"It’s my dad’s code," said Nan Rong’s magic head without dynamic pressure bass

The bodyguard on the other side chased the horse in front and asked, "and the silk-worms of spring will weave until they die!"
"Exquisite people die young!" South glory magic replied
"Don’t laugh when you are drunk in the sand!" Ask again over there
"Play broadsword in public!"
"The apes on both sides of the strait can’t stop crying!"
"One day, husband and wife are grateful for a hundred days!"
"Li Weng is fishing alone in the river!"
"It’s a dog in the manger!"
After saying this, several bodyguards got up and suddenly smiled easily, and said, "It’s really one of our own!"
Yang night, the scorching sun and Muyang are all looking at each other with a dull face. Looking at Nan Rong’s magic eyes, there is appreciation.
"I really overestimated the cultural level of master Nan Rong." Yang Ye murmured a few words, and several people went to meet those bodyguards together with Nan Rong Huan.
Nan Rong Yun Xin and two bodyguards came out from a corner, with red eyes, a frightened face, wet tears, small nose and residual snot.
Yang night took a heavy pat on the forehead, and it was always fragrant! Watermelon and an egg! How could I forget that it’s my own jet lag here? This was ten years ago!
That’s right. Even Xin is still a ten-year-old girl.
"It’s strange for you to wear it." A bodyguard greeted him while holding a gun. "Did Nan Rong’s gentleman send you? The news is really fast! Mom, those policemen are really useless and keep us trapped here! "
Nan Rong smiled and nodded. "Thank you for your hard work. How about we are not injured?"
"Of course not!" The bodyguard stood up and said, "We have a few young ladies to protect. Are those kidnappers or veterans? I have been ambushed several times but I haven’t been able to come!"
That’s true. The five families of Nanrong family are naturally a tough one when they hire bodyguards. They are all dealing with more than a dozen dissidents.
Yang night staring at the uniform xin stunned their world in general, absolutely no one dare to make five big family idea kidnapping? I’m tired of joking! But this time difference may be due to ten years ago? Nan Rong’s family is not strong enough to make the world look up, so someone dares to be so bold to even Xin’s hand.
This Yang night is heard from my father that some Nanrong families can become the second top spot of the five families. The support and photos of the Yang family for many years are not only divided into more than ten years, but the Nanrong family has rapidly risen from the position and hope of the Yang family at the end of the five families.
Nan Rongjun and Nan Ronghuan and others will be grateful to the whole Yang family, including Master Yang Zhenkui. They know very well that Yang Ye, the gentleman of the Yang family, is an idle man, and he is reluctant to let his daughter Yun Xin and Yang Ye get engaged.
Such a thought Yang night is worried.
Yang Ye, who belongs to the world, has changed completely. He has made everyone sit up and take an active part in the gentleman. But this time difference, Yang Ye is only a teenager now, but when he grows up, won’t he become an idle guy who eats, drinks and plays again?
That’s really difficult and wronged even Xin!
Thought of here, Yang Ye suddenly had an idea, that is, to find a chance to find this time difference. Yang Ye’s education may scare him not to develop in that direction. Maybe this Yang Ye’s teenage years can help him form a correct outlook on life, world outlook, values and chastity. super variety show …
Yang night, south glory magic a few people from Ann channel on the 29th floor to fight the AnMen root without gu is careless to take a gun with a cigarette in front of several big fellow near AnMen.
At the moment of stepping into Anmen, Nan Rong’s magic double-arm osteotome has been stretched out straight, and the gray and shiny color makes him look like a perfect match for the mechanical men’s suit, which is a little seamless.
A white light osteotome has been split out sideways, and three big men near Shouanmen have all been cut by osteotome, and a drop of blood has not been splashed out. The three men have disintegrated without approval, and the chest has remained in a just posture, standing on the chest together with the head, and it has fallen to the side like pieces of frozen pork, while a big man is still smoking after landing with a cigarette in his mouth.
Then Yang Ye, the scorching sun and Mu Yang are filing in with the baby behind Nan Rong Magic, and each of them can make a fuss and rush into the crowd who heard of wwpgn’s hands and mercenaries.
It’s nothing special. The kidnappers who came here were angry first, then shot, and then stupidly. Their accomplices behaved differently.
