"Because she will be my princess", he must know her.

"Brother! Just deceive yourself! " Everyone can see that Leng Ruixi really likes Han Yiqing! How can a man know a woman so thoroughly without a trace of emotion!
This is absolutely unscientific!
"I felt something was wrong from the moment she came back."
"That’s good! Brother, since you already know! Then tell me quickly what the problem is? " Yin Yue xin, sit quietly looked at him.
"Her roots won’t be like this, even if she learns again, but Han Yiqing is Han Yiqing after all, and no one can replace her …"
Yes! It’s brother, you can’t replace it in your heart! How can it be someone else!
"Go on" She didn’t intend to interrupt him and then spoke.
"The servant told me that she sent you to Mu Si and lost all the cakes."
"What? ! I heard them say that Sister-in-law is the most loved cake and ice cream! I also heard that she can change these two things into moral integrity! "
Leng Ruixi raised his eyebrows. "You’ve heard about this."
"Yes! Is there anything that can not let me know … "
"That’s why I doubt that she won’t order these at all when she is in the restaurant … When Xiao Cheling appears, I want to block all the forces of Xiao Cheling, and she has no objection at all."
Chapter 98 Your position has been replaced.
It’s not like Han Yiqing can do anything! If he said such a thing that day, Han Yiqing would be the first to turn against him!
Xiao Cheling is not the most important person to her, but her position is also not to be ignored. He is also an indispensable figure in her life, which is why even if Xiao Cheling almost killed her that day … but she will treat it as if nothing had happened!
But at that time, she actually said to let him do it, and he was sure!
"I also believe that sister-in-law will never let you do such a thing, but now it is estimated that there are some precautions. What shall we do now …"
It’s all because of her fake that I feel it! I wonder if she informed her partner at this time!
There must be! Yes, she will definitely be more careful in doing these things …
"She’s still in their hands," he said, but the outline of his mouth has become tense …
He has never felt such a tense atmosphere …
She doesn’t. He feels surrounded. Even if that person looks like it again, he doesn’t look like it after all.
In a dark environment, the faint light in the air can see the road ahead, and the deepest part of the road is a gorgeous prison.
There lived a disheveled man in this cell as if he had experienced a tragic thing … She looked up and saw a well-dressed woman who walked in front of her for many times. They were separated by an iron window.
This is not a prison! It’s a gorgeous cage! She had already seen this scene when it was cold! At the beginning, Leng Ruixi was a place like cold weather!
This place is familiar now. Is it … cold weather? ! But wasn’t he already dead when he was in the underwater palace? !
By …
She looked up at the woman with a mask on her face, which made it impossible to see her appearance, but it was not difficult to guess that this woman was beautiful by virtue of her appearance!
"Aren’t you tired of delivering three meals a day?" She sarcastically said this sentence, which she wanted to say a long time ago.
That night, after she ran out of Xiao Cheling’s house, she was knocked unconscious at an alley, but this time she appeared here!
And still so familiar with the place!
Her voice is a little cold. "It’s nothing to be tired of delivering food."
The woman was about to leave when she finished, but in a second she stopped her. "What is it that brings me here and you and cold weather?" !”
Han Yiqing always felt that this woman’s temperament was exactly the same as that of that woman in the underwater palace that day!
The woman immediately froze and stood still. Even if the surrounding lights were weak, she could still feel her shoulders trembling slightly …
"He’s dead and I’m alive" is what she said without answering her question directly.
"Then what do you want me! I want to go back! " She shouted at her, although she didn’t know what this woman was after! But she hasn’t hurt her for so many days!
"Han Yiqing you don’t struggle! I have found someone to replace your position! "
Chapter 99 I have found a way.
What? ! What do you mean, her position has been replaced? !
She sat dumbly. "What did you mean by that sentence just now? !”
A smile touched her lips. "I just said that you should be the most white, which means that I believe that he should love you not that you in the near future. Isn’t that what you always expected?"
"hey! Make it clear! What do I expect! " She was going to shout, and suddenly a bad feeling came to her heart …
That man has already disappeared around the corner …
These dishes are really delicious when she looks at them. These days, these people have not abused her at all, but she is really not white when she is here …