"Don’t talk," Cheng Dongyang glared at her sister. "How much more does it take to let her lose?"

It’s hard for the nurse to say that it needs 4CC at least, but the patient’s condition is urgent. "This lady just lost blood, so it’s better not to let her lose."
"Let me do it!" Tang anjiang walked to the front and said
"Uncle Tang, let her lose. You are not fit!" Cheng Dongyang took Tang Anjiang and saw Meng Yudong’s eyes. Chapter 36 is not her turn.
"I’ll go with you!" Cheng Dongyang’s voice hurt her deeply, and her health was worthless in his mind.
"Why should I let Dongdong die?" Yu Yu was very dissatisfied and rushed over and stopped Meng Yudong. "Dongdong has already lost 4CC of blood. She has done her best to do so with Ke Xin’s sister. Now Xin Jie’s family has come, but it’s not her turn."
"Cheng Yuyang, shut up!" Cheng Dongyang face became extremely difficult to see him mercilessly stare at Meng Yudong.
"Dongyang Yuyu said that Miss Meng has done her best. My daughter must come to save the nurse. I will go with you," Tang Anjiang said.
"Primary and secondary Tang, your physical examination report just came out. You have high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. You can’t transfuse blood." The nurse happened to know Tang Anjiang and couldn’t help saying.
"Give her a smoke!" He turned his head and his eyes were fierce and folded.
"I’m fine, Yuyu." She pulled Yuyu’s hand. No, these people said that if she could do it, she would do it. "Lord Tang, let me do it. Am I young?"
Tang Anjiang looked at this face and a strange feeling welled up in his chest. The child and she were so alike that they made him feel distressed.
Zhanlonghai watching will not say a word.
The nurse gave her a CC this time. As soon as she finished smoking, her eyes turned black. The nurse gave her a glass of sugar water for her to drink.
"You lie down and have a rest first," the nurse said with some sympathy.
"Elder brother, I’m really disappointed in you. Dongdong is not you, and no one here. You are not qualified to do this to her. What do you think of her as a temporary blood bank? I smoked again and again! " Yu Yu said and hurried to the ward to see Meng Yudong.
"Dongdong, I’m sorry my brother did this to you." Yuyu said with regret when she saw her pale face.
She smiled and shook her head. "I’m fine. Did I draw some blood at a young age?"
Tang Kexin finally passed the critical period, and Yu Yu sent her back to the government dormitory.
"Dong Dong, why don’t you come to my place!" It’s really simple to look at her dormitory, a small single bed, a wardrobe, and then a cupboard. Winter and winter things rarely make Yu Yu look a little sad.
"No, it’s late now. You go home! I just want to sleep, "she said to comfort her friends.
"Do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you. "Yu Yu really doesn’t trust her alone in this cold room.
"I really don’t have an appetite now," she smiled. "Go home quickly. I’ll call you if I have something."
Yu Yu nodded "that you want to let go of the phone? Dongdong, my brother is really sorry for doing this to you. "
She smiled weakly, even if she was sorry, it wasn’t her turn to come. Chapter 37 Unless your name.
Meng Yudong didn’t sleep well all night. He had nightmares, and when he woke up, it was less than seven o’clock, and the cell phone rang all the time.
When she touched the words, she heard Meng Xiaodong crying. "Sister, will you come over now?"
"Xiao Dong?" She sat up suddenly. "Where are you now?"
"I’m in a small clinic on Huayu Road. I’m so scared." Meng Xiaodong sobbed heavily and kept sniffing.
"Xiaodong what happened? What are you doing in your small clinic? " Meng Yudong said that he had gone to the wardrobe to find clothes.
"Elder sister, please come here now." Meng Xiaodong just didn’t answer and cried one to one.
Meng Yudong guessed that something must have happened. Last year, that terrible feeling came back again. She changed her clothes and went out to take a taxi to Meng Xiaodong clinic.
"What should I do?" As soon as Meng Xiaodong saw her, she threw herself into her arms. "I don’t want to lose this child again. I’m really scared."
"What did you say?" Her face changed and she sat beside her sister. "You said you had children again? Zhong Siyuan? "
Meng Xiaodong shook his head. "Brother Philip Burkart and I broke up long ago. I don’t like him?"
"What’s the matter with that child?" Meng Yudong is sad when he thinks about it. How old is Xiaodong? She’s only twenty-one years old before she graduated from college, and it’s her second pregnancy. She’ll ruin herself if she miscarries like this.
"I can’t say elder sister, I really can’t say" Meng Xiaodong couldn’t help shaking his head in tears.
"Then why are you here?" Little Winter Coastal Secondary City Jianghai City Jianghai Finance College University is now a junior. A year ago, she was shocked to talk to Zhong Siyuan about her. How can she talk to Zhong Siyuan?
Last year, she left Linghe Zhong Siyuan with injuries and had been in contact with her for more than five years. Xiaodong was her own sister, and they United to give her a knife. She didn’t want to tell anyone that she almost didn’t carry it.
But she knows that if things can be done in Xiaodong, she has to do it, including sacrificing her love to become her love, and she has to commit herself to another man. This is what she owes Xiaodong!
"I, we’re here for an internship in Binhai," Meng Xiaodong replied softly.
"Even if you want to have an operation, you can’t be so bad in this small place, can you? What all want to go to a regular hospital, "she said, pulling her sister up.