Yip hon and others arrived at the same intersection just after driving a military green truck. zhou yun, a reserve soldier in camouflage, immediately went over to the other commander to exchange a few words and learned that the reserve soldiers were the same. Zhou Yuncai returned thoughtfully.

Seeing an intersection also requires the joint action of the military and the police. zhou yun suddenly felt that he had overlooked something
Yip hon keenly noticed the number of residential buildings in several nearby communities and turned his eyes to this humble intersection.
But it won’t be the neighborhood for a while … Yes, it is!
Jingjiang city is neither big nor small, but it is also an urban area with a population of more than 300,000. How can it be evacuated if it is evacuated?
The safest and most efficient way to evacuate is the railway. However, an ordinary train has a capacity of 110 people in ten carriages. According to Spring Festival travel rush standards, it is over 200%. However, 7,000 people need nearly 40 trains to send the population of Jingjiang City away.
Considering that residents evacuated from Jingjiang must carry a lot of luggage, it is estimated that it is difficult to be overcrowded by 200% like Spring Festival travel rush.
Moreover, Jingjiang is not a big city, let alone forty trains even ten. Although Leng Jiang has contacted the surrounding cities and counties to collect trains at the first time, even the old stuffy tankers have not been spared. However, when it is necessary to adjust the trains, the existing trains in Jingjiang include passenger cars, truck cars, stuffy tank cars and flat trains. Together, 50,000 people can be sent away, even if it is the sky.
Except for a small number of the remaining 250,000 citizens who rely on highways to evacuate, most of them have to wait until the support trains in neighboring counties and cities are in place before they can gradually withdraw from Jingjiang River.
The city government reported the necessity of evacuation to the North for the first time. After waiting anxiously for more than ten minutes, it agreed to evacuate. Finally, the news came back from the North, but a bunch of people from Lengjiangshou city government did not feel relaxed at all.
Whoever goes and stays has become a major problem that must be solved immediately in front of everyone.
Leng Jiang and the leaders of a number of municipal committees weighed the pros and cons and finally decided to evacuate personnel according to the principle of proximity.
The so-called principle of proximity is to be close to the train, take the railway and take the road. If you have a car, you don’t have a car, carpool and rub the car. You always try your best to evacuate people as quickly as possible!
The command center will give orders to all police officers as soon as possible. The police officers will take action immediately. The police officers will enter the residential areas around the train and inform the residents to evacuate immediately from door to door.
The police officers, who are short of transport capacity, seriously told the residents that they can carry simple luggage and valuable property, and nothing extra can be brought.
Married with children, a resident, was told that people were in a panic. Each family had five minutes to pack their bags.
Residents with cars have asked for evacuation from their own shelves, which can not only take away valuable vehicles, but also pack more luggage to minimize losses.
The police are happy to see that one more person will save the train by car. Isn’t it a win-win situation?
The only requirement of the police is that the vehicle must be reinforced, otherwise it will be impossible to ensure the safety of the vehicle personnel.
The popularity of refitted dump trucks soared and immediately became a sought-after property.
At the same time, major communication companies send evacuation notices to citizens in the form of short messages, asking them to rush to the train immediately after receiving the notice.
However, when sending this short message, the communication companies and the municipal government shut down the command, and the communication base around the train was still operating normally. As a result, only residents near the train received this notice
This is to deceive the people, but there is no way for Leng Jiang to evacuate in different areas. The advantage is that the government can grasp the situation more accurately, maintain order and avoid accidents
Once the evacuation news is widespread, it will inevitably cause panic among the citizens, and maybe a mass incident will be caused to slow down the overall evacuation speed.
However, in a short time, residents flooded out of the community like a tide, and a large number of private cars then left the community and were ordered by the police to line up by the roadside, with less than one-third of the modified vehicles.
Many residents who had flocked to the train saw familiar vehicles halfway, so the horses left the team and begged the owners to take their homes.
The municipal government has ordered all vehicles to be full. Private car owners can help others as much as possible, although they can’t say that they are responsive. Many residents don’t have families to separate and squeeze into the same car. In normal times, such excesses are bound to be stopped by the police, but it is precisely in special times that it is necessary to reduce the pressure on railway transportation that the police will take care of such things.
Railway evacuation is in full swing, and highway transportation is also on the show.
Long-distance buses, buses and trucks in the city are also commanded by the military to move a large number of police officers into the main street, which is located on the edge of the city and next to the main street, and to mobilize residents from door to door.
