The waves eyed the tall pine office.

The fifth floor of the tall and loose office hotel is the highest floor. This hotel is full of capacity, which is to say, it is a three-star hotel. A three-star hotel is tall and loose, and its boss status is of course low, but his office is well decorated and somewhat stylish.
The waves got up and said faintly, "You have a good environment here."
Tall, relaxed and smiling, said, "Sir, I’m flattered! What’s your name, sir? "
"My name is Hai and my name is Hai Lang." Hai Lang said casually and walked to the window sill.
Gao Gaosong followed the waves closely for fear of neglecting the distinguished guests and said, "Mr. Hai was sent by Miss Lan as an inspector?"
The waves suddenly stopped and turned slowly, with sharp eyes fixed on the tall and loose face.
Tall pine was staring at the waves, and I didn’t know where I put my foot in my mouth, so I looked at the waves with a dry smile
The waves suddenly laughed, and their cold faces looked kind and kind like spring breeze.
Gao Dasong smiled when he saw the waves. Although he didn’t know what he was laughing at, the pressure on his heart was a little smaller. He laughed with him and thought, "Mom, all big people are cruel, so they laugh and joke, and they are always scratching their heads."
The waves laughed. "You’re not nervous. I’m from the way."
Gao Gaosong was relieved. Since it was Chen Pingpa, the head office, of course, it was not the head office that sent people to inquire about his accounts. You can rest assured.
The waves went to the windowsill and looked out and said, "Does the head office often send people over?"
Gao Dasong said, "They don’t come here once in a while. Most of them come to hotels and restaurants of various families to absorb some beautiful and elegant women to enter the headquarters for training and then be selected on the basis of merit …" Gao Dasong didn’t say that he pointed to a red building 500 meters away.
That red building is the real purpose of the waves!
It was a seven-story building, and there was no other tall building around it. The building rose abruptly.
This red building is simple in style, with red roofs, red tiles, red walls, red windows, red doors, red lanterns and red carpets. The colored places are all red, which looks not only unremarkable but also somewhat vulgar.
The waves know-this red building is the biggest hotbed of evil in the city and even the country. This small building with an unremarkable appearance has the most luxurious and advanced facilities in the world today!
The waves smiled and patted Gao Gao’s loose shoulders and said, "Gao Gao, have you ever gone in and enjoyed it?"
Gao Gaosong laughed. "Brother Hai is joking. It’s not enough for me to go in there and enjoy it!"
The waves know that it is not modest to be tall and loose, but they are really not qualified to be invited to enter the Red Chamber to enjoy people. If there are few prominent people in this city, they should also be in charge of the courts.
The waves laughed, and one day he can go into the Red Chamber and enjoy himself!
Gao Dasong said, "Brother Hai must have gone in with Brother Chen, right?"
The waves said, "Not yet, because I still don’t have Brother Chen around me, but I will be back in a few days. At that time, Brother Chen said that I would hold a banquet in the Red Chamber to celebrate. Haha, if Lao Gao is interested, will you come with me?"
Tall pine flattered repeatedly laughed "hai ge pull! Haigeba! I wonder what Haige has? "
The waves patted tall and loose shoulders and laughed. "To tell the truth, Gao Gao is not something you should ask."
Tall pine face a stronger smiled and said "yes, yes! You see, my broken mouth didn’t close the door. "Gao Dashong also knows not to ask questions indiscriminately, or it will be harmful to him.
The waves said, "it’s okay. I won’t tell the way. We’ll be brothers after that."
Gao Dasong said, "If Brother Hai has any instructions, just say it!" He recognized that there must be something wrong with the waves befriending him.
The waves smiled and said, "It’s no big deal to sit and talk …"
The waves pulled Gao Gaosong into the office and sat on the sofa, saying, "A few days ago, I was drunk, and a girl promised to help her find a job. You see, I still have a job to help, and there is nothing wrong with arranging her. I see you have a good environment here. Can you help me arrange a …"
Tall pine laughed "this is too hard! Of course, I will arrange a good job when Hai Ge introduces me. Haha, how about getting paid every day without work? "
"no! No! " The waves shook their heads and said, "If this is too noticeable, other employees will have opinions. When the time comes, it will be difficult for our brothers to talk. Anyway, I just don’t care. There is nothing special about her at the same time. Just give me a face and let her be a member. This will also show that I have not broken my word. Goodbye, she will be easy to talk."
Gao Dasong said, "Isn’t that wronged her?"
Waves bohemian a wave of his hand "injustice? I have told you that there are many women. If everyone arranges a good job, I will be busy! "
Gao Gaosong laughed. "Hai Ge said that there are many handsome and romantic women like Hai Ge!"
The waves said, "I don’t want her to arrange this job, but she said that her hometown in the north came to this city and she couldn’t find a job and asked me for help. She repeatedly softened me and turned me down, but she promised to come again …" He smiled and pressed the bass. "This girl is good at water bed, and I am very happy. After I have done it, I can often arrange her for you, and then it is convenient to do it. Haha …"
Tall pine stretched out his thumb and praised, "Hai Ge is a dissolute and romantic man!"
The wave’s face sank and said, "It’s our man’s business to be high. If you don’t make it public everywhere, others will say that I’m public and private, and you know that Miss Lan has always been very strict. If she finds out …"
Gao Gaosong said, "Hai Ge can rest assured that I will keep a low profile. Besides, although my hotel is less than a mile away from Miss Lan’s office, Miss Lan has never been to my small place."
The waves said, "I wish you were white. I’ll go first, and then I’ll have to trouble you to be old."
Gao Dasong said, "Brother Hai often comes to visit me because he thinks I’m old. What’s the trouble?"
Gao Da Song is over forty years old, but he has a passion for the waves in his early twenties. Age is not the key, but the ability. It’s like Chen Ping should respectfully call her "Miss Lan" if she meets that Miss Lan!
The waves got up and smiled. "I’ll call that chick to work here in three days, and I may not come over then. Just arrange it at your discretion."
Gao Dasong quickly got up and said, "Hai Ge can rest assured that there is absolutely no problem. By the way, what’s the name of the chick that Hai Ge introduced?"
The waves laughed. "Her name is Zhang Yi!"
Tall pine laughed "oh good name! It won’t be that international celebrity, will it? "
The waves laughed. "It’s much more beautiful than that international celebrity. By the way, don’t hit on her when you are old!" "
Gao Gaosong said, "Hai Ge is joking. That’s Hai Ge’s woman. I dare not lend me two guts!"
The waves walked to the door and said, "That’s good, you won’t send it."