On the contrary, in this scene, it seems that Ye Rou Yu Ye Han must have given birth to a boundary, which is more likely that the two men met each other as a farewell!

Listen to Yan Xuan Ye Rou didn’t add any words, neither explaining nor hiding. Anyway, things have developed to this point, and she no longer worries that Ye Han will be involved.
Ye Han didn’t really have anything to do with himself. He didn’t want to stay. The only thing he had was pain. Both sides were hurt by their hearts.
However, this kind of pain will always be erased by law, and it can stay in my heart forever and continue.
Ye Han returned to the inn and Yan Xin still walked behind him, just like an umbrella, and the difference between this umbrella and other umbrellas is that this umbrella is so beautiful.
Moreover, this umbrella also has a big name, that is, Miss Yan Yan Xin, the second family of Yan’s family in the fierce yuan city, which is obviously a very noble one.
Therefore, everyone is still talking about walking along the avenue. It is that all this has not been noticed by Ye Han. When he returned to the inn, he did not mention anything unusual. The 13th glacier (2)
"Cold brother, I know you’ve always been upset about the wedding night." Turn Ye Han’s head around and Lengling said with the help of sound method to Ye Han’s embarrassment.
Listen to the cold LingYan Ye Han face suddenly also showed a series of embarrassing color but eyes fell on LengLing body naturally.
Ye Han hasn’t felt anything strange when he passed through his neck along Lengling’s cheek, but after crossing his neck, his mind roared from time to time.
Seeing those two suddenly protruding objects appear on Lengling’s chest, Ye Han has no other idea in his mind, and the evil fire that has just been suppressed will unconsciously rise again.
Looking through a layer of gauze, although I didn’t see what I shouldn’t see, I already saw the bottomless ravine from those two protrusions.
Ye Han is depressed when I saw this. I don’t know that evil fire and impulse in my heart are a kind of thoughts that drive Ye Han to suddenly reach out his hands.
In a blink of an eye, a piece of reddish dress surfaced from the glacier and gradually drifted away with the direction of glacier water.
Look at the river. At this moment, there have been two white objects. Without looking closely, I saw a piece of men’s clothing floating out of the water and drifting away with the previous piece of women’s clothing.
At the same time, the scene in the river is really enviable. This is the river, otherwise it will become a much-told story if it falls into the human eye.
After a long time, two white bodies appeared on the lake. Soon, two figures were also dressed in pieces of clothes, which covered the hair curve.
At this time, Ye Han was wearing a light blue dress that was obviously not found in the previous set, and Lengling had obviously been replaced by Ye Han’s selection of the same light blue dress in the former ice city.
The original two people’s clothes have gone with the flow. Ye Han is now preparing another set, which is the same color but somewhat different in shape.
Look again, and the faces are obviously reddish, but at the same time, their faces are full of happiness.
Ye Han, who got drunk on the wedding night, has finally got his wish. Naturally, this feeling is not already covered by that happy color.
And this cold ling is the first time to try her hand, but it is also the first time to become passive and active. Naturally, there are many regrets in her heart.
What I had to face when I entered the bottom of the river was a hard training, but I didn’t expect it to develop into such a situation. This theory is worth considering for Ye Han and Lengling.
After being embarrassed for a long time, Ye Han finally came to his senses, so he smiled at Ling Ling, who still remembered the poverty. "Sister Ling turned out to be you."
Ye Han couldn’t help laughing when he said this. Immediately, he glared at Lengling angrily, then he felt restrained and smiled again. "Okay, forget I said anything!"
Smell Ye Han this Leng Ling just nodded with satisfaction and then said, "Don’t say this thing again or I won’t talk to you later."
At some point, I consciously talked about the shy language. Lengling was busy and admitted the tone. Immediately, her face also appeared in a timely manner.
Seeing this, Ye Han not only recalled what he had experienced in the former river, but also his face was full of shame.
However, at the same time, Ye Han didn’t have any evil thoughts. After a pause, he gently coughed and even said, "Sister Ling, tell the truth, why did you jump here?"
After listening to Ye Han’s cold face, he was even more shy. He didn’t forget to give Ye Han a hard look before saying, "I’m worried about your accident!"
"oh? Worried about my accident? " After listening to the cold lingyan, Ye Han’s face suddenly showed a playful color, and he couldn’t help saying, "What are you worried about?"
Ye Han hesitated for a moment and then went on, "Even if you are worried about my accident, don’t worry about worrying about yourself."
Listening to Ye Hanyan Lengling suddenly flashed another supercilious look, and then no longer said anything, he walked in the direction of an ice stone not far away
Ye Han saw this and followed it, and then Lengling sat up and came behind her and gently hugged her slender waist, then immediately sighed.
Lengling looked at it without hindrance, and casually walked around Ye Han’s waist with his hands. If there was anything wrong, she wouldn’t feel anything wrong.
"Sister Ling, it seems that you are right. If you want to upgrade, you must make up your mind to suffer, or you can do it if you want to!"
After a long time, Ye Han loosened his hands around Lengling’s waist and then came to Lengling’s front and smiled. "I didn’t expect that as soon as I entered the river, I formed the seventh Yuanling!"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Leng Ling noticed his practice at the right time. Obviously, as Ye Han said, he has now entered the seven realms of Yuanling and has formed seven Yuanling.
After seeing this scene, Lengling’s heart suddenly rejoiced and immediately smiled at Ye Han. "In view of what happened before you were promoted, I won’t care about it with you, but you can’t do it later!"