Bao Xiaosan smiled and said nothing, but when she looked at Su Ling, her eyes shone like stars and obsidian days!

"Little Three, I have worked hard for you these days!"
Su Ling put away the rice paper in her hand and smiled at Bao Xiaosan head-on. She seemed to be in a good mood!
Smell package small three by * if surprised to wave "miss you are serious! This is what I should do! But you asked me to investigate the Qing Dynasty. I have already written to my eldest brother and second brother!
They are also actively investigating, but … There is no news yet! "
"ok! Look at your hard work. I’ll take you out for a tour! We will leave in a few days when you are ready! "
Su Ling is so full of smiles. If she didn’t know the truth, I’m afraid she would really think she was going out to play!
And Bao Xiaosan also nodded, "Miss, just tell me at any time!"
"Then you can live in Wangfu in this way, so you don’t have to travel back and forth! Bi Rao prepares a room for Xiao San! "
Said Su Ling will not refuse to let Bao Xiaosan live in Wangfu!
Bao Xiaosan took a fancy to the rice paper with a smile when she walked to her former place of residence with Bi Rao!
For a moment, she took a deep breath and was about to step forward. Behind her, Shui Tianyue quickly said, "Sister Su, are you going out?"
"hmm? What’s the matter? "
Su Ling looked at Shui Tianyue’s recent rosy recovery and felt guilty for her.
She is also the first lady of Shuijia, but she would rather be with her now!
Although she is not, she can investigate the reasons, and she has an unshirkable responsibility!
Seeing Su Ling’s surprise, Shui Tianyue didn’t wriggle before her eyes flashed and asked, "Sister Su, I … can I come with you?"
"Everything with me?" Su Ling see water Tianyue cautious sample smiled "of course! Go! "
Shui Tianyue was delighted to lift her eyes and see Su Ling smiling, and suddenly she was entangled in her heart!
She really has her own ideas and prejudices, and she will choose to stay with Su Ling, fearing that she will miss Yu Qing’s news again!
But now her doubts about Su Ling have also decreased, but she still pays more attention to her actions!
"Yushu prepares a carriage!"
When Su Ling stepped out of the West Garden, she told him somewhere in the courtyard!
At this time, Zhengshu stretched out his neck and looked at Bi Rao and Bao Xiaosan Yushu. When he heard Su Ling’s command, his foot slipped and he almost didn’t fall!
Yushu hurriedly prepared the carriage and forced Lin Feng to drive with Su Ling and Shui Tianyue out of the house, and then he rushed back to the West Park!
I can’t help it. There are too many men around the princess recently. He must observe carefully and never let his sister Rao be taken away!
On the other side, Shui Tianyue didn’t know where he was going after he got into the carriage with Su Ling!
When the carriage wobbled for an hour and fell asleep, she felt that the carriage was quite stable. Without asking, she heard the breeze cavity "The Zhonghemen in the Princess Palace have arrived!"
After Su Ling took one look at Shui Tianyue and nodded to her, she took the lead in taking the carriage!
And the first time I came to the palace of the State of Qi and Chu, Shui Tianyue’s behavior was not a little formal!
Accompanied by Su Ling, she walked into Zhonghe Gate and immediately looked up to see the thick and simple imperial palace appear in front of her eyes!
"Sue … Sister Sue, what are we doing in the palace?"
Shui Tianyue said it was false not to be nervous!