"Three brothers don’t know your name? My name is Mirotos. "Mirotos asked the names of three people.

"My name is Sammul He, and this is Purple Pupil, and this is Brady." Sammul He said faintly.
"The three brothers came to the death field to go to the shadow paradise, right?" Mirotos smile.
"Yeah, it’s going to the cinema."
"Sure enough, but this death field is dangerous. Even we dare not go too far into the deep forest. I’m afraid it’s very difficult for you to cross the death field." Mirotos frowned slightly.
"No matter how hard it is, we will go over." Sammul He’s pupil is indescribably firm
"Don’t worry, then our tribe will try our best to help you." Mirotos smiled lightly.
"Thank you very much. Brother Mirotos has a question that I don’t know when to ask improperly. Please forgive me for taking the liberty."
"If you have any questions, just ask. Our tribe hasn’t met anyone outside for a long time. We know that we will definitely tell you."
"Brother Mirotos, I want to ask how long you have been in the death field?" Sammul He finally asked out the doubts in my heart.
"I knew that if you want to ask this question, do you think that the death field is like an idiotic dream?" Mirotos smiled lightly. "It’s impossible for a willing heart. At the end of ancient times, there were many heroes who wanted to go to the shadow paradise, so many people went to the field of death, but in the end, they almost didn’t go out from the field of death. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who didn’t go out of the field of death died. At that time, there was a great man who tried his best to protect human beings and found this natural cave. There was a waterfall isolated atmosphere here, and even if wild animals couldn’t find everything, a few people came alive, thus forming our small tribe."
"So that’s it." Sammul He nodded. Although Mirotos’s words were very reasonable, he was still dubious. He wouldn’t forget that the wild people entered the waterfall and their bodies suddenly became illusory. In an instant, it seemed that the reflection of running water was really something! Moreover, when savage heard that they were foreigners, their eyes were naked, which was definitely not hospitality! Instead, it looks like a hidden cheetah! All this is suspicious.
Sammul He, except his friends, will not easily believe that this is his character as a beggar, and this is still the field of death.
"Mirotos, I have a question for you, too. Have you been trapped here for thousands of years and never thought about going out?" Brady suddenly asked a little.
"This is natural. We have been trying to get out of the death field for generations, but we didn’t succeed once. Instead, every time we were killed and injured, we failed. I don’t know if you have seen the whole island structure from a distance. The outermost part of this death field is the beach, but the beach is not as calm as it seems. I believe you also have some experience, and I can tell you that you are the weakest when you are attacked. This is your luck. If it were another creature, we would not be able to save you."
"We have an attack? What what? " Brady was so confused that he had no idea what happened.
Mirotos looked at his words and continued, "Behind the beach is the forest of death. There are many wild animals in the forest of death. The closer you get to it, the higher the level of wild animals is. Even a small fish and a butterfly can’t be underestimated. They may have strong power. This forest of death has killed several masters."
"if someone is lucky enough to walk through the forest of death, they will face the nine forbidden areas in a more horrible place!" Mirotos said the nine forbidden areas sounded dignified like fear.
"Nine forbidden areas? What is this? " Three people are all surprised.
"Nine forbidden areas are nine mountains! Do you see the huge towering palace at the end of the island? "
"The Asgard? Have you seen that Fairy Palace is a forbidden area? "
"No, the nine forbidden areas are nine mountains around the death field!"
Brady couldn’t believe it. "Really? The nine mountains don’t look very dangerous and they are not big. "
"The danger is not to see that according to these nine mountains, light and shadow were originally distributed all over the mainland, which is the nine forbidden areas of the mainland, but in the end, I don’t know why, at the end of the flood, people moved here to form a cage and trapped the middle fairy palace."
"What did you say? Is this the nine forbidden places in the mainland? " A flash of divine light in purple pupil’s eyes.
"Purple pupil, have you heard of these nine forbidden areas?" He Tianhe Brady is one leng.
