As soon as she heard her daughter crying, where could she stand it? She reached out for a hug.

"Does the doll have a nickname?" Ling Tian showed the baby to Cheng Dongyang Cheng Dongyang, and stopped crying after seeing her daughter’s miracle. Cheng Dongyang put her back in the crib again, and the little doll was quiet.
"The little doll is quite afraid of you." The wind also feels novel. He usually doesn’t touch the little doll. At the moment, looking at Dong Dong giving birth to a baby is somewhat like she suddenly likes it, but she is afraid to reach out and hug it. She always feels that she will be crushed by him when she hugs the little doll.
"Didn’t you take a nickname?" Meng Yudong answered Ling Tian, "Let’s call her Ya Ya and Shu Shu."
"I still have to take a nickname." Ling Tian looked at the doll with pity in her eyes. "It’s better to call your sister Niu Niu and your sister Nan!"
Cheng Dongyang and Meng Yudong looked at each other. Meng Yudong was a little surprised that Ling Tian would want to give the two dolls nicknames, but they were kind enough to listen to her. "Thank you, uncle!"
"Not triplets? There is another one? " The wind teased the baby and asked him at random, so he wanted the baby to call him uncle now, but the baby ignored him and spat and played with a towel.
"And Rarity, who was not well when he was born, is still in the incubator." Cheng Dongyang answered for Meng Yudong. "But the doctor said that Rarity’s situation has improved and he can come out of the incubator after observing for a while."
The wind looked at Meng Yudong’s face with sadness, and took a look at his father. Ling Tian sat down beside Dongdong and said, "Male Han will be stronger when he grows up. Dongdong, you can relax and God will be kind to you. Rarity will be fine."
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Meng Yudong was very moved by the wind. She didn’t want God to be kind to her. She hoped that God would be kind to Rarity and not let him have something.
After Father Ling left, Meng Yudong was puzzled and said, "I didn’t expect my uncle to be so concerned about me." Although she knew that Feng was her brother, they recognized each other and didn’t announce their plans.
"Dong Dong may not be that simple" Cheng Dongyang thought about telling her that "your mother went to Jiangbei to teach for more than a year, and the commanders had been to Jiangbei intermittently for several years until your mother married your father and they left Jiangbei to go to Linghe"
Meng Yudong seems to be surprised and not surprised. For a while, she sighed and said, "So he may be my father, but he doesn’t intend to recognize me at all."
Cheng Dongyang sat down beside her and put her arms around her waist. "I’m not sure that he is your father. The best way is to take his DNA and check everything with you."
Meng Yudong shook his head. "No, if it is, he must know that he is unwilling to let me know that I will do these things again. If it is not, there is no need to add trouble."
Cheng Dongyang knows very well that her mother’s past life was a thorn in the winter and winter, and she wants to pull it out, but no one dares to touch some things, even the winter and winter are not so energetic now.
"Winter and winter, I will sometimes go back to Beijing when I have to wait for Ruirui to be better, and your health will be better. Let’s go back to Jiangbei." The thought of Huang Yunwen and a mother, Cheng Dongyang, is not at all at ease to put Winter and Winter here.
Dongdong suddenly looked up at him and said, "I think I’ll stay in Beijing for the time being!" Grandpa and grandma in Dongyang are old. How happy they are to have their great-grandson this time! If we go back to Jiangbei with our children in our arms, they will be very disappointed. "
Cheng Dongyang will definitely look at Dong Dong. He is always so kind and beautiful in Dong Dong. He sighs, "Do you have the heart to be alone in Jiangbei?"
"Of course I feel sorry for you, Dongyang, but I really can’t find a better way for the time being. We can’t be so selfish, right? It’s cruel for grandparents to take three dolls away as soon as they have a great-grandson. Isn’t it just waiting for four generations to live together?" Meng Yudong said
"It’s up to you." Cheng Dongyang listened to Dongdong and said that his heart was sour. Yes, he really couldn’t take the two children away regardless.
However, Meng Yudong fed the two sisters and nurses that night and suddenly came to tell them that Rarity had a high fever and was likely to turn to pneumonia.
