a word. The eyes seemed to be about to chew Kunhai. Chew it and eat it. It seemed that Kunhai looked at the eyes and was really a little guilty, but his mouth was still stiff and said, "Don’t stare at me. I didn’t stare at me and I couldn’t stop my harbor plan! Ha ha … "
"Bah! Call the dog later! You just wait to be cleaned up. It won’t be long before you get what you deserve! " Qin Xiaowan glared at Kunhai. There was no fear in his eyes, but contempt.
"Mom gave you a face you his niang shameless! Bitch! " Scarface scolded and quickly came to Qin Xiaowan, then slapped her twice. He played in Kunhai, Mexico and Myanmar, so many women have not dared to do this to him!
These two slaps had swollen face before Qin Xiaowan was beaten. At this time, it was even more swollen, and his face turned crimson. He slapped Qin Xiaowan with a lot of strength, but even so, she still didn’t drop a tear and stared at Kun Hai without blinking. The bloodshot eyes couldn’t wait to cut Kun Hai to pieces!
"You wait for me! See what I can do to you when I come back! Smelly * *! " Kunhai twisted his picture to be ugly, broke his face and scolded him, then turned to stare at his two hands and ordered, "Watch this little bitch for me! If she runs away or dies, see how I tidy up you! " After that, I left the abandoned factory building in a huff …
At this time, the dry elder brother drove with Bai Zhongwu to engage in the discovery field, and he just came to the port city public security bureau. At this time, there was a solemn atmosphere in the atmosphere of the port city public security bureau. There was no one in the compound except the old man, and even the old man in the room became serious. Instead of sitting in the chair, he kept seeing the dry elder brother driving the Land Rover. He didn’t ask, but directly opened the door. Because yesterday, he saw the little policeman sitting in this car and going out with a young man, this happened today. Even though he had lived for more than half of his life, he still had to
When I heard a harsh brake, Brother Gan stopped the car impartially, and the office building of the Public Security Bureau was facing the hall. Then I got out of the car and hurried to the office building of the Public Security Bureau with Bai Zhongwu …
At this time, almost the whole local office staff of the public security bureau in the sixth floor of the public security bureau office building were present. Qin Zhonghao sat on the rostrum with a sullen face and didn’t say a word. There were about 900 policemen of the public security bureau in the harbor. There was no one whispering at the meeting site, and it was surprisingly quiet. The silence was scary. Don’t say a needle. Even a snail crawling could be heard clearly.
"I don’t want to say much today because I feel I have no face to sit here now! Yes, Xiaowan is my daughter, but she is also a police officer of the Criminal Police Team of the Public Security Bureau of our harbor, and a member of more than 5,000 police officers in our harbor! Kidnapping and hijacking police officers with guns in the busy streets in broad daylight. What do they take our harbor police as? ! Useless? ! Or waste? ! Do you know what guns they are? ! Ak47 submachine guns don’t know how many people will die when they suddenly jump, and the people in the seaport city live in this inexplicable panic. Even the police were robbed, and even the police cars were beaten black and blue. You said that you told me to make the people feel at ease! " Qin Zhonghao looked at the police officers of the Public Security Bureau with grief and indignation. He knew that he was in charge of the commander of the Public Security Bureau of Haigang City. He should not be angry, but he lost his temper not only because his daughter was kidnapped, but because of such a bad case. He could not explain to the people of Haigang!
All the policemen in the meeting room didn’t sit up straight from the moment they came in. When Qin Zhonghao said those words, they clenched their fists one by one. They felt bad in their hearts. Qin Zhonghai Haohai Port Public Security Bureau worked for nearly ten years, but he didn’t make any mistakes. Even his daughter didn’t go to the back door. It was Qin Xiaowan who was promoted from a small policeman to the vice captain of the criminal police team in just three years. Even the criminal police team talked about the old and the young. Besides, if there are any major cases, which ones are not others who rush ahead regardless of their lives, when Qin Zhonghao said this, almost no one of them gossiped about it!
I don’t even have to say that the police were hijacked by robbers at gunpoint in broad daylight. This is not a slap in the face of the police in the port city public security bureau. It is a slap in the face of the national police! It’s too bad and cruel, so even if Qin Zhonghao can swallow this tone, none of them can swallow this tone. If they don’t do something to solve the case as soon as possible, don’t talk about others. When they walk, even the people in the port city have to poke their spines and make irresponsible remarks! Why talk about defending people’s lives and property when you can’t even protect your colleagues? Anna is bullshit! So they have to make a gesture! Nothing happened. The policeman took a breath!
"All right! Now that someone has hit me in the face, we can’t hide in the house with our faces covered! I have to get my face back, and now I order everyone to take action from the present department. This case can’t be solved by the public security bureau of our harbor city, and no one can sleep well! All cars, intersections and airport departments set up cards to check the suspicious vehicles in the city. According to the in-depth investigation of the roadside shops and road monitor cameras, it is now composed of my team leader, the task force of all police officers of the Haigang Public Security Bureau, to solve the case. The murderer must be arrested and brought to justice! " Qin Zhonghao looked around the venue and ordered
"yes! Severely punish the murderer and raise my vigilance! " After all the policemen replied, they let go of the police cap and put on their heads, and then left the venue in an orderly and rapid manner. Five minutes later, Qin Zhonghao was left alone in the huge venue. Qin Zhonghao took a small step from the podium. Just now he was the director of the command, and he was decisive and capable. Now he is a father who has just lost his daughter. At this moment, he has become old …
"Qin Shu, don’t think too much. Xiao Wan will be fine. Don’t worry …" Brother Gan slowly came to Qin Zhonghao’s back and held Qin Zhonghao’s shoulders tightly with his hands to ensure that Brother Gan knew what an unspeakable pain it was for a father who lost his only daughter!
"Hmm … Xiao Gan, do you know that Xiao Wan’s mother died when she was very young? I brought her up alone. At that time, I was busy with work and didn’t have much time to take care of her. Almost all day, I sent her to Debiao’s home to let Debiao’s daughter-in-law take care of her everywhere. Now I still feel indebted to her. I’m just waiting to make up for her after retirement and find a good husband to hurt her. But now …" Qin Zhonghao nodded heavily without turning his back to Brother Gan, and talked about the years of worries in his heart.
"Qin Shu, I won’t let you be idle. I will give Xiao Wan to you completely. Believe me …" Brother Gan looked at Qin Zhonghao’s gray sideburns and patted him on the shoulder, promising that Chapter 78 was handsome and painful!