"Liu evil Liu Chao raped and killed a virtuous girl, and several Liu Changsheng tigers killed and helped me copy the Liu family." Wu Hua is also extremely malicious. It is better to copy H than to harm others.

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Hand-written novels
Chapter five hundred and seventy-six Kiss your mouth
Welcome you to come.
Feng Yang escaped from Hu Die’s clutches and saved his chastity, and then rushed directly to the General Association of Operator Technicians.
Before going to the operator technician association, Fengyang also went to the decoration shop. He didn’t know much about decoration, so he asked a girl in the shop to help him pick out a lot of beautiful and valuable decorations.
The history of sadness urges the unlucky Zhang Xiaopan to still be defeated in the refining house. It’s a great pleasure that the existing wind has given him a strong backing. He is also unequivocal in refining it. The wind has made him cry and spent 10 billion yuan to refine a 50 million Fu Yu for him. It seems that this guy is just a cow who won’t leave without a whip.
Feng Yang didn’t bother Zhang Xiaopan either. He knew that it was necessary to train a practitioner, so let him go.
Qi Fei is also a good elder who is devoted to his duties. He meets the Technician Association almost every day. Although she has few things and almost nothing to disturb her, the manager of the big business operator technician business group is enough to deal with it.
Find Qifei in the hall. Qifei is chatting with a group of waitresses and laughing like a flower. Just like Fengyang’s first visit to the Operator Technician Association, the scene is exactly the same, which makes Fengyang feel a little trance and think of treating her as an ordinary reception when she first comes. Fengyang can’t help laughing.
"You see which guy where a person giggles?" Chatting with Qifei, several girls looked at Feng Yang and chuckled over there, all of which were quite a bit of if she but turned her head and smiled, there were cast a hundred spells charm.
"It looks familiar." A waitress thought for a moment. "Didn’t you once treat Sister Qi Fei as a waitress?"
"It’s really nice to be long. He is one of the few young operators who looks comfortable and approachable."
"Yes, those young operators are all relying on their own identity. Don’t look down on people."
Qi Fei looked back at Feng Yang, then she chuckled and went to Feng Yang’s side and patted Feng Yang with a smile. "How did busy people come to this small temple?"
Feng Yang smiled. "Are you kidding? This is a small temple. Isn’t his city operator technician association a slum?"
"I can’t stand the whole thing again." When I think of Feng Yang, it will bring a large number of Warcraft bodies. Qifei is a little scared to see Feng Yang.
"Actually, I came here today to invite you to dinner. You have helped me so much, but I haven’t thanked you well." Fengyang said.
"Repay me, as committed partners." Qifei squinted and smiled at Feng Yang’s look, which was so beautiful in one word.
Feng Yang was ashamed that he felt like an animal, because his chicken moved, and he found that after he untied the knot, he saw that girls were very easily agitated, which was not good.
"Well, it’s a dream of many men to have a beautiful woman like you with me for a generation," said Feng Yang with a laugh.
"I haven’t seen you for a few days and you’ve become poor. What happened?"
"It’s always a good thing"
"That you wait for me for a while I’ll go to say hello to a *"
Without giving Feng Yang a chance to show his gentlemanly demeanor, he stepped away.
It’s terrible to wait for someone to talk. If you talk, even the snot bubbles will be taken out to play for a while. Look at the girls over there who have been looking at their side. Although those girls always look obliquely at the corner of their eyes, how can they escape the wind?
He went over and smiled "Sisters"
I chatted with several beautiful waiters for a while. These girls are receptionists, and they all have good communication skills and get to know each other very well
Feng Yang said with a smile, "I bet my sisters that I can do something that you think is done by human roots."
"Oh, let’s hear it." Several girls are also interested.
Feng Yang pointed to a beautiful woman and said, "I can kiss her without touching her skin with my mouth."
"How is that possible?"
"Dare to gamble?"
"bet on it"
"Well, I’m coming," said Feng Yang, pursed her lips and kissed the beautiful face heavily.
"You met" The girl’s face turned a little red with shame. After all, is it necessary to be kissed by a handsome boy in public, although there is no aversion, but shyness is necessary?
Feng Yang nai sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I lost."
Leng for a long time, the girls reacted, and then they all laughed and chattered. It was the first time for them to make such a reckless joke with the operator technicians. It was impossible for them to be so approachable and talk to them because they were so proud and rooted.
The girl who was kissed gave Feng Yang a punch. "Are you kidding us?"
"Gambling means losing and winning. Aren’t you happy that you won?" Feng Yang is somewhat naive. "I will give you some tricks if I lose. I bet at that time."
"Well, don’t take advantage of us again." The girls are also on high alert.
"Don’t worry, I’m not that kind of person." Feng Yang said and found a few contemptuous eyes.
"Pay attention to it." He smiled naively and then let everyone look at his palm. "See clearly that there is nothing, and there is nothing. The ring is as white as my heart."
This remark was once again extremely despised by several girls.
"Keep your eyes open." The wind blows the palm of your hand gently over your chest, and then a beautiful bracelet appears strangely in your hand.
"Wow, that’s great. How?" The girls were dumbfounded and curious, and they jumped and watched the wind. Their eyes were almost straight, and then he was ashamed and restless again.
Give the bracelet to a girl he kissed. "Well, this is a lost bet."
The girl took the bracelet and was so happy that she didn’t take the initiative to kiss the wind. She loved this bracelet and wanted to buy it for a long time. It was too expensive, and the salary of her technician association was far from enough.
"You are too eccentric." The girls were dissatisfied.