Nan Rong Phantom’s hands and osteotome cut happily, brandishing his arms, and rushed to those kidnappers for several rounds. The bullets were blocked and ejected back in his high-speed rotation, and the kidnappers around Nan Rong Phantom were shot one after another and screamed and fell down.
Those lucky enough not to be hit by stray bullets might as well be hit. Nan Rong’s magic is spinning and waving his arms, and his osteotome is like a meat grinder. The mechanical men’s suit also sends out "Kaka" from time to time. The kidnappers around him stare at white light flashing in front of them one after another, only to find that their waist is sore, their back hurts and their legs don’t cramp-all those pieces are out of their homes.
In this moment, there are several broken arms and legs flying. The kidnappers look up at the dazzling and can’t tell which one is themselves. For one second, they feel that they are sinking and looking down, and they are already sticking to the ground.
The hot sun was dressed as Santa Claus, but the gifts were jealous, and the high-temperature fireballs hit the guns continuously. After being surprised, they screamed and turned and ran away.
The kidnapper’s department that was hit was burned with liver and gallbladder, and instantly became a scorched body. The scorching sun naturally didn’t do anything. Hands with white plush sleeves jumped from the skin as if they were burning. More people were hit by flames, but the kidnapper’s body was not on fire, but the hit part was scorching, and the heat was intact from the wound to their body surface. Nothing was damaged, but the internal organs were burned to ashes, leaving only a body.
Baby long also shows his body * * abuse suit waving whip in his hand, from time to time throwing the spiral stab out and stabbing several kidnappers, and then taking it back to his hand, wearing leather pants, rubbing his face and rubbing it back. It’s Nan Rong’s illusion that he keeps pinching his waist and twisting his head to pose behind him.
Later, she simply didn’t start work. Anyway, no one resisted. It was like a game. She dodged the south glory illusion and blocked the stray bullet. She put away the spiral thorn. She was interested in watching the reality and didn’t need her to start work. There were dozens of kidnappers in the hall on the 29th floor. Isn’t it a blink of an eye to clean them up?
Muyang is continuing to perform a big skeleton-changing trick, dressed as a superman, barking at the deep green sticky thread in his mouth and shooting it out like a fishing net. One by one, the kidnappers have become Bai Sensen skeletons, with guns in their hands, dark eyes and a wide-open mouth, and they still maintain a surprised expression before.
More and more white human skeletons are standing on the ground without changing their posture. Even those kidnappers who wriggled and fled did not fall to the ground or ran on one foot after becoming skeletons.
Those mutilated corpses cut off by Nan Rong’s magic osteotome are better than those instantly turned into skeletons by Mu Yang. Fortunately, these kidnappers are so frightened that blood rushes to their foreheads and drools their pants. How many people can bear the fear of watching their companions turn into bones in the blink of an eye?
Cry dad shouted niang luckily kidnappers turned around and started running without considering the direction, thinking of getting away from these guys who are dressed in perverts and killing more perverts!
During the process of all the kidnappers’ scattered escape, kidnappers were constantly hit by bullets, splashing a mass of blood on their backs to beat their legs. Just as soon as they screamed, the horse made up for it with the second shot and shot them straight in the head.
Who shot? Yang night! Yang Ye has no ability at all, but the red seal has risen to help him aim at the kidnapper. Isn’t there a super DE and a SIGP1 pistol in his hand? At this time, he is holding these two pistols in his hands, shaking his body and fighting fast. M65 trench coat is holding two guns at a steady pace, and while walking forward, he pulls the trigger of the right and left guns, and the shells fall off. He steps on the ground, G desert boots, ringing and ringing, and quickly drowning the continuous shooting noise. If there is no face in the epicenter, M88 helmets and 6 sand helmets, The mask hides the face that I believe everyone will see Yang Ye at this time, which is so intimidating, arrogant, self-conscious and awesome. If you give Yang Ye a set of slow motion at this time, it will be really handsome and cool. It is impossible to compare …
There are a few sharp-eyed, quick-witted people who know that their opponents are too strong. It’s definitely not that people simply risk their mentality to continue to fight back with guns, but they accidentally find this place pretending to be cool! My eyes lit up and I thought there was a normal here! Unlike those nonhuman guys! Can shoot people! Kill him first!
So several kidnappers moved closer to Yang night and took the machine gun in their hands. Without hesitation, they swept these kidnappers fiercely. Naturally, they didn’t say that the rows of bullets deviated from each other and hit Yang night.