"The rules of the game are very simple. You need to order someone to take a large piece of egg ice to kiss the bride with ice in the groom’s mouth. If you feel cold, you can change the bride’s ice to keep a cup of tea, or it will naturally melt into liquid. Even if the game is successfully completed."

When this was said, everyone was silent, and the warmth of the wind was even more dumbfounded.
On this scale …
Even Feng Shao couldn’t help but look at the man who came up with this game. Well, he looks handsome and romantic. He is estimated to be a frequent visitor in Goulan Courtyard who is so familiar with these things …
Your wind is warm, and you are almost ready to cry. Looking at her, a teacher hopes that he can say something to refuse.
Lin jingxuan also gave her a look with a slightly drunk and handsome face, but he also flashed a suspicious crimson color. He clenched his fist with one hand and covered his mouth with a light cough. I don’t know if he was hiding his embarrassment.
Chicken shallow secretly pulled pull beside that yellow sleeve robe bass "emperor …"
Jun Mo gave her a Gherardini look. "Huh?"
It’s over, Emperor. It’s over. Rhythm root didn’t intend to help.
Phoenix shallow a face of "self-help" look at your warm wind, your warm wind, your mother’s eyes, and the last glimmer of hope is shattered. I can’t wait to faint immediately without facing these people’s burning sight.
Say everyone will treat each other coldly?
Why can you be so jubilant when you are having a wedding?
Soon the housekeeper motioned for everyone to take the ice back and carefully prepared a copper basin and a brocade towel.
Jun Feng Wen had to marvel at the efficiency of Lin Fu’s housekeeper …
Lin jingxuan chuckled.
The big palm scooped up the ice in accordance with the words, but when it came to her side, it didn’t immediately contain the ice. The head tilted slightly to her ear, and the two of them could hear the low voice, "Don’t be afraid of the warm wind …"
The soothing words match his eyes, and his eyes are blurred and drunk.
Your warm wind can’t help but turn red.
When this is their husband and wife’s ambiguous emotional appeal, everyone can’t help laughing and whispering.
When Lin Jingxuan shook hands, he braved the slightest chill. When he sent the thin lip of his mouth to contain the ice, your wind warmed your hair and your eyelids trembled, and your heart seemed to miss a beat.
Teacher, won’t you feel cold?
It contains a piece of ice instead of a glass of water.
The chill is slowly approaching in front of you, and the warm breath of a man is really the poles of ice and fire.
Lin Jingxuan raised her hand to tickle her ears and temples, and she was as gentle as a fragile and beloved treasure.
Jun Feng’s warm eyes twinkled, and those bright eyes like obsidian twisted her body. I wonder if she was under the illusion that the smell of wine seemed to be hot again, and her cheeks were low-paying jobs.
The heartbeat is strange and missed a few times. Chapter 1583 Even if the sky is ridiculous, what about it?
A second before the man kissed her, the wind warmed and trembled, and he called out "A teacher …"
The charming and clear expression makes people feel trance. The man’s eyes flash with a low smile.
Jun Feng bit his lip warm and felt the rich and low-alcohol wine coming on my face.
The crowd suddenly burst into laughter.
Lin jingxuan bowed his head and kissed her deeply, fearing that he would be frozen and need to stick to him, but she couldn’t bear the ice to seal his mouth for a long time, but the man was also reluctant to give up her cold place. At first, she bit his meager lips.
In the man’s stunned eyes, her little hand grabbed his skirt and stuck her tongue out.
The coolness spread all the way from the tip of the tongue, and she couldn’t help shivering with cold.
Lin jingxuan’s body suddenly gave a meal. Although he was drunk, he was not sane. He stared at her with dense eyes for a while and seemed to be unaware of her doing so. Soon, his eyes flashed a trace of relief.
His girl has never been reluctant to part with him, for example, she has never been afraid that he will get hurt.
Both of them can talk, but eye contact makes them understand each other’s hearts. If they want to suffer a little, they can make the ice melt faster …
After the ice melts, the liquid slides down the corners of their mouths to make people feel uneasy.
Especially in front of these two men, they are handsome and handsome, and the women are truly beautiful.
Some men can’t help but scold and play. Just looking at such a red-faced scene is actually …
At the same time, your warm lips have been shivering with cold, which is no better than the palm of your hand. You can also see such a fragile place as your lips if you want to!
Because she is facing away from everyone, no one can see that she has turned pale at the moment except the man in front of her.
Lin jingxuan frowned invisibly, and everyone applauded her fine waist.
Maybe others don’t know what he wants to do, and some people do, so that she doesn’t have to stand on tiptoe so hard to kiss him, so that she can hold her body and bear the constant heat of her waist, but the warmth of your wind is slightly zheng.
A teacher is afraid of her freezing and giving her the force …
At this moment, he overflowed with a ray of melancholy, and the wind in his eyes was warm, and the warm current flowing in his heart was also injected.