"Ha ha? Then why are you blushing? Say, did you hit the master with a ghost idea? " Ye Han doesn’t believe that this fellow can’t even tell a lie, but he still blushes, which makes people believe that he is not lying.

"Er … have no? Oh, by the way, Master, have you found it after looking for it for so long? " Seeing that he seems to be unable to hide from Lin Feng’s busy changing the subject, he dare not admit that he meant to pull Jenny into his fantasy. If so, even if Ye Han doesn’t care about himself, those Jenny will directly tear themselves to pieces!
Alas, it turns out that a casual fantasy is so terrible, but it’s not that you can’t pay attention to Jenny. It’s not that you can’t let yourself have a large group of women like Master. Hum, then you must surpass Master. There are more and more beautiful women around you than him … Well, it should be impossible to know that Jenny, they are all unique. It’s really difficult to find them in this world.
Naturally, he thought that he would find it better than anyone around Ye Han in the future. Although the beauty is similar, it is better than her perfect body. Ahem, don’t think about it. It doesn’t mean that her body is cultivated in many ways. It is even better than Ye Han’s side. Women can surpass Ye Han. This is also a kind of victory. After all, they have surpassed the master ..
I’m afraid his dream will be ruined by then. With such a beautiful woman around him, he still wants to find another woman. Don’t even think about it unless he is willing to give up the original one.
Hey, hey, if you really want to, don’t mention him. I’m afraid Ye Han wouldn’t have prevented him from thinking about other women when there is such a perfect one around him. Isn’t that batting practice?
But if everything really comes to the end, can it really be as expected? Love and being together should be common, but sometimes even if you are in love, you may not be able to be together, but being together may not be true love.
Maybe time can change everything, and staying together can become true love, but love can’t be together, but it’s eternal [93] [everyone’s choice]
"Well, I found it, but they don’t seem to have gathered together yet. I’m afraid we still have some difficulties if we want to find it now!" Ye Han didn’t go to windson to care about anything. Although this guy thinks things are a little out of line, he doesn’t know. Maybe even if he knows, he doesn’t worry about this little thing. No matter how paranoid he is, he can’t do anything with them!
You know, Lengling and others are not only cold-hearted, but also entangled constantly. Even strength and destiny are all involved in his life. They can’t betray him no matter what they say.
Ye Han knows this well, so he doesn’t have to bear that someone will covet his own woman. Although that dream once made him a little scared, it was all a dream after all. He won’t believe it, even if he believes it, he can’t blame his own woman. They are koo!
Sometimes, when Ye Han thinks of all this, he can’t help but blame himself for a wrong decision that led to it. Well, it seems that if there is such a decision, he must do everything to protect the girls’ week.
"What are you afraid of? Anyway, there are five of us who want you to tell us where they are. Why don’t we split up five ways?" Hearing this, Ye Han Lin Jie immediately called a spade a spade.
However, Wei shook his head at this moment and said with a wry smile, "No, it is naturally the best but also the most dangerous way for us to divide our actions. Now I’m afraid all the forces are in the hands of Yan Qingzong. If we divide our actions and they break them one by one, then we will be miserable!"
"It’s true that our strength must not be divided, otherwise no one can bear the responsibility if something goes wrong!" Ye Han naturally agrees with Weiyan. Sometimes, such as escape or ordinary search, there may be, but it is obviously not possible to release it. This is a risky line. If it is broken by the enemy one by one, it will be regrettable.
"What shall we do?" Lin Jiewen immediately also don’t know how to blunt Ye Han asked.
Ye Han didn’t speak, but he looked at the distant sky and seemed to meditate on something, so did Wei. Although he didn’t approve of the whole search method, he couldn’t figure out his method at the moment!
"I do have an idea!" I’ve been immersed in remorse, Lin Feng. This is talking. I shouldn’t have thought because of carelessness. He feels very sorry that Ye Han has to find a time to make amends!
At the end of the day, Lin Feng is still a law-abiding man who knows what to do and what not to do, and at least does something beyond common sense. Although he has some bad thoughts occasionally, he is not a heinous person after all. Besides, he has become a good boy after Ye Han’s correction.
Even Ye Han had to be deeply gratified that his apprentice didn’t let himself down after all. If it weren’t for not being able to make him a star, Yuan people would surely train him well themselves.
But now he’s not a Xingyuan clan, and he knows Yuanji, and he can’t teach him Yuanji. Even now he’s out of the bondage of Xingyuan clan and has become an inflammation and cold double-cultivation, but this inflammation and cold double-cultivation also requires people with inflammation and cold to practice, even if they can’t finish it, they need one less.
But now, although windson practice is also cold, it is all ordinary vitality after all. This is obviously not a level with Ye Hanshen’s cold. You know, Ye Hanshen’s cold is no ordinary cold vitality!
Ye Han also feels very sorry for this, but he can’t teach him the yuan skills after accepting this apprentice. He can also teach him those yuan skills that he has not cultivated before his star’s vitality, but those are too basic. Considering that he has cultivated, there is nothing wrong with it. After all, his grandfather taught him the yuan skills, which are not worse than these, but even more basic.
Ye Han himself is not so good at cutting ice yuan. After all, those yuan skills are gone for him now. Although these yuan skills had this strange star cold tactic, you can’t give him the star cold tactic, can you? If it weren’t for the astral body, but you couldn’t practice, even the body, the astral body, Lengling and others were practicing by law. What about Lin Feng?
Therefore, he felt that he could give up the idea even if he taught Lin Feng the skill of uniting the Yuan before, but if he could teach him some people to do things rationally or practice the key, it would make up for some shortcomings!
"Come on, what do you think?" Heard Lin Fengyan Ye Han didn’t look back, but the cold wind couldn’t help but burst into curiosity and asked
Ye Han didn’t turn back after hearing his words, so did Wei, while Lin Jie and the cold wind were both staring at Ye Han. Obviously, they wanted to know that everyone couldn’t solve the problem. How can he know Lin Feng?
"Why don’t we create some illusions? Don’t people in the science of uniting all like different treasures? If we work together to create an illusion to attract their attention, won’t we take the opportunity to gather them together? " Windson looked at also not satisfied is light say with smile
After listening to Lin Feng’s words, both of them were suddenly stunned, but they didn’t speak at all. At this moment, Wei smiled and said, "Having said that, what illusion should we do to create?"
Yu Ye Han still didn’t speak until he felt that four pairs of eyes around him fell on him. Then he turned around and smiled. "Don’t worry, this matter will be covered by me, but if you want to sign them then I’m afraid you will have to do it. I think if you create a vision, it will definitely attract the attention of not only those Ukrainian people, but also Yan Qingzong."
Ye Han paused and then said, "So I hope you can solve this problem. Then everyone may work harder, and of course I will help!"
Hearing Ye Han’s words, everyone nodded their heads. Even if they don’t, he said that everyone can be white. Now that he has said this, how can they refuse?
"Well, in that case, let’s make a deal like this first. I think it’s still Ye Xiong. You should always choose a place where they can all be seen, right?" Wei nodded at Ye Han said
Ye Hanwen thought it made sense, so he nodded. "Well, don’t worry, I have my own opinion!"
Although Ye Han’s strength can create a vision everywhere to reach the sky so that nearly half of the people in the mainland can see it, he doesn’t want to do that because he doesn’t want to expose his strength so quickly and cause unnecessary trouble to himself!
Ye Han is not a person who is afraid of trouble, but no one will be willing to add trouble to himself. Even if Ye Han is a fearful person, he is not stupid enough to create trouble for himself. Now he has enough troubles, and a moon, moon and yuan magic is enough to make him worry and fear!