Chapter 73 Evacuation
Private cars are coming out from various communities and will leave the motorcade to join together; Married with children, a resident with a big bag and a small package, boarded a long-distance vehicle. Many people fought for the quota of heavy trucks and fought for life and death. Even the modified bus was stronger than the heavy truck.
The police did not hesitate to give heavy punishment to those who broke the order and did not cause serious consequences, and they were temporarily controlled by the police, and the evacuation order was ranked to the last, and they were shot and killed directly.
The police’s strong attack immediately deterred the malicious people, and many of them couldn’t help it, which ensured the interests of most residents and effectively ensured the smooth evacuation.
If the police fail to get out of control, and the situation is about to be evacuated at the first time, it is likely to immediately fall into chaos and fragile order. Once it collapses, the consequences will be unimaginable, and I am afraid that it will be possible to restore order with violent repression.
Because the government ordered the communication department to cut off the mobile phone and network signals, it was still unclear that the government had made a decision to give up the Jingjiang River until now, but residents close to the evacuation community had gradually found that the situation was not right and many residents rushed out of the community regardless.
For this part of the residents, the government has implemented different treatment. Those who have private cars can directly join the evacuation team. Those who do not have private cars are advised to wait at home.
Most people don’t want to go home and stubbornly want to join the evacuation team. However, in order to avoid chaos in evacuation, the military police on duty can harden their hearts and block the crowd from the community.
The street workers almost shouted themselves hoarse and tried to discourage more and more citizens from gathering.
Begging, abuse, pushing, crowding, crying, all kinds of voices are boiling against the sky. Many citizens hold high their hands and threaten the military and police on duty to stay in the community as soon as they get their double-barreled shotguns.
The situation is more severe than Leng Jiang expected. In just half an hour, the order is on the verge of losing control. Only the stampede has caused more than 20 casualties and more than 60 people. Angry crowds and military police may turn into large-scale bloody conflicts at any time.
However, in the face of the grim situation, Leng Jiang can’t come up with an effective way to prevent the situation from deteriorating. Nai Leng Jiang can lead other city leaders to split up and walk one community at a time, patting his chest and promising the citizens that no official will leave him as the last mayor before 300,000 citizens leave!
Although Leng Jiang is really determined to do this, many citizens still refuse to believe it, but it has always had a little effect and brought the situation back from the brink of collapse.
In order to stabilize the order and interrupt the mobile phone communication, the municipal government first announced the evacuation situation by SMS, and then announced the detailed evacuation plan by depending on the situation, and repeatedly ensured that the military had the ability to protect the people’s safety.
However, in order to prevent the spread of news, the city network has not been restored.
In the chaos, the first train full of passengers started slowly
There are four bunks in the soft sleeper car. A dozen people are crammed into the soft sleeper, and their sad eyes are cast outside the car through the window with iron railings. They are relieved, attached and confused about the future.
Professor Qin sat by the window and wait for a while looked out of the window and slowly stepped back to make a faint sigh.
"Grandpa …" Bai Xiaoting wanted to persuade Professor Qin to say a few words, but he didn’t know what to say.
"Forget it, I’m fine." Professor Qin waved. "Leave me alone."
Bai Xiaoting cleverly promised to sit beside Professor Qin honestly and stop talking.
The faster the train went, the sooner it left the car far behind. In a few minutes, the train had reached the edge of the city, and it was still far away. Bai Xiaoting saw the towering wall.
A tall gate on the railway side of the train near the city wall slowly opened, and the train sounded its whistle and roared past the gate, which was re-opened to separate the city from the outside into two worlds.
A few hundred meters away from the gate, Ye Han heard sobbing and whistling far away, and suddenly his eyes were somewhat disappointed.
The faster the train went, the sooner it left the city of Jingjiang far behind, and the modern urban cement forest was replaced by Yuan Ye.
Bai Xiaoting finally left the city threatened by giant worms and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, like a heavy burden on her heart.
Staring at the window, Professor Qin suddenly saw a single giant ant outside the window. The giant ant was not interested in the roaring train, and dragged the semi-giant mantis on his way wholeheartedly.
Not far from Professor Qin’s eyes, a tower-shaped earthen bag with more than one person caught his eye.
Professor Qin’s pupil shrank and rose. "Girl, did you hear the gun?"
"No!" Bai Xiaoting’s eyes are confused and she doesn’t look like it.
"What about you!" Professor Qin asked others again