Although Xi Shi was not as nervous as Zheng Dan, she was still a little scared. Although she had seen Yang Ye fighting alone against dozens of guarding officers and soldiers of Wu State, she fainted when Yang Ye killed hundreds of people behind her. Xi Shi was also worried when she saw so many people coming.

"Brother …"
"renege! This king of Yue is so fucking cheap! " Yang Ye turned to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan with a comforting smile, with a hint of cuteness and calmness, and flashed a naughty "Don’t worry, two beautiful women swear in my name that they will protect you!"
I sneezed in the code word-why did you drag me in?
Yang Ye said, putting his arm around Xi Shi and Zheng Dan’s shoulder, giving up the two beautiful women far behind, and then smiling, turning around and coming over, looking at the approaching brigade, the Vietnamese troops shook their heads and clenched their fists tightly, thinking about what would force me to kill people!
Think so has raised his hand "come on! I want this … Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Where is my sword? " Yang night nervously put his arms four looking for fierce saw his sword and put it on the lawn not far away-just put it there when he helped Zheng Dan pinch his feet.
Yang night went over and picked up the sword and stood up to meet the dust rolling in. The pursuer of the State of Yue drew the sword out of the scabbard, held the tip of the sword high and pointed it at the sky. "Come on! I want this day to cover my eyes again! I can’t bury my heart if I want to land! I want all the beautiful women to come home with me! Want this pursuer to vanish! ……”
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◎ Yang Ye was suddenly recalled to a foreign country.
◎ Yang night argued with the domain owner and Mrs. Yang Lao.
◎ The problem of bringing Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back has turned around.
The whole person got excited when the domain owner let go of Yang Night. He said that he was going to take Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back to his home and back to the Yang family mansion. He didn’t think about anything. Just after arguing with the domain owner, it was some kind of feeling nasty nonsense, but that’s how old lady Yang couldn’t bear to watch Yang Night feel uncomfortable and help. Did she really convince the domain owner? Surprised? Not heart? Hey, hey.
"Domain master, you said that if I successfully completed it, there would be a reward. That’s what I want now!" Yang Yexing rushed to the domain owner. "I won’t make it difficult for you not to affect that historical trajectory. It will be fine if I take two people away!"
"But … I said that you still need to do some things that will not affect the historical development." The domain owner’s expression was also relaxed, as if the decision made him feel like a heavy burden.
"What is it?" Yang night was nervous again and thought watermelon was an egg! There are always conditions for leaders to promise something!
"Once the history really changes abnormally, you should be responsible for sending those two people back to them and their times." The domain owner didn’t look at Yang Ye’s side head and said, "And …"
Yang night wait for a while stared at the domain master, but he closed his mouth and took a look at Mrs. Yang Lao. Mrs. Yang Lao got the message and walked to the front of Yang night with a smile. "Don’t worry about it at night, you will know what domain master to deal with yourself. Now it means that there is another bone family who will be a gentleman in that world, but the induction is not very obvious. The domain master will let you pay attention to it at any time after you go back."
"This is no problem!" Yang Yema promised to tell me where to find someone? Pay attention to one, that’s all.
"Red Bi this thing just this once" domain master came and patted Yang Ye on the shoulder and then took a look at Yang Lao’s wife and turned around and disappeared into a piece of pure white.
"Depend! Like a ghost "Yang night leng interface rang 1.
Echoed in the domain tonic "by! I can hear the red dagger ~ ~ ~! "
Yang night looked up in surprise and saw a circle. Mrs. Yang patted Yang night and pointed behind Yang night. "Now go home. You are so lucky. It’s the first time for such a thing at night."
Yang night looked back at the stone mirror, showing a piece of pure white. Mrs. Yang had pushed him behind her.
"Wait a minute!" Yang night turned to look at the old lady Yang "I’m surprised! Why did the old lady promise me so easily? Didn’t you fight for such a thing when you were an official? "
Mrs. Yang Lao shook her head and looked somber.
"We have to protect our legitimate interests when we are repairing officials!" Yang night is in a good mood, but it is not good to show it in front of Mrs. Yang.
"You don’t know that the domain master was not a domain master at night when I was an official, but a higher rank than the official." Mrs. Yang sighed, "I was an official before I realized the domain master, and I have experienced almost all the officials, so he will understand that you dare to make an exception secretly."
Yang night suddenly realized that this domain master is really doing it step by step.