Meng Yudong listened to her mind, and when she and Cheng Dongyang rushed over, they saw that Rarity was covered with tubes, and the doctor gave him first aid for more than an hour. Finally, he came back to Rarity to ask the horse to be sent to the intensive care unit.
"Because the baby has a short period of suffocation at birth and his lungs are underdeveloped, he will be easily infected," the doctor said to them when he came out. "I’m afraid Rarity will have to observe it for a while."
Dongdong looked at Rarity at such a young age and had to put in a tube to suffer so much. Tears fell like rain for a while. "Did the doctor slow down when I gave birth to him? He was born a long time late."
"I don’t rule out this possibility," the doctor couldn’t help saying when she saw that she was so sad. "Actually, Rarity’s development is still relatively healthy, but only when the baby’s resistance is weak can she have a fever. Now you are not too worried that it will be better to recuperate your heart."
Meng Yudong leaned on Cheng Dongyang’s arms and looked at the inside through the window. She was really heartbroken. She didn’t hug him well. She grabbed Cheng Dongyang’s clothes and couldn’t help blaming herself. "It’s all my fault. How can I rest when I was born in Rarity so that Rarity won’t suffocate or suffer so much?"
"It’s nothing to do with you in winter and winter." Cheng Dongyang hugged his wife tightly to see his son, which made him feel bad. "I checked that it is easy to have differences in fetal nutrition when pregnant with triplets. You have done a good job in winter and winter."
Meng Yudong shook her head. She hated herself for being a little disappointing when she gave birth to Rarity, so that Rarity wouldn’t suffer so much.
"What happened to Dadong Dongdong Rarity?" The old man and the old lady came to see Dongdong. As soon as they heard that they were coming to Rarity, they quickly came to see it.
"Grandma and grandpa Rarity is all right now." Cheng Dongyang quickly calmed the old man and didn’t let them worry.
"I named Rarity a Swiss word in the hope that everything would be all right for him. This child has suffered so much since he was born. I hope it will be smooth sailing after that," Master Cheng said.
"Grandparents are all my fault." Meng Yudong listened to Grandpa’s words, and his heart was sour. "It was when I was born in Rarity that I took a breath that Rarity was sick."
"What are you talking about, silly girl?" The old lady held her hand. "Dong Dong, you are the strongest mother grandma has ever seen. It takes great courage for you to give birth to our three grandchildren in one breath. Few people can do it. Rarity was born sick, maybe he is blessed. It will be better after he comes very late."
Meng Yudong can think so, too. She asks God to give her a birthday break for as many years as she wants, and she is willing to change her peace.
Cheng Zhenguang also came over. He just came back from abroad, but he was born in winter and winter as soon as he came back.
After watching Dong Dong Cheng Dongyang and Cheng Zhenguang chatted outside for a long time, Cheng Dongyang looked pale and said to his uncle, "Uncle, I’m not sure I have anything to do with my aunt, but I can’t stand these things, especially when I’m not in Beijing yet. I’m really worried about staying in Beijing in Dong Dong."
"Will there be any misunderstanding in this?" Cheng Zhenguang still doesn’t want to believe that his wife would do such a thing. Their husband and wife have supported his career for so many years and taken care of his children and father. She has done a good job.
"I hope it’s a misunderstanding, too, but I have found the source of those photos and confirmed that she asked people to take them," Cheng Dongyang said. "Besides, although I don’t have any evidence now, I have always felt that I was not so careful about Dongdong’s illness. The only possibility is that I changed the medicine bottle for Grandma and then changed it back."
"Dongyang, there are some things you can’t talk nonsense about. Are you white?" Cheng Zhenguang didn’t look well. "Why did she do this?"
"I also hope that I think too much, but I can’t let my aunt stay with my grandmother in Dongdong." Cheng Dongyang also expected that my uncle might not believe it after all, but he has been married for so many years.
"What are you trying to say?" Cheng Zhenguang said coldly
"I want to keep my aunt from moving out of the compound. I’ll hire a reliable housekeeper to take care of Dongdong and my grandparents," Cheng Dongyang said.