"A barrel of brandy? !” Xia Yu almost jumped up. "You think that’s Erguotou. That’s gold coins."

"Erguotou? What is Erguotou? " Kaiser and Polka are confused.
"Our hometown dialect means staple goods." Xia Yu realized that he had made a slip of the tongue. After coming to this continent, he still often spoke some common words of the earth. This habit is just like spoken words, which can’t be changed for a while.
Because Xia Yu has to take a dangerous road back to Blackstone Town, he was born in Kaisaido. After lunch, he taught Xia Yu some wild knowledge and skills to save his life when the enemy attacked him. Polk taught Xia Yu a few simple and powerful tricks of his swordsmanship. Although Xia Yu learned this martial art at all when he met an armored warrior and a high warrior, he could wait until his companions rescued him if Xia Yu resisted two.
Nicole didn’t come the next day. On the afternoon of the third day, Nicole came. Today, Nicole was dressed in a white magician’s robe with a white staff head in her hand. She deliberately didn’t wear a magician’s hat. Her hair hung freely and her shoulders looked elegant and handsome. Xia Yu, Both Casedo and Polka were stunned, but Nicole threw a water polo in the past, and three people suddenly became drowned. Nicole quickly ran into the house to change clothes. Nicole also used magic to disturb the outside yard. How many young magicians came out and asked Miss Nicole if there was anything they could do for her? Maybe it was because of her peers. Nicole was very polite to the magicians, saying that finding Xia Yu had something to do with them. Nicole asked the young magicians to regard Xia Yuma with special respect, including Xia Yugang, who was a waste, but they were more jealous and didn’t know that Miss Nicole had taken a fancy to this and didn’t understand it.
When Xia Yu got dressed and walked out of the room with a baggage, Nicole said cheerfully, "Xia Yu, our trial team is leaving today. Have you packed your things and come with me?"
Xia Yu was clever in this study and said, "Ready for Miss Nicole."
"Let’s go, then." Nicole turned and walked to the outside of the hospital. Xia Yu was carrying a small baggage and followed suit like a kannika nimtragol.
Looking at Nicole and Xia Yu’s back, Casedo shook his head and said, "I just want to ask Xia Yu to set out and send a servant, but Miss Nicole has to come here in person. There must be something fishy?"
Polka licked his lips and said, "What do you mean?"
"I think it’s Miss Nicole." When Casedo stopped saying this, he couldn’t blather to the ears of the earl and his wife. Not only could they not afford to eat, but Xia Yu would also be implicated. Although Casedo was bold but not stupid, he was still white.
Chapter 1 Return to Blackstone Town (Middle)
The four luxury carriages of the Fire Dragon Academy and the Water Academy have stopped. The red carriage is the Fire Dragon Academy, and the white carriage is the Water Academy. Even if you don’t look at the signs of the carriage flames and waves, you can easily tell that the leader of this trial is the Luke Caretaker of the Fire Dragon Academy and the Feili Caretaker of the Water Academy. The trial students are also their brothers. They are all magic apprentices and four magicians. Although the Magic Academy can graduate after passing the examination of the Magic Guild, some people don’t want to leave the optional college. But unlike magic apprentices, they can’t leave school casually. They can freely enter and leave the college, and they can also stay in school to teach as a great magician. Nicole is already a water magician, but she still chooses to continue her studies in the college. Next to four carriages, there is a small group of soldiers with fresh armor, led by two bronze armoured men in casual clothes. This is the fact that the earl personally arranges the magician’s melee ability, and there is almost no armor protection. When encountering thieves, the earl naturally cannot let his daughter take any risks.
Two care guides and four magicians took the first carriage, the second one was a magic apprentice of the Water Academy, the third one was a magic apprentice of the Fire Dragon Academy, and the last one contained all kinds of life, tents, food and magic. Nicole took Xia Yu to the fourth carriage and said, "You can take this carriage."
Xia Yu’s arrival led two apprentices of the School of Magic to watch through the window, and some people talked with strange smiles. However, Xia Yu still heard words like’ idiot and fool’. Xia Yu believed that these magical apprentices would not know themselves, and it was probably this countess who revealed her identity.
