While the deputy director of the bedroom looked at Zhang Xiu’s eyes like a wolf looking at his mouth, mutton looked like a pig’s head, and suddenly he winked at two female students sitting next to Zhang Xiu.

"Yes, Zhang Xiu, let’s drink before. It’s good to get used to it …" I received a pass from the director and passed a look. A female student wearing heavy makeup and revealing femininity urged another to help quickly. "It’s Zhang Xiu who has not had a drink for the first time …"
"That … then I’ll drink this one …" Looking at the four people in the room, they all looked at themselves and Zhang Xiu was very embarrassed, so they said cautiously with a try attitude.
"Ha ha, that’s right. Students should listen to the teacher and not listen to the teacher. Students are not good students. Drink quickly …" The teacher said with a big smile, but there was a bad meaning in it.
Zhang Xiu frowned and took a bitter sip of the glass of white wine. He felt that his throat was like a blaze, so he quickly put down the glass, picked up a napkin and wiped it. Because it was too spicy, tears came out and he coughed lightly …
Looking at Zhang Xiu’s delicate appearance, the deputy director has been flirting with the other two female students of the teaching master, which seems to mean that he will also take this female student tonight.
"Zhang Xiu, you can’t do this. Why did you take a sip when you agreed on a cup? Hurry up and do it …" The master got a sign from the deputy director and said quickly.
"There is half truth in drinking. Drink it quickly …" Two female students sitting beside Zhang Xiu nodded and said yes.
"I really can’t drink the Lord … I really can’t drink …" Zhang Xiu said with his eyes red and his hands set.
"How can you drink like this so that your two little sisters can accompany you to drink …" The teacher said and gave a wink to the two students who were sitting beside Zhang Xiu.
"good! Then we two sisters will accompany you to drink Zhang Xiulai, and the three of us will drink together … "The two female students are obviously veterans. After receiving the instructions from the teaching Lord, they quickly raised their glasses and said to Zhang Xiu.
"This … this …" Zhang Xiu looked at the two female students and picked up the glass. It’s hard to say what can end up with the bitter and spicy white wine as the two of them drank it.
"Ha ha good generous! Come to Zhang Xiu, I propose a toast to you. I wish you come to the ideal Chinese university in 2008! " The deputy director looked at Zhang Xiu, whose face was red and her eyes were full of color. She raised her glass and said to Zhang Xiu, while two female students around Zhang Xiu quickly filled her with a glass of wine.
"Lord … I really can’t drink it. My head is a little dizzy …" The first time I drank Zhang Xiu, I felt like I was going to blow up. I quickly got up and refused.
"Zhang Xiu is not sensible again, isn’t it? The director personally respects your wine. Can you not drink it? You know, the director has never given me a wine. Don’t know when you are blessed. Drink it quickly!" Teach the Lord said coldly
"Alas ….. you’re wrong to say that. How can Zhang Xiu’s classmates be so ignorant? She didn’t come in vain just now. This is the last drink and I’ll take you home …" It was the deputy director who had experience. Zhang Xiu was not only a fish, but also a novice at drinking. If two glasses of wine were not directly knocked down, he cajoled.
"That … that’s all right …" Sure enough, Zhang Xiu, the deputy director, heard that after drinking this cup, she would send her home and reluctantly agreed to come, then clenched her teeth and closed her eyes and drank the glass of white wine painfully and then plopped down and fainted.
"Ha ha, this wine is almost enough. You two did well today, and you were greatly rewarded late …" The deputy director finally showed his true colors when he saw Zhang Xiu faint. yin smiled and said to the two scantily clad female students, then turned to the instructor and said, "Will you play with me tonight?"
"No … no, director, I have a class …" The master of course knows what fun means, but he dare not touch it. Although he said that two dissolute female students sitting next to Zhang Xiu were introduced by him, he never went to play. What he did was to climb again because the deputy director had promised him that he would be the principal as soon as the old principal retired.
