"Since promised to life and death, then we can live one! Ice snow lotus! " Zhang Tao’s offering of ice lotus is full of murder, so people must not stay. If they don’t take this opportunity, it will be a menace in the future.

White and soft face changed. He knew that Zhang Tao wanted to get rid of him. Zhang Tao’s murderous eyes were already very white. He wanted to escape, but he found that the ice crystal snow lotus was the peak of the body. Tianshi may not be able to resist a move. He is just a first-class Tianshi. Even if he has a life-saving trick, he is also a firefly.
In the face of Zhang Tao’s high card, all he can do is close his eyes and wait for death. "Let’s be enemies!" Confident and not killed, but has issued a declaration.
Egret heart is surprised than this Zhang Tao can create such abnormal tricks? Ice snow lotus is so, so is love! Both tricks are unique.
Perhaps Zhang Tao is still very small, but Egret knows that going to Zhang Tao is bound to become a master.
In the distance, Bai Yao and other extremely poor second-generation brothers flew in quickly, but what they could see was just a delicious scene of ice crystal snow lotus bursting. White soft roots had no body, and their bodies were frozen into air by strong air conditioning.
"This is his trick?" Never look at Zhang Tao this recruit heart deeply force if Zhang Tao this deal with him? Can he block it?
Chapter 393 I will kill my lover.
Bai Yao and others watched in horror as the ice crystal snow lotus exploded and formed a huge ice crystal lotus. It was like a dream in a distant mountain, like a dream in which the epiphyllum bloomed forever in the depths of the memory sea [KA]/
Consciousness looked at Egret Egret and nodded dignified. All the younger brothers returned to their palace. Only Bai Yao looked complicated and looked at Zhang Tao.
Bai Hong defeated and defeated Bai Rou! What a brilliant record this is! And absolutely finally blew himself up and took out the peak strength. Bai Yao knew that even she might have to go all out to do it, and she just felt the fatal fluctuation. She knew it was Zhang Tao’s so-called "she also knew that she might not be able to stop it".
At that time, a small martial artist in Wanbao City of Honghao Middle School had to rely on Tianshi to protect it. Now it can shock the overseas land? It’s really a genius in history, and it’s really a miracle
"Husband!" King’s body moved to Zhang Tao beyond the limit. Zhang Tao smiled with relief. Everything in front of him was blurred but not as clear as Wang Qiao’s face. I don’t know whether it was because of deep memory or because I couldn’t forget the softness. Zhang Tao said softly, "I won, and no one can stop us from being together."
With that, Zhang Tao fainted, and the king’s tears were like pearls, but she didn’t do anything. She held Zhang Tao in her arms tightly, so he came to comfort himself, and now she can comfort him.
"I’m relieved to have him. Maybe I can’t accompany her, but there is such a person who loves her sister better than me. Bless you." Bai Jue smiled with relief, and soon he fainted before he saw it. It’s not that simple.
Ding-ding, ding-ding is like a clear bell in the fog. This crisp sound rings slowly in the depths of my soul, but I have smelled a delicate fragrance before I open my eyes. How familiar and nostalgic I am.
I can’t wait for Zhang Tao to see a worried surprise. Qiao face feels the weight in her arms. Zhang Tao knows that it is lying in her arms.
Although I was in a coma, I still repaired it. At this time, Zhang Taoti was slightly weak, but there was not much pain. "Husband, you are awake." The king of the science of uniting the martial arts has a little more dust than before, and a weak but more beautiful soul-stirring voice, like a fairy in the snow.
"How long did you sleep?" Zhang Tao looked around. This is obviously a boudoir. Obviously, this is the place where Wang lives.
"Five days and five nights, husband, this time I’m too tired to have a good rest, just beside you." Wang moved all over and found a more comfortable position. Zhang Tao lay in her arms and felt her charming body and her smooth skin. Zhang Tao had an instantaneous flame surge.
"Your husband and bad guy" Wang looks rosy and delicate. How sensitive does she feel now? Zhang Tao changed and she felt it at once.
3,000 moss is like a quiet river, and Zhang Tao’s chest is slightly fragrant, constantly sweeping Zhang Tao’s nasal cavity. Carefully count yourself. Although you are beautiful, you have never had a wedding candle. If you want to have sex this year, it is normal. Zhang Tao even doubts that he is so stunning but not tempted. Is there a problem?
At this moment, it is verified that Zhang Tao kissed Wang’s seductive and crystal-like red lips. First, she skimmed the water, and then she deeply explored Wang Ruxue’s arms tightly holding Zhang Tao and feeling the taste of her lover. How much did Zhang Tao do? The king knows in his heart
However, in recent years, I have been thinking about Zhang Taoqing’s sword, Wang Xiangqin, and slowly leaned into Zhang Tao’s mouth. Zhang Tao, a fragrant night Joan juice, is also natural to the net.
Gradually, the soft and charming body warms up, and the king’s breathing becomes shortness. Zhang Tao can’t wait to melt the king into his arms and moan gently, which is more emotional than whispering in fairy ears.
Slide your hands slowly along her charming body. Maybe you can get close to it naturally, but you are firmly held by a jade hand. "My husband can’t give it to you now."
Hot breath orchid fragrance constantly stimulates Zhang Tao "?" At this time, Zhang Tao found her voice hoarse, and a kind of fire kept burning. This Zhang Tao reason woke up with a voice, "If you want her, she is your woman!"
"My son feels that my husband’s realm is unstable, like rising or retreating. If you are greedy for sex now, it will be harmful to your husband’s health. If your husband wants to reconcile Yin and Yang, please ask him to fix it firmly." Wang said that his face was hot here and he could never say anything.
Zhang Tao dotes on her soft hair. "What will happen then?"
"Husband, you are bad." Wang buried his beautiful face in Zhang Tao’s arms and never wanted to get up again. "Tell my husband what will happen then?" Zhang Tao didn’t give up. She felt that tenderness needed to be regressed.
"When the time comes, I will naturally take good care of my husband." At this moment, Wang’s shyness seems to have disappeared. His face is full of seriousness and his eyes are full of love. Suddenly, his red lips are hot and close to Zhang Tao’s ear. "My son is a husband, and it is necessary to pity my son at that time."
This provocative language immediately made Zhang Tao a pillar! However, Wang smiled and hid from Zhang Tao’s magic hand. He lost his illness and troubled Wang. It seems that he showed a happy side of his heart. This temperament was unprecedented in Zhang Tao’s cold and qi operation, which immediately restored the embarrassing part to stability.
The body bounced up and made a magic step, but Wang Jiao called out, but it was already caught by Zhang Tao’s hands. "Well, have you learned to get a husband now?" Zhang Tao a face of smile.
"My son was wrong." Wang Jiaoxiao was laughing. Just as Zhang Tao was about to release it, Wang suddenly said, "Please punish my husband." This gentleman’s picking and touching is unbearable. If he can still endure Zhang Tao at this time, he is not a man.
Desperate to print red lips and enjoy the moment of turning miss into a kiss! Two people in this ice and snow show the general love of the sun.
"I don’t know if you are a brother?" Zhang Tao and the king walked out of the door. Zhang Tao was naturally a smiling face. The king’s face was still reddish. He heard the Zhang Tao question. The king’s face was dim. "The eldest brother’s explosive hole is destined to be a basket case in this life. Even if the palace master asks the pharmacist to refine Dan medicine, he can also stabilize his body skills. Maybe the martial arts master will be with him."
When I heard that, Zhang Tao also sighed slightly, and he turned his back and exploded the hole. This courage is really admirable, but it is a pity.