Huh? How can you have such an evil mind when you are in danger of death? Shouldn’t you be afraid?

At this moment, Ye Han can’t help but be surprised. He has to set his pace and let himself fall. That’s when he has to take back his’ broken’ foot. Where can he do it?
Huh? This leg still feels, and you can feel that you are the ground? And …
Looking down, Ye Han immediately dumbfounded that his feet were still good. Didn’t it just disappear? How can it be intact and damaged now?
"Ha ha ha ha laugh me to death. Didn’t a big man tell you that he was so timid and silly? This enchantment contrast will have no effect. Why don’t you trust me so much? "
See Ye Han silly there looked down at his foot inflammation cold jade flute star yu suddenly smiled from ear to ear this guy just scared like that.
"ah? What’s going on here? Didn’t my foot just disappear? How can it suddenly grow back? "
Hear Chineydy this laugh at Ye Han but oblivious, but he was deeply puzzled by the recovery of his leg. How did this happen?
"Well, I’m too lazy to laugh at you. To tell you the truth, this ice eye is just like an extremely cold environment. You just stepped into that world, but you still can’t see through the scenery in the enchantment!"
Chineydy coughed lightly for two times and didn’t continue to laugh. It is meaningful to give him an answer so that this guy can come here quickly for nothing. It’s no good to be stupid there all the time.
"ah? Outside the world? "
Ye Han smell speech immediately looked at Ye Han blankly again one leng one face, but soon to react busy way
"You mean I have just stepped into the ice eye?"
"Yeah or you? To tell you the truth, this enchantment is a channel leading to the ice eye, and the enchantment department is the ice eye place! "
Xing Yu smiled and seemed satisfied, apparently satisfied with Ye Han’s reaction.
"Why didn’t you tell me before by this kind of thing? I have been worried for so long! "
Hear Chineydy this Ye Han couldn’t help but a nu scold this guy deliberately let yourself worry well must be intentional!
"Hehe, how else can I know that you are so timid?"
Chineydy rudely admitted his crime. Well, it was intentional. What can you do with me?
"You …"
Ye Han was really angry and did something bad, trying to hide that he had seen too much, but he had never seen such shame and actually admitted it voluntarily …
"Er … well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t know before. After all, I’ve never been to this ice eye. I wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t seen you test it!"
Hear Ye Han rage Chineydy feel wronged busy explained with a wry smile.
"Er … I see!"
After listening to Chineydy’s explanation, Ye Han suddenly faded. Boy, it seems that he misunderstood him. It turns out that he is also an ignorant guy …
"Well, I don’t blame you. You’d better go in quickly!"
Feel the Ye Han guilt Chineydy was not angry busy comfort with a smile.
Ye Han smell speech immediately a burst of sweat this guy don’t blame yourself? Even if I want to blame it, it’s okay. Anyway, I don’t have a sense of shame. I don’t need your forgiveness!
Ye Han didn’t feel any sense of guilt when he thought that Chineydy had been denounced, but he felt very ordinary as if it were all taken for granted.
But the obedient or listen to Chineydy told himself to hurry in, it must be his reason or advanced to say again!
Thinking about him, he lifted his legs again and slowly moved towards the enchantment.
But at this moment, he suddenly felt a chill coming from behind, and suddenly he was stunned by the scene before him.
Not far from his eyes, a whirlwind roared, and the cold in the whirlwind was enough to make people freeze into ice. Even he was extremely cold, he felt a stiff body
"That was close!"
Feel the danger Ye Han natural dare not neglect the foot speed suddenly accelerated step across the enchantment is literally the whole body finally stepped into the ice eye Ye Han this just breathed a sigh of relief flapping his chest heart dark call a..
Before that whirlwind, it was suspected that he felt suffocated. Looking at that whirlwind, he realized that this must be what Chineydy called a cold storm. Otherwise, the cold would not be so strong.
It was from that storm that he found a sense of danger, which made him completely worried about the enchantment and rushed in directly.
Looking at the world around you, Ye Han couldn’t help but be surprised and darling. Isn’t this still far north? This storm won’t follow, will it? Can that equally powerful barrier stop the storm from invading?
"Hey, hey, I didn’t expect that I never had a chance to come to this ice eye to have a look. Today, I have to touch your light and come in!"
Just as Ye Han was worried, Xing Yuyin sounded again from the jade flute of phlogistic cold.
"Yes, I didn’t expect this to be the extreme north ice. It looks no different from our extreme cold!"
The Yukine sound just fell and then sounded.
"ah? Are you both telling the truth? This is the ice eye? Why do I think it’s no different from outside? "
Listen to two people dialogue Ye Han immediately one leng here is oneself have been looking for the far north ice eye?
"That’s right. Don’t underestimate this place. Although it looks no different outside here, it’s only superficial. But it’s full of dangers everywhere. Try it if you don’t believe me!"
Chineydy affirmed Ye Han’s statement, but he had to make a kind wake-up call to let him not take it lightly.
"oh? I’ll try! "