"Ha ha, that’s good. You can go. Don’t worry, it won’t happen …" yin, deputy director, said with a smile that she was obviously satisfied with the performance of the instructor.
He said nothing because he let the girls he was looking for have poor family conditions and are vain. According to the previous two successful experiences, this time he has lost his weight and a little sheep will be delivered to his mouth.
Nuo Nuo, the master of teaching, walked out and rode a motorcycle and went home. He didn’t want to send Zhang Xiu to the wolf’s mouth, because Zhang Xiu was the kind of good student who hoped to sprint to win glory in prestigious schools, but somehow the old * * actually named herself and couldn’t get Zhang Xiu for her.
When the instructor rode a motorcycle to the door of the community, the young teacher quickly pointed to two dog and said, "See, riding a motorcycle is the instructor …"
"Hum this dog day watching drink a lot! You step aside and let me do it! " Two dog said that he came to the middle of the road, and the motorcycle would pass through the place for a while and blocked the way.
"Whose child! ? What are you doing here? " The instructor was riding a motorcycle and saw that the road was blocked by a young man of fifteen or sixteen, cursing and slowing down.
"Who are you fucking scolding? ! Grandpa, I’m in your way today! Give it to me! " Without further ado, two dog took out a dagger in his waist and resisted the teaching master’s neck.
"ah? Robbery … "Teach the Lord to look at this posture and struggle to shout at once, but before he can shout out a word, he was punched by two dog according to his mouth.
"You a dog day shout again! ? Call me to kill you again! " Two dog scold the sharp knife to teach the main neck at a glance at the flashing cold light dagger to teach the main immediately empty honestly dare not pant. 338 Crazy two dog!
"You a dog day drink a lot! Where to drink? " Smelling the teaching master with a mouthful of alcohol two dog disgusting scold a way.
"Little ye forgive little ye forgive … I have all my money here. Take it all you want. Don’t do stupid things …" The master felt that the cold blade was reaching his neck, so he hurriedly took out his wallet from his pocket and handed it to two dog for mercy.
"Bah! Grandma, bear, you are old with your stinking money! I asked you, where the hell are you drinking? " Two dog gave a big scolding and took his wallet. When he saw it, it added up to less than 200 yuan and threw it aside.
"ah? Mr. … You can also ride this motorcycle away from me and buy it … "two dog, the teacher, felt that he had less money and quickly pointed to the motorcycle and said.
“****! Always asking you where are you going to drink tonight? ! Don’t say I’m welcome again! " This teacher really challenged the limit of two dog. two dog scolded him and slapped him a few times!
"Don’t be so violent, young man. It’s illegal for you to do so. Let the master loose quickly …" At this time, I kept watching the young teacher come over and advised him that he had seen what it meant to be cruel. This 15-or 16-year-old boy was a thug. He was really afraid that if his hand trembled, he would kill the master.
"You roll for me! No guy! " Two dog doesn’t even care about birds. The cowardly squad leader also doesn’t look back and shouted at him.
"You … why are you here?" The teacher saw the young teacher by moonlight and pointed at him and asked, or did the young teacher bring someone to get back at him?
"Lord … listen to me, Lord. Things are not what you think …" The young teacher explained quickly, glaring at the teacher.
"You explain a hair you explain! Tell you to leave me alone, or you’ll see what I can do to you later! " Two dog turned to scold the young teacher and then turned to teach the Lord a burst of disorderly play while scold a way "you stare for me again? ! Stare again? !”
Two dog didn’t stop until the Lord took back his glare at the young teacher. "Tell me where you were drinking just now. I’ll tell you that my patience is limited. If you don’t say anything, I can’t guarantee what will happen …" two dog said and lit up the sharp and terrible dagger.
"I said … I said I just … drink at the Grand Hotel …" The master said with a guilty conscience.
"Who else is drinking with you? !”
"Deputy Director of Education Bureau … and … there are three female students …"
"Is there a student named Zhang Xiu? !”