Just now, the little guy said that he wanted to play with Wu Yu, and Zhang felt that he had nothing to do. It was also good to find someone to chat with. The situation was that he was most familiar with Wu Yu.

Suddenly Zhang saw ten young men in black chasing Wu Yu and running into the sixth team training ground. Wu Yu looked very flustered and angry.
"Yumi, you’d rather be a little ugly than be ungrateful to the boss!" Wu Yu behind a very thin young man shouted
"Bastards, you shames," Wu Yu shouted angrily. He kept running in a serpentine step and sometimes looked back at those people …
Many people around saw that Wu Yu was in danger, but when ten people acted together, no one dared to help Wu Yu.
People who come here have their own goals, and few people want a stranger to put themselves in danger.
Wu Yu was in trouble. Zhang rushed directly to save Wu Yu without thinking about it.
"Zhang Yang!" Wu Yu, who came to Zhang Yang, exclaimed and showed joy in his face.
Zhang quickly ran to Wu Yu’s side and pulled her behind him without asking why. He stared at the ten people in front of the civil air defense, and the ten people suddenly attacked.
Ten people stopped, ten meters away from Zhang Yang and Wu Yu.
The thin young man shouted, "Don’t you want to live if you dare to rob the boss?"
Wu Yu walked out of his white face from behind Zhang Yang like a layer of ice. He said indifferently, "You just talk nonsense. Wang Qianggen and I don’t have to be ashamed to be Sun Xiang."
Zhang looked at the thin and dry young man with disgust and said, "Find an excuse to find someone who is quite rogue and say it."
At this time, a tall and sturdy young man with more than two meters stepped out in front of him nine people.
This person’s face is very difficult. If he wants to eat people, he is the boss of ten people. The "Wang Qiang" peak warrior has already stepped into the realm of the martial arts. If it weren’t for his head, others really didn’t have the courage to break into the sixth team training ground.
Wang Qiang roared, "Wu Yu, I chased you for more than ten times, but you never agreed, but now I’m with a four-star warrior. What’s better about him than me? Don’t be a daughter-in-law. You are just a woman here! "
Wu Yu clenched his fist and said coldly, "You chase me and I have to agree with you. Who are you? If you want to be an infatuated man, don’t show this kind of color madness today! "
You!’ Wang Qiang pointed angrily at Wu Yu, who didn’t know what to say at the moment. His arms were stretched up and his clothes were tight. The tendons were like small snakes, which seemed terrible.
"Wu Yu, don’t be shameless. This is a killer organization. No one has come to save you. You are still pretending to be lofty. We will catch me later. Can you still pretend!" The thin young man shouted again.
The young man’s name is "Sun Xiang". His eyes are like mice’s eyes, his face is thin and his bones are exposed, and his body is as thin as hemp.
The main reason is that this person is usually very good at photographing horses in Wang Qiang, and his four-star samurai can become the second-in-command of these ten people, while others are all five-star warriors
Zhang Yang frowned. "Since this is a killer organization, why do you still have so much nonsense to kill? No wonder every dog barks before biting?"
Wu Yu grabbed Zhang Yang’s sleeve and said coldly, "You didn’t go as fast as you did. I’m fine. The instructor will come and manage this place later!"
Zhang some angry stare Wu Yu avenue "what? It’s said that I caused it and I’ll solve it. You want to hold on to everything by yourself, but not this time. Remember, now that we are friends and friends, I will definitely do it. "
"I …" Zhang yelled at Wu Yu for being short of breath, but he was interrupted by Zhang.
Zhang grinned with a smile. "I can solve this problem this time. Didn’t you always want to know how strong my strength is? This time, you can clean up after you and I can knock down a few people. Hehehe … "
"Group weaving play hero to save the United States? It’s so old-fashioned Before you come, you want to get close to Wu Yu. There are fifteen consequences if you don’t have twenty. We killed them all. Today, you are also a "skinny Sun Xiang cruel way. His eyes contain murderous look. One is the guy who killed many people.
"Dog leg!" Zhang contemptuous way
Scold by zhang Sun Xiang eyes flashed conspiratorial look he Yin, laughed "hey hey ….. what is this place? What’s the sleeping place like here? You know all about it! Do you still believe that Wu Yu is perfect when a person is born here? You still insist? How many people like you did you follow before you came? "
"You bastard! I didn’t! " Wu Yu was red-eyed by Sun Xiang’s words, like a jet of flame. She pointed to Sun Xiang and scolded him and rushed out directly.
Zhang Yang instantly stopped Wu Yu’s waist and fixed her. Then Wu Yu whispered, "I believe you. Don’t be impulsive. I’ll kill him later."
Zhang also moved. I’m really angry. This little guy is getting worse and worse, and in front of so many people, he slandered Wu Yu. Zhang looked at Sun Xiang with a hint of murder.
Zhang Yang said to Wang Qiang, "You are the boss who really failed to let a dog leg point. Today is your business. If you want to fight, you can directly fight. Everyone around you is waiting for us to fight. If you are afraid, you can let the dog leg continue to scold!"
"good! A four-star warrior will waste you today! " Wang Qiang boulevard
"Let’s go together! I am afraid that you are not enough! " Zhang lift eye scanning ten high way
Sun Xiangyi waved and shouted, "Brothers, kill this kid!"
Sun Xiang was slapped by Wang Qiang, and Wang Qiang’s tall figure was powerful. He glared at Sun Xiang and roared, "Who told you to give orders?" I can solve it myself! "