Sun Mei hasn’t got up yet. He picked up his mobile phone in a daze and saw that it was Brother Gan’s arrival. He smiled and said, "Hehe, Xiao Gan, why did you miss me so early today?"

"She still misses you. I miss you so much! I ask you, do you know Qin Xiaowan? " Dry elder brother asked urgently
"Small wan? Yes, what’s the matter? " Sun Mei asked doubtfully.
"ah! I can’t tell you clearly, so let her tell you! I really can’t stand her! " Brother Gan said and handed the mobile phone to the violent police flower.
"Hey Xiao Wan, what’s the matter?" Sun Mei asked.
"Mei Jie, I’ll tell you the true face of this smelly rascal now. I’ll tell you that he already has a girlfriend and he’s going to hook up with you! Don’t worry about it and see how I can teach this Chen Shimei for you! " Small police flowers indignant replied
"Chen Shimei? Girlfriend What are you talking about, Xiao Wan? " Sun Mei was confused by her.
"Is that the woman who lives with him is his girlfriend, and he has a girlfriend, and he still cheats you not what Chen Shimei is! I still want to step on two boats! " Qin Xiaowan said well-founded
This time, Sun Mei understood that this good sister was venting her anger on herself, but she really knew that Brother Gan had a fake boyfriend with her the other day to meet the beautiful landlord. Besides, she really hoped that Xiao Gan could get along with the beautiful landlord, but it was not easy for her to inquire about the girl. Her old man seemed to be an old navy commander and general, and when Brother Gan was arrested, she saw that girl was in a hurry and transferred the army to marry such a girl. Both her career and life were good for Brother Gan. She was a loser.
"Oh line small wan you hurry back! I’ll make it clear to you when you don’t understand the situation! " Sun Mei said to Qin Xiaowan and then hung up.
Qin Xiaowan was at a loss with a mobile phone. Did he really make a mistake? Brother Gan looked at her and said, "Don’t be singling out others until you figure it out this time!" Be a lady, okay !” After that, Brother Gan took the mobile phone from the police flower and took the car.
Qin Xiaowan held a small fist and said, "I will spare you once in Chen Shimei today! Let me catch you sooner or later! " But dry elder brother didn’t hear the car dust and went to the early Chapter 16 The boss has to rush ahead.
Chapter 16 The boss had to rush ahead and drive to the abandoned factory building in the training base. By then, Hu Debiao, Ouyang Cheng and Chen Hu had already arrived there to discuss something, while Huang Hao and Zhang Dabiao were there to train the special training team early. When Hu Debiao met him with the car, he said, "Xiao Gan, are we still training like yesterday?"
"Of course, nothing can stop three months of special training!" Dry elder brother seriously replied
"When will the Tigers and Wolves help deal with it?" Hu Debiao asked.
"He’s just a little worm. Don’t worry, Mr. Tiger killed him and played with him! Let the players train during the day and act at night! " Dry elder brother very confident replied.
"Ha ha well anyway, this matter to you! I’ll just celebrate you then! " Hu Debiao looked at dry elder brother relaxed so-called sample shrugged and said
"Ha ha! You are quite good at picking a tiger! But who told me to be small? I’ll put up with it! Just prepare a good wine bar! " Brother Gan laughed and said that Brother Gan had called Huang Hao over. "What time does Uncle Huang get up today?"
"At four o’clock! These kids have to be severely trained! Otherwise, you won’t be a great talent! But last night was the first night, and they were not so comfortable after they had a good sleep! " Huang Haobian said, insidious smile looked at the specially trained players who were practicing early.
"Ha ha! It seems that you still have a way, Uncle Huang! " Brother gan felt the same way, saying that he wanted to die of that crime that year. These little rookies will never realize that it is not like hell. It is simply hell! It’s even darker than hell. You can drink Meng Po Tang in hell and forget everything! Where your body and mind are suffering from inhuman torture all the time!
"Ha ha, I trained and scouted before, even those recruits’ eggs were like this. At that time, the group of rabbits and other classes that challenged me were not so hard, but our class was so abnormal! I have to sue me at the company commander’s! Haha, they are a bunch of stupid recruits who don’t know that when the old company commander trained me, it was like that! " Little Hao Huang seemed to think of the scene and said with a thoughtful smile.
"Ha ha that they are not nothing to find smoke! Uncle Huang, you must have made them experience what a soldier is? " Dry elder brother also asked with a smile
"Hey hey also didn’t how the whole they just let them in the rain with tea urn JunZi all night! Little rabbits are not sensible. We have to teach them, right? At that time, your brother Zhang, that is, my old monitor, was gloriously discharged due to injury, but I was a man who had experienced war! I didn’t clean them up. I hoped they would shed less blood! They asked me when. I told them that there is nothing that makes you my old yellow soldiers! Who let you into the reconnaissance company! You are not an ordinary soldier when you enter the reconnaissance company! I have to train you to death! " Huang Haoda said that the more he said, the more excited he became, as if he had returned to that passionate time.
"good! Uncle Huang, now you take these 612 specially trained players as your recruits’ eggs and give them to me for training in the dead! Remember Uncle Huang, if I were not a scout, I would be 612 special forces in three months! " Dry elder brother said seriously
"Don’t worry, Xiao Gan, don’t you Huang Shu can’t guarantee that you can still do it if you give me 612 rookie three months later!" Hao Huang replied.
"good! You tell the specially trained team members that Huang Shu won’t take the bus today. Yesterday, I calculated that it is almost more than 20 kilometers from here to Harbour University of Science and Technology for them to run! It’s four forty-five. Go there! Don’t eat breakfast if you can’t get there! Tell them that he didn’t eat alone, but 611 special training players stayed with him! " Dry elder brother said to Hao Hao
Huang Hao went over, blew the whistle, and then reached the order of dry elder brother. When Hu Debiao heard the arrangement of dry elder brother, he thought that this little boy was really going to engage in devil training, but it’s good that this society is not cruel, you don’t bleed and sweat. When it comes to the battlefield, you may not be as simple as bleeding. I’m afraid the price will be death!
Brother Gan said to Hu Debiao around him, "Brother Biao, take a bus with Brother Cheng. Brother Cheng is a strategist and a mental worker. You are the boss and it is not suitable for publicity …"
"Whistling dry this call what ah you tell you who can’t run, I can’t run! I can’t let my brothers run there, but I, the boss, enjoy it in the car You can run, I can run, and I was young! " Hu Debiao immediately retorted.
"Then I’m going to run away, too. One of my military advisers watched the boss run away in the car. How can I say it?" Ouyang cheng also protested
Dry elder brother looked at Hu Debiao and OuYangCheng smiled and said "ha ha you want to run and run bai! But we agreed that if you really can’t stand it, don’t hold on to the car! You two are two treasures of our loyalty hall. Don’t be exhausted … "
"Ha ha to you! You and I are tired from the old ladies’ business! Don’t worry, nothing happened! If you can stick to it, we can stick to it! " Hu Debiao said with a smile
"Well, then, let’s get going, Tiger Ye! Otherwise, if there are more passers-by in a while, it will have a bad influence, and people will have to * *! " Dry elder brother replied with a smile
"good! Set out! " Hu Debiao trotted in front of himself! Then the dry elder brother Ouyang Cheng, Chen Hu Huang Hao and Zhang Dabiao led the team in the front, middle and back respectively.