Indulging in the jade flute brings people this feeling, but in this feeling, Yan Xin also accidentally heard a kind of melancholy, and Ye Han’s face was always hanging to get a melancholy color.

Through this flute sound, stroke, melancholy feeling and Ye Han’s face, which hides deep melancholy and inflammation, we can know that the experience described by former Ye Han is definitely not as simple as what he said.
Ye Han’s memory of that kind of melancholy has a long history, even though everything has been resolved almost now, but that kind of melancholy color and feelings have become his habit!
From the flute sound, we can know that Ye Han has two virtuous women to accompany him, but the experience in the past ten years has been deeply planted. Although his heart has been slowly hidden, that kind of feeling is erased in a short time.
A little Yan Xin can also hear Ye Han’s feelings. When Ye Rou married someone else, she was doomed to be wiped out for life. Even after a few years, that feeling may still be hidden in his heart.
When Ye Han touched this feeling, his mind could not help but have some addiction, still playing the jade flute as usual, and at the same time, his face was so deep and melancholy that it flashed unnaturally and clearly.
When I was playing the jade flute with one heart and three minds, I accidentally thought of myself watching Lengling’s every move at the same time, which directly led to the fact that the music played by Ye Han was out of tune.
After a song, the melancholy color of Ye Han’s face decreased in time, and soon he sighed lightly and put away his jade flute. He immediately smiled at Lengling and asked, "How does Linger feel?"
"Well," after listening to Ye Han’s words, Lengling shook her head with a wry smile. "There is something wrong with your blowing. I can’t feel it at the moment!"
Listen to LengLing mouth induction word Ye Han suddenly is suddenly busy looked up at the day soon is also a face of nai shook his head and there was a burst of wry smile at the same time.
Listening to Lengling’s awakening Ye Han immediately made it clear that this Lengling is oh, I want to borrow the flute sound to affect my body cold and thus sense the destiny star.
If you want to know the life of the star, you can roughly know your position. To do this, it is much easier to find a way out of the fog with these.
However, Ye Han also knew in his heart that he must have played the jade flute and felt a little uneasy at the same time, which affected the flute sound.
Naiye Han smiled bitterly. "Linger, why don’t you play this song and leave it to me?"
When I heard Ye Hanyan’s cold words, I suddenly burst into a wry smile. "If you can do this, I won’t be so troublesome!"
It’s Leng Lin who has this idea, but now she’s at this point. It’s better to think of other ways than to treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor!
Nai shook his head and Leng Ling gave another wry smile. "In that case, I’ll play this song and you can take my place!"
Say don’t wait for Ye Han to react LengLing stretched out his hand and took the jade flute in Ye Han’s hand, then closed his eyes and put the jade flute on his lips, and the lingering flute sound rang again.
Ye Han’s flute sounds are different. Cold ling’s flute sounds generally contain a cool meaning, which shows that this cold ling must have his mind at the moment.
Being able to distinguish Leng Ling’s mind from Xiao Yin is of course necessary. After all, she doesn’t know Leng Ling very well, so he can know her mind except listening to some cool ideas!
But Ye Han was vaguely aware that Lengling would be so roughly related to himself, the wedding night and the injury at the intersection of the two empires.
Natural Ye Han still knows that this cold ling must be mixed with his meaning in addition to these two pains. After all, there are still some unknown things in the past.
None of these people know that Ye Han didn’t know much about it in the past, but at best, he was injected with a very unusual fire for some reason, which led her to rely on cold companions to relieve her heartache.
Although Ye Han doesn’t know all this, he can also think of something to know. Lengling must have experienced many pains before Ye Han.
It is because of these pains that she has such cool and painful feelings, so the feelings revealed when playing the jade flute are also cool and refreshing.
Shook his head to drive away all these distractions from the heart. Ye Han just meditated and closed his eyes according to Lengling’s meaning to experience the life of the star.
The lingering cold ling put the jade flute quietly looking at a face of primly Ye Han and then did not disturb it. He made a gesture of silence at Yan Xin, who had just slowed down.
Get Leng Ling Xing Yan Xin from also dare not careless, although she still doesn’t know Leng Ling’s idea, but it can also be white. All this has to do with leaving this foggy array!
The lingering sound dissipates Ye Han’s eyes open at the right time, but his eyes look towards the sky at the right time. It’s like he’s already out of his mind at the moment
See Ye Han so LengLing two people are afraid to disturb a lamp tea kung fu in the past Ye Han had a light sigh to look back LengLing two women.
"how about it? Have you found your way out? " See Ye Han huanguo to absolute being LengLing timely inflammation hin looked at each other, immediately rushed Ye Han tentatively asked.
The original Ye Han also wanted to explain it to Lengling, but when Lengling asked him, he hesitated for a long time without words.
Seeing that Ye Han was so cold, he also hesitated for a while, and then Nai smiled bitterly. "Come on, did you find an exit?"