Fang Fengchen’s eyes flashed and his eyes swept through Zizhu couple, and he fell back to Zhou Jiashen with a slight respite.

Although Zhou Jia revealed that the repair was not high, he also made moves all the way, but it always gave people a sense of peace of mind.
The landslide is in front and the face does not change color!
These days, the team is extremely nervous, and the black iron masters in the same trade have also tightened their spirits. Only Zhou Jia is as usual.
The other party seems to care about nothing, and it seems that everything is under control
Like a caravan …
Almost always inquire about the behavior of a Hu family before going out to make sure that only Zhou Jia will not move in case of loss
Even if there is a black iron missing, the road will change and the look will not change.
I don’t know whether it’s a daring artist or simply knowing that the other party can live so long. Fang Fengchen believes the former more.
Thoughts turned his consciousness toward Zhou Jia by the by.
the moon and stars
so dark that you can’t see your hand in front of you
Piles of bonfires lit up in the dark mountain road, and some figures swayed with the flames and whispered from time to time.
Zhou Jia touched the sword box beside him and looked around.
Jin Huang’s pulse, three feats, six methods and a brilliant tactic are natural and extraordinary, but it’s a pity that people have come to practice this feat for 300 years.
He who has the highest memory is also broken.
Finally, he broke ten brilliant strategies and completed them satisfactorily.
Compared with other black iron top-notch techniques, other black iron top-notch techniques have no special effects, but their only advantage is their rich background.
Zhou Jiayuan, the peak of the same black iron, is strong enough to be twice as powerful as others.
And’ god’
And stronger.
Even the perfect generation of Shenyuan is far less than him.
This is not only because of the brilliant tactic, but also because of the mysterious fetus of the dragon and tiger, and the strong flesh feeds back the essence and is full of self-improvement
Transcending God and Perfecting’ God’ is not a decoration.
"Shout …"
A long spit of turbid air depresses my mind, and Zhou Jia’s eyes are full of divine light.
at this moment