Because there is no imperial seal, although he has held the earth spirit for 3 thousand years, he still holds it rather than completely controls it

It’s like giving up control of the imperial seal. It’s 99% to 1%
But the difference of one percent is a world of difference.
Even the edict can’t be made
Therefore, in this case, holding the earth spirit and black sun can bring at most one small universe into the small universe of the earth source.
If it exceeds this amount, it will be sheltered. Once it is brought in, it will be killed by the rules of the small universe of the earth source.
Spirit injected into the earth spirit again and carefully induced the situation of the earth spirit hall.
The extraordinary regular force of soil fluctuates constantly.
(of Daoists/Taoists) practise austerities/asceticism
It should be that Xu tui and others are practicing.
It seems that he really came to pick up the pieces and collect his wool.
And this Xu tui’s boldness is not only because of his weak strength recently, but because Xu tui has the successful experience of escaping after practicing bonus hunter in the Tuling Hall twice in a row.
It should be said that these two successful experiences are the source of this confidence.
This black Yang base has determined that it is time to retreat quickly and venture into the small universe of the earth source again.
Of course, I have confidence in his pursuit of escape.
After all, when he was strong, he could escape from the birth. Now that he is weak, it is natural for Xu to think that he can absolutely escape.
Then he will really hit the dog this time.
There is a doorway where dogs can escape.
It’s only a matter of time before the door dies and the dog is killed.
"Let’s go, Dorog."
A minute later, the black sun directly opened the small universe channel of the earth source and quickly stepped into it with Dorrog.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and ninety-four Black Yang nai
The black sun enters the small universe of the earth source, and it is sensed after the main force field of the spirit is scattered and retired.
It’s not just the warning before Xu retired.
More importantly, for a moment, I suddenly became excited about the earth rules and the source of the earth rules in the Middle Earth Hall.
This is because of the rotation of the earth spirit
Xu tui is now very clear.
"Let’s go!"
Is almost induced to the black sun appeared at the moment Xu back with the command Ji silicon and Miao also stopped the action at the same time.
It’s been a great practice for more than 20 minutes, and there’s still some unfinished business, but the head of the regiment has ordered it to be resolutely implemented.
Leaving the earth spirit hall or the old routine?
The strong regular force of Ji-Si covered Xu tui’s true body, and Xu tui’s true body released another Xu tui clone.
The clone has about 2% mental body and mental body divided into two parts.
Or the old routine
Take Cai Shaochu’s escape character and quickly flee to the distance.
But this time, Xu tui’s clone tore up the evasive characters, but at the same time, it kept tearing up the hidden characters carefully prepared by Cai Shaochu.
Every hidden character can make the breath of Xu-retired clones weaken by 70%