"Report to the captain, members of the flight brigade come to report." This pilot has a rough voice and sounds loud and powerful.

Zhuo Jiang got up and looked behind him and didn’t see another pilot. He came to the en port.
He looked out at the probe and met several rows of flying soldiers standing neatly in the central passage of more than 200 meters.
"Let’s go and see our new comrades-in-arms." Zhuo Qiang walked ahead and they all followed him to the front of these pilots.
"Hello, Captain" was echoed by the Long Yun Department.
Zhuo Qiang held out a hand and gently waved "Hello soldiers"
"Captain, you have worked hard."
Zhuo Qiang replied, "The soldiers have worked hard."
After saying this, he turned to Liu Xiaolei in a daze and said, "Why do I feel a little wrong? It seems that I should say the opposite?"
Liu Xiaolei just laughed.
At this time, I heard some noise outside, and Jing Tian and Huang Xue Yao also came out. They saw a large group of people coming out of this wide Long Yun, and they were very excited and ran out to watch the fun.
Zhuo Qiang is a little annoyed at this time. How should so many people name themselves?
"This you," Zhuo Qiang said, pointing to the pilot who reported just now, "You are called the No.1 Army. You number their department from 0 to 5. Finally, they put a unified number on their bodies, which will be good for command and dispatch."
"It’s the captain". No.1 Army has a straight body and meticulous eyes.
Zhuo Qiang thought for a moment and said, "You are responsible for arranging your own rooms for these warriors, and you have to solve your own problems for three meals a day. I believe these are not difficult for you, right?"
"Captain White" Army No.1 should be ordered.
These pilots are the same as Liu Xiaolei. They don’t eat, drink or sleep, but they will consume a little more energy in this way.
Compared with these pilots, ordinary pilots are too easy to send away.
These pilots don’t need huge logistics personnel or high salaries. They just need some energy.
And these fighters don’t need maintenance, and everything is automatically mechanized, which not only saves time and effort, but also is fast and efficient.
It takes three minutes from the arrival of the order to the takeoff of the fighter plane, but if the Ministry flies out of Long Yun, it will be a little long and it will take ten minutes less.
Even this is much faster than today’s aircraft carriers.
After simply placing these pilots, Zhuo Qiang and others returned to the operations room.
"Keep throwing bombs at me, and this is our territory." Zhuo Qiang wants to absorb oil quickly.
In this way, every once in a while, there will be one or two heavy explosions around or in the Beida oil field. In this dangerous environment, people in the oil field have been evacuated one after another.
However, there are still many people who are lucky enough not to be bombed frequently from here. The Libyan people seem to be not too afraid of such a thing, and this time they will just throw a few bombs like that.
"It seems that we have to do something fierce." Zhuo Qiang planned a large-scale bombing operation two days later
At this time, the Longyun issued an alarm "reporting that the captain found two high-speed fighters due north, please ask the captain for instructions."
Zhuo Qiang ha ha a smile, as expected, finally came to 381 retaliation.
381 retaliation