Nicole guessed Xia Yu’s mind when she saw his eyes looking at him. "Fool, I won’t ruin my name in the Earl’s House."
Xia Yu suddenly had the urge to hit the carriage. It turned out that his fame was so great that it would be difficult to pick up girls if he didn’t make money well.
Xia Yu got into the carriage only to find that there was a wretched-looking guy eating in the carriage filled with goods. Judging from his robe, he was still a student of Fire Dragon College.
"Hello, my name is Al Hughes. What’s your name? It’s you waiting in the Earl’s House. It’s fate to know each other." The students of the Fire Dragon College are very enthusiastic and a little familiar.
"My name is Xia Yu"
"ah! You’re Xia Yu. "Al Hughes’ hand was dried and he looked surprised in the carriage.
Xia Yu’s mouth is a little bitter. Grandma didn’t spend 4,000 more gold coins, and she wasn’t as famous as Grandi, who was teased by people. She was famous for spending nearly 1 million more gold coins. He thought this young man was more fond of saying, just like Tears, a clover village. "Am I so famous?" Even you know my name? "
Al Hughes looked at Xia Yu and laughed. "What do you say? You are now associated with immanuel Qi, the care provider, Grandi and Miss Caroline, the most coquettish in Sunset City. You can’t be famous if you don’t want to be famous."
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Xia Yubai was associated with immanuel and Grandi, but how could he be associated with Miss Caroline? Xia Yu said, "I don’t know Miss Caroline and she has nothing to do with her."
Al Hughes said, "Don’t you white? Miss Caroline wanted to support you that day. "Xia Yu remembered that when he went to get the refining notes, Caroline did say that she would spend money for him. Oh, my God, the ability of divination in mainland China is no worse than that of the earth. Otherwise, she would be famous in the world." Gossip! This is absolutely a rumor, "said Xia Yu indignantly.
Al Hughes laughed. "There’s nothing wrong with this scandal. It’s also lucky that ordinary people like you can have a little scandal with Caroline. Many noble armored soldiers have a little scandal with her and haven’t found a chance."
Two people talk the carriage has been slowly moving forward Xia Yu said, "Why did you sit alone in this loading carriage? Al Hughes lazily picked up a fruit and took a bite." I sneaked over to chat with those guys for a long time, and I will become stupid. It is better to have something good to eat here. "
Al Hughes winked and asked, "Did you buy the manuscript of the immanuel Caretaker Refiner?"
Xia Yu also picked up a wild pear and bit it. "Bah, I don’t know magic if I have a fart."
Al Hughes couldn’t help saying, "Then why did you shoot it? Did you want to sell it for a high price?"
Al Hughes gives people a feeling of closeness and trust, and Xia Yu tells the truth, "I have nowhere to spend my money. I can guide it to refine some treasures."
Amy shook her head. "No wonder outsiders say that you are stupid, rich and magical. Where can ordinary people refine it? Even magicians can refine it if they don’t know the magic circle, because it requires magicians to inject magic power."
"Close? I can draw a magic circle and find a magician. "Xia Yudao, scientists have their own fields of expertise, which has become a normal thing. Many Nobel Prizes are won by two or three people.
"Find a magician. It’s easy for you to say that wizards have been extinct for 200 years. Where can I find them?" Al Hughes disdained to say, "Hey, you said you can draw a magic circle. By the way, you are a mathematical genius. Please teach me to draw." As soon as Al Hughes’ expression became eager, he had failed a year at the Fire Dragon Academy or was promoted to a wizard by law, so he wanted to follow the old path that Jules had taken.
Xia Yu was silent. "I can teach you, but I can’t suffer."
Al Hughes asked, "What kind of money or things do you want?"
Xia Yu said, "How about I teach you to draw a magic circle and you teach me how to practice magic?"
Al Hughes wondered, "You have no magic talent to teach you, like practicing."
"Don’t worry about this." Xia Yu has never had a magic test. I don’t know if he has a talent for practicing magic. The most important thing is that he wants to know what magic is like practicing a doctoral student. He is very interested in researchers.
Al Hughes Nye said, "Well, as long as you don’t think it’s a loss." Al Hughes just thought this guy wasn’t stupid and changed his mind. This guy is a bit of an idiot.
Chapter 1 Return to Blackstone Town ()