No matter how it is, Wang Haidong thinks about one thing himself. Sometimes he thinks it is better to enter the officialdom, but sometimes things are not that he thinks it is that simple. At this time, things may mean that there will be some changes. Sometimes such changes may mean that they will not be controlled by people.

It’s like saying that my grandfather Chen Dalong died. One thing is whether Wang Haidong can control one thing.
Therefore, in such a situation, there are some things that he himself has to choose at this time. If he wants to die and does not choose to become Jubaoge, then Jubaoge will be closed at this time. This is not what Chen Dalong wanted to see before his death. Of course, it is not that Wang Haidong wants to see one thing.
Therefore, at this time, Wang Haidong’s words when he enters the shopping mall are sometimes very resistant to this point. No matter how it is said, he is also very clear in his own heart that there are some things that he must do himself. He can’t give up Jubaoge, which is very clear in his own heart.
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Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Close or not
Three people here when implementing Han felt very sigh with emotion. He didn’t think that Wang Haidong actually had such an idea, such a situation, such a thing, such a thing, which he himself had thought of.
But at such a time, how to do it in order to have a better effect has never occurred to him, and when he first entered the officialdom, he also thought of establishing his own network. At that time, he also knew the importance of the network, and it was very convenient to do some things.
And it is said that in general, some people do these things quite well, and Zhao Sirius does it quite well. Although it is said that Zhao Sirius did not enter the officialdom but went to do business, this time does not prevent Zhao Sirius from establishing the officialdom network.
Shi Han thought at that time that it would be very helpful for him to set up his own officialdom network and have his own people in the shopping mall.
Such a situation is true. No matter how it is told, such a thing will have a strong personal color. If you want to do it yourself, what will be the result after this thing?
However, although this guy Shihan thinks so, this time is no matter what, there will be such a regret, that is to say, once you enter the officialdom, it may not be your time.
Moreover, it is said that there are some things you want to do, and there is no telling whether you have the opportunity to do this one. There are always many things that officialdom does.
And it is said that some things in officialdom are quite a wave.
People who don’t enter the officialdom always think that some people in the officialdom have played like this for a day with a newspaper and a cup of tea. This day is like a fairy, but is this the case? The actual thing is certainly not such a situation.
If you really don’t have any progress, maybe you don’t have the ideal of progress, that is, you don’t want to be promoted until you retire, then you can just muddle along with a newspaper and a cup of tea, which is often the case.
Or it’s no big deal for those who are about to retire. You just muddle along like this.
However, when entering the officialdom, most people are thinking about promoting to a higher position and getting rich, which is beyond doubt, especially when young people like Shi Han come to gild, so at this time, of course, it is not a newspaper and a cup of tea so that things can be played.
Therefore, Shi Hanshi is quite busy at this time, and he has no time to build his own network during this process.
Real such a thing, this thing, no matter how to speak, is not so important for Shihan in officialdom.
Therefore, when he comes to the collection, his whole heart is thinking about how to make a situation and make some achievements by himself. Moreover, it is time for the top leader and the second leader to unite against him, which means that he himself is the third leader. Therefore, there are many things that make him feel annoyed. Some things are just that he, the third leader, can decide.
At this time, he will not only try his best to fight the situation in this strange place, but also such a thing is not an easy thing.
If there are such things in such a situation, it is already said that he is quite annoyed by himself. He feels that he is not enough, and he has to be careful to guard against the calculation of two people, so it is not so important to build his own network at this time.
Without such a situation, Shi Han himself thinks that such a thing is not very important, that is to say, such a situation is really such a thing that Shi Han still wants to build a real embarrassing network, and he thought of it himself at that time
But at this time, he doesn’t have any time. Since there is no time, the matter of building his own network is slowly released. At this time, what kind of idea Shi Han himself is is actually not very important, and it is said that such a thing is full of such a thing, and he has also thought it over.
After all, I have just entered the officialdom. It is necessary to say that the official scene is to establish my own online chat, and this is also quite a wave. Therefore, at this time, he focuses on this face and spends some thoughts.
And it is said that such a situation is actually such a thing, such a thing, no matter how it is, such a thing is what others choose, and people who enter the officialdom usually choose it this way.
In the official scene, you should have your own network, one is your own senior leader, and generally speaking, you can lead for two years, perhaps even more promoted.
At this time, it is still your leadership, which is an important bargaining chip. If the old-level and old leaders often walk around, they will also be of great help if necessary.
The second network means who you belong to, and you don’t know what the development process is after the other party. Maybe people will be promoted, so it is also very important to find a few hardcore hands at this time.
Also, that is to say, some students in the party school are very important.
Generally speaking, entering the party school is a signal to you. Of course, there are exceptions, that is to say, if you are involved in a big case and send you to the party school to study, then such a situation is less important at this time, and it is said that entering the party school to study in such a thing can be said to be a very important resource.
It is a very important network for classmates to cross such a network together, so such a thing is practical. At this time, the key point of Shi Han is to put some of his energy into two aspects.
One is to break the situation, and now he is not very successful in doing such a thing, and he is saying that such a thing is true, and such a thing is really a failure. This time, he, that is to say, will use such an opportunity to break such an embarrassing situation. Is it true that he can really break such a situation? Then it is really hard to say at this time.
Another important thing for himself is that in such a situation, he wants to establish his own official scene. In such a thing, Shi Han is doing quite well. No matter how it is, it is also possible to see that such a guy as Shi Han is the official material, which is suitable for mixing people in officialdom.
The success of such a thing also gives Shihan considerable encouragement, contacts and ability, both of which are very important, although it is said that Shihan also has his own family support at this time, so if it is said that family contacts, it is no big deal
However, it is very important to have family support in officialdom, which can make you grow up in a fair environment, and you won’t be casually overshoed or picked peaches. Generally speaking, the family has played such a general role, which is also very white in such a thing. Family connections can’t always help him.