The mobile phone has been scared to turn supercilious look. When they just fled, they were caught by a flying monster from the outside, and now they weigh more than 160 kilograms in the courtyard and are easily dragged out so far by another monster. All this is beyond his psychological endurance. I dare not lift my head and cry instantly. "Forgive me, uncle! Forgive me! "

"I asked you who sent you and who asked you if you would spare your life?" Yang night stared at mobile.
"Yes, yes! I said, I said, "Mobile really shed tears, shaking his lips and saying," President Yuan Shikai sent us to kill … to kill … "
Words didn’t say that finish the middle-aged woman came and gave him a kick scold a way "what President Yuan! He is your president, not us! "
Yang night looked back at the south glory magic south glory magic a few steps came along and Yang night looked at nodded and said, "I mean that Yuan Shikai didn’t believe you and me.
"He is cunning," said Yang Yexiao, turning to Sun Yat-sen and whispering, "Do you believe me now, Mr. Sun? Please leave here quickly! "
Chapter one hundred and forty "Thank you domain master congress"
Sun Yat-sen nodded and smiled. "Friend, I know that Yuan Shikai will send someone to kill me. He is bent on consolidating his Yuan Dynasty. This is what he has to do."
"Now that you know …" Yang Ye hesitated to ask a question that he had been curious about when he was looking at historical records. "Then why did you give way to Yuan Shikai, Mr. Sun?"
"Give way? Hehe, "Sun Yat-sen smiled." My friend didn’t expect you to know the current political situation very well at a young age! " Smiling, Sun Yat-sen sighed lightly and looked up and asked, "Friend, can I trust you?"
"Mr. Sun shouldn’t ask me this sentence, but you should ask yourself how you feel." Yang Ye also smiled and his eyes were unusually calm, but his heart was unusually surging. He was glad that he could really face a great historical man and ask questions through dialogue. This was something that he had never dreamed of before!
Sun Yat-sen looked at Yang Ye’s eyes for a while and said in a low voice, "I’m a real friend, but I’m forced to do so. Our Revolutionary League has been disintegrated some time ago, and the contradictions and conflicts are getting more and more serious, so I can’t shoulder the responsibility of revolutionary leadership. Those imperialist Yuan Shikai put all kinds of pressure on our revolutionaries from the external constitutionalists and the temporary government department, and I changed this situation by myself."
Yang night nodded. "I see, but … Mr. Sun …"
Sun Yat-sen gave a hand and continued, "And if we observe the country’s division from opposing forces, it is most likely;" In order to avoid secession, imperialist interference and the division of our territory, our revolutionary team law can successfully achieve the goal of overthrowing the imperial system by giving way to Yuan Shikai to help us to force the Qing government to coerce the Qing emperor to abdicate. "Sun Yat-sen shook his head." It’s easy to say but it’s quite troublesome to implement. "
"I’m white," Yang Ye’s eyes lit up. "Everything is your expectation and your strategy!"
Sun Yat-sen smiled and nodded. "It is also necessary to understand some necessary means of revolution."
Yang Ye thought, Hehe, if we hadn’t come back, your strategy wouldn’t have been so smooth, but he was still excited. He looked back at Nan Rong Phantom with a blank face. He didn’t understand a sentence. He looked at the ground and cried for mercy. The mobile said in a low voice, "Yang Ye, this man …"
"This man knows too much." Yang Ye smiled and looked at Sun Yat-sen.
Sun Yat-sen nodded to the middle-aged woman around him. The middle-aged woman did not hesitate to step forward and pointed her gun at the big brother’s head and pulled the trigger.
Yang Ye gave the middle-aged woman a thumbs-up sign and then reached out to Sun Yat-sen and sincerely said, "Dr. Sun Yat-sen is very happy to meet you, but I still hope that you will leave here as soon as possible and Yuan Shikai will do something again."
"I know.
I came back to see if Yuan Shikai would call a democratic congress and become emperor. After this step, I was seventy percent sure! "Sun Yat-sen smiled and clenched Yang Ye’s hand, but he was worried and asked," But … friends, you were sent to kill me and didn’t finish going back, such as telling Yuan Shikai? "
Yang Ye laughed, glanced at his head and said, "Don’t worry, Mr. Sun and Yuan Shikai won’t see us again."
"oh? That’s great! " Sun Yat-sen’s eyes lit up. "Will we meet again? I really hope that people like you can join our revolutionary ranks! "
"This ….." Yang night difficult smile "I’m afraid not, the two of us will leave here soon and should not come back"
"From? Where to go? " Sun Yat-sen asked
"Mr. Sun, don’t make it difficult for us." Yang smiled naively at night.
Sun Yat-sen nodded. "Well, I’ll thank you anyway. I’m afraid we would be in danger without you today."
"You’re welcome, Mr. Sun. It’s a revolution." Yang Ye smiled and suddenly looked at Sun Yat-sen with a serious expression in his heart and said, "I’ll give you a word before Mr. Sun left."
"oh? Please speak. "
"The revolution has not yet succeeded. Comrades still need to work hard!"
Sun Yat-sen bowed his head and repeated, raising his head with excitement, and clasping a Yang night hand "Good! This sentence is well said! I remember! "
Yang night smiled faintly, and her heart was beautiful. Haha, I didn’t expect it, did I? I didn’t think it was me, did I? Later people! You didn’t expect me to tell Sun Yat-sen this sentence!
"Then take care of Dr. Sun Yat-sen!" Yang Ye let go of Sun Yat-sen’s hand and held his fuels in front of several people.
"Hey, friend, I don’t know your two names yet!" Sun Yat-sen stretched out his hand and called out.
"Name? Ha ha "Yang night shook his head and smiled to raise my hand a guide to glory magic" my name is Zhang Mobile and his name is Li Unicom! I can say so much. Mr. Sun hopes that you will leave here as soon as possible! " Say that finish running a few steps grabbed south glory magic hand ran to the wall, a jump out of the wall.
Sun Yat-sen lifted his eyes and looked far away and gently sighed, "Good name!"
The middle-aged woman stepped forward and said softly, "Mr. Sun, you may not believe it, but I just saw that comrade Li Liantong flying. Maybe they are not mortal."
Sun Yat-sen was silent for a long time, nodded and said gently, "Maybe, maybe it’s really a fairy who came to help our revolutionary cause."