"I’ve heard of ancient books and recorded that there are nine forbidden areas in the original mainland, and each forbidden area grows with a kind of fruit that has great power. Many big people have fought for it, but few people can come out alive. After that, the nine forbidden areas disappeared, but I didn’t expect to be transferred here. Brother Mirotos, don’t tell us that you have to cross a forbidden area if you want to cross the death field?" Purple pupil looks pale, forbidden area is dangerous, and that root is life and death!
"Well, you guessed it. If you want to get out of here, you must go to the top floor of Fairy Palace, where there is a virtual door and then there is a shadow paradise."
Purple pupil wry smile "so dangerous? Is there no other way? "
"yes! But this method is not easy. Once something goes wrong, it is also the first painful crossing of a narrow escape.
The sun is very hot, but the surrounding environment is very dark. Sammul He slowly opened his eyes and actually panicked and shouted "old man!"
But there was an echo from him in the dark corner, and he was so anxious that he looked around. There was no figure around him, and he looked at his body, which was bloody and full of scars. All this was not a dream! But where is this? Where is the old man? I can’t stop crying at the thought of the old man, but now it’s not the time to cry. We must first understand where this is.
Looking around the buildings, I found that the buildings here are very strange. The buildings are very tall, and the buildings are not very closely separated, so that most of the ground will not be exposed to the sun, and there are dark corners everywhere. What is going on?
He tried to get up, but he felt a sharp pain and fell to the ground. A very old chest fell from his arms. There is a very loud name called God.
See this Sammul He can no longer hide panic corners of the mouth kept whispering "old man where are you".
This was given to him by the old man. He was a beggar, of course, that is, he met the old man when he was very young. The two of them have been begging for each other. Up to now, they have experienced too much bitterness. He still remembers the bewitched expression when the old man gave it to him.
"Brother, I came to see you. It’s my destiny. I gave you a secret book! See, my ancestors, ancestors told me that this name is called "God"! That is to say, if you want to practice this face, then you can be omnipotent! "
Children always like to fantasize and dream in a muddled way, so when they were young, He Tian believed in it and took it as a valuable treasure. He also practiced it several times, but he didn’t see that he had strengthened himself until he grew up. He also took it as the only gift that the old man gave him and kept it well.
Thinking of the old man holding back his aching body, he got up from the ground and hobbled out of the corner step by step.
Is this the downtown area? Listen to the hustle and bustle around, Sammul He can’t believe his eyes. It’s not that the downtown is not lively enough, but that the downtown looks very dark, because here, like many places, the light is blocked and the sunlight can’t come in, so everyone here looks very white. The white is not pale, but a jade-like white, even men are no exception, which makes the skin not very dark and makes them black instead.
At first glance, Sammul He found that his dress looked a bit nondescript, but people didn’t care. His cloth was different from theirs, and he didn’t have much cloth. Since he didn’t know where this was, he met a pedestrian and went to ask.
But the pedestrian either evades or says he doesn’t understand.
At last he became white.
This is not his original world! He seems to have come to an unknown world! Because he doesn’t understand the language here, then where is this? At this moment, he misses the old man very much, but he dare not think about it, and he will cry because of it. He took out the one and a big stack of silver tickets from his arms and watched them cry even more.
"The old man …" Roar will hand silver ticket to shreds! How can a beggar get so much money? But this money can’t circulate in the world. He has already tried.
At this moment, after a group of footsteps sounded, several men, teenagers and young people came in the corner.
He Tianzheng wanted to greet each other. Several people had approached him with a bad face. His language was rude and he said something he didn’t understand, but it was obvious that these words must not be good.
Before I thought about it, I hit him with a fist, holding back my body pain. Sammul He panicked and begged for mercy from several people. This is the old man’s life. There is not much to teach him, but it adds up to three points.
A good thing will never be your own need, meaning and pursuit.