Yip hon heaved a sigh of relief and went to the girl’s side. She was about to speak when she took the initiative to say, "No, you drive us away."

Yip hon faint sigh "car"
Girl one leng startled looked up at yip hon.
Ye Han said nothing and jumped into the armored car. The girl quickly got up with the boy in her arms. "Hey, what should I do?" It was only when she paid attention to the boy that she noticed the sad appearance of the boy’s family, and she couldn’t help but feel scared.
However, if you are afraid of returning home, you can’t let the boy’s family die suddenly. If you leave it here like this, it will definitely be eaten by giant cockroaches before long.
Yip hon armored vehicles pursed the lips "sorry I still have"
"Can’t you do something?" The girl pleaded.
Yip hon didn’t say a word, but retreated directly into the car and deliberately boarded the car with the tailgate instead of entering from the roof.
The girl immediately rushed to the car with the boy in her arms. "Hey, hey, why are you like this? Do you have any sympathy?"
Although the boy cried out, he was still far from recovery, so he was dragged by the girl in an armored car.
If a mature adult is killed, he will never leave the remains of his relatives at this time.
Ye Hangen ignored the girl and clamored for her and the boy to be placed at the rear of the car. After Ye Han ordered the Tiger Tooth Car, he immediately ordered in an emotional tone, "Sit here honestly and take care of the weapons in the car. Don’t touch, don’t touch and don’t move forward. Do you understand?"
The girl nodded in an unfriendly tone and replied, "Got it."
"If you understand it, just repeat it!" Ye Han said
"Ah?" The girl’s mouth opened into an O-shape. "What did you say?"
"I asked you to repeat it!" Yip hon deliberately very bad tone say
This woman is not bad in figure or appearance, but Yip Han is never so superficial that she can’t wait to kneel and lick a dog’s leg to see who is beautiful.
The girl finally determined that this soldier was not a normal man. Repeat Yip hon’s words patiently before returning to his post and drawing a goal with two fingers.
Girl carrying yip hon mouth said bitterly "sick!"
She has just been lovelorn and her heart is blocked badly, but when she meets such a soldier with brain problems, she adds three more points to the blockage, which is simply a heavy blow and a critical blow
At the same time, the veteran quietly gathered in Yip Han’s ear. "Is the leaf row so good?"
Yip hon glanced at the girl behind "there’s nothing wrong with letting her stay there."
"No, I mean just now!" The veteran’s finger moved with a gun.
"Who cares? I had sex today!" Yip hon sighed deeply. "The more I press the key, the more I run out and make trouble. Seeing these people is so fucking annoying that I don’t do anything. I’m not happy!"
"Now? Are you happy? "
Yip hon’s mouth curled. "It is said in the novel that this is called mental understanding!"
The veteran gave a thumbs-up and said, "I can’t say this."
Yip hon spit out a foul breath. "It’s not the first time I’ve encountered such a thing. Fuyun must have sent an urgent notice."
"Notice what?" The veteran asked curiously
"Inform ordinary people to stay at home and don’t come out" Yip hon sullen "if you stay at home honestly …"
The veteran sighed, "Pity the child."
"Yes, poor boy." Yip hon’s eyes twinkled. Although he sympathized with the family’s experience, there must be something hateful about poor people. If they hadn’t rushed out rashly, how could they have died under the attack of giant cockroaches?
The veteran looked back at the child girl to see that he stared at the almond eyes and ruthlessly gouged out the veteran.
The veteran turned back in astonishment. "Ye Pai, this little bitch is quite hot!"
"Is sweet or spicy with us a few cents? When the horse gets to the place, you give me a heart! " Yip hon said discontentedly
The veteran quickly drew his attention back.
One goal is to turn left at the intersection ahead and adjust the camera before Ye Han. Just as the armored vehicle arrived at the intersection, the camera caught the giant cockroach on the street.
The giant cockroach was surrounded by an overturned garbage truck, full of garbage scattered everywhere. The giant cockroach lay on the garbage dump and pulled the garbage for food.
The armored vehicle has a bad angle, and the giant cockroach’s head is blocked by the garbage truck, and the giant cockroach’s ass can be seen.
Yip hon small command canine teeth to move on at the same time hand over to treat veterans and car 10 ready to fire.
When the armored vehicle arrived at the other side of the garbage truck, Ye Hancai was shocked. The giant cockroach ate what garbage was but a garbage dumper!
The giant cockroach chewed off half of the man’s body and knew that he was already dead, but the giant cockroach chewed a few times and spit out a pile of flesh and blood and bone stubble without saying anything, and bowed its head and ate what it had just spit back into its mouth.
Not only that, this thing doesn’t stop at the back of its ass. It’s even more disgusting to eat and pull a dragon than to eat and pull a fly synchronously.
Chapter 173 Love each other and kill each other
"Oh …" Behind the girl nausea vomiting yip hon looked back "dare to vomit in the car I with you! Veteran gun! "
The veteran ordered Huya to "go forward behind the cockroach’s ass!" while manipulating the gun to adjust the shooting angle.
"Good!" The tiger tooth did as the giant cockroach did, and the armored car approached and still chewed it.
"I’ll let you eat!" The veteran bitterly pressed the firing button and fired a cannonball.
This shell accurately hit the giant cockroach’s ass, penetrated its shell, and then got into the deep belly with its own oxidant thermite burning agent. The giant cockroach burned violently, and flames and smoke shot out from the crack of the giant cockroach’s ass, just like wax pouring paper paste. No matter how strong it is, it can’t stand the thermite, but it completely collapsed in a few seconds.
Until it fell to the ground, its belly still burned violently and it couldn’t be penetrated.
High-heat-flux metal burns through the abdomen of the giant cockroach, and the liquid metal flows out of the giant cockroach like water, and the liquid metal contacts the garbage to instantly ignite the garbage dump; When the liquid metal touches the rain, the rain immediately boils and hisses. The water vapor is like a string-pulling smoke bomb, and the giant cockroach is completely covered in an instant.
Ye Han was amazed. "The veteran should be so good at this gun!"
The veteran rubbed his nose. "If the white phosphorus bomb works better."
White phosphorus can be anoxic. After burning, white phosphorus can burn continuously when it touches an object. If it touches the human body, it will burn through the skin and finally attach to the bone. The power and deterrence of white phosphorus incendiary bomb are extremely great, so it is limited by modern international conventions.
Naturally, no one will make a demonic white phosphorus incendiary bomb in their own city, even if the enemy has many restrictions
The thermite incendiary bomb is equipped with its own oxidant, but it can be fully burned without oxygen environment. Even if the metal melts at high temperature, is it a giant cockroach flesh and blood shell?
Thermite melts and solidifies quickly, and soon the rising steam will dissipate quietly, leaving giant cockroaches with half of their bodies half-baked and garbage dumps still floating with little flames.