Cheng Bolai’s surprised expression was even more surprised. As soon as his face turned pale, he suddenly saw a cold sweat on his forehead and sat down on the sofa.

"I just went to see him and talked with the injured driver," said Yang Ye coldly.
Chengbo’s lips turned pale and cold sweat flowed down the sideburns.
Yang night was silent. Looking at Cheng Bo, he sighed gently and suddenly asked him, "Fui-On Shing!"
Cheng Bo looked up and replied, "Yes!"
"What do you have to argue about?"
"No …"
"Be honest!"
"I will be honest with the government."
"Well, having this attitude is a good Fui-On Shing!"
"… Fui-On Shing"
"… the government I am a man."
"Fui-On Shing! Be honest! Explain it well! "
"Be! Report to the government, my name is Fui-On Shing, a 61-year-old male with a high school education … "
"Get to the point! Fui-On Shing! You know that our policy is frank and strictly resisted! "
"… is the government … report the government can you give me a cigarette …"
(It was reported that after the surprise interrogation by Yang Ye, the master of Yang’s family, and my project staff led by the master selected a breakthrough for the suspect Fui-On Shing, the interrogation was strengthened. After several hours of policy and a lot of evidence, Fui-On Shing’s psychological defense line finally collapsed, and many crimes of undercover Yang’s family in more than 20 years were confessed.)
There are two people in the small living room, which is very quiet.
Yang sat on the sofa at night, sobbing in front of him. Cheng Bo had mixed feelings. He really wanted to slap Cheng Bo because he helped Leng’s father take Xi Shi away. But this old guy, after all, Yang’s family has been here for so many years, and Cheng Bo also told the truth to help Leng’s family steal a maid. It’s nothing. He really didn’t know that Gentleman Xi Shi would make him so nervous.
"ChengBo you we Yang’s for decades my father treat you well? How can you be … "Yang night watching ChengBo heart throbbing that from letter to betrayal taste really uncomfortable.
Cheng Bo sat across from Mr. Yang and hung his head. "Mr. Yang, I know I know the master is good to me. You have been good to me for a lot of times … I feel like a Yang family, but …" Talking, Cheng Bo suddenly looked up at Yang Ye and said excitedly, "But Mr. Yang! I, Fui-On Shing, don’t divide grievances into people! So many years! I haven’t done a thing that I’m sorry for Yang’s family. I report to Leng’s family are all urgent things! My master has been so kind to me for so many years that I can’t be sorry for my conscience! "
Yang Ye nodded, but he did believe it. Besides, according to his father’s statement, since he knew that Cheng Bo was sent by the Leng family to undercover, he naturally wouldn’t tell Cheng Bo anything valuable. Yang Ye looked at Cheng Bo and said, "Cheng Bo, I believe you are our Yang family today. If something goes wrong, I will protect you from having anything to do with the Leng family."
Cheng Bo listened to one leng, then his eyes were moved, and he began to cry, covering his face with his hands and sobbing, "I want to, I want to!" But I can’t, gentleman. I can’t … "
"What?" Yang Ye asked, "What do you have on the Leng family?"
"This … gentleman I can’t say!" ChengBo hesitated a painful shook his head.
Yang night stared at Cheng Bo for a while and said in a low voice, "Well, you don’t say so, but Leng’s dare to take our woman away. This time I made up my mind to let Leng’s genocide! When the time comes, there will be no handle. Don’t worry, Chengbo. "
ChengBo a listen to panic raised his head and hands desperately shaking "can’t do this gentleman! Never do this! "
Yang Ye frowned at Cheng Bo and said, "Give me a reason."
ChengBo one leng expression sad and then slowly low head with his hands behind his head and cried for a few Yang night heard ChengBo vague spoke a word "gentleman real … real … now cold family gentleman is … is my own flesh and blood …"
"What?" Yang Ye was shocked and got up from the sofa. "What are you talking about, Cheng Bo?"
"It’s my son who is really a gentleman." Cheng Bo calmed down a little, slowly raised his head and took a look at Yang Ye, and then lowered his head. "When I was young, the Leng family stayed for a few years and later became a Qiuping special driver."
"Qiu Ping?" Yang Yewen
"It’s Mrs. Cold Heaven" Cheng Bo replied with a melancholy expression. "At that time, the head of the cold family was his father Leng Qingqiu, who had just passed away. Cold Heaven also just took over the management of the identity of the head of the family. The whole family was busy with the family business all day and rarely got along with his wife, Qiu Ping. I was the driver of Qiu Ping’s car to accompany her out for fun every day … Later, I slowly got emotional. Later, Qiu Ping had our own flesh and blood. Cold Heaven was that she was very cold and didn’t know that he was a legal birth. Later, Qiu Ping It’s just that Lengtianya was born soon after Lengtianya found me. I think I’m very reliable. She told me to go undercover in Yang’s family and then arranged for me to work as a servant in Yang’s family. It’s more than 20 years since I worked as a servant to be a housekeeper. I met my son Lengtianya once and Qiuping didn’t see her again until she died … I … I’m guilty … "Speaking of which, Cheng Bo buried his face in his old hands and burst into tears.
Yang night aside listened to become speechless and looked at ChengBo speechless with tears.
"Gentleman, you said that there is a father who doesn’t want his son to be good? Even if he doesn’t know who I am, I hope he can have a good life and one day inherit the cold family. "Cheng Bo cried and wiped his eyes and looked at Yang Ye.
"Such as ten percent" you say … cold heaven can’t have children? The cold family second young master cold sunset … "Asked Yang night to react and continue to be surprised.
"In principle, it’s definitely not cold heaven." Cheng Bo was sure to nod his head and feel uncomfortable again. "But … I don’t want to think so, because that means … after I left the cold house, Qiu Ping, she … she …"
Yang Ye nodded and thought, "What’s the name of Qiu Ping?" What a wholesale cuckold! Two were buckled for the cold sky and one for Chengbo’s head. Maybe there are extra green hats, but no one has found them.